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The Zaharis received disturbing news just months after buying their Murrieta home. The home may have been stolen from its previous owner.

“I made it a point to do things right financially my entire life …,” he said. “I did everything right and I got rewarded with a stolen house.”

You can check out the site with their story with local video coverage here…



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  1. And the FRAUD… continues……

  2. Bobbi Swann says:

    If any of the posters here went to the website for this couple you would see that they have, indeed, filed a claim with the title insurance company (First American). They really did screw up when they did not pick up the additional mortgage with BofA and probably because assignments were not filed, filed fraudulently or some other fraud. The title insurance company is dragging their feet with the claim. This is just one good reason to stay away from short sales…..bad, bad, bad!

  3. Thanks for sharing our story. We have attachd 4closurefraud.org to our website.


    Thanks from the Zahari Family.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      @ Zahari family – you should be able to get First American to handle the quiet title suit for you – get rid of BofA (both mortgages). I doubt BofA could prove a legal chain of title now and trying to back track will only put them right in the face of fraud. Make sure BofA followed all the rules including all guidelines under ECOA (Reg B); RESPA (REg X) and Truth in Lending (TIL) (Reg Z). You are still within the time limits to file any type of violation under those rules. If you have an attorney, good, if not you are going to have to fight this ProSe, but “fight” is the key. The publicity will be good for support but you need to have a legal standing to kick their asses!

  4. Jason Werner says:

    The originator of the loan and title company are the ones who screwed them more than anybody right behind the government of course. But there are stolen properties all over the place, thanks to the ponzi scheme run by foreclosure mills and servicers who are defrauding the government-sponsored entities and of course endorsed by the regulators and law enforcement: They call it foreclosure.

  5. citizenaware says:

    of course this will happen..today..tomorrow..next week and so on, no one owns anything…no one

    • marilyn lane says:

      Extended title search increase the cost of conveyancing,
      so title searchers many times ignore the law and take the risk,

      In addition I think a person might know there is something wrong, but because they really like the property they think as long as they pay someone, even if it isn’t the true owner, the purchaser thinks it will work out.

  6. marilyn lane says:

    why wasn’t an exact title search done before they put one penny down?

    • see says:

      Marilyn, I totally agree with you. Why in the world with all the info out there about illegal foreclosures, you would think that a prospective buyer would do his own research on the home former buyer reason for leaving home or selling, title search, lien search, etc. before an offer. When these people were buying, there was enough info out there to be cautious enough to check. Sounds like they were focused on foreclosed homes. The problem I see is we let others do our work for us when buying a home when we should be doing our own research as well. Sure people get caught up in the cheap foreclosures because they can now get a home, but at what cost? I do feel for these people as victims, but they did not do everything right. They have a big part in this mess as well. The problem started when they bought a foreclosed home without research. If he actually did research, he did not mention it. PEOLE STAY AWAY FROM FORECLOSED HOMES….. Save yourself some grief.

    • Readdocs says:

      The title company probably did the title search through MERS, which does not give a complete
      history of any property in this country.
      It’s better to hire a good real estate/mortgage lawyer and have him do the paper work guaranteeing
      title than a title company.
      They will not honor the contract they signed guranteeing a clear title to any property.

  7. Diana Cessna says:

    How is what Karen Tappert did here very different than what the servicers are doing to homeowners? A case to case analysis would be very interesting.

    IMHO, this fraud is a direct result of what the bank’s have done to our property rights. Because the bank’s have created a system where they can steal property with fake documents and slight of hand transfers, anyone can follow their model.

  8. Readdocs says:

    It’s just like buying a stolen car, the buyer loses the car and the money. And ends up having to pay off the
    loan with out any end satisfaction. It pays to be buyer beware.
    Trust no one, and trust nothing in writing until it has been checked, rechecked, and then verified. And even
    then there’s a chance you’ll end up staring fraud in the face.

    Let one lesson this expensive be a lesson of a lifetime in not allowing it to happen again.

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