Ally Bank (GMAC) Conspiracy to Defraud the US Government Now Considered “Significant Deficiencies”, Not Criminal Acts

From the Salt Lake Tribune. Fed and FDIC send letter to Ally about “significant deficiencies in its foreclosure practices”. These deficiencies include submitting “bogus legal documents for bankruptcies and other court actions”. Once again, the government allows Wall Street to commit federal crimes with impunity….


Feds to Ally Bank: Shore up foreclosure practices

Federal regulators have ordered Midvale-based Ally Bank to fix significant deficiencies in its foreclosure practices covering a two-year period in which among other things it submitted bogus legal documents for bankruptcies and other court actions.

The order from the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. alleges employees of Ally, two sister companies and their parent company, Ally Financial, signed foreclosure documents without reading them ­— a possibly illegal practice known as “robo-signing.”

The Fed and the FDIC issued the order in April. It was made public Friday.

The employees “represented that the assertions in the affidavit(s) were made on personal knowledge or based on a review … of the relevant books and records, when in many cases, they were not based on such knowledge or review,” according to the order.

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In other words felonies were committed and no arrests have occurred…


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13 Responses to “Ally Bank (GMAC) Conspiracy to Defraud the US Government Now Considered “Significant Deficiencies”, Not Criminal Acts”
  1. Jason Werner says:

    Repugnant how the feds give so much mercy to criminals, but not only ignore the victims, but even go to the extent to malign and oppress victims.

  2. freedomwatchnorthcarolina says:

    I went to the Union County NC courthouse and pulled the file on the foreclosure. GMAC Mortgage foreclosed for $414,000. using the infamous Jeffrey Stephan robo signer, and presented as proof of their mortgage ownership and old paid in full note with Bank of America in the amount of $60,000. and the clerk of courts didn’t even look at the note. They also advertised the sale in a different county than the county in which the property was located. I sent GMAC Mortgage a Qualified Written Request for the appropriate information and they replied yesterday in an unsigned letter saying all they are required to give me is payment history and a copy of the note and to contact Customer Care with any other questions.

    I called Customer Care and they hung up on me when I asked by what Federal Law they are exempt from responding to a QWR.

  3. Nora says:

    Are we ready to stop paying taxes, shut down this evil, corrupt government and implement a new, fair government? Channel your energies into actions! It will take a mass of us to accomplish this, but it can be done, and we can save our country. I look forward to seeing the ogliarchs charged with high treason, tried and convicted and sent to the most dangerous jails in America. Taxes are unconstitutional. We need a refresher course on the Constitution, and we need to dissolve The Federal Reserve permanently. The government’s underground bunker is stocked with TONS of food, growing rooms set up with grow lights, communications equipment and a high speed bunker-to-bunker rail system. Guess what else is down there? Millions of doses of ebola virus, bird flu and other horrible things they plan to use to take out all but 500, 000 of us! They are planning to go underground and fry the surface with nuclear weapons, bio weapons and toxins, while they hide out until it’s safe to emerge and take control of the planet with a new world order. You deserve what you get if you let them do this! Revolt! Stop paying the taxes that keep the evil government in power. There is no distinction between the political parties; they operate only to entertain your attention while the real stuff goes on unoticed. Stop being cattle and grow some sharp horns to run them through with. They fear our numbers, or they wouldn’t be planning to get rid of so many of us and implement a police state. They should fear us! There are only 4,000 of them and a few thousand police, while there are almost 7 BILLION of US! Jail ’em!

  4. Wayne says:

    It is time to take a Stand ……….. There is something really wrong in Washington and it is both parties.

    • Maggie May says:


    • freedomwatchnorthcarolina says:

      Absolutely, Jessie Venture said to a CNN reporter that Washington is just like wrestling . They are all the best of friends, party together, have lunch together, talk on the phone together; but when the cameras are on; they pretend as though they hate each other. The CNN reporter asked him if he was implying that wrestling is fake . He said No, I’m telling you that the political parties are fake.

      They are all paid on the side from the same special interest groups . And the state governments seem to be just as corrupt and dishonest.

  5. maggie may says:


  6. l vent says:

    Now they are Federally regulating the institutions that brought the entire financial system to it’s knees? Sorry, this is many years too late.. The ball was dropped a long time ago and it was intentional.. Now there is no”fixing” this. The powers that be were screwed by their own perps. I really liked this quote THE EXCAVATOR website: Where thou findest a Lie that is oppressing thee, extinguish it.” Thomas Carlyle: The Fench Revolution: A History: pg. 34

    • l vent says:

      No doubt this came on direct orders from the Vatican, to let the perps know, the theft of the homes they do not own must continue and the perps are saying, Heil, Hitler!!!!! I watched a couple of interesting videos on you tube today, one was entitled, Jordan Maxwell on the Law of the UCC: Uniform Commercial Code and Cracking The Code Of Commerce Pt. 1 Jordan Maxwell. He speaks about how for the last 200 years, most of our laws have based on Canon Law A/K/A Church Law. He also said that the Vatican is a political institution hiding behind a religious institution. The Vatican is the Mob, the CIA, NASA, the IRS, they also run the courts and the cops. They are also the Nazi’s. The Vatican controls the whole system via the International Bankers and the International Corps. He also said to google the word Nazirites I haven’t done that yet, but I am sure it is not good…

  7. When did the dictionary change the spelling of u-n-c-o-n-s-c-i-o-n-a-b-l-e-…..c-r-i-m-i-n-a-l ……”to” s-u-f-f-i-c-i-n-t …d-i-f-f-i-c-e-n-t-c-i-e-s ? I know when bank law became the law in our country.! Change the word it is not in the law, they can not be prosecuted? The government officials that come up with this have to be tossed into the streets and on to jail.

  8. Equity Free says:

    Another example of the corporate strangle hold on our rights ..

    The BILL of Rights are rationed by ones ability to pay the BILL for a right to…..

  9. Pamela says:

    Biggest FRIGGEN crooks around,liars ,cheats, fraudsters, there are just not enough words to applicably describe these hooligans.They are definatly more than just a little predatory.Glad I fall into the 2 year time slot.I’m ready to take them on in court .I can’t wait to see what happens.Maybe they won’t show up!!

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