Document | Police State Search Warrant on Student Loan “Default”

Just added the search warrant to UPDATE on Police State | “SWAT” Team Breaks Down Door, Detains Man for Wife’s Defaulted Student Loans…

Be sure to read the items they were to secure on this “terrorist.”

I am out of words to describe except the ONLY line item crossed out of the warrant apparently by the magistrate was…

m. Contraband or any other item that is immediatly apparent to be evidence of a crime

The rest of the items were things such as application records and transcripts.

Just remember…

First they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.



Police State Search Warrant on Student Loan “Default”

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  1. Wow this is what America has become to wow!

  2. spectre says:

    Nothing more then a show of force trying to scare the sheep back into the pen

  3. jweist says:

    Are we sure that this isn’t a serious student loan fraud case, maybe multiple fraudulent student loans?

  4. Maggie May says:



  6. l vent says:

    This reminds me of a story I heard on morning radio last fall. An elderly couple who were Russian immigrants were given a shock one morning when the Sheriffs Dept. broke down their door in a drug raid. The elderly man was bed ridden and his elderly wife was taking care of him. The Sherif’fs Dept. terrorized these poor people and ransacked their home before realizing they had the wrong house. The elderly people told the reporter that this is what they left their homeland to escape and that this is what the Nazi’s did to the Jews. They could not believe this could happen here in America.. Maybe Dylan Ratigan or Elliot Spitzer would put this on their show. I am pretty sure RT NEWS would put this on one of their programs like Thom Hartmann or The Alyona Show..

  7. Maggie May says:

    Worse than scum carnical white trash i tell you:))) Dumas and fail!!!

  8. Maggie May says:

    Youve been so helpful to me i wanted feds to know since my friend tomas estrada is dead or sumtin you were next best helper:))

  9. Maggie May says:

    Anyone need name of judge in charge in volusia county call me its not perkins!!!

  10. Maggie May says:

    Yes and we are throwing out the fake lawyers and fake morgage companies they sell the fake stuff to by niotifying fbi sheriffs and ….of the fake lawyers by attaching copies of the doccuments then also notify your local authorities and also go to foreclosute lawyers and tell them hey these dont exist and they go huh????? then u laff yer butt off cuz by the the chief judge not judge assigned has gotten the info:)) hhhheeeeeeeeeeeeehehehe outttttttttttttttttttttt with the trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way i took a puic of your website to fbi today and i said i learned it all from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tyty!!!

  11. Maggie May says:

    by all means:))))even if you have to do it yourself!

  12. So they were looking for APPLICATIONS…..SO ARE WE…IN THE ‘ DISCOVERY REQUEST ‘ AND THE BANKSTERS ARE NOT GIVING ‘ BOTH ‘ LOAN APPLICATIONS….THE ONE WE SIGNED TO GET THE LOAN AND THE ONE SENT TO THE CREDITOR WHO FUNDED THE LOAN…SENT BY THE PRETENDER STRAWMAN. Both applicatons will be shocking..completely different…..BUT the banks OBJECTED to this request. In fact..they objected to all the request to Produce…..should I seek a search warrant ?

  13. Maggie May says:

    Tgats interesting? Well i guess more than rhonda schmoyo!!!

  14. Jim Bethea says:

    I just tried to repost this link [as I do a lot] and it would not post?
    When I click SHARE a window popped up and asks if I would like to close the window…..when usually it says “successfully posted to my profile”…..????

    BEWARE….The banksters who purchased and sold all of the student loans are now re-assigning them back from the banksters so our own so-called government officials can coerce & extort unlawful funds under “color of law” — better described as a “Socialist KGB” scam/ scheme ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  15. Maggie May says:

    Id like to take the opportunity to thank you for all ive learned here!!!!GBU

  16. Jim Bethea says:

    There 3 elements that are missing pursuant to lLAW………

    1. For a Bench Warrant, there must be a missing respondent/ defendant who did not show for a court appearance??? [nothing was mentioned of such in this order]

    2. Plaintiff failed to show/ prove “standings” or to be a “party of interest” [any plaintiff must provide competent supporting evidence of any claim, whether criminal or civil ]

    3. If the Plaintiff [Dept of Education] is a proper party then they should have all applications, documents & copies of all correspondences inwhich they Defendant would have participated in? [ this was not a matter of record in this instant case]

    This is nothing more than a “witch-hunt” to scare everyone with a student loan — if you will read any the promissory note in any student loan; it clearly states within the 1st or 2nd page that they government provided backing /support of this loan “unless it is sold / transferred / assigned to a 3rd party, which it always is!!!

