HA! A Must Read | Tucson Mayoral Candidate Claims Dozens of Foreclosed Homes, Changing Locks, Kicking Out Real-Estate Agents and Posting “Do Not Trespass” Signs

“Lenders are gangsters, and they can’t prove they own these homes. So they have no right to foreclose”


This one earns the mouse…

Tucson Mayoral Candidate on Odd Spree of House Claiming

Some excerpts from the report…

A Tucson mayoral candidate from a fringe political party has seized dozens of foreclosed homes in metro Phoenix, changing the locks, kicking out real-estate agents and posting “Do Not Trespass” signs.

Marshall Home, who claims many foreclosures are illegal, has filed documents in the past two weeks with the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office showing he has supposedly taken ownership of at least 21 homes belonging to government-owned mortgage giant Fannie Mae. But none of the documents shows any money has changed hands, and Fannie Mae says it has not sold the houses.

Why would he do such a thing?

“Lenders are gangsters, and they can’t prove they own these homes. So they have no right to foreclose,” said the 80-year-old self-professed billionaire from his real-estate and political office in Tucson on Tuesday. “I plan to continue to take homes from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I would buy them, but those groups can’t produce the notes showing they are the rightful owners to sell or foreclose on them.”

I think I like this guys style…

Actually, he isn’t doing anything different than Fannie’s and Freddie’s Foreclosure Mills do…

“He knows how to file a real-estate document that looks legitimate,” Ruff said, “even if it may not be.”

So how does hew do it?

Last week, Phoenix HomeSmart real-estate agents Brett Barry and Roland Cleveland got a call from their brokerage telling them Independent Rights Political Party Trust had sent a letter saying it “acquired all rights” to the house at 6032 E. Skinner Drive in Cave Creek. The agents were hired by Fannie Mae to maintain and market the property and had heard nothing about a sale of the home.

The notice told the real-estate agents they had 72 hours to remove their signs and lockboxes, so they rushed to the house wondering what was happening and why hadn’t they been informed. But they were too late. Home’s group had taken their lockboxes, installed new locks and posted signs saying the house was under video surveillance and any trespassers would be “dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.”

A special-warranty deed, stamped by the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office, also was posted on the window of the home. The deed said the Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae, had conveyed the property to the Independent Rights Party. It was signed by Home and his notary, but there were no signatures from Fannie Mae on it.

Ah, so he is assigning the properties to himself. Just like the servicers do…

So, what did the Realtors think?

“We called the people who hired us and work with Fannie Mae, and they didn’t know anything about a sale,” he said. “It appeared right away the document was fraudulent.”

It’s crazy,” he said. “How does someone just declare they own a home without paying for it or obtaining a clear title?

So how does he get away wit it you ask?

All types of documents can be filed with the Recorder’s Office as long as they are notarized. Not all documents are scrutinized before the county agency accepts them because that’s not its job.

More seizures

Home said his group also has claimed control over foreclosure houses in Tucson and other parts of the country, including Florida and Las Vegas.

Home said he took control of a 145-unit condominium project for a man in Florida.

So what does Marshall Home have to say about all this?

“We’ve seized hundreds of homes from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,” Home said. “Those groups have no legal right to them.”

“I haven’t been contacted by either entity nor has either one done anything to stop me,” Home said. “I look forward to a call from one of them so I can explain why I am legally in the right to take over taxpayer-owned homes.”

You can check out the article in its entirety here…


And the dude is 80 years old!

Mr. Home is my new favorite Linda Green…



33 Responses to “HA! A Must Read | Tucson Mayoral Candidate Claims Dozens of Foreclosed Homes, Changing Locks, Kicking Out Real-Estate Agents and Posting “Do Not Trespass” Signs”
  1. Here is the expensive conclusion of foolishness by Mr. Marshall Home at this link for the final judgment Order of September 2011 many months ago concerning this old story!


