VICTORY!!! | MERS Fraudclosure Amendment Killed in Oregon House Committee

All the banks lobbyists and all the banks men could not put the toxic titles back together again…

Great job everyone. This was a direct result of your emails and phone calls.

We do have the power to make a difference. Ye are all now crowned the “Deadbeat Brigade.”

Let’s keep showing them what us “unproductive deadbeats” can do!

Results from our MERS ACTION ALERT!!! | Oregon Fraudclosure “Fix” Postponed but Effort Appears in Jeopardy


MERS foreclosure amendment dies in Oregon House committee

A late attempt by the finance industry to waive Oregon mortgage recording laws in most foreclosures

is dead.

The Oregon House Judiciary Committee voted today to approve Senate Bill 519 without an amendment sought last week by loan servicers, title companies and credit unions. The amendment would have relieved lenders of ensuring a property’s ownership history is properly recorded in public records before foreclosing outside a courtroom.

The committee voted with no debate to send the bill to a floor vote without the amendment. Afterward, co-chair Jeff Barker cited a public outcry over the amendment as reason for its failure and described an intense back-room negotiations to do so.”There was a lot of opposition,” said Barker, D-Aloha.

I probably got more emails about this than anything all session.”

Document recording and signing issues have hung up foreclosures across the nation, and many of them have involved the Mortgage Electronic Registration System, or MERS. Federal judges in Oregon have blocked such foreclosures, saying MERS failed to record underlying documents properly as required by Oregon law in out-of-court foreclosures.

An attorney representing servicers said the amendment’s death could prompt lenders to take foreclosure actions into the courtroom, which would take longer and cost more. Oregon law allows so-called non-judicial foreclosures to take place outside of a court.

“There are literally thousands of foreclosures in Oregon that are presently on hold as servicers contemplate the meaning and impact of some of the decisions that have been handed down of late,” said Lance Olsen, an attorney with Routh Crabtree Olsen who represents trustee companies, lenders and servicers throughout the Northwest.

Other actions, he said, are being held up as lenders try to work with borrowers to arrange loan workouts or complete trial modifications.

The financial industry pushed hard for the amendment, prompting Barker to postpone its scheduled hearing Tuesday. The lobbying effort jeopardized Senate Bill 519, already passed by a 28-1 vote by the Senate in April. The bill preserves affordable housing incentives in foreclosures involving subsidized housing.

Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene, threatened to hold up bills in the Senate Judiciary Committee he chairs unless Senate Bill 519 passed without the amendment, Barker said.

That’s how it kinda works down here, Barker said.

Ultimately, Barker’s committee members agreed to OK the bill without the contentious amendment and Prozanski agreed to allow his bills to move forward, Barker said. Prozanski could not immediately be reached for comment.

“It was a very difficult morning for me to get this passed,” Barker said. “We got it cleared up and moved it out.”

Here are links to the reps…

Email addresses for each are on there individual pages…

Be sure to THANK them for representing “We the People.”

Especially Jeff Barker and Floyd Prozanski.

House Judiciary Committee
Click here to return to individual Committee Pages
Committee Services Office:
900 Court St. NE, Room 453 Salem, Oregon 97301
Phone: 503-986-1813 Fax: 503-986-1814

Committee Membership:
Jeff Barker, Co-Chair Wayne Krieger, Co-Chair Chris Garrett, Co-Vice Chair
Wally Hicks, Co-Vice Chair Mary Nolan Andy Olson
Mike Schaufler Carolyn Tomei Matt Wand
Gene Whisnant

Again, great work everyone!

Too bad Arizona did not have the same type of reps out there when they gutted SB1259…


25 Responses to “VICTORY!!! | MERS Fraudclosure Amendment Killed in Oregon House Committee”
  1. Fury says:

    michael redman,
    i really feel like your website help defeat this horrible amendment.

    you shine the light on the horrific fraudclosure crisis.

    thank you!

  2. John B says:

    See related WSJ story. I posted a nice comment there. Consider doing the same.

  3. M.Payne says:

    Bravo to the heroes of Oregon!!!

    Still the fight is not over by any means. If we don’t continue to fight things will get worse and worse. We have some momentum right now.

    Our attorney “came over from the DARK SIDE:” and is no longer working for the banks. He says he feels so much better helping people.

    The bank rep that was trying to move along eviction to us was arrogant (JP Court) and tried to argue case law with the judge. She slapped him down for sloppy documents and told him to get it right and gave me 13 days more to get my case together “Get a lawyer” she told me. The baileff walked me out and opened the door for me. I was terrified that morning about going to court and almost threw up but I went anyway. Wish us luck. After four years of fighting we are going on. I didn’t even look at that slime from the bank as I left. I still have to go back and appeal and see him again.

  4. leapfrog says:

    I loved this statement, from the above article: “Jeff Barker told the Oregonian that he had received more blowback over the proposed measure “than anything all session.”

  5. leapfrog says:

    Yay! However, never turn your back on jackals. They may try another sneaky end-run to try and get their way.

