HUD “Cover-Up” Causes Panic On Marina del Rey $125 Million Loan Guarantee

HUD Cover-Up

An 8 mintue video presentation describes how HUD attorneys in Los Angeles pushed the panic button on June 9th when they hastily Emailed a “Cease and Desist” letter to Marina activists who obtained a copy of an application submitted by the Del Rey Shores luxury apartment developers for a $125 million loan guarantee from the U. S. taxpayers. Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) HUD released a copy of the Del Rey Shores application loan guarantee they approved recently saying the developers who submitted the application are now claiming their submission was “private”. In their panic HUD demanded that all the documents be immediately returned to HUD withing three days, along with the names and addresses of anyone who received copies and that they should destroy the documents. Appearing in the video are Daniel Henry Gottlieb, Ph.D. a marina homeowner who has been leading the fight to stop the controversial development in the densely populated Marina del Rey neighborhood and the former Attorney for the homeowners Richard I. Fine, a former U. S . Prosecutor who says that the application is a public document and HUD wants to cover up the application so no one will know what is or is not on the application that incumbers U.S. taxpayers on the controversial development.

To view the cease and desist letter along with other documents and copies of the HUD application head over to the Full Disclosure Network here…


2 Responses to “HUD “Cover-Up” Causes Panic On Marina del Rey $125 Million Loan Guarantee”
  1. AJ should bring criminal charges against hud officials and demand the removal of the people responsible.

    United We Stand. When the people are afraid of their government it is tryanny! We the government is afraid of its people. It’s Liberty!

    Join together and fight the corruption and tryanny!

  2. l vent says:

    I believe HUD turns a blind eye to fraud because all of the entities involved in the loan process are making alot of money including HUD. The more loans they can make, the more collateral and fake working capital they have for speculation and fraudulent investments such as this one. I have evidence of builder fraud and Title co. charges that are highly questionable on my HUD settlement statements. They regulate themselves, they are all corrupt and useless. They should reap what they have sown. None of them ever thought they would get caught. I have yet to see any proof that HUD ever looked at any Settlement Statements because if they did the fraud would have been right in their faces, IT WAS UNDENIABLE.. Now it could be true that the lender sent false statement to HUD, this I have no way of knowing and robosigned docs but either way the crimes are massive. NO ONE did their jobs properly and the reason is massive corruption. If ANYONE did their jobs properly we would not be here in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Not an honest person anywhere in this that is the bottom line. It is the domino effect, they knew if one went down, they would all go down.

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