  2. iflyjetzzz says:

    Time for you to do some homework on Home Marshall. He is a dirtbag and complete phony.
    I found this article: http://tucsoncitizen.com/community/2011/03/18/billionaire-marshall-home-running-for-tucson-mayor/
    Note the addresses listed as his residence: 2772 W St Tropaz. Small home, valued at $92K. Was in Home Marshall’s name before being converted to a trust.
    But here’s the smoking gun; the other home address he listed: 3051 W Mexico. Medium home, valued at $150K. Was in Home Marshall’s name before converting it to a trust. Fannie Mae foreclosed on the house recently.
    I checked everything through the Pima County Assessor.

    It looks to me like this clown had a ‘fortune’ in heavily mortgaged homes that are now being foreclosed on. His response is to ‘take these homes back’. I’ll bet a dollar that you’ll find the exact same pattern in every house that he’s ‘taken back’.

  3. Tim Bryant says:

    I think he used Fannie and Fredie’s own practices against them. I love it. This will be beautiful to watch in court. I really like where they claim the transfers are not legal because Fannie and Freddie did not sign. I dare them to make that statement in court !!! Imagine the chaos it will cause in courts nationwide. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    Would this also claim that MERS docs are invalid because the principle never signed the docs? This will be very interesting to watch.

    I love this guy….he has big brass ones !!!!

    • This is exactally what needed to be done….I say keep going just as the banks did…and the government hid behind the doors….let them stay behind the doors….this guy has some smarts…no doubt…. and I would say a good legal team…..He fears none so we shall see….I gave him credit before and I still give the credit….. we have gone nowhere with this foreclosure crap…..the time is ripe for alot of shit to hit the fan…coming in all directions…if it ain’t working …spread out beyond just the blogs….make it happen……the banks and the government feel the Americans are COWARDS just as the NAZI’S thought of the Jews….ask Chase, Goldman Sachs, BofA anf the rest of the asshole fraud scums…..ask the Federal Reserve and look up Greenspan in the senior care home…..they are experts on that part of history. So I feel Mr. Holmes is doing what he feels is right….IF THEY CANNOT PROVE THEY OWN THE NOTES THAN THEY DO NOT OWN THE HO– USES…..YES..I WOULD SAY MR. HOLMES KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING…..FEAR NONE…………………………………….

  4. Joe Loomer says:

    Truth truly is stranger than fiction!

  5. A_MacLaren says:

    Sorry, Mr. Home’s fraud, is no better than the other frauds.

    Fraudulently claiming property, property to which you have no standing or right to claim against, is no different than what the banksters are doing.

    Fraud is fraud. Wake up people.

    • EXACTLY. That is the point. So who gets the property so I can “wake up?”

      • A_MacLaren says:

        In my opinion, I’m not a lawyer and I do not know Arizona property law, my best guess, if title cannot be cleared legally, would be a reversion to Maricopa County.

    • Readdocs says:

      Sometimes 99.9% possession is the law.
      I wonder what the squatters law is in Arizona.

    • l vent says:

      Whose homes were these? Were they fraudclosures? He should do the right thing then and give the stolen homes back to the people who were fraudclosed on. That would then make him a sort of folk hero like a modern day Robin Hood. I hope he did not do this for his own profit because this could cause a chaotic trend that could cause the rightful homeowners to lose their home and property rights and there would be no justice in that. . This was bound to happen because the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is not doing their job and PUTTING A NATIONWIDE MORATORIUM ON FRAUDCLOSURES. IT IS BEGINING TO LOOK LIKE AN ANARCHY AND IT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN WHEN THE PEOPLE RIGHTS ARE BEING FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET. THIS COULD GET REALLY UGLY. America could end up looking like the Wild West.

