Fraudclosure | Michigan Attorney General Subpoenas (CRIMINAL) Lender Processing Services, Fidelity National Financial Inc. (FNF) and CT Corporation System in Probe

Michigan Attorney General Subpoenas Three Mortgage Processors in Probe

The Michigan attorney general’s office subpoenaed three mortgage processors including Lender Processing Services as part of a state probe of robo-signing.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said his office served Lender Processing, Fidelity National Financial Inc. (FNF) and CT Corporation System with investigative subpoenas as affiliates of DocX, a mortgage service support provider. The attorney general said he is seeking information about documents signed by DocX employees as “Linda Green.”

The subpoenas are part of a criminal investigation into questionable mortgage documentation filed with Michigan’s Register of Deeds offices, Schuette’s said in a statement today. The subpoenas were approved by the state court in Lansing June 13 and require responses by June 30, Schuette said.

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From the official press release…

Schuette Issues Subpoenas in Criminal Probe of Mortgage Processors

Contact:  John Sellek or Joy Yearout 517-373-8060
Agency: Attorney General

LANSING- Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today announced that he has issued criminal investigative subpoenas against national mortgage servicing support providers in an expansion of his office’s investigation into questionable mortgage documentation filed with Michigan’s Register of Deeds offices during the current foreclosure crisis.

“Allegations of forged mortgage documents are very serious and require a thorough investigation,” said Schuette.  “I will continue to work closely with federal and local authorities to find answers on behalf of Michigan homeowners.”

The Attorney General is empowered to pursue criminal investigative subpoenas under the Code of Criminal Procedure (MCL 767A.2(2)).  Schuette’s office has filed criminal investigative subpoenas against DocX, which provides mortgage support services, including creating, processing or recording mortgage assignments or other mortgage documentation.  In addition to DocX, the following companies affiliated with DocX were served with investigative subpoenas by Schuette’s office:

·         Lender Processing Services, Inc.;

·         Fidelity National Financial, Inc.; and

·         CT Corporation System.

Schuette’s office has requested documents regarding the mortgage processing companies’ operations in relation to foreclosure and/or bankruptcy-related document processing.  The subpoenas were approved by the 54B District Court in Ingham County on Monday, June 13, 2011, and the information must be provided to the Attorney General’s Office on or before June 30, 2011.

In April 2011, Schuette launched an investigation after county officials across the state reported that they suspected Assignment of Mortgage documents filed in their offices may have been forged.  A recent “60 Minutes” news broadcast had shown that the name “Linda Green” was signed to thousands of mortgage-related documents nationwide, but with many different variations in handwriting.  County officials in Michigan reviewed their files and found similar documents, thus raising questions about the authenticity of the documents filed.

Schuette is investigating whether certain mortgage processing companies permitted such robosigning of legal documents filed in connection with Michigan foreclosures.  Apart from the question of whether falsified signatures were used, robosigning may also involve individuals signing affidavits to signify that mortgage documentation was properly prepared without ever conducting a proper review of the documents.  Although Michigan is a non-judicial foreclosure state, Schuette is reviewing whether robosigned documents may have been filed with courts in limited cases.

Schuette urges any current or former employees of mortgage servicers or processing companies with knowledge of unlawful practices related to mortgage servicing or the execution of documents in Michigan to call the Attorney General’s Corporate Oversight Division at (517) 373-1160.

Schuette is also continuing to work with fellow attorneys general in a national workgroup examining mortgage lending practices, including the robosigning issue and consumer protection concerns affecting homeowners nationwide.

Schuette reminds Michigan homeowners that citizens do not need to pay to speak with their lender or servicer or to obtain outside assistance with foreclosure issues.  Free local assistance with foreclosure issues can be found by calling the Michigan State Housing Development Authority at (866) 946-7432.


14 Responses to “Fraudclosure | Michigan Attorney General Subpoenas (CRIMINAL) Lender Processing Services, Fidelity National Financial Inc. (FNF) and CT Corporation System in Probe”
  1. Beth A. says:

    LizinSarasota – Thanks for the robolawyer list and info. Awesome!!

