Death by Foreclosure | Man Triggers Six-Hour SWAT Standoff That Ended When He Took His Own Life


Man shoots self during standoff, police say

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – A man facing foreclosure triggered a six-hour SWAT standoff in a northwest Tucson neighborhood Tuesday. Police said it ended when he took his own life.

It started Tuesday morning when Pima County’s regional SWAT team and Marana Police were called to a home off of Cortaro Farms Road. Deputies were there to serve civil paperwork to Neil Francis McHugh, 65, who was being evicted for the foreclosure of his home.

“This was not a surprise visit. Mr. McHugh knew his home was being foreclosed and that the deputy was going to serve paperwork to him that morning,” Marana Police Sgt. Tim Burnenkant told KGUN9 News.

You can check out the rest with video here…


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  1. usjustice4all says:

    I saw no video

  2. Pamela says:

    In response to no name, wow have you got the wrong web site to be espousing your belief patterns.We are all terribly sorry you missed your chance to buy a house that you claim you put sooo much time and effort into trying to buy.Sucks to be you.The truth to the matter is:had you done your home work and had some common sense follow up to help you you woul have run not walked from the closing table.Title Co. are no longer insuring foreclosed and short sale homes due to massive title defects,which means you get a #12 title exception not title ins.For a new home owner this can be a total devatation years later down the line,as it means you can never have title or be on title till all the defects are cleared up.Again massive legal fees and living in limbo to clear up something you have no control over.Your opinions make it clear that you are either ignorant in this industry or you are a paid for schill working for the banks.In either case before you come on to another web site that is set up to educate and support home owner s in this context at least be well informed so you can add to the educational value and not detractfrom it.Opinions are like ass holes everybodys got one!!


  4. My comment above is in reply to J A says……

  5. There is hope only when you fight!
    Posted on May 29, 2011 by Neil Garfield
    EDITOR’S COMMENT: The truth is that the “home retention” or “modification” programs are a farce. They are merely a cover for the actual plan in effect which is to get as many houses in their pocket before the reality of the illegality of all these mortgages, notes, obligations, foreclosures and auction sales comes into clear focus. Will this reader ever get her home? We don’t know. But our ignorance is not based upon on ignorance of what SHOULD happen according to clear and basic precepts of law and common sense, it is based upon the fact that politics and pure financial muscle alters the result of any case.
    If you speak to any group of 100 homeowners who have submitted papers to their “lender” (pretender lender) they will nearly all tell you that they had to submit the papers multiple times because the people on the other end are under orders to lie to you. They have been told in no uncertain terms to say they didn’t get the papers. Now the Banks are not stupid. So the actual person is probably not lying because they have no idea what was received or not received. All they know is what the computer tells them. The strategy is “just make it hard on them and many of them will go away.”
    The so-called home retention programs are really a strategy to make absolutely certain that you fall so far into “default” (even if there is no default, because the creditor got paid) that the homeowner goes into despair and depression and walks away from property that they own, and which the true creditor doesn’t want. That clears the way for pretender lenders to fill the void with bulls–t, allowing them to pose as lenders, because the real lender is never coming forward to make the claim.
    Judges, who don’t realize that the true creditor doesn’t want to make the claim, and knowing that the borrower has apparently not made some payments, assume that since the borrower is apparently delinquent the presence of a “default” cannot be questioned. That is a mistake. Once a Judge makes that presumption, the pretender lender is more than half way home in getting a free house. It is FRAUD, pure and simple and many Judges are allowing it to happen.
    You’ll only get your home back or be able to retain it if you are persistent and dogged and willing to fight it out long-term. Once you present a credible threat, the pretender MUST avoid a trial (not one case has gone to an actual trial that I am aware of). The reason they must avoid the trial is that they risk a lot if they did, including possibly jail. So after telling you that you didn’t have case, that your lawyer is stupid, that you are stupid, that nothing you get off the net has any merit, that you are in default (and getting you to admit to a default because you know you didn’t make payment but you don’t know if someone else did) — after they made it real hard on you, then they move on to the low hanging fruit. They don’t want stories floating around about how easy it is.
    The really crazy thing is that the pretender lenders don’t actually care if you get your house. They just want to make it tough on you so MOST of the houses go to them and only some of the houses go to the borrowers. Either way it is a free house to somebody. So suddenly they back off and vanish or they might make some offer you can barely refuse. Most of the time they simply go away leaving the Judge with no choice procedurally but to grant your demand for relief in quiet title by default. Persistence is your game plan. GOOD LUCK!!

  6. Fury says:

    Neil McHugh did not take his life— the banksters who foreclosed his home did.

    may he have some sort of peace in heaven– away from the maddening fraud that he faced in this lifetime.

