LIAR! | Decorum Breaks Down at House Hearing (Video)

Elizabeth Warren Called a Liar


On Tuesday, May 24th 2011, during a hearing in a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee, Chairman Patrick McHenry (NC-10) ended the hearing by calling Elizabeth Warren a liar. It was a messy and confusing ending for all watching. Warren had stated that the Chairman’s staff and her, after a late-night, last-minute schedule change, had agreed to let her leave by 2:15 to meet other obligations. You can see the look of shock on her face when he outright calls her a liar.

This video, recorded live, comes from the Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s livefeed.

Full session can be viewed here…

Well worth the watch…

More from the NY Times below…

Decorum Breaks Down at House Hearing

The argument was a rare collapse of the decorum that usually pervades discussions among even the most fervent opponents on Capitol Hill. It demonstrated the level of frustration some Republicans apparently have over the consumer agency, its leadership and its authority as established by the Dodd-Frank Act that followed the financial and mortgage crisis.

After an hour in which Ms. Warren repeatedly parried efforts by Mr. McHenry and other Republicans to pin her down with “yes or no” answers to questions about her March testimony — and about the bureau’s powers and responsibilities — Mr. McHenry abruptly moved for a temporarily recess so lawmakers could attend a floor vote.

Ms. Warren objected, saying that she had agreed to be present for only an hour and had no more time. Mr. McHenry disagreed and said that other subcommittee members still had questions for her.

A vigorous back and forth ensued.

“Congressman, you are causing problems,” Ms. Warren said. “We had an agreement.”

“You’re making this up,” Mr. McHenry replied, eliciting gasps from the audience. “This is not the case.”

As Mr. McHenry and Ms. Warren traded accusations, a senior Democrat, Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland, tried to smooth things over. “Mr. Chairman,” he said, “I’m trying to be cordial here — you just accused the lady of lying. You need to clear this up with your staff.”

Mr. McHenry did not back down. After the meeting broke, he said in a statement: “I was shocked by Ms. Warren’s blatant sense of entitlement. She was apparently under the assumption that she could dictate a one-hour time limit for her testimony to Congress, and that we were there at her behest instead of the other way around.  This is just further example of her disregard for Congressional oversight.”

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17 Responses to “LIAR! | Decorum Breaks Down at House Hearing (Video)”
  1. JM says:

    Just look a little closer who friends are friends with. Such as Jamie Dimon and Obama. Hhhmm! Interesting. Remember it is the liberals that are wanting the mass distribution of wealth, therefore they are happy that the wealth is being sucked from us via our homes. Creating total chaos in our lives right? No other way to put it. Our number one investment. Shredding us of our independence. Now Obamas HAMP program was a joke. It is funny he gets other things done successfully, but HAMP was not a success. Don’t you feel like we are being played for fools. I don’t trust anyone.. not the republicans, dems, libs. Just my closest circle.

  2. JM says:

    McHenry Called a Spade a Spade. A Liar is a Liar. We all know she lies. Coy at that. She did not want to answer any questions. What a joke. The mediator or speaker sitting up on the podium was WRONG to tell McHenry to back down. This is the same stuff going on in the foreclosure court cases where the trustees attorneys (one in the same) come into court and fabricate lies about various things pertaining to the loan, etc… When they are asked pertinent questions, they twist everything they can to the full extent of the law. You just have to do the same thing back. They get away of it in front of the judges and insult the judge’s intelligence and make a complete mockery of the court/judicial system. In the non-judicial states, (because these foreclosure lawsuits are deemed to be non-judicial, there appears to be a complete lack of respect for the judges and the courts). The people running this country are sickening and greedy. End of story. They will get theres in the end as I have said before. Maybe not on this earth and they are certainly not taking all of their earthly possessions with them when their time is up. I am sure they will be shown how many lives their greedy hands played a hand in and will be held accountable FINALLY!

  3. Jeff says:

    Look at McHenry’s campaign contributions and you’ll see why he’s attacking Warren and anyone like her. This guy is bought and paid for. I wonder if he can point to the exact moment in time when he sold out…I doubt it. It’s for-profit people like McHenry who are in Congress solely for monetary & personal gain that have this country in the situation it’s in. He has no interest in serving his constituents, what he does and how he votes clearly show he’s not acting in their best interest which makes me wonder why they don’t vote him out – my guess is he says one thing to get elected and does another when in office & the money flows from those he really serves to outspend any who oppose him in the election. People in his area of NC need to wake up, see that he’s doing exactly what everyone says we need to stop doing & vote his ass out. McHenry and all like him are the problem, the remedy is easy…vote him OUT.