    Trott & Trott filed a foreclosure showing one owner 2 years ago. It sat. No action.
    A year later, they filed another foreclosure – a trustee of a trust as owner…then when challenged on some docs (fraud in co docs, false data, etc)…the foreclosure was cancelled…mortgage co pushed for a modification and when pressed – would only say the “investors” didn’t want to foreclose. Huh? Those investors are suing the co for the crap trusts they were sold…including the trust our loan was supposedly in.

    Trott & Trott never properly published the cancelled foreclosure (was to have occurred in same form as the original foreclosure notice published in papers). All I received was a phone call from the mortgage co. So, ol’ Trott & Trott blew that one too.

    The firm needs to be put down and its attorneys disbarred.

  2. Beth A. says:

    Updated note July 2011: I just have to add some disgust here….We contacted the AG’s office with info on blatant fraud in our mortgage documents and the office couldn’t have cared less. I received a “canned” response that they forwarded my concerns to the feds. That was in February or March of 2011.

    The AG’s office was merely forced to investigate these matters when a county registrar (or two or three) – namely in Ingham County uncovered massive nonpayment of fees associated with assignements not filed.

    I’m fairly certain sure the AG’s office would have otherwise not become involved.

    • lvent says:

      All of you should demand that bitches resignation. She is obstructing justice. They would throw us in jail for that.

    • MIA says:

      I notified the MI AG and you are correct, he don’t care but has tried to make a deal with Lenders Processing Services alone with a few other AG’s to force them to pay $85 billion then promises to block others from suing LPS once they receive there ramsom; leaving nothiing for the homeowner but to sleep under the bridge! Ask the MI AG about all the document submitted by Mary Arnold proving fraud by the attorneys, LPS; and the broker

  3. Bill P. says:

    Oregon Foreclosure Defense Attorneys. John P. Bowles, Esq. & Rick Fernandez, Esq.
    Join Oregon Foreclosure Defense

  4. Readdocs says:

    Excellent. And this is a non judicial state.
    There should be prosecutions of those who forged those thousands of documents and
    for perjury.

  5. Fury says:

    another AG investigating the crooks.

  6. l vent says:

    Shouldn’t all of the State AG’s be doing this together? If the mortgage has been severed from the note, you are under no obligation to give anything to that creditor, least of all your house. .

  7. Don St. Clair says:


    • lizinsarasota says:

      Yes, or, at least a partial list of the LPS’s clients who were such enthusiastic users that they got awards. Go to and read LPS’s newsletter, The Summit. has only 4 issues of the 40-some issues that were published, and these are only from 2006-2007, but they lay out the entire scheme in black and white, very unequivocal. My favorite issue is the September, 2006 issue with an article co-authored by Dory Goebel (“my robosigner”) in which she brags that she and her team of a handful of people, sign, swear, and execute – on average – ONE THOUSAND DOCUMENTS PER DAY.
      The Summit got started in about 2000. It names names of its own employees and attorneys and employees at foreclosure mills. It is a treasure trove of information, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. There were incentive payments (read, kickbacks), golfing junkets, prizes, trips, etc. – it’s all there.
      I hope the Michigan AG’s subpoena includes the ability to get ALL the issues of The Summit.
      There’s even a photo of the infamous Gerald Shapiro, who has his name on more than 25 foreclosure mills from Maine to Washington to Florida. Why he ain’t UNDER the jail is beyond me.
      Here is a state-by-state list of foreclosure mills who got some sort of award/special recognition by LPS in these newsletters. If it’s LPS, it’s FRAUD.
      No state:
      Homecomings Foreclosure (GMAC?)