  6. maggie may says:


  7. maggie may says:


  8. Jason Werner says:

    The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken.
    Psalm 9:15

  9. RogueDave says:

    Thumbs up! Thanks to your alert, additional Oregonians were able to contact their Oregon House Reps and say no, No!, NO!! to the banksters. Banksters WILL follow Oregon’s land recording process. Banksters WILL keep the records up to date. Banksters WILL pay recording fees and you will NOT take shortcuts.

  10. Kathleen says:

    Oh Happy Day!


  11. I am happy everyone reading this story is happy. However, it would help if someone actually read the Oregon Code on foreclosure. It says an assignment of a mortgage “may” be recorded not must be recorded. The good argument can be made that assignments which are not recorded can provide legally valid proof of ownership. The only \place where mortgage assignment must be recorded is Washington, D.C.

  12. lost says:

    Why will you want to have a modification? The President said that it is left up to you to choose a modification because he is aware of the fraud that is involved. However, he is not at liberty to do anything. After all, the big banks control the government and that is why they were bailed out in the first place. For those of you who have to do a modification, let the banks show you the original note or atleast clear chain of title. If they cannot do that, why will you want to give them your money. Who shows up with the original note, let them show it to the court and make sure that it is on record. Modification? Let’s see. God Bless America.

  13. Yes! Yes! Yes! Snowstorm’s chiming in here to say that I did lodge my complaint. Support from New Jersey and Indiana speaking out. Yes! Please support every state not just your own. Case law is case law.

  14. l vent says:

    There is strenth in numbers. This is our country, not theirs. Death to MERS and the entire Foreign Multinational Fascist Tyranny!!!!!!!

  15. Maggie May says:

    WHY ME??

  16. housemanrob says:


  17. Flex says:

    Congrats! and Thank you! to all of you who called and wrote emails to this panel of reps for Oregon people.
    Remember when you vote, to re-elect this panel of heroes who stand up for you in Oregon and all of us in a way for the whole country. Like I wrote last night to America and specially to all Oregon in Facebook and this site. Thank you Sen. Jeff Barker and Sen. Floyd Prozanski and the whole panel. We really appreciated you all.
    If this bill SB519 passed with the amendment of MERS included, the whole country will be gone to hell. All the culprits in this Financial Crisis will be celebrating all the way to the bank. They will be robbing Trillion of dollars in all the 6 million homes already taken illegally for the last 4 years and the new 6 million homes that are coming this year and next year in foreclosure. Most Americans do not realize how huge this Victory is. I urge all of you who read this blog to please promote the documentary by Charles Ferguson, “Inside Job”.
    I am promoting it and showing it to small group of people to help them open their eyes and learn the real truth and who are behind all this ordeal that we are living through for the last 4 years.
    I only hope that the DOJ and the Federal Government put an end and completely ban MERS from the Financial System. As most of us know, MERS is just an agency created out of nothing and set up by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, City Mortgage, GMAC/Ally and a few Title companies like Financial Title and First American Title. MERS was not put in a ballot to a vote by the American people or appointed by the President, or any legal government agency. MERS had been kept a secret to every borrower and every investor in the United States and what is worse that most people don’t know is that MERS is in the United Kingdom.
    Even though this Victory is well earned, we are not out of the woods yet. There is so much to fight and we all should be prepare by reading this site, getting involve and attend all the meetings and events all over the country because MERS and their Lobbyist are not going to take this lose lightly. They are going to continue writing laws and camouflage their proposals with some good laws to pretend they are the good guys, when in reality everyone knows how bad they are to everything they touch.
    America, continue fighting and never give up not matter what happens and who they are. At the end Justice will prevail and we can get our country back and get our homes back from all these illicit bastards.
    God Bless You and God Bless America!!!

    • lies all of it says:

      hi all great job deadbeats (i say that so kiddingly wells fargo told me to stop paying last sept.) our power prevails. now if only florida folks would pony up and write pam bondi and stop foreclosures. these are not cars. these are houses and most of us would sell before we foreclosed if the market was normal and we lost our jobs. i had to buy in 2002 and sell in 2006 and move because of a job loss, just to have the enevitable happen anyway. we have to much fraud to allow these fraud closures to continue. please all i have ttied to retain a lawyer in the tampa bay region and can not i have called and called no return call. this is insane . so i have a request for all of you: when we signed these mortgages and notes we were not privy to securitization. that is fraud. many names for it. fraud in the inducment is the big one. we need to get this. if these mortgages and notes are void from the closing we do not even have worry about the notes and robo signing we just have to get judges to understand the banks did not tell us in these contracts what securitization was yet all of our loans (except he 400k loans in hamp get to lat latter in post)) or most of our loans were securitized. did you ask to have your mortgage played on the stock market did the bank offfer you alternitive financing, did we have a choice at closing. no nothing was devulged to us please lets stop foreclsoures in the united states now!!!!!
      part 2 i retreived a post off the internet of a wells fargo letter stating MBS are not eligible for hamp loans. so why have the banks been lieing to us. making us apply for hamp multiple times , losing our paper work, moving our files, having us pay during a “trial” period and still foreclosing anyway. now we know the truth pass it on . thank you all we must stand together as one an figh tthis.

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