Police State | SWAT Team Breaks Down Door, Detains Man for Wife’s Defaulted Student Loans


Has it come to this?


Dept. of Education breaks down Stockton mans door

STOCKTON, CA – Kenneth Wright does not have a criminal record and he had no reason to believe a S.W.A.T team would be breaking down his door at 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

“I look out of my window and I see 15 police officers,” Wright said.

Wright came downstairs in his boxer shorts as a S.W.A.T team barged through his front door. Wright said an officer grabbed him by the neck and led him outside on his front lawn.

“He had his knee on my back and I had no idea why they were there,” Wright said.

According to Wright, officers also woke his three young children ages 3, 7, and 11 and put them in a Stockton police patrol car with him. Officers then searched his house.

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And they weren’t even there for him…

The U.S. Department of Education issued the search and called in the S.W.A.T for his wife’s defaulted student loans.

We are in real trouble here folks.

I am afraid that we are beyond the point of no return…


From the original source…

Questions surround feds’ raid of Stockton home

Wright said he later went to Stockton Mayor Ann Johnston and Stockton Police Department, but learned the city of Stockton had nothing to do with the search warrant.

U.S. Department of Education spokesman Justin Hamilton confirmed for News10 Wednesday morning federal agents with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), not local S.W.A.T., served the search warrant. Hamilton would not say specifically why the raid took place except that it was part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Hamilton said the search was not related to student loans in default as reported in the local media.

OIG is a semi-independent branch of the education department that executes warrants for criminal offenses such as student aid fraud, embezzlement of federal aid and bribery, according to Hamilton. The agency serves 30 to 35 search warrants a year.

From Reason.com

Dept. of Education SWAT Raid Update: Not for a Student Loan, DoE Says

Yesterday, the Depart of Education’s office of inspector general executed a search warrant at Stockton California residence with the presence of local law enforcement authorities.

While it was reported in local media that the search was related to a defaulted student loan, that is incorrect. This is related to a criminal investigation. The Inspector General’s Office does not execute search warrants for late loan payments.

Because this is an ongoing criminal investigation, we can’t comment on the specifics of the case. We can say that the OIG’s office conducts about 30-35 search warrants a year on issues such as bribery, fraud, and embezzlement of federal student aid funds.

All further questions on this issue should be directed to the Department of Education’s Inspector General’s Office.

This will certainly come as a relief to Millenial deadbeats, but the notion that “bribery, fraud, and embezzlement of federal student aid funds” is all it takes to get a paramilitary squad to bang down your door at 6 a.m, handcuff you in your boxers, and throw your three pre-teen children into the back seat of a squad car, all in the service of a warrant aimed at someone who no longer lives in your home, is frankly every bit as terrifying.

Many questions still unanswered…

Either way, criminal or not, none of this constitutes a raid as it occurred.

What’s next? Jack Booted Thugs breaking down doors of people that may or may not be in foreclosure?

Oh yea, that’s right. That is already happening, and the “cops” are doing nothing about it. Feel safe anymore?

I will be looking into this OIG semi-independent branch of the education department that executes warrants.

Do they even need a judge to proceed?

Terrifying times folks…



25 Responses to “Police State | SWAT Team Breaks Down Door, Detains Man for Wife’s Defaulted Student Loans”
  1. These what they should do to Banksters and Services that Fraud every day the American People, and steal homes they don;t own, Not to a poor student what a disgrace !

  2. Andrea says:

    Andrea Says:

    I like that comment about the fine print and S.W.A.T. All of this is very scary and confusing…….

  3. TheHutMaster says:

    Load up the 45 about wraps up my comment on this crap.

    It is coming to the time of a big change. We are losing time and need to stand up and fight now. Fire them all and rebuild our country on small business and community banks. The first shot must be at Goldman SUCKS. That is the kimg snake.

    We get asshats for canidates, Mitt Romney is a laughable idiot. We need a good stock of leaders not greedy grease balls. Mitt Romney, R U Phucking kidding me?

