Open Letter to Jeff Thigpen, Guilford County, NC Register of Deeds and John O’Brien, Southern Essex County, Massachusetts Register of Deeds

Mortgage Fraud 

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Action Date: June 8, 2011
Location: Guilford County, NC

An Open Letter to Jeff Thigpen, Guilford County, NC Register of Deeds and John O’Brien, Southern Essex County, Massachusetts Register of Deeds

Dear Jeff and John,

I want to remind you exactly who you stood up for yesterday. I get emails – hundreds each week – from sick, unemployed, elderly people, young families and veterans who are frightened,
too broke to afford a lawyer, and being foreclosed by banks that are using badly forged documents to claim their homes.

This week, judges across the country will grant foreclosures – based on mortgage assignments signed by Linda Green, Korell Harp, Tywanna Thomas and others like them who were following orders from the banks.

A Miami judge said to me “I know who you are – you’re that woman who thinks she can stop a foreclosure because the notary signed her name upside-down.”

The hostility in the courtrooms is really amazing. I expect I will get thrown in jail in Miami some day for contempt for even suggesting a bank committed fraud.

Most days, it is my ragtag, never-say-die colleagues in foreclosure (wonderful people) and some non-bank-owned journalists who are willing to speak the truth about the bank documents used to steal homes.

You two were the first two public officials in the country who were willing to do more than “investigate” – who actually took action.

You will never know how much your act gave me encouragement when I needed it most.

Thank you from me, and on behalf of thousands of people across the country who doubted any public official would ever stand up, speak the truth and take action.

With admiration,

Lynn Szymoniak


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  1. frontncenter says:

    Everyone needs to be aware of the new tactic Banks have been using to steal homes. They use “General Partnerships” to foreclose and buy the properties. It is extremely difficult to locate any info on these Partnerships.

    One is “Donway, A California General Partnership,” but I have not been able to find anything verifiable on them. They’re like “phantom businesses” or “dummy corps” set up solely for the purposes of theft and stealth. The Banks way of hindering the “robosigner unity” that has foiled many of the criminal attempts.

    I have faith that we will eventually crack this too. Win or lose, stay a thorn in their side for others. Don’t abandon ship like Syzmoniak, who just took her money and ran, leaving millions to drown. People like her are disgusting. Everything she did was for herself. She gets no respect.

  2. frontncenter says:

    and possibly.. ANITA HERRINGTON

  3. frontncenter says:

    Correction … ANGELA ZAVALA not zavara.

  4. frontncenter says:

    Here is an update on AMANDA FARRAR aka AMANDA WELCH.

    She changed her named to AMANDA WELCH (texas notary 125187572), and uses an unregistered stamp in Florida, (comm# ff091443). Signature analysis leads me to believe AMANDA WILLIAMS, registered notary in Florida (comm# ff 194412), is in fact her.

    A further analysis will likely prove ANGELA CARTER, ANGELA ZAVARA and ANNETTE VILLAGOMEZ are her as well. They are all affiliated with, and/or sign for “McCarthy & Holthus”

    • she be busted says:

      I called the State of Florida Notary office after doing an online search for Amanda Welch and not coming up with the information reflecting the commission # ff091443.

      The lady on the other end said that she doesnt know why it does not pop up online yet it shows up on her office computer.

      she did also say that a amended name change was registered January 30, 2015 with the department from Welch to Williams commission # 194412 yet the stamps both read an expiration date of 2/10/2018.

  5. Rhonda Mills says:


  6. Jim Bethea says:

    They will probably have me in jail with Lynn Szymoniak……………all of these “bottom-feeding” collection lawyers and biased judges know me and the work that I have done across the country for the pasted 11 years…….

    We have really blistered these crooked collection alltorney in Queens & King county NY who buy these wrtie-off credit card debts and then misrepresent or commit fraud upon the courts that the banks still own these accounts when in fact it is the bottom-feeders who have bought them for between 4 to 15 cents on the dollar — add their trumpted-up charges to their court complaint and kill these unsuspecting credit card clients who don’t know how to defend themselves against crooked lawyers & “store-bought” judges………….LOL

    It works the same way for mortgages if you know how to work it !!!!

  7. Rich Engle says:

    Thanks to all of you for the Amanda Farrar robo leads. This helps a lot.

