George Babcock Fight Club | Harmon Law Defies TRO and Preliminary Injunction – Intends to Foreclose Anyway

TRO and Preliminary Injunction Granted. Who cares? Not Harmon Law.

Posted by Capt. Jack

As most of us know by now Harmon Law of Newton, MA is, for the time being, in the same business as that of the now disgraced (former) Law Firm of David J. Stern of Plantation, FL. In fact, Harmon Law’s owner served on Stern’s Board of Directors until it became obvious Stern’s firm was swirling the drain.

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8 Responses to “George Babcock Fight Club | Harmon Law Defies TRO and Preliminary Injunction – Intends to Foreclose Anyway”
  1. Bryan says:

    The crooks and the people who are getting a slice of the action A.K.A, law makers, the bums in congress, are in for a rude awakening. As i write this, the youth of america has sprung into action. Occupy Wall street has now entered day 12. And it is spreading to other states across the country. We need to put order back in our government. No more doing what they have been doing over the past 30 years. Wake up Americans, look online to follow the peaceful protesters in action. Take back our government, the banks and wall street have the congress in their pockets. Laws have been broken, fraud is fraud and no one is above the law.

  2. James Dorkmustmann says:

    mark harmon owns everyone….no one can touch him accept glenn russell, esq….that is if he BENDS over Mark will pork him GOOD

    • Ace says:

      No One is untouchable…Especially thieves and liars.

      Take Notice Mark Harmon Etal. You will be brought to your knees and then you will beg for forgiveness.

  3. The banksters believe they run America and America is ran by bankster law. Their defiance is proof of it. Stealing houses they do not own, and intimidation of our good lawyers and judges. We are under bully law.

  4. chunga85 says:

    Dueling assignments coming up. Absolutely bizarre.

  5. anthony says:

    Birds of a feather….
    when you lie down with s–t
    you get up with s–t STERN disgraced never he isn’t even on the planet to know what disgraced even means
    one day hopefully he will feel the pain he has brought to this Universe

    • Ace says:

      Contempt of Court = JAIL. PERIOD

      Harmon is just 1 of the Evil Doers of Injustice.

      Why is it that FC Fraud is not being persecuted like it was during the last Real Estate Bubble? GREED is just 1 answer.

      The S&L Crisis in the late 80’s & early 90’s sent over 1700 people to jail. How could THEY steal Millions more of our livelihoods? MERS & The Internet. Did anyone order a Cloud Here?

      Simply create an Illegal system called MERS and make it appear to possess all the recorded docs a Mortgage transaction requires and all the explanations to attempt to get away with it. When MERS realizes it doesn’t possess all the docs required to proceed w/ a LEGAL Home Foreclosure…LIE LIE LIE and then Lie some more. HOWEVER YOU NEED TO.

      All the Banks, And THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE, including the TBTF crowd are complicit in this Hijacking of America.

      JUSTICE IS Deserved for the American Homeowners. Wake up WASHINGTON Etal.

      Did I say SELLOUT Neil S. ? Oh I did…

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