    • That is the story being told…but is it the ‘ true ‘ story? We have no proof that he killed himself…anything is possible…regardless as to what is told. He may have killed himself and/or ‘ someone ‘ else could have shot him. The truth has been so weak… so false throughout this whole massive crime ‘ scene ‘ of the financial industries planned massive ponzi scheme…that one begins to see no truth in any of it….no truth in the government…they have all become professional liars. For those in the government who have been by the side of those in the foreclosures..who have fought for what is right for the citizens…and have fought to bring the corruption to the public eye…this I must command them for…I respect and thank them. There may be only a few that deserve this respect..but there are some. The rest can go to hell….May they need to sleep with one eye open for the rest of their lives and walk in fear. This country will not let this be forgotten…ever.

  7. Fury says:

    this is first degree homicide and not suicide.
    this man was driven to the brink. we all know that feeling.

    • Joy says:

      Amen! I’ve been to the brink and back. But what I would do different is leave a note in which I would name names, give dates and times of conversations, expose their lies, and my proof of their intent to deceive and to profit and then report my blood is on their hands. You see, it’s more than brick and mortar, “wood and nails” someone said. It’s more than “just a house”. It is the destruction of our lives that is so devastating. And for baby boomers, like Mr McHugh in Tucson, it seems too late to rebuild and recover. Many lost not only their home, but their job too. And many….lost friends and family who want to avoid you at all cost. How do you recover from that? You reach out and help others going through the same thing and you make new friends and you teach the pitfalls of “modification” so others don’t go down the same path. With that said, BEWARE of vultures who erect websites so they can victimize the victim again. They offer to sell information cheaply when they themselves don’t know what they’re doing. BEWARE of empty promises. Beware of gimmicks that say they’re going to expose the giants by doing this or that. Stay with the mainstream sites like 4closurefraud or living lies or foreclosure hamlet. Watch Dylan Ratigan or Eliot Spitzer. Read Gretchen Morgensen NYTimes or Paul Kiel ProPublica and the others I have forgotten to mention. But DON’T BUY into promises and gimmicks. Please beware. If you want to check one out, go to my website and get my personal email and ask me. I’ll tell you who is safe.

      • Fury says:

        joy, i have felt the same at times, but why give into these monsters who have defrauded us?

      • Fury says:

        aurora loan services=slime.
        been there. done that.


      • incognito123 says:

        Fury, you are thinking rationally but when so overwhelmed, people do see or understand they are the victim. Joy, I know the feeling of being abandoned by family, and being talked to like you are a “deadbeat” homeowner from their point of view, not understanding what you are saying, even though it is pretty straightforward. The brainwashing the banksters have done is tremendous, and thorough!

      • I don’t know what kind of fairytale these monsters are living in. They claim it is immoral to give reductions on homes people are behind on mortgages, when they know they are the cause of it by their dirty deeds and they don’t even own the house. the homeowner does by law caused by their dirty hands. These narcissus don’t know what moral is.It is all about them the “bankster ganster group” still trying to call the shots. We have all felt the same frustrations and we are all in the same boat by the same dirty deeds. It is important you fight back by e-mailing and writing our attorney Generals. I am e-mailing this entire page we are on to Rob McKenna and Chris Greguiore. The American people are to big to fail not the banks. Fight these creeps. We are stronger also. It may take money to champaign and a lot of politicians and judges are bought , but it takes us to vote them in. Throw out the ones that don’t listen and make the public hear it. You may feel all alone, but there are millions of us. I meet so many every day just in my salon and my family alone. You are not alone. and let people know they are not alone. This is not our disgrace,it is the government and the banksters disgrace on America. and American families.

    • Fury says:

      he was murdered by fraudclosure.

  8. Reading this and spreading the word and signing this document is making waves:

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    Posted on May 28, 2011 by Neil Garfield
    EDITOR’S NOTE: A recess appointment is one in which the President appoints someone during a congressional recess. I’m no expert on the details but I know that recess appointments have been extensively used, particularly by the Bush administration to get around the requirement of getting congressional approval. If Congress is not in session, the President makes the appointment because the person is needed. It is pleasing to see that the citizens are getting wise to the antics of Washington and sharpening up their strategies. Warren is THE person to get appointed as head of the agency she helped create and build — with full knowledge of the ramifications of what Wall Street did to the country and the world during the mortgage meltdown.
    Here is a copy of the email I received. I suggest we give them all the support we can:
    Amazing! In the last 24 hours, over 150,000 people have joined together and signed the letter urging a recess appointment for Elizabeth Warren. This letter is already making big waves — with incredible news coverage from the Washington Post, CBS, Time, Bloomberg, and the Huffington Post.
    If you’re on Facebook, can you help reach 200,000 signers by sharing an updated message right now? CLICK HERE (Or, forward this email and ask friends to sign here.)
    In the last 24 hours, you may have also seen a viral video of congressional Republicans bitterly attacking Elizabeth Warren this week.
    At a congressional hearing, Professor Warren testified about the importance of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. House Republicans treated her outrageously — because they know how effectively she fights for regular folks like us.
    CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO and share it (and our letter) with your friends. They need to see what we’re up against.
    Spread the word

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  9. type into your computer Deutsche Bank linked to the Auschwitz death camps. Deutsche bank is called the forclosure King. They foreclose on about fifty percent of the mortgages. The Fed secretly gave them a bout twenty billion dollars to purchase our homes for free, or about ten dollars. This money is being used to littagate agains us also. Duetsche Bank has never loaned one dime to a mortgage. Chase bank linked to the Auschwitz death camps also. The construction companies in the Seattle and Tacoma area have been working on massive prisons. Look up American Concentration camps. Over 800 of them. All on the web. On the Tacoma flats there are warehouses with prisons built inside that are not visable. The contractors tell me they are told they will be empty for a couple of years. I believe we are fighting for America not just our homes. Also type in the Bush family linked to the Auschwitz death camps. All the prisons are being built by Halliburton owned by Chaney. What for?

