Letter to FHA | Mortgage Bankers Association wants to use E-signatures on Home Loans

The next generation of fraud is near. Let’s digitally falsify documents using the borrower’s own “signature”.

Nothing good can come of this…

But, at the very least, they would like any questions or responses to be addressed…

“We look forward to working with you on this very important issue. Any questions or response should be directed to Tamara King at (202) 557-2758 or TKing@mortgagebankers.org, or Richard Hill at 202-557-2718 or RHill@mortgagebankers.org



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E-signature Letter to FHA to MBA

13 Responses to “Letter to FHA | Mortgage Bankers Association wants to use E-signatures on Home Loans”
  1. Pamela says:

    Just one more way for the fraudsters to run rampant with not only our money but our signatures as well.Do these morons get that we are onto them or are they just inherently stuck on stupid.They really have brass ones if they think the people will allow them to get this through.

    • maggie may says:


  2. Sandra says:

    As a notary, I met face to face with Borrowers who signed their mortgage documents, and MANY times that meeting disclosed irrefularities with the Borrower’s info, or revealed representations & #s given to the Borrower in writing before the signing were different on the actual loan documents. In one case the “signer” was portraying himself as his deceased father of the same name. Sometimes the lenders had inserted $1000s more in loan fees into the closing documents than had been agreed to. And sometimes I found the Borrower had misrepresented his situation, or was unemployed or terminated from his job and had no income with which to repay the loan. Making THAT loan certainly wouldn’t have saved the bank money. With such big financial indebtedness being incurred, it is only prudent and good business to know who actually is making the promise to repay. Digital signatures create a great defence: “Who actually pushed the button to create that signature”. No handwriting expert can help you there.

  3. Bust them! says:

    My wife’s (now exwife) ex husband appears to have taken out a well concealed fraudulent loan on my inherited house. He is a member of the MBA. He uses MERS. GET REAL!

  4. indio007 says:

    The E-Sign Act doesn’t apply to UCC-3 . So hit the bricks MBA.

    (a) EXCEPTED REQUIREMENTS.—The provisions of section 101
    shall not apply to a contract or other record to the extent it is
    governed by—
    (1) a statute, regulation, or other rule of law governing
    the creation and execution of wills, codicils, or testamentary
    (2) a State statute, regulation, or other rule of law governing
    adoption, divorce, or other matters of family law; or
    (3) the Uniform Commercial Code, as in effect in any State,
    other than sections 1–107 and 1–206 and Articles 2 and 2A.
    (b) ADDITIONAL EXCEPTIONS.—The provisions of section 101
    shall not apply to—
    (1) court orders or notices, or official court documents
    (including briefs, pleadings, and other writings) required to
    be executed in connection with court proceedings;
    (2) any notice of—
    (A) the cancellation or termination of utility services
    (including water, heat, and power);
    (B) default, acceleration, repossession, foreclosure, or
    eviction, or the right to cure, under a credit agreement
    secured by, or a rental agreement for, a primary residence
    of an individual;
    (C) the cancellation or termination of health insurance
    or benefits or life insurance benefits (excluding annuities);
    (D) recall of a product, or material failure of a product,
    that risks endangering health or safety; or
    (3) any document required to accompany any transportation
    or handling of hazardous materials, pesticides, or other toxic
    or dangerous materials.

  5. l vent says:

    This is why Obama let it be known he signed that Patriot Act extension with the robo pen from Europe. He was calling out the American people about the fraud the New World Order is trying to use to destroy our freedom. These same criminals who robbed America in the Ponzi Schmeme want to digitize everything to hide their ongoing criminal enterprise of rampant fraud so they can party on. They are trying to destroy a paper trail. They want to digitize the currency too and have only digital currency. Ever hear of the new digital wallet? The American people must reject this idea and stop going along with their communist plan to take over America and the world.

  6. noel poe says:

    this is already disturbingly common in many types of business today. i could get an e-mail contract to buy a car under the name Barack H. Obama, “click to sign,” and turn it back in and that’s apparently that’s ok with johnny law these days. the mba will very likely get what they want. i mean, that’s assuming obama could get financing.

  7. maggie may says:


  8. tim says:

    I love how it says it will reduce signature fraud!! LMAO I guess if you get a pass to sign whatever, whenever with whoevers signatire legally, i guess that would reduce fraud. How can thse idiots think its ok to change a felony into something legal. Everyday i wake up, i think I am living in a movie, a very bad movie. People, what the hell do we do? Im so fed up that nobody is doing whats right, we cant fight or we go to jail, we cant impeach nayone because they will just put another crook in office, our courts are useless, WTF do we do? someone tell me. I think the only way we stand a chance is if a larger portion of americans stop paying thier mortgage and if that doesnt work, we stop paying for everything we possibly can. I pulled all my money out of these big banks and put it in small credit unions. Any other ideas would be helpful?

  9. Illegitimate Authority says:

    The MBA, as another author noted, needs to end their glaring conflict of interest, relationship with the
    FBI and the rest of the Federal Government for that matter. This is a think tank/lobbying entity , that has purchased legislative power, it is an externalized non-Democratic institution beholden to Bank profiteering.
    The MBA (and John Dugan, who had the MBA prepare his homework for him) still haven’t sufficiently admitted any wrong doing in creating, allowing and enabling the housing crisis and it is a f$%king outrage.

  10. maggie may says:


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