End of Times? | State AG’s Oppose “Paltry” Settlement Over Robo-signed Affidavits

Can it be? Is this true? Please, somebody pinch me…

Are the Ag’s standing up for the people and demanding a stronger settlement over Robo-signed affidavits?

Are they agreeing that the settlement unfairly forces class members to release any claims…

Well, it appears they are…

From the report…

State AGs oppose settlement

A group of 38 state attorneys general are opposing a proposed class action settlement…  over robo-signed affidavits.

The proposed settlement is “paltry” and unfair to consumers, the group said in a June 1 court filing.

The settlement, which would provide up to $5.7 million for 1.4 million class members, was announced in February. San Diego-based Encore, which often buys debt from credit card companies, agreed to settle claims that the company <relied on> false affidavits to bring debt collection lawsuits.

“Under any interpretation, the ten-dollar-per-class-member settlement is not fair, reasonable, or adequate to address the harm incurred,” the attorneys general, led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, said in the brief, filed in federal court in Ohio.

You can check out the rest here…

Unfortunately, as I am sure you now realize, they are not talking about Fraudclosures…

If they were, and we based the damages off of the 62 million loans registered in the MERS system, and the “Paltry” $Five Billion$ the banks are suggesting to settle with, each household that has been affected would receive EIGHT TIMES what the above settlement offered…

Which is about $80.65 per household…

What are you complaining about? The other people above are only getting $10.00 /sarcasm.

I bet you all feel sooooo much better now.

And the Fraudclosures continue…

Happy Friday!



18 Responses to “End of Times? | State AG’s Oppose “Paltry” Settlement Over Robo-signed Affidavits”
  1. Pamela says:

    In response to Kondor, pull yourself together start making your arrangements for your family,i.e. family that can help,church that can help,homeless shelter at the least,motel room even if it is cheap and pull your family close and remember that as long as you have them and thier love you can face anything together.It’s not easy and it is not fun but it can be done.Buy a travel trailer or a tent turn it into as much as an adventure especially if you have kids as you can.Know that you fight the good fight and like cancer this battle is a lot about attitude.The better yours is the better you are to yourself and the others around you.As importantly these things can drag on for an indefinate period of time and 11 days may not be the final date.Find and enlist an advocacy program in your area,go to a lawyer ask them to do paper work for you this can help to make this situation more affordable.Go to your nearest law school talk to the law prof.there might be help there as well.Last but not least never give up on yourself you are your own best advocate.My prayers are with you and stay strong.

    • Kondor says:

      In response to Pamela, I find your advice strengthening and your suggestions very helpful. Thank you.

  2. Kondor says:

    Victim of a fraudulant loan, being foreclosed on (non-judicial), family has no place to go, weak and broken. Who will fight my battle with me? Which attorney will help me with my case? Who will insure my constitutional and human rights? The big money machine, including the government, is insuring few small victories for the non-members and massive ultimate defeats for the people. How do we fight the battle? Would anything less than a massive people’s revolution do the job? No. And that will not happen until things get so bad that the mass steps out of their comfort zone and join the fight. The rich will not give up their ill-gotten money (power) and will do anything to get more of it. Ironically, that will eventually be their own undoing. When so few have all the money and billions are left with crumbs, then the mass is ready for that revolution. But for today, who will fight my battle with me. 11 days to homelessness.

  3. John Anderson says:

    Regardless of the tuff talk put out by pundits, don’t expect much from the state AGs. over half of them are in bed with the banks.
    My e-mail to my states AG “FL” Pam Bondi, who is a bank owned skank

    Dear Pam Bondi,
    I am upset by your lighthanded approach to the fraud that banks and foreclosure law firms have so far gotten away with in this state.
    As the chief law enforcement officer in Florida, and a member of the Florida Bar, your duty is clear. To do anything less than full prosecution on those who would, fabricate, and use fraudulent documents in court proceedings is a violation of your oath as a officer of the court, and Attorney General of the state of Florida.
    We are in troubled times, and the public needs to know that the law applies to all, great and small. If rule of law, is perceived as rule of the rich, then civil unrest and revolution will be the result.
    Do you think Judge Judy would rule in favor of a plaintiff or defendant who produced a fraudulent document to win their case? NO! because it would violate the”CLEAN HANDS DOCTRINE” that no relief shall be granted to a party who engages in unlawful activity.
    I ask that you do your duty.

    Of course I don’t know what a buy off “settlement” means. Are they trying to retro fix, by making legal, what has always been illegal? WHAT ABOUT THE EX POST FACTO CLA– USE IN THE CONSTITUTION?

  4. Dean Steeves says:

    There cannot nor will there be any closure in our Nation to this and/or any of the other multiplicity of treasenous frauds that have been going on in this country since at least the Civil War until all of the International Banksters along with all of their Central Bank (Federal Reserve) have been given the boot a la Andrew Jackson style—period end of story. All else is wishful thinking.