    • lies all of it says:

      thank you shelley why are you not on the hamlet with us supportign each other through and learing is what we are there for.i am so stressed and ditressed i am starting to cry with the jehova witness people that come to my door

      • I will go onto hamlet also. Thanks! Spread the word and help us send a strong message to Obama we need Elizabeth Warrens help and we are watching and will not accept anything less than what is right! We need signatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Correct you are…. J P Morgan (chase) and Deutsche Banks were with Hitler…and so were so many of American corporations…those in business even today. The Bush family goes way back in Germany…Prescot Bush…the Skulls and Bones is the family background…Hitler was their background…and when they came back to America they brought Nazi’s with them. There are some good books out that tell all……years back the book ” None Dare Call it Conspiracy” was tahen off the market…government stopped it..but I see it again is on the market….I had the original book but somehow in my move it was lost. This book was published in the early 70’s and it spoke of the NWO and their plans…what is happening today was what I read in the original book…it is shocking to me to know what I read 40 years ago is what the government and the financial world is doing to the world today….these foreclosures are a complete fraud racket….and silence from the government proves they all are involved in the racket… and in the past. WAKE UP AMERICA…..TITLES MEAN NOTHING IN A PRISON CELL……

  10. Greg says:

    Anyone know how long he was waiting for his loan mod?

    • incognito123 says:

      LOAN MOD???? Get real, that is more fraudulent that the loan fraud. The banksters involved in his foreclosure should be held liable and responsible for his death, maybe not murder, but at least responsible like negligent homicide or manslaughter for filing false paperwork – as all these have it in some or many forms.

      • Joy says:

        That is a great idea! NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE. Let’s find out who his lender is. I think I might be able to do that. Who lives in Tucson? Let’s build a case and go to the district attorney. Listen, I’ve been writing letters and going to my politicians in Ca for 3 years. Where has it gotten me? No where. BUT, the volcano is beginning to erupt and I will help peel away the slime. Go to my website There you all, everyone, will find my personal email. There are several hundred of us now across the U.S.but your lender doesn’t have to be Aurora. I welcome everyone. Those who have been foreclosed on and stripped of their homes have given up much of the time. Then new people come and replace those already victimized. But many of us have pledged our allegiance to this battle. We can join forces and fight for this man in Tucson. We will expose his lender. I have discovered there is little I can do other than maybe delay some foreclosures, or give attorney referrals, or share how to find the Trust where you will find your securitized loan so you can find grounds for your own lawsuit. Mostly I just give emotional support and encouragement. We will expose these crooks that victimized us twice – once when they securitized our loans without our knowledge and sold it off in pieces. But then they victimized us again when they tricked us and sucked us into phony modifications when we didn’t even ask for a modification. Then, while we paid month after month, they marched toward foreclosure. Then they gave us another triple punch below the belt – they forged eviction papers and attorneys perjured themselves by saying we had been “served”. Never happened. But they took our homes anyway. We must educate our fellow Americans that still point their fingers at us and say we deserved it. They don’t want to hear the truth. They will when they lose their pension funds because of this fraud. So…let’s join hands and keep our determination going. Document the bogus fees and insurance fraud and take ALL your ammunition to your attorney general’s door step. And don’t give up!

      • incognito123 says:

        DON’T give up on the complaints. EVERYONE MUST KEEP FILING THEM!!! Seems they are being ignored, but as they continue to shove complaint after somplaint under the rug, eventually that rug is so far off the florr they know they need to do something. Hence, Erin Cullaro lost her job, ’nuff said.

      • Speaking of Erin Cullaro…..since 2010 she has stayed with the AG office working in the Criminal area of the AG office…she was not fired when caught last year..when in fact it should have been more than just a firing that she was guilty of. Now do you believe she was actually fired after all these months? Or was she offered a job with Shapiro and Fishman Mills Law firm….cause when she left the AG office she went to work for Shapiro….no charges for the wrong she did…and now she has all the information since she worked in the criminal department…..all information of what the law suites held…the evidence and so forth…now she can tell Shapiro what the AG planned to do with them…..and her husband works for Default Mills Law firm…how cozy….she walked free of any charges….no fines or jail time. And they say to contact the AG and tell your complaints…we did…many times…it does no good. She just sends a generic e-mail in return…never answers any complaints. She needs to get the hell out of that office….she is using it for personal gain only…she is a trader to the citizens of a few short months she has proved she is a fake..certainly is not an attorney general…Chief Law Enforcer…OMG…she should arrest herself….she follows the money the banksters have in deep pockets……So Ms. Bondi is doing the same as what Erin Cullaro was guilty of….siding and working for the banksters and the banksters lawyers. I see no difference…except Ms. Bondi needs to resign or we start a recall.

