ALERT | Rhode Island Secretary of State: Electronic Appearance of Notaries do not comply with state laws

Rhode Island Secretary of State: Electronic Appearance of Notaries do not comply with state laws

Following is the ALERT:

Please be advised that pursuant to state law, all Notary Publics authorized to by his Excellency the Governor, may exercise said powers “within this state”. An individual completing an acknowledgment must do so “before” a person authorized to take acknowledgments under Rhode Island law, including Notaries Public. The Governor of the State of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Secretary of State have further set forth, by Executive Order, the requirement that the person completing an acknowledgment or seeking other services from the Notary Public must “appear in person” before the Notary Public. Other electronic means of appearance, such as web cam and Skype, do not comply with the requirements of state law and the Executive Order.



Rhode Island Notary Order

4 Responses to “ALERT | Rhode Island Secretary of State: Electronic Appearance of Notaries do not comply with state laws”
  1. Pamela says:

    This issue should have been addressed long ago.You can only be a notary for the state you reside in.In some instances the county or several counties.You don’t have blanket amnesty for other states.The banks have gotten away with this kind of stuff for so long that it is now a common accepted business model.There is nothing legal going on in the mortgage/banking industry.Even after everything that has happened the graft,greed and coruption still continue and to top it all off are getting worse each day.We need to do something fast!!!

  2. I have an unlicensed notary who witnessed my mortgage documents, Her commission expired five (5) months prior?? What’s up with this crap? WARNING! Check out your Notary at the Courthouse records department and you might get surprised?? Someone from the BANK signed her name where she had inadvertently ommitted. I could notice that the signature DID NOT MATCH, so I trucked on into the Notary office and requested her records and !%@# BAM?!#$@ found out she did not renew her license..HA HA . Now, their precious MORTGAGE CAN NOT BE LEGALLY FILED IN THE COUNTY RECORDS. THEY NOW HAVE AN UNSECURED MORTGAGE. Hard for the turkeys to file for foreclosure or file an assigment when the mortgage DOES NOT EXIST. Attach this CRAP to what???? Plus the illegal notary signed my name on the acknowledgment page as I forgot? FORGERY. I THINK SO. NOONE is signing my name on a mortgage instrument and getting away with it. Waiting for Indiana Federal District Judge to rule. VERY INTERESTING

  3. Tim Bryant says:

    This is a good move by the Governor and Secretary of State. They should be praised

  4. l vent says:

    There is no end to their cyberscamming. What I have learned in this whole mess is if you can’t put your finger on it, chances are it or they do not exist. I remember what Marcy Kaptor said in the Michael Moore movie, Capitalism A Love Story. They don’t have the notes up on Wall Street. If your lawyer can’t put his finger on that note, than it more than likely does not exist. MASSIVE cyber deception, fraud and fictitious bank ass. V.P’s and V.P.’s and notary characters abound in FORECLOSUREGATE.Dont want to get caught with your name on any fraudulent. FAKE DOCS? That is what DOCSTOC.COM. is for. Just order up the fake allonge with the fictitious bank ass vp or vp. Time to throw the Ponzi Scheme cyberscammers in prison.

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