    “Fight The Good Fight”

    • usjustice4all says:

      You are correct on every level. The question is, what can we do to get the common ignorant American to give a shit now, before they are eaten and beaten down alive?

      • TheHutMaster says:

        We ban together and fire the “Staff” we elected. Get a good stock of leaders and win this fight.

        I am a lover not a fighter although “IT IS OUR DUTY” to take our country back, NOW, and SWIFT.

        “Fight The Good Fight”

  4. Pamela says:

    Out of control freaks there so desperate to generate revenue to save thier dying pension plans and resume thier control factor that they would stoop to anything not to lose what they have.I believe that the shrinks call this “attention getting behavior” so do they have everybody’s attention now?It’s past time to take back our country,our lives and our rights.So the question that begs to be aske is WHEN!!!!!??????

  5. JA, With the revolving employment door between Goldman Sachs, the Fed, and the regime is there truly a difference between the evil banks and the federal establishment?

  6. l vent says:

    They are all drunk with power and out of control. Who gives them the authority to do this for merely owing a debt that is likely an unsecured debt? What arrogance!! I read a report that 97% of the debt in America is unsecured and that includes the student loans. There is a rogue regime that has hijacked America and it is the FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL U.N./ NEW WORLD ORDER. If the people do not start taking this stuff really seriously they will take us over.

    • I vent…..Thanks for coming on board…..they are so out of control and spinning in circles….running like rats looking for anything and everything to put fear into the people. This ploy is used in all countries to control those who are wise to the corruption in their governments….and the NWO….Obama praises it when he speaks to other countries…so we know where he stands ….and it is not with America. YES….the people had better take this serious…real serious….it has come to bitter thoughts…..we will soon see what confronts us alll….WE CAN DO IT AMERICA….THE FIGHT IS ON FOR OUR RIGHTS…..AND GET AMERICA BACK……ALL MUST PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES.

      • Readdocs says:

        This started in 1850, and became dangerous and serious in 1913. We’ve been losing ground
        since because we have all been asleep at the wheel.

  7. see says:

    I agree something does not add up. We have 2 different versions here. This guy claims the SWAT team knocked his door in and he shows a door with lots of damage and he said they handcuffed him and had him in a patrol card for 6 1/2 hours. Wonder if any of the neighbors saw this? The Stockton Police say the Federal Agents requested 1 patrol car and did not kick the door in, nor handcuffed this guy. So what’s the true story here? What would the Dept of Ed be searching for?

    • Hey…the door was busted in….and I have to believe it was done by the swat team…this is not the first time the swat team appeared at someones house. Sad to say…but it is getting so it is hard to believe the police…on this very site was the comment that the ‘ bosses’ ahead of the police were ‘ paid ‘ (on payroll) by the financial criminals….if true I can’t say…but the facts show how the politicians followed the money….so the financial industry covered their asses well…and covered all area’s …. this is not hard to figure out…. In Florida we have seen it all….I question on the foreclosures…how can the banks use our police or sheriff depts…paid by taxpayers…(if not by themselves) when it all involves fraud…even in the courts. So does that mean they are all aiding and abetting in the same crimes? Makes one wonder…but the facts will come to the surface..they already have and will be proven. WAKE UP AMERICA….THE TIME HAS COME TO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS………….

    • David says:

      Read the story again. I do not know if the gentleman is telling the truth but there are not two different versions. The city is not disagreeing with the victims story. They are saying that it wasn’t them that did it but the Federal Agents that did the damage and detained him, not the city.

    • Readdocs says:

      “This will certainly come as a relief to Millenial deadbeats, but the notion that “bribery, fraud, and embezzlement of federal student aid funds” is all it takes to get a paramilitary squad to bang down your door at 6 a.m, handcuff you in your boxers, and throw your three pre-teen children into the back seat of a squad car, all in the service of a warrant aimed at someone who no longer lives in your home, is frankly every bit as terrifying.”