      • I vent…..These are foreclosed homes…..Fannie Mae…..I take it…..Mr. Homes said they cannot prove they own the homes…Apparentally he is doing the same thing the mills…Fannie Mae are doing….He claims he would buy them but no one can produce the notes..If legal…(we are not lawyers.)…. this sure would make dust on many roads and streets….I wonder..(.if legal.)…if a homeowner can do the same and assign the house back to themselves?…especially the ones where the courts ignored the fact of lost or no proof of note….ones who fought in court with original fraud and still lost. Oh yeah…this could get/ be very ugly…..but than again……out of all bad comes some good……….just have to wait and see. I would not depend on Obama, CONgress or anyone even touching this one issue or anything else…..ARE THEY EVEN WORKING ANYMORE?

      • l vent says:

        I just hope these people can get back their homes. If this guy is a billionaire what does he need these homes for? I get he did what Fannie and all of the other crooks do with the bogus assigments but for whose benefit did he do this? That is what I want to know. I won’t hold my breath for the Obama Adm. but does he really think he is going to get elected again?. Fat chance. Things are getting worse and worse and he continues to lie to and ignore the American people. I am completely convinced now that Obama hates this country and the American people. All he cares about are the foreigners who bought him his presidency.

    • Tim Bryant says:

      This fraud is interesting legally. He is doing it as a 1st amendment statement, but it is an illegal practice. He is doing it to show that Fannie and Freddie no more own those homes than he does. A legal paradox indeed. Fannie and Freddie cannot get the homes back without proof of ownership AND that it was not received through fraud. The judge is going to need some serious Pepto-Bismal.

      Here is another twist. In some states a “bystander” can act to protect the property of others. Fannie and Freddie are in receivership, so there can be violations of the Takings Clause (Emminent Domain), and violations of the 14th amendment. Where I think he is going is along these lines. Since Fannie and Freddie are GSEs in receivership by bailouts, the US Government is the ultimate owner of the mortgages, not the GSEs. Since TARP was a contract, specifically using the verbage “taxpayer”, he will state a claim under TARP, as a taxpayer. This would put the legality of the TARP contracts into question.

    • SO WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST? We know fraud is fraud…you do not know if this is considered fraud on Mr. Homes ‘ activity ‘……It appears he has just as much right as the fraudster financial industry does…..If you read the article and understood…he filed the papers…and he claimed the houses…same as the bank did…NOW if the banks cannot prove with the original notes that they own the homes…they have no standing. Now common sense must tell you he does have a legal team….plus he is smart, no doubt….and we don’t know what any of the laws used to do this. But if the financial industry can use fraud and get away with it…..does not make them better…but now they have someone calling them ON the carpet..NOT sweeping them under the carpet……that part is not fraud….it’s proof of standing.

  6. AliceN.Wunderland says:

    I just went to the Maricopa County recording site and tried to pull copies of the deeds. The reply was that the “site was down for maintenance”…lol. All the other docs I pulled showed right up….go figure. They must be in a real hurry to get this fixed….go Mr. Home!

  7. FAITH says:

    This made my day!
    Folks here need to share stories like this with everyone they know.
    We MUST fight back.
    We have power in numbers. Educate everyone you can about websites like this. Invest in yourself and this cause.
    Have t-shirts made that say GOT MERS? and 4closure fraud. Wear them everywhere. Get the conversation going.

  8. Pamela says:

    Great post it seems like you can use a page out of thier book{gangsters banksters} and do the same thing as they do and get away with it .I love it and the fact this dude is 80 years young and showed the audacity to pull this off.Wow I’m absolutely taken with this idea so taken that I did this also and so far have not recieved any flack about it from anyone.Love the mouse.ROFLMAO!!!!