      Alaska Trustee, LLC
      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros
      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
      Regional Trustee Services

      AL, MS Dumas and McPhail, L.L.C.
      Shapiro & Pickett, LLP
      AL Scott J. Humphrey
      Albertelli Law

      Mickel Law Firm, PA * major award Oct’ 07
      Robert S. Coleman, Jr., P.A.
      Wilson & Associates, PLLC (article Oct. ’07)
      Dyke, Henry, Goldsholl
      Baxter and Schwartz PC

      Malcolm & Cisneros
      Tiffany & Bosco
      Statewide Foreclosure Services
      Folks & O’Connor, PLLC
      AZ/NV/OR/UT/WA Law Offices of Les Zieve

      Old Republic Default Management Services
      Solomon Grindle Silverman & Spinella
      Malcolm & Cisneros
      Curtis Law Group
      Quality Loan Service Corp
      OPTION ONE (I think CA, see 12/07)
      Fremont Investment and Loan Management
      Aztec Foreclosure Corp
      Old Republic Default Management Services

      Aronowitz & Ford, LLP
      Robert J. Hopp & Associates, LLC
      Edwards & Taylor, LLC
      Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and Greenstein
      Janeway Law Firm, PC
      Moss Codilis
      Castle, Meinhold & Stawiarski
      Hellerstine & Shore

      Reiner, Reiner & Bendett (photos 12/07)
      HUNT LIEBERT (now … Jacobson) * photos Oct. ‘06
      CT/DC/MD/VA McCabe, Weisberg and Conway
      Law Office of Martha Croog

      Rosenberg & Associates, LLC
      MD/DC/VA Bierman, Geesing & Ward, LLC
      CT/DC/ McCabe, Weisberg and Conway
      DC/VA Curran & O’Sullivan, PC

      Draper & Goldberg
      Whittington & Aulgur
      Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor

      Jonathan Kilne, PA
      FL/PA Joseph H Ganguzza & Associates
      David J. Stern, PA
      Marshall C. Watson
      Gary I. Gassel, PA
      Law Offices of Daniel C. Consuegra
      Ben Ezra Law Firm
      Phillips, Flynn, Dareneau
      Shapiro & Fishman
      Smith, Hiatt & Diaz
      Albertelli & Halsema (related to Albertelli Law in AL?)
      Enrico Gonzales
      Popkin & Rosaler

      Ellis, Painter, Ratterree & Adams
      McCalla, Raymer, Padrick, Cobb, Nichols & Clark
      Shapiro & Swertfeger (photos Oct. ’06)
      McCurdy & Candler, L.L.C.
      Stites & Harbison
      Richard B. Maner
      Stephen J. Knezo
      Albertelli & Halsema, PL
      Flanagan & Ireland
      Moore & Associates
      Shuping, Morse & Ross
      MORRIS, SCHNEIDER, PRIOR, JOHNSON & FREEDMAN, LLC (wrote article 12/07)

      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros
      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
      Pite, Duncan & Melmet

      Belin, Harris, Lamson & McCormic
      Dunakey & Klatt
      Petosa, Petosa & Boecker

      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros
      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
      McCarthy & Holthus
      Regional Trustee Services
      Alliance Default Services

      Kluever and Platt
      Dutton & Dutton
      Jaros, Tittle & O’Toole
      IL/MI/OH/PA Weltman, Weinberg and Reis
      Codilis & Associates * major award ‘07
      Wirbicki Law Group
      Heavner, Scott, Beyers & Mihlar
      Fisher & Shapiro
      Freedman, Anselmo, Lindberg & Rappe
      “I received yesterday the letter and check regarding the Bankruptcy Incentive Award.
      I am very proud of the work that my staff has done to get to this point. We are
      striving to be in the top 10 nationwide. I fully understand that you do not need to
      give out the incentive awards. I am very appreciated of this and in my way have
      tried to use your incentive to create an incentive for my staff. We are going to use
      the check to create a “lunch” fund to buy bagels, pizza and other foods.”
      – Steven C. Lindberg, FREEDMAN, ANSELMO, LINDBERG & RAPPE October ‘06

      Bleecker Brodey and Andrews
      KY/IN/OH Reisenfeld & Associates
      Nelson & Frankenberger
      Feiwell & Hannoy
      Foutty & Foutty
      Doyle and Friedmeyer