    • frontncenter says:

      You have no idea how many hours it took to research and put together, but I can honestly say that if it’s helped anyone else it was well worth it. Your very welcome.

      The funny thing is her middle name. Amanda G. Farrar later changed to Amanda L. Welch. It almost threw me off but thankfully I took the time to carefully scrutinized her signatures and I am positive a handwriting expert will validate my findings. I believe she is an attorney notarizing for florida and texas at the same time.

      If anyone needs the signature examples I put together I’ll gladly e-mail them.

  8. David says:

    Aurora Loan Services star of the show “NEVA HALL” is under investigation for robo-signing substitute of trustee affidavits in North Carolina. Neva Hall’s signature is shining through the ranks and she maybe the next recipient for an oscar.

  9. Sick and Tired says:

    I two thank these gentlemen for standing up for the average American homeowner. Hopefully this will help other registrars to due the same…. It is time to fight back….

  10. housemanrob says:

    It is time! Everybody……………..STOP PAYING YOUR MORTGAGE!!…………cut the head off of the beast!

  11. Robert Neilson says:

    Can anyone provide any information about KERI SELMAN, potential Robo-Signer and Assistantt VP for MERS who signed for Countrywide to Bank NY/ Mellon, Trustee ?


    Bob (Fort Lauderdale, FL), Attorney at Law

  12. David Robert says:

    the one thing WE can all do is bring the light of these (2) brave men to our respective County Recorders and put their findings in the hands of our county recorders and in the hands of local media. The more truth we put into these people’s hands the better. JUST IMAGINE the impact of thousands of people all over the country showing the truth and evidence to your county recorders. Excuses will not be tolerated.

    Put your public officials on notice that if they allow robo-signatures to be used and filed they are committing criminal acts and they will be held accountable.

    Many of these county recorders are elected, GET THE PICTURE?

    Let’s do this people, its acts like this that will force the change.

  13. HELL NO - No More Bail-Outs (no more BO) says:

    I sent email to both of these County Recorders informing them of the fact that LPS was generating documents to assign mortgages from a company that is not in existence. MERS is being used to assign and they are not even back-dating the documents to the time-frame when the REMIC trust needed to receive the assignment.

    Deeds or mortgages that simply state the following information about the LENDER are untrue statements as to the named lender existing at the time of any mortgage closing:
    (C)”Lender” is America’s Wholesale Lender
    Lender is a Corporation
    organized and existing under the laws of NEW YORK
    Lender’s address is
    P.O. Box 10219. Van Nuys, CA 91410-0219

    CountryWide was the SERVICER for these loans and now claims to have D/B/As to connect them with the CORPORATION listed on the mortgages.

    If CW wanted a legal way of using that D/B/A, the loan documents needed to state the lender was CountryWide D/B/A America’s Wholesale Lender. BUt then there would STILL have been a problems in CA since the address cited for the LENDER was NEVER registered on any LENDER registration filing with the state of CA.

    As these mortgages stand, without any evidence of the D/B/A, the referenced LENDER is BOGUS. Any state where these loans exist without the D/B/A on their face are likely also in violation of registering the LENDER with the state. Certainly any filing of the America’s Wholesale Lender Corporation as a LENDER would have been a false filing since the named CORPORATION was not in existence.

    A different group later formed a NY corporation as “America’s Wholesale Lender Inc” as of 12-16-2008. All the mortgages and deeds are dated PRIOR to that date. The Van Nuys address does NOT apply to this later group.

    MERS assignments as the ‘nominee’ are not valid if the company they are signing for is not in existence at the time they are attempting to sign.

    Since the corporation in this situation did not even exist at the time the borrower was unknowingly signing the document, MERS can not be validly used to transfer from a company that was a FRAUD to begin with!

  14. Pamela says:

    I would have to say thank you from myself and millions of people this gives hope to.These two gentlemen stick out because they are flouting the common,the norm,the accepted business model.In short they are standing up against all odds and losing thier jobs to do the right thing.When they win this and they will millions of people will at the least know that they were right about not being the deadbeats that society has proclaimed them to be.Hopefully this will change all over to the good.If you live in WA. state don’t look to have it change anytime soon as our recorders are following the state AGs lead.Biggest joke of the century since it’s the blind leading the blind on this one.

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