  9. Ok, you gotta love this guy and all his nerve! Way to go Homes!
    Now what this shows is that we can beat the banks at their own game following their ways!
    Besides, what they want us to do by going “thru proper channels and procedures” is to get us to sign to another MORTGAGE OR REUP WITH THE SAME BAD ONE WE HAD IN THE FIRST PLACE!
    If we got burned the first time why do the same thing again?
    If you got a bad deal on the first go round of mortgage signing, why are folks lined up begging for another chance to be burned and cheated with another MODIFIED MORTGAGE!?
    Have you heard about those that managed to get a mod and ended up worse off than before?
    I’m with Homes, find you a place and take it back, if you’re still in your house, sue that bastards in court, fight to the death, be like that lady who has fought the bank for 25 years to save her house.
    You don’t pay a note, take the money and pay the lawyer to file paperwork for you. All he has to do is file the paperwork properly, he’ll be happy for the money. Let him swamp them with an avalanch of legal papers that have to be processed by the banks attorneys!

  10. Francine Cole says:

    Real estate agents are gangsters too, and always have been! (Look at dual agency — a conflict of interest.)They are vultures always ready to swoop down on the prey for their own personal benefit — a big, fat fee of thousands! In fact, they have their relatives and friends buy homes that they price below value!

  11. LOL…..OH YEAH….I GIVE THIS GUY CREDIT….HE HAS THE MONEY AND TIME AND KNOWLEDGE….WHY NOT GO FOR IT……I hope it confuses Fannie Mar and all the rest of the banksters….prove you own the houses….hey…squaters rights….beats a tent. This just may get them all running like rats screaming ‘ How can he do this to us….just because we don’t have proof of owning the houses…can’t he just take our word that we own all the houses? He is messing our blueprint plans all up..now what do we do ….THE SKY IS FALLING….RUN..HIDE…’ LOVE THE MO– USE….HE LAUGHS SO HARDY WHEN SHIT FALLS THEIR WAY….

    • leapfrog says:

      New Mandelman article on how pretender-lender dirty-dealer Fannie Mae has found a way to skirt Hawaii’s new foreclosure laws:

      “If Fannie Mae thinks somehow they’re going to get a better deal going through the courts and that they won’t have to present the same documentation demonstrating their legal ability to foreclose, I believe they will be sadly mistaken,” Baker wrote Civil Beat via email. “I expect the courts to look with great scrutiny on any foreclosure matter that comes before them, especially now.


  12. BILL MUSSER says:

    Everybody – now’s your chance to occupy vacant property and see what happens next! It might just work. How can you be evicted by the Sheriff, etc. if no one knows who owns the property??!

  13. avonics88 says:

    Love it! Gotta do whatcha gotta do……and I suspect more and more people will be doing the same thing. Looks like that may be the only way….??

  14. DanJS says:

    “Mr. Marshall Home” IS a Robin Hood indeed!

    To challenge his “ownership” the “government agencies” must not only prove he is not the “real owner,” they must also prove they ARE the “real owner.” Mr. Home will “lose this battle” but will very elegantly “win the war.”

    ???? “Marshall Home”… This name IS the real measure and substance of this “joke”!… After all, the legal definition of the word “marshalling” is to “take control of assets.” ???


    —- Legal rule that directs the claims of creditors of an insolvent debtor to achieve a fair distribution of debtor’s assets among them. For example (between two creditors), if one has recourse to one source of funds and the other has recourse to two such sources, the funds will be marshaled by the court so that the claims of both creditors are satisfied in the most equitable manner. —-

    When niether “Mr. Home” …nor (Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac) are able to prove their “ownership” of the real estate, the “real owner” will emerge…. the original owner who had fee simple title before a fraudlent loan closing engineered by “smarty-pants financial elites” who have ended up pulling the wool over their own eyes.

    After all… in the beginning, less than 13 years ago, the “engineers of this Ponzie scheme” only needed a “box of special tools.”

