Deadbeat | Man Gets a $0 Foreclosure Notice from Bank of America

“The letter clearly stated if they didn’t get his money, or lack thereof, by February 4th, his lender could seize his home.”


I-Team:Man gets a $0 foreclosure notice

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The housing crisis ended with many homes in foreclosure, which is why it was no joke when a man from Northampton got a letter stating his home would be seized if he didn’t pay up zero dollars and zero cents!

Not wanting to lose his house, he called the 22News I-team and finally got some answers.

Following the mortgage meltdown, struggling homeowners dread getting that nasty letter in the mail announcing your home is listed under foreclosure.

That happened to Mark, only his letter caught him off guard.

“It says, you owe us zero dollars, zero cents. I going to write a check to them for zero dollars and have it clear? I couldn’t help but laugh,” he said.

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5 Responses to “Deadbeat | Man Gets a $0 Foreclosure Notice from Bank of America”
  1. Maggie May says:


  2. John R says:

    I say write the check and see if they cash it then use the paperwork and the cashed check to file to clear the title. The system is just so screwed it might actually work.

  3. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

    “The housing crisis ended…” Hmmm, I don’t think it has ended.

    “Following the mortgage meltdown…” I’m pretty sure we’re still in the middle of it. It isn’t possible for there to be a “following” when we’re still in the midst of it.

    Very subtle neurolinguistic programming here.

  4. Pamela says:

    OK so who’s little brain child was this one?I mean how do you write a check for 0 dllars and 0 cents? Doesn’t that mean that the check is worth more than the balance it’s being written for?Do the banks realize just exactly how stuck on stupid they look when something like this happens?Talk about not being the brightest light in the harbor!!!

    • Pamela…..the ‘ disease ‘ of greed works it’s way to the brain….that is why all has failed from the origination on…the confusing areas of fraud were so massive they lost track of the blueprints and had to finish the job the best way they knew how…and that was to continue using fraud. They all fall under the scope of habitual pathological liars…..that is part of the greed… Can’t you see, they don’t know who owns what…..they just think they do….that is the greed SICKNESS……their figures on their sheets are lies…if they are not the lender/ creditor….the figures will be their down fall….it will break the bank. Use DISCOVERY ON EACH AND EVERY DOCUMENT..IF NEEDED, GO TO THE PUBLIC LAW LIBRARY AND LOOK IT UP. IT’S FREE KNOWLEDGE. Subpoena the closing company…the title company for all documents. The creditor is silent…but there are/were 2 sets of documents…this was not told to the borrower…one for borrower and a different set for the creditor….the set for the creditor was not the same figures as in your documents. That is where the bank made the first big profit…lying to the creditor…alot of researching got me alot of info.
      But with BofA sending that letter is worth a laugh…these banks will try and get blood out of a turnip.

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