    • The loan mods have litterally drug people into foreclosure. The banksters use this to keep you hoping and paying and to earn profit for their fees and stack up the charges against you. The modiifcation is a ponzi scheme to collet the HAMP money and to drag the mortgage into default if it isnt already, so they can also collect the insurance money. However I do not recommend you stop trying, it also delays the foreclosure while help may come. It is important you call and write your representatives and get on the comptroller of the currency list, for asking for help and let them know every document, every move the banksters/ debt collectors make and keep every piece of paper. See if you are linked to a MERS document. Deutsche Bank has hidden they are membes of MERS. Write an e-mail your attorney general also. Your governor,. and every representative you can think of. Let them know it is unacceptable to allow the perpetrators of these crimes to be unpunished and they must help the homeowners. Become knowledgable of what these banks have done. Read the 650 page document you can get off the web. Wall street and the Financial Crisis; anatomy of a financial collaspe”, that report alone should have put hundreds of bankster in jail. The banks run the country. We the people have to get it back and make waves, by contacting our representatives and show them we are watching their every move, and we wil vote them out of office.

      • Lets make that rug they shovel it under so high they can not ignore it.

      • incognito123 says:

        Shelly, THAT is exactly the point. As frustrating as it is to get a complaint back ‘denied’ EVENTUALLY they get so many complaints they can’t ignore it any more, then things start to happen

  11. Joy says:

    Is anyone surprised? This should be blasted across every news station across America. Do you think this doesn’t run across the mind of other victims that have put up with years of lies and frustrations WHILE MAKING THEIR MORTGAGE PAYMENTS!? A big percentage of foreclosures are because homeowners have been tricked and lied to and forced into “phony modification” payments. The warning should be, “Don’t be proactive if you think you may have financial difficulty”. Don’t make that fateful phone call and ask what your options might be. From that point on, the nightmare begins. I am a homeowner advocate for Aurora Loan Services victims across the US. I hear the same story day in and day out. One had even filed a lawsuit and the court granted an injunction and had the homeowner make payments to the court for the duration of the lawsuit. Aurora sends a letter TODAY that she missed a forbearance payment and they’re foreclosing. Isn’t that Contempt of Court of the Court Order. Good grief, doesn’t our President see the sociological effects of these wrongful foreclosures? When is it going to stop? States are losing billions of dollars in revenue from property taxes because of the devalued properties. Families are put in the streets while thousands of homes sit vacant and are vandalized. I wonder what this poor man in Tucson went through. I’m sure it wasn’t just because he was late on his payments. It was probably years of lies and deceit by the bank or servicer. Many in my group of thousands have thought about suicide – me included. Greed by the Banks and Wall St has destroyed this great Nation of ours – turned us upside down. Wake up America. Please send my condolences to the family of Mr. McHugh. I hope this senseless death does not go unnoticed. It should be shouted from the rooftops! I hope his bank or servicer loses at least a couple nights sleep because they contributed to this senseless death.

    • more and more lies says:

      JOY, we are all the same boat. crying as we read this tragedy. how do get the message to obama and congress to stop these foreclosures. we have learned today that the securitized loans are fraud. we were not privy to the info. we were fraudulently induced into signing. the banks never loaned us any money. our signiture created the money.

      “A contract is not binding if its contents were misrepresented to the promisor. “fraud” (Park 100 Investors v. Kartes) Park 100 Investors v. Kartes, 650 N.E.2d 347 ‘

      the lawyers, judges, and banks play on our ignorance. we are servers, nurses, teachers, cashiiers, and used car sales men/woman. we are not realestate executives. when we bought our homes we trusted the entities we worked with . we trusted at closing that the info would be explained. at this point even if we had a lawyer securitization would not have been explained. it was not. we were not partners to the knowledge of securitization. as in the above case study if a contract is misrepresented like all the notes we signed it is fraud.
      fraudulent misrepresentations is what has occured. that is why there no assignments and no notes. they know its all fraud because they new they did not tell us they were securitizing the loans. what they were hoping was that this flaw would never be discovered and undefended foreclsoures would continue to make them rich. when the flaws were discovered they are trying to cover them up.
      what irks me the most now that this getting out in the open. how do judges still accept lost note affidavits or lost assignment affidavits???

      we all need to get this info out there to ratigan, mat tabi and 60 minutes. this thing is going to blow. and all these homes will be ours as well as all the foreclosed homes back to the original owners.
      we can not let another american take there life because of this fraud.
      please we need case law everyone and we need to start presenting it in ocurt

      • incognito123 says:

        well said!!!!!!!