    Their first “dodge” was to obtain a “fool’s signature” (the trusting scribbling of a manipulated, misinformed homeowner) on a “security instrument” naming an identifiable asset worth tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars; then they needed to obtain an inflated appraisal proferred by a paid confederate; quickly find a willing “pretender lender” as a “partner;” then create some “manufactured fraudulent documents; pay some “surrogate signers” functioning like robots a mere $10/hour; engage a few fake “notarians”; utilize a few well-paid “ratings services;” assemble some oily-haired Wall Streersto “fine-tune the caper;” and prospect for some gullible, trusting, institutional investors to whom massive amounts of money were entrusted by “beneficiaries of publlic and private retirement funds” who believed their hard-earned wages would be wisely invested for their eventual retirement by these “trusted fiduciaries.”

    Thow in a mixture of politicians on the take and “academicians” who issued “scholarly opinions” churned out in the “ivory towers of higher learning” paid for by “those in the know; and stir in some swarmy foreclosure mill “attorneys” and “well-juiced judges.”

    All that’s left is to hope and pray the recording clerks in local land registries do no alert the local sheriff’s of the mega-millions of recording fees in every county in America that were not remitted to local public treasuries. Much needed revenues that were instead were “avoided” and circumvented by a internicine electronic database named MERS….itself created by a cartel of large banks, the National Morgage Association, a behomoth title company or two and the very quasi-public agencies (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) who were supposed to “create orderly markets” for funding the “American Dream.”

    Now create the “Chicken Littles” at the Federal Reserve, the OCC, and the SEC to shout the “sky is falling!” Dundering dunces called “representatives of the people” will then authorize trillions of dollars of worthless paper currency to be disbursed to the “banksters” via TARP programs, non-effective “Stimulus Programs,” “Quantitative Easing,” etc…. and send the bill to be paid by us (the taxpayers,) our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

    There were once “overseers” of the “public trust” such as Congress, the state legislatures, State Attorneys General, and local District Attorneys, but their concerted inactions and “compassion towards financial criminals” have been given a “free pass” by those we once regarded as the “greatest protector of a free people… a free and effective press (the “fourth estate.”) What once were pround and indepentant investigative reporters and principle editors have been “assimulated” into the “bastions of power” they once were dedicated to pulling down with the “power of the pen” and righteous, indignant, objective, non-partisan, journalistic investigation. Such was once America.

    Enter other parties… and now, comes “Mr. Marshall Home” who is employing the same tactics as the Fraudclosure “experts.”

    …. After all, to “end up with contol of the property,” “Mr. Home” and Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae must “prove” the original owner’s loan was both “in default” and not “paid off” in the process…. doing this will require admitting that theirs was a “false forclosure” due to lack of standing. And that, they cannot do,

    The end result of this legal fracas is that the “real owner of record” may end up with a “lein free” home compliments of “Mr. Marshal (Robin Hood) Home”! Thank God there is no Sherriff of Nottingham in the midst of this nefarious scheme.

    No, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus, …. but there is a Robin Hood!

  15. talktotennessee says:

    Similar incident in Memphis. Never heard if the guy who quit claimed the houses to himself was stopped, prosecuted or what.. The powers that be locally said it was a “technical glitch” where they could not proceed against him. I guess thats what the guy in Tucson meant when he said, no one owned them so anyone oculd declare themselves an owner without a chain of title proof of who owns and has the right to prosecute.
    That is funny, I don’t care who you are!

  16. leapfrog says:

    I love Marshall Home. Bless his heart.

  17. Readdocs says:

    Bank of America is moving some of its mortgages/loans from Bank of America Home Loan Servicing LLC
    to Bank of America NA. They announced last fall they would be dividing the bank into two sections, the bad loan bank and the good loan bank. As to what is being moved, that question is still waiting to be answered.

  18. Wouldn’t it be great to have him in California, where the loans have changed from Countrywide/Bank of America/Bank of America Home Servicing LP while all the time owned by Recontrust and then Federal Housing/and then refusing any assitence to homeowners/ at auction changes hands and then folks it is owned by Fannie Mae………….who then hires Real world agent to lock out homeowners/ or whoever might be able, and then after taking the home away continues to harass homeowner to pay the second and difference???pays to have big government on your side where anything goes.

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