OCC Extends Deadline for Action Plans Under Foreclosure Practices Consent Order

Deadline Extended for Action Plans under Foreclosure Practices Consent Order

WASHINGTON — The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today announced it had extended the timelines for submission of plans, programs, policies, and procedures and foreclosure review engagement letters required by consent orders issued on April 13 against eight large national bank residential mortgage servicers. At the request of the U.S. Department of Justice and to allow coordination of actions with other agencies at the state and federal level, the OCC extended the deadlines for requirements in Article III through Article IX of the consent orders by 30 days.



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  1. Ali Pavesich says:

    I have been doing alot of homework. I went to my County Recordes office and got my papers. What I found was that BOA no longer owns my loan, the chain was broken and BOA had some sorry made up copy of “The Note”. They even missed a a bank that our loan was trasferred to. I found out that BOA bought our loan for $1.00, yes folks, one dollar. I got scewed by Countywide (who is noe Chase) and screwed by AIG. I have oroof of all. Do I go pro se or hire an Attorneyster? Our chief judge is not happy about this at all. I have an ATT. that will hell pro bono in foreclosure preceedings but thats not going to happen, MERS is the morgager, assignee ect, and I’m under the assuption that Mers has no standing. No wonder its taken almost three years and counting that no one is outraged in our gov”t and now BOA wants to modify our loan, again and are rushing me with time contraints, especially when I sart asking questions, I was cut off and immediately tranferred to MERS!!! Wasn’t too surprised there. Iam soooo angry and I want somebody to pay for ruining the last three years of my life, my health, and my marriage. Who’s got the stones to do something about this, I mean someone besides Att.’s who are willing to put you on a payment plan and fleece you that way. I just don’t knoe what to do next and I am so very tired.

  2. FEDUP says:

    Yes, they are all in it together. Yes, we can unite and defeat them. We have to spread the word; REVOLUTION! Stop paying your taxes, stop paying your mortgage, get a gun and six months of rations, and lets revolt. We can make a “citizen’s arrest” of Bernanke, Greenspan, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Clintons, Kissinger, Geitner, Jamie Dimon and all the rest of the Bilderberg asswipes and charge them with HIGH TREASON. Shouldn’t be hard to convict them. Then let them be sentenced to life without parole. We know who they are and where they can be found. Peaceable protests? They don’t have a problem murdering anyone. How far do you think peaceful protests are goint to get? We have righteousness on our side. We need to have might on our side, too. We have to snake out all the crooked politicians and put our guy in. Revoke, impeach, disbar and remove all the crooks based on their voting records and political history. If they are bad seed from the bad tree, burn them. Ask everyone you know to donate to Ron Paul’s campaign, even if they can only spare a dollar, and then vote for him. We can establish a site to report our votes on, and then we’ll know who was really elected, instead of taking the lies put out by our “government” as whole truth. We can’t trust them and they’ve proven it. It’s time to take over, by witholding our financial support. We have no freedoms. We have no agents. We are legislated to death and threatened with unreasonable and/or deadly force. The only thing we do have is NUMBERS. We outnumber them. They should be afraid, very afraid. We fought economic oppression before and won, and we, the resourceful American people can do it again. There are no “buts.” Declare war against these murderous, lying bastards by cutting off their supply of tax dollars.

  3. So DISALUSIONED AND ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS RE ELECTION! Go figure, turn your keys in, walk away you will not win

  4. Kathleen says:

    Will they require that this money go to homeowner loans and finally trickle down to the rest of us? It seems neither the servicing banks nor Fannie and Freddiie want to be in the home loan business anymore.

  5. COME ON OCC! Stop insulting our intelligence! WE ARE NOT MORONS.

  6. Barry Hart says:

    This is another example of absolutely outrageous, continuing conduct (misconduct–due to their collective lack of action on the part of the federal agencies [OCC, FHFA-OIG etc] and their top officials as well as the states’-AGs) by way of omission of officials who now have the power to enforce existing criminal and other laws, statutes and regulations now in force, that have been, currently are being and likely will continue to be violated at will by Wall Street, Servicers, and Banks.
    These folks have managed to pull off a scam on the American people that makes Bernard Madoff;s Ponzi swindle (and that was truly outrageous) look like an episode of shoplifting. To date–they are getting away with it.
    At level of compensation these “people” are enjoying, a fine of a 60 or more million,a hundred million or even the 20 billion collectively, under the pending discussions with state AGs is not even a slap on the wrist in comparison with what they have done to this country.
    If the enforcement action starts getting into jail/prison time for this conduct, THAT will, I assure you get this nonsense turned around–and quickly–without that–the parties are simply running up taxpayer funded attorneys fees, lobbyists are funding their pension plans, bonuses will continue to be paid from TARP funds (their was supposed to be some pretty serious experienced (really it was conflicts of interest) and IQ power representing the taxpayers in the last part of the Bush Administration and into that of the Obama administration. But they apparently “forgot” to put any limits on those funds’ purpose.That will remain the status quo—until a federal or state judge when presented with a plea agreement for a fine only, stands up and says NO–we are going to trial or the defendant will serve X years in prison and pay a fine of Y dollars.

    • kisnyuszi says:

      Until We the People unite and stand as one this crap will just keep going on. Unfortunately we are a divided society and we will never unite and fight for our rights until we are all homeless and broke. We can strike, not buy anything, not turn on the power, take our money out of the bank, not pay one single mortgage note just for a week- we might not have the power but we sure have the numbers to make a difference. If everyone for one week did not do anything but strike across the USA they will take notice. Otherwise we just sit home ignorant about the tremendous disaster that is about to fall on us. We are in the normalcy stage where we might have seen Greece go broke and the people rioting in the streets – but not us, we are too busy watching The Biggest Looser and dingbats like Kim Kardashian sporting a 20 carrot diamond and saying the word “like” 35 times in 20 minutes as she strokes her hair on the tonight show. Since when are government officials making millions and the rest of us are starving? They are supposed to work for US – start putting the Banksters in jail, start public hangings, cease their assets – we have swat teams collecting defaulted student loans yet wall street is robbing US blind?
      If the Banks can rob the Taxpayers can we rob the Bank? That’s right, the government, our elected officials find it normal to rob a hard working American and steal their pension and 401k but it’s not ok to walk in the bank and take it back-
      It’s not like they actually really have more then 10% of the money in the bank and they lend on credit – OOPS wait is the Bank creating their own money by pretend lending? Thomas Jefferson and our forefathers are rolling in their graves right now…

  7. Wayne says:

    Isn’t this enough to piss off everyone. The Fed’s and the Banks are in it together. I Hope the only reason they are delaying all of this, is to allow the banks to aquire more money before the Hammer falls. In the end this is going to cost the banks more money they they have at the moment.

  8. leapfrog says:

    The OCC is a worthless pro-bankster agency that should be dismantled. OCC is for the banks, of the banks and by the banks; yet the taxpayer gets to foot the bill to keep this agency in business – how’s that for a kick in the teeth? The bankster bought-and-paid-for lackey running it (John Walsh) should be tarred & feathered and run out on a rail, although I’d settle for jail time along with his cell-mate fellow banksters.

  9. lies all of it says:

    they will keep extending in because they will never be answered

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