      Kozeny & McCubbin
      Martin, Leigh, Laws & Fritzlen
      Shapiro & Mock
      Shapiro & Reid
      South & Associates
      Gallas & Schultz

      KY/IN Reisenfeld & Associates
      Manley Deas Kochalski, LLC
      Reynolds & Thompson, LLP
      Nielson & Sherry
      Lerner, Sampson & Rothfuss
      Clunk, Paisley and Assoc., PSC
      Mapother & Mapother

      The Boles Law Firm
      Foreclosure Law Firm, LLC
      Shapiro & Mentz
      Dean Morris

      Korde & Associates
      Ablitt & Charlton
      MA/NH/RI Orlans Moran PLLC

      The Fisher Law Group, PLLC
      CT/DC/MD/VA McCabe, Weisberg and Conway
      MD/DC/VA Bierman, Geesing & Ward, LLC
      Friedman & MacFadyen, PA
      Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch
      Shapiro & Burson
      Rosenberg and Associates

      Shapiro & Morley, LLP

      Potestivo & Associates
      Trott & Trott (also listed as MN)
      IL/MI/OH/PA Weltman, Weinberg and Reis
      Orlans Associates
      Fabrizio & Brook
      Peter, Schneiderman & Associates

      Usset & Weingarden, PLLP
      Shapiro, Nordmeyer & Zielke, LLP. (wrote article December ’07)
      Elizabeth Mason, PC
      Murnane Brandt

      Codilis, Stawiarski & Moody
      Martin, Leigh, Laws & Fritzlen
      Kozeny & McCubbin
      Millsap & Singer
      Sandberg, Phoenix and Von Gontart
      South & Associates

      Adams & Edens PA
      Shapiro & Massey
      Dyke, Henry, Goldsholl
      AL, MS Dumas and McPhail, L.L.C.
      Morris and Associates (a/k/a Morris Law Firm)
      Morris, Schneider & Prior, LLC

      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros
      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
      Just Law Office
      Mackoff, Kellogg, Kirby & Klos

      Shapiro & Ingle
      Morris, Schneider & Prior, LLC
      Brock & Scott
      Nodell, Glass & Haskell
      Roberson, Haworth & Reese
      Erwin, Simpson & Stroud

      Kozeny & McCubbin
      Eric H. Linquist

      Harmon Law Offices, PC
      Korde & Associates
      Barron & Stadfeld, PC
      Shechtman Halperin Savage, LLP
      MA/NH/RI Orlans Moran PLLC
      NH/VT Law Offices of Jonathan F. Weidman

      Fein, Such, Kahn & Shepard
      Zucker, Goldberg & Ackerman
      Koury, Tighe, Lapres, Bisulca & Sommers
      McCabe Weisberg
      NJ/PA Stern & Eisenberg, LLP
      Parker McCay

      Little & Dranttel

      Malcolm & Cisneros
      Aztec Foreclosure Corp
      McCarthy & Holthus
      National Default Servicing Corp.
      AZ/NV/OR/UT/WA Law Offices of Les Zieve

      Jonathan D. Pincus
      Shapiro & DiCaro
      McCabe Weisberg
      Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates
      Ziccardi & Rella PC
      Edward A/ Wiener, Esq.
      Eschen, Frenkel & Weisman
      Cohn & Roth
      Steven J. Baum (in big trouble)
      Berkman Henoch Peterson & Peddy, PC

      IL/MI/OH/PA Weltman, Weinberg and Reis
      Shapiro & Felty
      (Cuyahoga County) Manley Deas & Kochalski
      KY/IN/OH Reisenfeld & Associates
      Luper, Neidenthal and Logan
      Law Offices of John D. Clunk Co., LPA
      Keith D. Wiener & Assoc.
      Reimer, Lorber & Arnovitz Co.
      Carlisle McNellie Law Firm
      Gerner & Kearns Co., LPA

