Another Tea-Party “Deadbeat” Senate Candidate Jon Scott Ashjian Claims He is being Illegally Foreclosed On

Isn’t it amazing how perception changes when the shoe is on the other foot…

Former Tea Party of Nevada candidate sues over efforts to foreclose on home

Defeated Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Jon Scott Ashjian is suing two lenders and a law firm, charging they’ve been wrongfully trying to foreclose on his Las Vegas home.

Ashjian, a Tea Party of Nevada candidate, picked up 1 percent of the vote in November’s election in which Sen. Harry Reid was re-elected.

An attorney for Ashjian and his wife Bonnie Ashjian filed suit this month against Bank of Nevada and Dovenmuehle Mortgage in Clark County District Court in hopes of blocking a foreclosure planned for their home on June 13.

That home, with an assessed value of about $204,000, is in northwest Las Vegas near Craig Road and Durango Drive.

Records indicate that after a foreclosure notice was filed against the property during the campaign, in October, the Ashjians were attempting to modify the mortgage or have it modified through mediation. They were also attempting to sell the home through a short sale, the suit says.

The suit claims the Ashjians were first told the foreclosure would be placed on hold indefinitely, but then on June 10 they were told the property would be sold on June 13.

Even after filing suit on June 10, filing a “lis pendens” that day with the Clark County Recorder cautioning anyone buying the property that it was the subject of a dispute, and notifying the lenders of the lawsuit, the property was sold at auction anyway, an amended lawsuit says.

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8 Responses to “Another Tea-Party “Deadbeat” Senate Candidate Jon Scott Ashjian Claims He is being Illegally Foreclosed On”
  1. Donald Robak says:

    I notice a lot of discussion about pretender lenders, but did not see any mention of pretender politicians. Scott Ashjian was a fraud in the recent election, pretending to be a Tea Party of Nevada candidate for senate. The Tea Party of Nevada was merely a creation in his own mind with the purpose of diluting any conservative vote. He had absolutely nothing to do with the foreclosureTea Party movement and just stole the name.

  2. l vent says:

    My pretender lender told me something interesting last year when I was honestly trying to get a loan mod because my husband and I felt it was our moral obligation to pay the mortgage though we lost our retail business because of the engineered financial crisis and had an enormous loss of income.. The pretender lender rep. told me not to send any payments until the loan mod package came in the mail. I said I will not be put into foreclosure for that will I? and she said something quite telling that I think EVERY AMERICAN who is struggling to fulfill their so called moral obligation of paying a mortgage (that they do not owe) should know.. She told me _YOU ARE ALWAYS IN FORECLOSURE._ Pretty shitty huh? This is what I mean when I say the full hidden agenda in this entire manufactured financial crisis is being hidden from the masses and it is deceptive, strategic and sneaky.. It is criminal, illegal and unconstitutional what these foreigners are trying to do to all of us. I firmly believe that the U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER wants America to become a nation of renters and never own anything. NOT THE LAND OR THE HO– USE. They only want us to own the massive debt that they create to enslave the people. We The People have been greatly deceived about many things like the FACT our homes are PAID FOR FREE AND CLEAR because of the bankster PONZI SCHEME. They used all of us as collateral and made hundreds of trillions off of that fraud and deception. Fight for your homes America because WE THE PEOPLE may never, EVER be able to own a home again in this country if we do not fight this foreign tyranny NOW. This is our country, not theirs. THESE FOREIGN OWNED AND OPERATED MULTINATIONALS DISGUISED A S AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS, ARE NOT AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS. THEY ARE WHO HATE OUR FREEDOM AND, OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION, OUR U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS, and OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY. They want a ONE WORLD FASCIST DICTATORSHIP TYRANNY. IT IS NOW OUR MORAL OBLIGATION AS AMERICAN CITIZENS TO BRING DEATH TO THAT FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL TYRANNY!!! Max Keiser said IF THEY BROKE THE SOCIAL CONTRACT, THAN THE PEOPLE MUST REVOLT……..That is exactly what they did. They do not care about you or yours. The U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER is all about no less than total and complete WORLD DOMINATION. Spread the word.

  3. Jason Werner says:

    Something like 99.99% of foreclosures are absolutely illegal and criminal, so chances are pretty good that the candidate’s claim is correct. I’ve personally reviewed more than 100 foreclosure files and have still not found an honest document in any of the bank’s paperwork.

    And oh, I ran for Congress multiple times in the past, and actually worked with my opponent’s office to communicate with the regulator for one of my foreclosure lawsuits

  4. Charise says:

    You would think that being foreclosed on illegally would move our elected officials to action, but not always.
    A very prominent attorney for the city of Detroit had her home foreclosed on in 2008 and whatever was done about it was-still is being kept quiet.
    Also a high ranking city council member was being foreclosed on and he got his home taken care of right away, but did nothing much for residents unless they approached him personally.
    I supposed it has to get really nasty and out in the open for anything to be done.
    And don’t even ask about the mayor, he lives in a city paid for mansion and could care less about what happens to residents. He’s too focused on shutting down parts of the city he feels (he paid for a drive by survey to count vacancies)are under occupied.
    Doing something for the city in not on his agenda.
    Taking over the city as his private kingdom under the domain of an republican emperor is a priority, though. Nothing like playing to a captive audience to make a man feel powerful.
    Somebody please deliver us!
    And our prayers are answered.
    Housing has become so cheap from so many foreclosures that there are now international real estate companies pushing hard to sell our houses overseas!
    At least they fix up the places, rent in better neighborhoods and promote by saying some wonderful things about Detroit, the new mecca for property investors.

    • leapfrog says:

      Just like that Carl Seel, Tea Party darling of Arizona, who “co-wink-identally” received a modification on his home in exchange for dropping a consumer-friendly fraudclosure bill. I hope that POS is being investigated. I hope his constituents have not just forgotten about this outrageous and obscene act of bribery of an elected official.

    • eif says:

      Thank you, your cautions seem to me very sensible. I do think a plus here toward helping us little folks is if it is his actual live in and personalized home sanctuary – and better yet his sole (0nly) and principal residence. That he has nowhere else to go though seems doubtful (!)

      Some of the other publicized stories sound like the properties could be themselves investments or otherwise not home where the heart and hearth are.

      I guess the wealthy can survive short sales etc. But not us little folks if that is what we are thought to be.

    • nbpundit says:

      Current mayor of Detroit is David Bing, former professional basketball player. He moved to Detroit
      to open his own manufacturing business. He is also a democrat.

      • Charise says:

        You forgot to add that he’s the third biggest disappointment in Detroit history.
        Things have got to get better, 3 strikes with bad mayors and I say let city council run the city from now on, get rid the mayor completely. At least they do function as their jobs require.
        I don’t know why we have a council and a mayor anyway, counterproductive.
        Don’t get me wrong, things around here have improved immensely, but it’s always a fight to get the mayor’s attention to things that need to be done for the people and not just the businesses of Detroit.
        He can’t see that saving the homes in trouble will keep the property taxes coming in, restoring the foreclosed homes would bring in more tax money and all the fees, fines and other money that has to be paid to buy a house in the city.
        Too bad the mayor’s mansion is already paid for, like to see how he’d react to a foreclosure notice!

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