      • ratigan, mat tabi already know this, they have been trying to educate us. 60 minutes needs to bring out more of thsis. And we need to contact our politicans and let them know we have had enough. Livinglieswordpress,com is by a great attorne Neil Garfield that has been right on the money. You can see old post and new post by clicking at the right hand column. He can teach you a lot and has siminars he invites homeowners to. I would have been to the last one if I had not slipped and fallen in the front doors of Wallmart a month and a half ago. I sit here in a cast for over a month now. Wall Mart says it is not their fault, they did not haveenough notice to get mats down. The Sunday paper said it was going to shower and hail throughout Mon -Fri, and I fell Monday morn at 10:40 am. Another warning be careful walking into WallMart, they want nice shiney light colored floors to make people happy and buy a lot. They will not take responsiblity to protect you by putting mats at the front door. Mats are to dark to make you a happy person that will spend a lot of money there. (was there excuse. My husband runs my business for me for fouteen hours a day while I recover. Back to the topic! You can learn a lot on National WAMU support group and and type in Mortgage servicing fraud and read everything. AND MAKE WAVES! We are all in the same boat, We need to stick together and make everyone we can knowledgable and make WAVES!

      • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

        “when we bought our homes we trusted the entities we worked with . we trusted at closing that the info would be explained”

        My willingness and ability to trust anyone in any position of authority or power is among the biggest hits I’ve taken in my 3.5 year fight.

        Many of these alleged authorities are clearly worthy of little or no trust.

        It is unlikely I will ever recover from these multiple betrayals and trust anyone easily again.

    • AMEN! I was drug into foreclosureby a predatory modification loan. I went through ten months applying , then was approved. I was told by three different servicers to fall behind in order to qualify, which now having read the HAMP program was a flat out lie. After the third time , I decided it was the bank telling me this, and three of them, so I fell only a month behind to be safe, and not get to far behind. I was approved, Thought everything was fine and after the fifth payment about to make the sixth payment, I recieve a letter I was disqualified. I had been approved. So I thought it was a mistake, so I called the servicing company and they told me due to the O’bama changes (which was another crock”) I was now unapproved and since I was unapproved my modifications payments were considered to be partial payments and I was in foreclosure statis and needed ot come up with over twentyfive thousand or be foreclosed on. Washington state attorneys will only help you in bankruptxya nd are afraid to fight the banks. So I filed as a Pro se. I am in the Appeals court right now. Most of the judges in Washington are partial to the banks. However I see two that have given me some hope. One just ruled for the homeownerr in Seattle, and one in Tacoma has foreclosures on hold. There is hope.

      • Joy says:

        Shelley, we need to be in touch. I’m working with both attorneys and Attorneys General in Wa and CA. I have lots of appeals cases that may help you although you sound like you already are knowledgeable and probably have these cases. Don’t give up. If I can help in any way, I will. I have an attorney writing my initial complaint but I’ll have to do all the filings myself and probably go pro per although the attorney will write responses. Who is your lender? A few of my people in my group are in Washington. I live here now too but I’m fighting to get my home back in CA. It’s been a 2 yr battle with very little progress. I too was tricked into a phony modification and tricked into foreclosure. Our stories sound similar. Go to my website at There you will find my individual email.

      • I looked up your web site. I will contact you. I am in Auburn, Washington. I am fighting Pro Se. Cant find an attorney in WA that will fight the banks. My email is

  12. Bryan Lizotte says:

    I still say we need to stand strong, one day will will all need to face them head on. Why do you think they want to control who have a weapon? The revolution to retake America is not coming soon enough.

    I for one have had enough of the greedy rich political assholes.

  13. Meg says:

    I was having a bad day to begin with today, but to read this really brings tears to my eyes. Someone so down, so desperate, that he would do something like this is a real eye opener of what our country is becoming. My Lord, is their no compassion for people anymore? It is sad to think that we regard money over someone’s life, but that is becoming more & more apparent.

    • housemanrob says:

      Meg, I see this happening more and more in the future. They have stolen our dreams and it is allowed to go on and on. Depression is setting in all around. Many of us have reached the end of our rope. And then I have to listen every day while so called EXPERT economists tell us the economy is GROWING!

      • saving my home in floridah says:

        i am very stressed and when i feel really down and fustrated i usually go on the hamlet and start ranting about the newest news out. to me the hamlet is sometimes like survivor but daily. when i get yelled at i just close my lap top . i do not think it is fair i get “voted” off. i htin each individual should be respected for what they have to say. if you do not like what a person says then simply do not answer. i get very hurt when i am trying to figure thiss out and they yell at me for thinking out loud.
        i so sad by this gentleman not having the knowledge and support that we have on these websites. as i send in my last paragraph sometimes i get yelled at but it is much better to vent and move on. my blessing to his family and may we see the end of this soon before we lose another life.