    That said, the current real estate fraud has given us the opportunity to make a direct frontal assult on what I consider to be the banksters main line of defence which is the COURT SYSTEM. Stay in there and be prepared to take your case all the way to the Federal Supreme Court. Mr Bush once said that the Constitution is just a piece of paper; however, he failed to complete his sentence so I’ll do it for him. “Yes and it’s more powerful than any weapon we have”. Without the constitution authorizing them to create Article IV courts (Maritime Admiralty) they would never be able to do what they are doing; however, it did not authorize them to use them to render abuse to the people.

    • maggie may says:


    • l vent says:

      The U.S. Constitution is supposed to protect We The People from a tyrannical government that oppresses it’s people.. The Foreign owned Multinational Federal Government A/K/A Vatican City, is behind this Fascist Tyranny. They own the IMF, THE WORLD BANK, The Central Banks, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, FANNIE MAE AND FREDDIE MAC, the FDIC insured banks, the IRS, they have hijacked the courts, the cops and the politicians because of greed and rampant treason by both politcal parties. .They have all contributed to the chipping away at our freedom. They could have never pulled off this Inside Job without inside help, just like on 9/11, the U.S. Government let us down. The only thing keeping the SMOM/JESUIT/VATICAN/U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER from a complete foreign multinational takeover of AMERICA is our U.S. CONSTITUTION AND OUR U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS. They have manufactured crises all along to take away our freedoms to get us to this point. They are after no less than our National Sovereignty. They hate our freedom and they are the foreign terrorists who take on many identities to deceive mankind. Black is White and Order out of Chaos is some of the Game Theory schemes that they use to deceive us and rob us of our freedom. They are diabolical and maniacal. This entire evil plan is about World Domination by the ruling elite. Too bad for them, their perps did not secure their collateral liens. There is an American side to this. The CEO’S of the the Banks and Fannie/Freddie know this is true. Our homes are paid for because of the Ponzi Scheme swindle and heist. We were the collateral they used to create their fake mbs’s to gamble with up on their Wall Street Casino. The only security they had were the performing loans and that business model is a fraudulent one. Death to the Multinational Foreign Tyranny!!!!!!!!!!! National Sovereignty will prevail under the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Bill of Rights!!!

      • Dean Steeves says:

        Sounds to me that we agree I vent.

      • Kevin says:

        Yeah…I was wondering how to prove all this but now I can tell everybody I read it on the internet…assuming your certificate of sanity has been properly notarized.

  5. Jason Werner says:

    FDIC-member banks are going to continue committing their crimes because we the people tolerate it in the name of the goofballs we elect, namely prosecutors, sheriffs, mayors (who appoint police chiefs), AGs, governors, etc.

  6. hj davidson says:

    no class-action settlements.

    each defrauded homeowner should get exactly what they were swindled plus damages.


  7. l vent says:

    Well the criminal enterprise who robbed all of us and paid back the TARP money to us without interest after they surely made trillions more off of that bailout. There should be enough money there to award all of the homeowners their stolen homes back and monetary restitution for all of their pain and suffering. They can rescind all of the rest of the unsecuritized, MERS tainted shit bag loans. Or we will sue the Banksters and Fannie Mae for all of their fraud, from ORIGINATION TO FRAUDCLOSURE, AND MERS TOO, FOR DESTROYING OUR TITLES TO OUR HOMES. Maybe a NATIONWIDE TAX REVOLT IS ALSO IN ORDER FOR ALL OF THE PROPERTY TAX MONEY THEY HAVE BEEN DOUBLE DIPPING US FOR OVER THE LAST 3 YEARS. MY PROPERTY TAXES ARE STILL ESTIMATED AT THE PRE-BUBBLE AMOUNT BUT MY HO– USE IS NOW WORTH HALF OF THAT OR LESS. The crooks know our homes are paid for because of their Ponzi Scheme. DEATH TO THE FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL TYRANNY!!!!!!!! Time for a new Independence Day. God Bless America!!!

  8. Pamela says:

    Wow I’m stupified and I took a class actio suit when my first house was foreclosed on illegaly 10 years ago.Your right I believe I got 60.00 or there abouts so no more class actions for me!!I think the banksters are operating under the adage “something is better than nothing”.Well it’s not.Give us back our houses and the money you took with penalties and interest,damages,PTSD findings an so forth and do it now.Go to jail serve your time make restitution to all the communities you tore apart and it still would not be enough but at least it would be a start .Maybe then the people of the America could finally get some closure and be able to start over.

    • The banks are probalbly behind the class action law suit attorneys, trying to control the litigation by pretending to do something for homeowners, while deceiving them by making sure they can not sue for more than 60-80 dollars, because they knew this could get out of hand for them and we can sue them for thousands each and get our houses. Class action lawsuits are good for the devil and bad for us, it looks like. I feel bad telling people I knew that would not do anything to fight or did not have the money to fight it,to at least jump on a class action law suit. I did ask them to make sure they are getting something worth it for joining , not eighty dollars. Just because the devil can get our homes for ten dollars or less, doesnt mean we can. Brother eighty dollars. Another scam by the banks.; It would pay them to hire the lawyers for the class action and I am sure they probably did, just like these guys were a branch of the creditor.

  9. Maggie May says:


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