      • EXC– USE ME… BUT NOW THE EDUCATION DEPT. SAYS IT WASN’T OVER A STUDENT LOAN ????? What else would someone one owe to the ‘ education dept. ‘ …but a student loan? I thought all student loans were approved thru the government and than a ‘ bank ‘ loaned (?) the money…didn’t they put all student loans, car loans, credit loans in a bundle and sold them? Just like the mortgages? So who really can say they own the loans…they were sold as I had read. Course so many lies have been told, one cannot believe a damn thing. And if it wasn’t for a student loan…than why did the ‘ papers ‘ say that.? It said ‘ FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ‘…..this needs more information. Unsecured loan…and I think most if not all are unsecured….leaves alot to be questioned. Why doesn’t the federal government go after the rich bastards who have put their money offshore….they owe plenty to this country. What about the multinational banks that laundered drug money…..what about J P Morgan Chase who played along with Madoff in his ponzi scheme. Madoff said Chase knew what was going on…and he said the government was a big ponzi scheme right along with the multinational banksters. They put him in prison to shut him up…only because he hit the wealthly and knew to much……and that is the only reason.

  8. Javagold says:

    the more i watch the video, something doesnt add up !!……why is the guy at the end of the video telling people to pay their students loans INSTEAD of saying this cannot be allowed !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. A swat team for a civil complaint? Something is missing from this story?

    • This is the governments way to ‘ put fear ‘ into the people. They don’t follow the laws..they make up their own laws just as the banks have done and the courts. The government knows the citizens are raging mad and for good reasons…so now they play the fear tactic….a bully never does his bulling alone.. only with the backup of other members of his gang….never by himself. We realize the government is corrupt right along with the banks and courts….that is the start…. we must all unite together…as we have said all along…and go forward to end this horrible deliberate act the government has pulled. No one follows the laws of the land…so must we? So far we have held our anger fairly well….BUT……………………………………………..

  10. This is so disgusting…..How many doctors and lawyers owe on these loans? How many rich wealthly people have hidden their money off shore and owe taxes? How many big corporations get protection ( from the very same government ) and pay little or nothing in taxes? And it goes on and on………..Speaking of the government…..Who pays for all these parties and lunches and dinners that the fat pigs splurge on? We pay their wages and health benefits…Wasted taxpayers money as they have turned against the citizens of this country….I understand that student loans must be paid back….these loans are given thru banks….if I remember correctly from my daughters student loans…BUT….where is this government when fraud and I say many frauds have been done to millions of people in this country and this government is quilty of participating aiding and abetting in these crimes of fraud… felonies…..worse than Madoff ever was guilty of…and he got 150 years. WAKE UP AMERICA….IT IS TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. To waste taxpayers dollars send 15 swat members to collect on any debt is a joke….why 15? Does it take 15 to arrest someone? Reminds me of road work…one man is working with a shovel and digging and 14 stand and watch him. I figure that is the pattern that follows from the government…one or a few are fighting for the citizens and the rest all watch…those who are corrupt stand back and are silent…..So America..you know who they are. Frig the foreclosures….we have a bigger job to do…who really cares who has sex problems in the government….we care who is corrupt and has turned on America.

  11. Terry says:

    Ever seen Brazil? Pretty much what’s going on now.


  12. J A says:

    …and the worst part about this scenario? It’s not just an evil bank in this story. It is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. So I guess we really are being run by an organized crime syndicate whose enforcement arm is the ever-growing police state.

    • J A….Your guess is correct…….that is why so many have called it racketeering…organized crime….and this just didn’t start….it has been there all along. But many americans have been to naive to the fact….just sitting in their lazyboy chair in front of the TV listening to lies on the News and reading lies in the newspapers….BOTH are controlled by what they can say….this has been for years. It has been in plain sight for all to see what was going on…NOW it finally is hitting those who have ignored it for so many years…..sad but we now have to fight the good fight to get America back where it should be….are you ready?

    • incognito123 says:

      Organized crime is EXACTLY what this and so many other things such as foreclosures, and many other legal cases and such. We ARE fighting organized crime, and they are very powerful and VERY organized – WAY more than any mobster ever arrested!

  13. Sandra says:

    Gosh, I don’t recall finding S.W.A.T. recourse in the fine print of the loan app!

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