      • l vent says:

        They party on, like we are not here. That is their plan. Ignore us, and take us out quietly and strategically. Obama has been ignoring all of us for 3 years now. He is not governing or leading this country. He is too busy jet setting around the globe making plans with the New World Order for World Domination. He does not give a shit about the American people, the innocent victims of the bigggest Ponzi Scheme swindle and heist in history. Who in their right mind is going to vote for any of these idiots? They are all worthless. None of them are governing this country under the U.S. Constitution or the U.S. Bill of Rights. Who do they think they are kidding. These foreign elite are trying to take American over without ever firing a shot and our politicians are all treasonists. They all need to resign in disgrace. This is our country, not theirs..

    • Please do not allow depression to guide you. Make waves call your represenatives, tell them your story. Giving up is not in my vocabulary! It is easy to become depressed. Snap out of it and fight for your rights. God bless America and God Dam these criminals, they are not Americans. Dont let them win by giving up!

    • no name says:

      I know….I cannot believe that guy valued a piece of property over the lives of people that were not from the bank and were simply doing their jobs! He was a real estate developer that chose to leverage his home out that far to finance his business ventures. He was and is not the victim in this case.

      • You are kididing yourself that just because he was a bsxiness venture, that he is not a victim of this case. The banks put on a front real estate was the business to be in. America is built on businesses prospering to create wealth. I am sure this man would never have extended himself if the banks had not made a front that all is well in the mortgage market. I am sure the banks knew why he borrowed the money knowing they were going to steal it all back including his properties. Most of my business friends took out loans on their homes in 2005-2006 to save their businesses and homes from the depression, not reallizing they were dealing with the very criminals that caused their deminse, and being betrayed into predatory loans and are now filing bankruptcy and or fighting to save their homes. This man was mislead like the rest of us. And the banks knew it too.

      • Meg says:

        Hmmmm Guess I’ll start with the 1st comment:

        I cannot believe that guy valued a piece of property over the lives of people that were not from the bank – They came to his house to evict him, It is my understanding he shot himself inside the house, shortly after they knocked on the door to evict him. No shots were fired at anyone else. Then he lay there dead for hours till the police entered the home. I don’t understand what you are saying.

        He was a real estate developer that chose to leverage his home out that far to finance his business ventures. – Where is your proof on this?

        He was and is not the victim in this case. – Well as far as I know you all are enjoying your memorial day, there is only one person who is not. Now you tell me who the victim was.

        Go on with your life, and don’t worry about the people in their homes who are killing themselves. Just more cow for you to eat…. oh and hope that nothing ever happens to you or one of your loved ones, such as a job loss, health issue etc…. don’t know about your area, but in my area many are one paycheck away from losing it all. I’ll pray that you continue to be able to sit comfortable in your home with your family and belittle others.

  14. Wayne says:

    I would like to know if the the Foreclosure was acurate.

    • Most likely not! i TRULLY BELIEVE NONE OF THE FORECLOSURES ARE BY THE LAW. It can be investigated. PUSH TO HAVE IT INVESTIGATED. A FORENZIC AUDIT OF HIS DOCUMENTS WOULD BE INORDER. LYNN SYZMONAIK OR LIVINGLEIS DOES IT. I am having livinglies do mine right now. I personally found a ROBO SIGNER on my sons mortgage. Actually two. G. Hernandez and Liticia Quintana. G. Hernandez is signing as assistant secretary of MERS, THEN i FIND HIM ON A DOCUMENT AS NOTARY witnessing the assignment from MERS TO RECONTRUST. Then I find him on a document stating he is assistant secretary of RECONTRUST. Three jobs for one man, in conflict with each other. I have found stacks of the ROBO signer Linda Green from the King County department of records and Pierce County Records in Washington State. Also I have found stacks of Chrystal Moore and more and turned them into the Attorney Generals office, the governor Chris Greguiores office , FBI, FDIC, Inspector General, the King County and Pierce County Recorders offfice and more. You just type in MERS, INSTEAD OF YOUR NAME AND IT PULLS UP MERS DOC’S AT THE RECORDERS OFFICE. It takes time that is worth it. Then cross reference and compare the docs.. I also e-mailed the proof to Lynn Syzmonaik and as many people I can on e-mail. Type in Robo signers on the internet to find a bunch of them already listed. They are at the bottom of a list on Mortgage serving fraud listed under Conspirators and Co conspirators, and, including depositions admitting it. You can compare with these names as well. I found a bunch in just the two counties in Washington alone.

    • housemanrob says:

      Are there any????

    • incognito123 says:

      Not most likely not, *N*O*T* period. Full disclosure has not been made to any of us, nor have the fraudclosures been done correctly at various steps in various states.

  15. housemanrob says:


  16. Multiple freinds, customers and relatives tell me they have lost hope in America. They walk around looking like zombies. I am numb in the face constantly over what has happened. Please send out a message to everyone you can, on face book or what ever to write and or both e-mail their representatives. Massive contact by e-mail and letters lets them know Americans [won’t] settle for anything less that the maximum penalties for these criminals. Punish the perpetrators not their victims. HELP HOMEOWNERS! AND INVESTORS THAT HAVE BE BETRAYED!

