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False Statements

Bank of America

Bank of New York Mellon





Action Date: June 27, 2011

Location: Simi Valley, CA

Who are Bank of America’s newest robo-signers? For several years, BOA turned to its subsidiary, BAC Home Loans Servicing, in Collin County, Texas, whenever mortgage assignments were needed in foreclosures. This office, formerly Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, produced hundreds of thousands of assignments, including most all of the assignments to Countrywide CWABS and CWALT trusts. In recent months, however, BOA has turned to its office in Ventura County, California, as the Collin County, TX, signers have become too well known. These assignments are made primarily for CWALT and CWABS trusts that closed in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

These assignments claim to assign both the mortgages and the notes to the trusts.

On each of these assignments, MERS is stated to be the HOLDER of the mortgage.

Who are the newest signers – who use MERS titles to assign mortgages TO BAC while actually working FOR BAC – signing as if they were MERS officers for dozens of different companies? The names appearing most often include:

Ricki Aguilar

Malik Basurto

Youda Crain

Diana DeAvila

Edward Gallegos

Christopher Herrara

Bud Kamyabi

Tina LeRaybaud

Jane Martorana

Martha Munoz

Srbui Muradyan

Debbie Nieblas

Yomari Quintanilla

Luis Roldan

Miguel Romero

Cynthia Santos

Swarupa Slee

These individuals, in 2011, have signed as MERS officers for the following mortgage companies and banks, including many that no longer existed in 2011:

Aegis Wholesale Corporation

American Brokers Conduit

America’s Wholesale Lender

Amnet Mortgage

Ampro Mortgage

Countrywide Bank, FSB

Decision One Mortgage Company

First Choice Funding, Inc.

First Interstate Financial Corp.

First National Bank of Arizona

Market Street Mortgage Corp.

M/I Financial Corp.

Millenia Funding Corporation


One Mortgage Company, LLC

Pinnacle Direct Funding Corp.

Pulte Mortgage

Quicken Loans

Universal American Mortgage Company

Service Mortgage Underwriters, Inc.

Wilmington Finance, Inc.

CoreLogic in Chapin, South Carolina, is the keeper of these documents.

Bank of New York Mellon is the trustee for most of the CWABS and CWALT trusts that use these BAC documents.



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  1. i2dontgetit says:

    No they cant..Assignment should have been recorded typically within 90 days of closing…I would fight it!

  2. Lauren says:

    Does anyone have a Lashonna Linzsey as Assistant vice principal?

  3. i2dontgetit says:

    So My loan closed in May 2007 and the assignment was recorded August 2011. The assignment should have been filed no later than 90 after the closing of the loan. Violation of NY Trust Law…Anyone else have a CWALT Trust from 2007-16CB?

  4. marybeth massett says:

    how can I prove that Martha Munoz is an employee of BofA Recontrust and not a Vice President of MERS as she claims on my Deed of Trust Assignment.

    • There’s a good chance that “Martha Munoz” is not even an employee of BOA. My Assignment of Mortgage has her name also. But you don’t have to prove that she’s a BOA employee. She’s listed as a VP of MERS, but MERS has already admitted on the record that they have NO EMPLOYEES, therefore, MM cannot be a VP of MERS. You have a fraudulent document just as I do. Your lender does not have legal standing to service (read: collect the monthly payment) or initiate foreclosure proceedings. I am currently also waiting for a response from the law firm that BOA used to begin my foreclosure. I have accused them of collusion, racketeering and aiding BOA in the fraudulent servicing and foreclosure of my loan.

    • Liz says:

      Shelly… Can you or others please give me some advice on how to locate our assignment. We think our note is bogus along with all the others. B of A is our servicer, NYB Mellon trustee… Going to have a CWALT 2005-57CB cert. the only thing B of A will give us is our mtg history & payoff. Our rate is going up with an additional $500-600 we will have to pay. B of A won’t refi, knowing we can afford the new note. Any suggestions? We are not in a hardship, no missed or late payments… Non GSE loan

  5. Katharin Newkirk says:

    I can not believe what I just discovered. I took out a second mortgage to pay off countrywide and Bank of New York Mellon is trying to foreclose on me. Just recently I received a corrective assignment of mortgage. Both assignment of Mortgage is sign by robo signers. What I saw from David Sterns office, where they posted on the internet of the same person signing is exactly the papers I have. I have spent over 5000. on 2 different attorneys to no avail. And I just discovered this myself. What do I do. please someone honest help me, give me the proper direction. I just discovered this last night as I was filling out papers for bankruptcy. I am a single women. My only son is in college. I am so tired of being taking advantage of I could scream. Kathy

  6. DC says:

    Yes indeed I am sitting here looking at that exact thing,a mers assignment of deed 7 years after the cut-off date prepared by diana de avila in simi valley so it says then says when recorded mail to 1 CoreLOGIC DRIVE,WESTLAKE TEXAS. This is a Mers,as nominee for Americas Wholesale Lender/Bank of New York Mellon as trustee for the holders of CWALT INC ALTERNATIVE LOAN TRUST BLAHBLAHBLAH.Ventura Ca,Trisha Jackson assistant secretary of Mers blatant horse shit by b of a and that ugly dwarf angelo mozello.

  7. Bev sheffer says:

    CECILIA RODRIGUEZ SIGNATURE AND INFO send to barry_sheffer@hotmail.com

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