Fight Club Attorney George Babcock | Andrew Harmon Signatures Examined by Handwriting Expert

Looks like George is at it again…

You remember George right? One of our Fight Club Attorneys…

It is disgusting  and  I will make sure  that whoever  violates  his property rights is knocked out of the ring. No TKO’s will be accepted. A full  fledged,  right cross to the chin of the beast.

I look  forward to a response although  I am quite certain  you will not engage me as is your habit. Send your minions that  I may  lay waste  to them before me.

Well, it looks like he has been working on a little project…

Check out the document below and see what he’s been up to…



11 Responses to “Fight Club Attorney George Babcock | Andrew Harmon Signatures Examined by Handwriting Expert”
  1. george says:

    I have been silenced for the time being. Only for the time being. Regrouping and planning and rearming

    • chunga85 says:

      This latest act is driven by fear and reveals desperation. The indifference to the law and lust for greed and power has led to depair for many.

      Whatever the plan is and whatever road you must travel…you need not travel it alone.

      They’ve got the money – but we’ve got the numbers.

  2. Ace says:

    Some people are true to their convictions. Others sell out. Whether its due to greed or outside forces is anyone’s guess.

    Stay TRUE to your convictions my friends, and, If @ 1st you dont succeed, Try ,Try Again…

  3. Capt. Jack says:

    Guess what.

    Mr. “handwriting expert” is thinking now that he made a mistake. Did you get scared or were you paid off?

    Who paid you? What dollar amount did you assign to throwing America’s Justice system under the bus?

    It wouldn’t surprise me to learn you are now employed by Harmon Law.

    I’ll tell you what pal…if you recant your testimony in an unreasonable fashion it has cost you your career and your credibilty.

  4. Bryan Lizotte says:

    Get them George, the fraud that has taken place and continues to take place makes me think that the whole system is tainted. We need more people like you, who are not afraid to step up and show they are not above the law. So glad i have you on my side.

  5. l vent says:

    Fictitious banksters are lurking all through out Fraudclosuregate. They live in Cyberspace with Mers and the ROBO-PEN. They are despicable. Go get ’em George!!!!!

    • david b says:


      my friend at the fed bank tells me that the infamous LINDA GREEN has gone digital and all new docs with her signature are all the same since they are all digital now. that is the plan to take out the humans from signing and do it with robo pen signatures that all look the same. the same technology that OBAMA signed the Patriot ACT renewal when he was in Europe. So get ready ! for LINDA GREEN over and over and over and no more humans signing docs. the saga continues.

      best regards
      David B.

      • l vent says:

        It looks like they are cyber psychopaths.. They are using Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve as their financial weapon of choice in their cyber serial killing spree with their algarhythms, speculations, short selling, hedge fund managing, insider trading, flash crashes and manufactured stock market collapses. The Originators of their Ponzi Scheme, Fannie, Freddie and then the banks/mortgage lenders were A/K/A, the GSE’s or FDIC insured sheisters. They used them to LEGITAMIZE THEIR SET UP TO FAIL. WE TRUSTED THEM, WE THOUGHT, THEY WERE LEGIT, INSTEAD WE FIND OUT THEY WERE PREDATORY LENDERS DISGUISED AS TRUSTED NAMES. Then there was the enormous, cyberspace fraud. Now, they are trying to push an ages old system of property laws into cyberspace before the laws were even written. They want to fix what they did AFTER they broke every law imaginable and already have committed rampant financial crimes and robbed, raped and pillaged America. NOW THE CRIMINALS WHO ROBBED US, WANT TO MAKE ROBBING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LEGAL!!!! They can create all of the fictitious banksters and documents in cyberspace that they want, that is never going to fix this mess that they created. There is no life, in cyberspace. It is all about as real as the video game COD or FARMVILLE…. My philosophy is if you can’t put your finger on it, it probably does not exist, unless someone can prove to me that it does, I do not believe it. They are masters at manufacturing LIES and trillions in fake debt..They create debt out of thin air, just like the utility companies and the cell phone companies. They are predators and parasites and they are also cyberterrorists who want to steal everything, including our freedom and our National Sovereignty. Lock ’em up.

      • l vent says:

        Their virtual world and virtual wealth is really virtually empty. Null and void of anything more than alot of lies and fakery. It is one big fake, fraudulent magic trick they have going on. They are who needs to disapear into cyberspace. There is alot of phony baloney going on.

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