    Welcome to the New Amerikka……….[ the damn terrorist are in DC hiding behind their magic curtain of Socialism]

    • BRAVO…BRAVO…. RIGHT ON JIM….YOU SAID IT RIGHT……A FEAR TACTIC….THE RATS ARE RUNNING AROUND SCROUNGING SEEKING WAYS TO SCARE THOSE WITH STUDENT LOANS. THEY HAVE ABOUT COME TO THE END OF EXC– USES….. Oh ya…the terrorists are right here and have been for many years… they can no longer hide behind that magic curtain….someone pushed the button for the curtain to open………..

  17. TheHutMaster says:

    Load up the 45 about wraps up my comment on this crap.

    It is coming to the time of a big change. We are losing time and need to stand up and fight now. Fire them all and rebuild our country on small business and community banks. The first shot must be at Goldman SUCKS. That is the kimg snake.

    We get asshats for canidates, Mitt Romney is a laughable idiot. We need a good stock of leaders not greedy grease balls. Mitt Romney, R U Phucking kidding me?

    “Fight The Good Fight”

    • Very good comments HutMaster……there are a few on this site that would qualify as good stock….living in Florida we kill the deadly snakes….Goldman SUCKS is a good start but let’s not forget the rest….to ‘ clean house ‘ we must throw out all the trash.

    • l vent says:

      Mitt Romney is just another crooked bastard. They figure they will get their man in one way or another. If Obama’s poll #’s really stink, then they will get their Republicon in to sew up their evil plans. I hope the people realize that both parties are completely corrupted. Like the Who song says, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The partying on the left will then be partying on the right if the republicons get back in. I heard one radio talk show host say he will be voting for any Republicon he does not care who it is, he will not be voting for Obama. He said even Sarah Palin will do if there is no one else. What a bunch of useless idiots. I hope the American people are smarter than to believe this b.s. they are trying to feed all of us.. Time for the American people to start thinking outside of the box and stop believing these people and that same old tired DEMORAT/REPUBLICON PARADIGM. They are trying to confuse the masses like they did in the last election when how many drank the kool-aid and went out and voted for the Republicons. We have to stop being so easily brainwashed and simple minded. Come on people. This madness has to stop.

      • rictic says:

        They are ALL crooked b@stards, every single one of them, Repugnants, Dumbocrats they are are bought and paid for by the Elites. We are to blame because we the people keep voting for these scumbags and the Elites just laugh at us. It’s time to start over again with a government more in line with the Founding Fathers ideals….

      • l vent says:

        So true rictic, The 2 party system is completey broken and corrupted and therefore useless. Time for the American people to start thinking outside of the box. I saw a funny sign coming home from a trip downstate the other day, It was a giant Abraham Lincoln statue and he held a sign in his hands that read. “Tired of Change”

      • rictic says:

        I would love to see change Vent. Change to the upholding of the Constitution and The Bill of RIGHTS, change to the ideals of the Founding Fathers. I guess that type of change is too much to ask for.
        You are correct, the 2 party system is totally f*cked, excuse my french….

      • TheHutMaster says:

        That is the solution. Destroy Goldman, BOA, JP Morgan, and all the other criminals. Find and vote in good stock, build up small business to jump start production of goods and services. And do the same for the local banks to provide a way to transact. Close down the FED, completly. Some sort of FDIC should be considered. Then…. we go after the scumbags running the insurance racket.

        State Farm and all the other criminals sponcer Super Bowl events, Racing, and other arraogant spending. Then, they cry to Florida they need a 30% rate increase. STOP investing in advertising and MANAGE THE FUND! If they want to be in promoitions, start an advertising company and get out of insurance.

        “Fight The Good Fight”

      • rictic says:

        Agreed, most of the TBTF’s are insolvent so just let them Fail and go Bankrupt, Abolish them and we then only allow localized community banks to exist that serve a region. No more TBTF’s.
        Then as you say we go after the Insurance Fraudsters, the pill popping Fraudsters (Pharmaceutical industry), Government Motors (GM), Government Electric (GE). We can get there, it’s just going to take time and effort from We The People working TOGETHER.

  18. lies all of it says:

    hmmmmm sounds alot like today, what each one of us faces in foreclosure court. no one wants to get involved because it is not happening to them. if all americans would have rushed washington oin the 1940’s my jewish ansestors would not have died. but everyoine ignored what was happeningn becuase it wasnt them getting poisened and dieing well today 1/4 of florida is in forecloure yet we are getting the same response nothing. nothing from our AG nithinf rom our govener. it is the holocaust all over again. the banks are hiltler all of us are he jews and all our govermental entities ar the SS soldiers just following our orders. please lets figure out together to get through same our homes and get the judges to see what we all see that all these mortgages are null and void.

    • Readdocs says:

      The federal government in Washington DC should have been rushed and shut down back in 1913.
      The socialists and communists don’t have just their foot in the door, they own the whole building now.
      The reason this country is failing and falling apart is because what was instituted in Russia is now here.
      You have only to look at that country currently to see what is going to happen here. And there will
      be killing fields where the unwanted will be eliminated.
      It can and is happening here.

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