Deadbeat Bank | Facing Arrest, Man Cleans Up Home He Says Isn’t His

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This is for the “You don’t pay, you don’t stay crowd.”

He didn’t pay so he left, now they want to put him in jail for not maintaining the home that the bank foreclosed on and locked him out of…


Facing Arrest, Man Cleans Up Home He Says Isn’t His

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — It is 95 degrees in the shade, but 46-year-old Curtis Neeley, with high blood pressure and heart trouble, doesn’t have time to rest.

His old yard had to be cut by the close of business Wednesday or he could have gone to jail. Even now that it’s done, he could still end up behind bars.

“Cutting the grass today is keeping me out of jail,” he said, sweating in the oppressive heat. “But if the house doesn’t get demolished in 14 days, I’m going anyway.”

It’s all part of an apparent snafu with the bank that Curtis and his attorney say took possession of the property during a foreclosure and bankruptcy two years ago.

“I left the house two years ago,” Neeley said. “The mortgage company came in and changed all the locks on the door so I couldn’t get in.”

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8 Responses to “Deadbeat Bank | Facing Arrest, Man Cleans Up Home He Says Isn’t His”
  1. Steve says:

    I’m in a Non-judicial state, so this has to be judicial. Can someone explain exactly why the foreclosed borrower is responsible to maintain. This doesn’t make sense.

  2. So what gives here on this comment and opinion site…..all my comments keep appearing back in the comment box after the comment is posted….has someone else noticed that or had this happen? This has only started since….comments were made…..on a certain subject………..??????????????????

  3. The video shows the banks lock on the door…..Does that not say KEEP OUT>>>WE OWN THIS HO– USE. The frig’en guts these bastards have….is unbelievable….One of these days………and it will happen……..when someone will be pushed to the brink……THIS IS BOUND TO HAPPEN. I am beginning to believe that is what the banksters and government want…..for the shit to start…..This whole massive ponzi scheme over greed and control is a nightmare of monsters with masks on…..disgusting……BofA…giving the trash away..but they say giving houses away……LOL….they don’t want to pay the property taxes and the cost of demolition on the homes ….who do they think they are fooling……the same goes for the bank that is forcing this man to do it or face jail….BUT on this house the bank claims belongs to the guy…I wonder who has paid the 2 years property taxes on it? The bank or him? The guy didn’t work so I don’t believe it was him…and the bank had put the lock on it…so if the bank paid the taxes and the lock is still on the door…why would anyone maintain a house they cannont live in or even get in.. I just don’t get it….what am I missing? If he broke in and maintained it he would be charges with breaking in.

    • Readdocs says:

      The former owner should have let them arrest them, then filed false arrest charges against the city,
      and sued the bank for damages.

  4. Readdocs says:

    Another level of the dishonesty in foreclosures. This has been going on longer than the MERS mess.
    The bank starts a foreclosure, evicting the residents, and then stopping the foreclosure so it cannot
    show on their books as a liability. After years of foreclosed properties standing vacant because they
    are not saleable the county or city starts looking for the owner/s to fine them or charge them with abandonment.
    Many former homeowners have been tracked down so the entity where the property is located can force
    them to pay back taxes, clean up or abolish the abandoned property. With the former home owners still
    showing as the last recorded owner, they can find themselves in court.

    • l vent says:

      In Chicago, the City cannot even find out who holds the notes and who is supposed to maintain the fraudclosed abandoned properties so they are bulldozing the homes. So that means no one is paying the property tax or the maintenance on the abandoned property so everyone in Cook County is paying for that in everything from gas to food to property tax and tax on goods and services. This course is unsustainable.. The greedy corrupt lawyers, judges and politicians continue to line their pockets though..This is a disgrace. They are destroying America. America is turning into a giant ghetto scene because of all of the greed and corruption that is rampant throughout the entire legal and governmental system. Stop the fraudclosures. Give the homes back to the people.

  5. l vent says:

    The U.S. GOVERNMENT nees to put a stop them. The dirty bastards are out of control. If they foreclosed on the man and threw him out then they are saying they own it and they should maintain it. That is just it, they do not own it. They just want the credit default swap insurance and the housing market is soo bad, they dont want to pay for it anymore if they can’t dump it illegally. He should just have someone change the locks and move back in. 99% of fraudclosures are illegal and I doubt this man falls in to that 1% category. A foreign multinational NEW WORLD ORDER tyranny has hijacked America and has corrupted our greedy treasonist politicians. Some of the treasonist polititcians are NEW WORLD ORDER members in disguise. Take Sen. Rockefeller for example. Stand up for your rights America!!! They want a nation of cowards who do not fight back. They are after no less than our National Sovereignty.

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