  4. tpir says:

    The Republican Party needs to vanish! It is a party that serves no purpose or good… to the American people!!!

  5. Hell NO - No More Bail-Outs or FALSE Modification Programs (Ahem or A-hamp) says:

    McHenry is going to get the nick-name of Muck-Hinney. He is behaving line a mules or donkeys hind end.

  6. CaitlinO says:

    The Repugnants are bought and sold corrupt lick-spittle toady lackies of the thieving bastard bankers. And the Dems aren’t far behind them.

    McHenry wasn’t attacking Ms. Warren because she’s wrong – he attacked her because his bankster puppet masters ordered him to. Pity for him, though, that Americans are finally on to that crap and, as the comments here show, won’t tolerate it silently anymore.

  7. Recall all of these republicans they are against the American people vote them out!

  8. 3032oak says:

    McHenry should be ashamed of himself as should all of the Congressman who badgered Ms Warren. They are bullies in every sense of the word! If they cared half as much about the American people as Ms Warren does it would be a miracle. These Congressmen looked liked fools! The whole hearing was disgusting! Voters get out in force…change the face of our government and get the predators OUT! No offense Congressman Quigley, but you and yours do NOT have a GOOD NAME. Let the woman do HER JOB, God knows you ‘good fellas’ aren’t!

  9. OH WOW>>!!! This McHenry jerk needs to be confronted on who he calls a liar. Cummings speaking up and speaking in a nice tone of voice was perfect timing…..I would probably rip the skin off McHenrys his face in the hallway afterwards….correction there…NOT PROBABLY….I would do it. I got pis*ed just reading it and seeing the video…… I have had enough of these scums in Washington….pressing authority as if they are the rulers of everyone…. when in fact its characters like McHenry and others in that gang who have gone against the citizens…they followed the money… who is the liar here?????

  10. l vent says:

    I think Ms. Warren really wants to try to do something to protect consumers from the predatory lenders and loan sharks who disquise themselves as legitamite “lenders”, set innocent people up to fail and then steal your home. I am sure she knows she is going to have her work cut out for her when it comes to taking on these crooks and their evil minions. .God forbid someone honest tries to stop these criminals from their ongoing Ponzi Scheme and they had to make a buck legitimatly up on Wall Street. The huge party they have all been having at the expense of the American people might be coming to an end!!!! Then we might get a few honest politicians for a change. Death to the Oligarchy!!!

  11. Equity Free says:

    I watched it last night and was disgusted with their planned , hideus attacks on the most honest , educated and fair minded person in Washington . Their constituents need to see how their elected reps are blatantly working for the banks, and could care less about them or their homes . Everyone of them have constituents who are suffering from the banks egregious actions and causes of this economic crises . Spread this video out to all , ask your Reps to speak out on this and tell them how angered you got watching this government for the corporation at work against We The People !

  12. jim bethea says:

    House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee, Chairman Patrick McHenry are the reasons that we are in the financial mess that we are in now. They take their oders from the banksters and lobbyist and play the dog and pony show as if they are trying to help the people, when in fact they are the serpents who screw the consumers.

    Mrs. Warren is most likely one of the most honest people that ever entered DC. She worked feverishly to help the consumers against the credit card cartel’s control over the lawmakers and their ongoing fraud for many many years. Now we see that all she was correct about all of the banking fraud.

    Not of this same issue but I would like to put this out to all of the readers about what the Atty Generals offices who found prevelant and pervasive fraud in the mortgage industry. Now since the fraud is so apparent in almost every single mortgage in the US, the AGs want the banks to tell them how much to fine them?????

    Hello is anyone home? When you find crooks and their fraud you lock them up and take away their businesses and license to do business. So the new time you get stopped by a traffic officer; ask him if he wants you to decide on how much the fine will cost you!!!!!

    • Jack says:

      Some of you guys really need a lesson in life and how the Government is supposed to operate. McHenry is not the problem. Usual idiots like Warren are. They think they do good, but they don’t like Congress questioning them. This is the role of Congress TO OVER-SEE.

      Congress IS THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Elizabeth Warren is a rogue agent, doing God knows what for who knows what.

      Now, when Warren says she can’t make the time and needs to go to another meeting…guess what….she has to stay and answer questions as long as Congress requires it. THAT IS HOW THINGS WORK.

      I would have attacked her as well. Her priorities and schedule don’t mean squat to Congress.

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