  17. Pamela says:

    This should be a warning to everyone,they are not paying attention to what is going on and because of it people are giving thier lives for the sake of a house and thier morality to pay for it.This is a terrible price to pay for wood and nails.

  18. This man died at the bloody hands of the bank. He is the victim. I have had multiple people tell me they will do the same thing he did to protect themselves from this terrany. It does not make any sense to do this . He is dead. Nothing is worth that. However I do understand why he did it. To many do not know what to do. Americans are ANGRY. AND SCARED! I try to get the word out to everyone, they are in the same boat as millions of others. To write their representatives and make waves. Become knowledgable. The parties foreclosing on him should be brought to justice for murder and being perpetrators of their crime against him and millions of Americans. Americans are being swindled and terrorized.

  19. Fury says:

    fight these bast*rds!

    they are the criminals. we aren’t!

  20. Fury says:

    this is so sad.
    what on earth has happened to this country?

  21. l vent says:

    This is so sad because this man’s house was paid for. He probably did not know the truth as millions do not or did not have the means or the knowledge to fight this tyranny.

    • no name says:

      He owed over $700,000 on a home that he originally paid probably $20,000 on in the 1970’s. Know the facts.

      • Joy says:

        It seems like you, just as so many others, are blaming the deceased victim. And where do you get your facts? You don’t know the months or years that this man spent trying to work with his bank/servicer. You obviously don’t know about the Wall St securitization gimmick that made them trillions of dollars while deceiving the American public. This Great Deceit will go down in history books and will be exposed to our children and grandchildren. So you can deny the fact the American public was defrauded all you want, but the FACT remains this mess is titled correctly – FRAUDCLOSURE! I don’t care whether Mr. McHugh was a r.e. developer or only owned one family home. The securitization scheme was designed to defraud the American public. I was in real estate for 30 years and I was deceived. I asked why MERS was on my loan papers as “Nominee” and no one could or would give me an answer. NO ONE, not the escrow officer or the mortgage broker. Now I know the mortgage broker knew exactly what he was doing and he pulled the wool over my eyes. I had no idea what Wall St and the banks were doing and I was a pretty astute agent with multiple college degrees. This was FRAUD. We were all duped. The banks were paid many times over. The investors were duped too as banks,servicers, depositors and trustees made out like bandits by constructing a pyramid supposedly filled with AAA low risk loans. Our loans were chopped and diced, owned by many not just one. And who foreclosed? Servicers that had no investment monies in our loans and did NOT own our loans. They were thieves that tricked many of us into phoney modifications and thent stole our homes and not only took bail out money, but also collected insurance money. So don’t be blaming the homeowner until you disect and examine every inch of the securitization scheme. Do NOT blame the deceased victim, whether he owed $7 or $700,000.

      • incognito123 says:

        Problem is no-name he was not lent money, that IS known, problem one. MERS was involved and destroyed the title to the property, problem two. With the securitization of mortgages it was paid for again, problem three. Insurance taken out by that bank in case of default paid off the mortgage AGAIN, problem four. And these are the things we KNOW are in all these mortgages, what about what we do not know. This man probably knew nothing about all this, as most do not!

      • no name says:

        I do blame the shooter! He tried to kill innocent people! Being foreclosed on for any reason, does not give him that right! He chose to commit suicide himself. Nobody else pulled the trigger. Glamorizing attempted homicide and suicide is not the way to evince any kind of positive changes.

  22. lies all of it says:

    i am sadend why do they not get it these are peoples homes. In “regular” times if we fall into finacial we sell our homes and we have our money i ahd to that in s. Florida where after buying a new home and the builders mortgage broker did not include the future property taxes in my mortgage in 2004. In 2005 we received a property tax bill of xk my husband unemployed we sold and moved from property taxes highest in the state 27 mils to the lowest in the state 14 mils did it save me from foreclosure no it did not why because the economy sunk and appraisal fraud caused me not to be able to sell my house either when i lost my job . and then last year after being underemployed what does wells fargo tell me to do they tell me i have to be in eminent default before they can help. We need to support each other now they are causing murder when will this be enough. Today i am starting my exedous from wachovia bank soon to be wells fargo i urge everyone to support this gentleman we need stop killings

  23. J A says:

    Arizona sounds like a worse hell to live in than Florida, if that’s even possible. I just got finished reading another huge story in the news today of the Pima County Sheriff’s department busting into a man’s house on false pretenses, and when he tried to defend himself with a gun (which still had the safety on), they shot him dead with 60 rounds, with his wife and young child right there. They left his body in a pool of blood. He was a former marine who had served two tours of duty, and who was working two jobs to be able to afford to buy a house for his family.

    Welcome to the Police State, my friends, sometimes otherwise known as the United States of America.