      BAER, TIMBERLAKE, COULSON & CATES (photos Oct. ’06)
      Lamun, Mock, Cunnyngham & Davis
      Shapiro & Cejda
      Kivell, Rayment and Francis

      Shapiro & Sutherland, LLC * got major award in Dec. ‘07
      OR/WA Bishop White & Marshal
      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros
      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
      Robinson Tait
      Routh Crabtree Olsen
      AZ/NV/OR/UT/WA Law Offices of Les Zieve

      Shapiro & Kreisman
      FL/PA Joseph H Ganguzza & Associates
      Goldbeck McCafferty & McKeever
      McCabe Weisberg (McCabe, Weisberg, Conway)
      Shaffer & Scerni
      Udren Law Offices
      Zucker, Goldberg, Ackerman
      Martha Von Rosenstiel
      IL/MI/OH/PA Weltman, Weinberg and Reis
      NJ/PA Stern & Eisenberg, LLP
      Law Offices of Barbara A. Fein

      Nicholas Barrett & Assoc.
      MA/NH/RI Orlans Moran PLLC

      Finkel Law Firm, LLC
      Roger, Townsend, and Thomas (is it “Rogers”?)
      Weston Adams Law Firm
      McDonald McKenzie
      SC, TN Brock & Scott, PLLC
      Fleming and Whitt, P.A. (formerly Pearce W. Fleming Law)
      Riley Pope & Laney
      Bolen Law Firm

      Mackoff, Kellogg, Kirby & Klos

      Shapiro & Kirsch* wrote article Oct. ’06, photos Oct. ‘06
      Apperson, Crump, Duzane & Maxwell PLC
      SC, TN Brock & Scott, PLLC
      Richard B. Maner, PC
      Rodgers, Hill and Kolarich (Price, Rodgers, Hill & Kolarich)
      McCurdy & Candler
      Wilson & Associates

      Winstead Sechrest & Minick P.C.
      Hughes Watters Askanase (article 12/07)
      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
      Robertson & Anschutz, P.C.
      Barrett Burke Wilson Castle Daffin & Frappier
      Baxter & Schwartz
      Brice, Vander Linden & Wernick
      Brown & Shapiro
      Codilis & Stawiarski
      Mann & Stevens * wrote article October ‘06
      Kelly Harvey
      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros

      CMS Legal Services
      David B. Boyce
      Scalley, Reading, Bates, Hansen & Rasmussen
      AZ/NV/OR/UT/WA Law Offices of Les Zieve

      Shapiro & Burson
      Friedman and MacFadyen
      Sykes, Bourdon, Ahern & Levy
      Samuel I. White P.C.
      Specialized, Inc. of Virginia
      Rosenberg & Associates, LLC
      Glasser and Glasser, P.L.C.
      MD/DC/VA Bierman, Geesing & Ward, LLC
      CT/DC/ MD/VA McCabe, Weisberg and Conway
      DC/VA Curran & O’Sullivan, PC

      Lobe & Fortin
      NH/VT Law Offices of Jonathan F. Weidman
      Jeffery Kosterich & Associates, PC

      Robinson Tait
      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros
      AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
      OR/WA Bishop White & Marshal
      Meridian Trust Deed Service
      Quality Loan Service Corp.
      Routh Crabtree Olsen
      Shapiro & Sutherland
      AZ/NV/OR/UT/WA Law Offices of Les Zieve

      Vollmar and Huismann, S.C.
      Gray & End (could be Gray & Assoc.)
      Blommer Peterman

      Law Office of D. Kevin Moffatt
      Daniel J. Mancini and Associates

      Castle, Meinhold & Stawiarski

  8. AliceN.Wunderland says:

    The people in Michigan should be proud that they have an informed a.g.

  9. TheHutMaster says:

    Outstanding although, isn’t this one for the Laughing Mouse?

    Lock these asshats up and throw away the key!

    “Fight The Good Fight”

  10. leapfrog says:

    Most excellent news!

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