    • My cousin was a Green berett in the Vietnam War and died from the stress of what his countrymen have done to him. He died of a stroke a year and a half ago, due to loosing over a half million in business due to these criminals. They have blood on their hands and unconsconable crimes that must be stopped. I am ordering yard signs to be put infront of my business and home stating HOME OWNERS WONT SETTLE FOR FRAUD. PUNISH THE PERPETRATORS OF THE CRIMES NOT THIER VICTIMS! I found this sign on the internet and I likeit! You can purchase about 14 signs for around sixty dollars at Vista Print. When I see customers coming in looking like victims and zombies I take them aside and ask them if they are experiencing this cirme. I always get an answer YES! I try to inform them and give them a goal to fight this and link them to the wonderful people on the internet for education and help.You would be surprized how many are humiltated and think they are alone and the only ones going through this. It helps them to know they are in the same boat as millions. Does it make any sense so many are? It must be obvious to our representatives of the magnitude of the crime and who is really the victim.

      • l vent says:

        I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. This Government is a disgrace. You are right about how bad the American people are looking these days. Even Max Keiser said that the American people are looking terrible. Well, who would not be battle worn from all of the b.s. we have all been through?? They want to kill as many of us as they can in one way or another. Has anyone ever heard of HAARP??? The shadow Government apparently has a weather machine up in Alaska… Go to you tube and search it, jesse ventura had a whole conspiracy theories episode on it. I heard a news report today that an Atlanta hospital is warning there could have been 700 patients infected with TB. Get real, how does that happen by accident???? Sad thing is, I don’t believe anything is an accident anymore. We are all targets for execution by the New World Order. If the financial terrorism, lack of income, all of the stressing over fraudclosures, no pension savings, life savings wiped out, hyper inflation, hyper taxation, catastrophic weather events, devaluation of the currency, incurable illnesses of all kinds, no affordable health insurance doesn’t kill us, or make us want to kill ourselves, they will probably use their death ray laser up in Alaska to annihalite whoever is left. Solar flares, my arse. While the fat cats and the politicians party on, like it is 1999, they scoff at all of us. CNBC reported last fall that the criminals up on Wall Street made 60 trillion dollars on mortgage derivatives fraud alone in 1999. I want them all executed, and I want to watch them all be executed, just like they are trying to execute all of us with their Ponzi Schemes and their Nazi style strategic class warfare. Death to the Foreign Multinational Tyranny!!!!

      • I vent….Accidents just don’t happen…THEY ARE CA– USED. REGARDLESS WHAT CA– USED THEM…THEY ARE STILL CA– USED. In this case of fraud with the foreign fraudsters banksters…I am surprised the tide has not turned….with millions of people in this country we overpower them. from all corners of this land. And YES…I have heard of HAARP….I understand Russia and the United States have ‘ the machine ‘. Funny ( not HA HA ) you should mention it….someone overseas known to someone here in the states…spread the word that overseas the word was the Japan earthquake was blamed on the U.S. Those countries know of the HAARP. It can cause tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, tropical storms, typhoons, tsunami from underground ocean earthquakes…cause area’s to suffer higher heat than the body can take and more. Some say believing this is not true…not facts. Others say it is true. All I know is the world talks about it…more freely overseas. Some are questioning all the tornadoes…one right after another…like the high count just a few weeks the U.S. Weather stations even said it caught them off guard. But the Japan quake has ‘ rumors ‘ the U.S. caused it. That is all I know….With TB…either it was or wasn’t …not could have been 700 cases of TB. ..maybe if the TB infectious agent was ‘ included ‘ in other injected vaccines or injected medicine…than yes…a mass group of people would probably get it. That would not be an accident..that would be caused… has it ever happened? Hmmmmmm You said this came out of Atlanta…possibly the CDC said it….they are an agent for the pharma industry…Public relations business. So when one looks at the whole picture of schemes going on behind closed doors…the doors open wider to what could possibly be staged behind closed doors. It is a sick society…no doubt. Gutless assholes hidding ….why hide??? Shoot the preps and sooner than later you will get to the core of the sickness….follow the money.

    • Could not be worse than Washington States . We are set up on non judicial foreclosures also and judges that are partial to the banksters. I have for the first time seen some hope of two judges possibly helping the home owners here. One is listed on an artlele on Stopforeclosurefraud,com.

      • incognito123 says:

        Shelly think about one thing – ALL STATES ARE JUDICIAL STATES, it is just a matter of forcing it that way and ENFORCING your rights, which INCLUDE due process and equal protection, which “non-judicial” states forgot – you just need to steer them in the right direction, and when all else fails, move to Federal Court to uphold your RIGHTS!!

    • If they saw the guy with a gun….and he never shot the gun at them…and it took 60 rounds to take him down…that is bad….these are rookie cowboys as it is called by alot of police….it is disgusting. At that rate these rookies if ever alone would be shot dead …with no effort…..That Sheriff Dept. should be ashamed of themselves….these Deputies are ticket givers…or parking meter maids. Certainly should not have a gun on their hip….they are a danger to themselves and others….. OMG…60 rounds. .

      • no name says:

        You were not there and you are a liar.

      • no name says:

        you are talking about an entirely different case… … … … … … …!
        There was not one round fired by law enforcement at this incident.

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