Jackbooted Thugs? | Field Asset Services, Countrywide (BofA) Trash Out Retiree’s Home That Was Not in Foreclosure

“Pictures of his deceased wife were among the items taken. He lost everything, including his furniture and an antique wagon wheel. The incident upset him enough that he moved in with a friend.”


Tampa retiree says he lost belongings in foreclosure blunder

TAMPA — After going out of town, an 82-year-old man returned home to find his house emptied out. Even the trash was gone.

He found a padlocked door and a sign for a company that cleans out properties in foreclosure.

But Benito Santiago Sr.’s home wasn’t in foreclosure, public records show.

In a lawsuit filed this month in Hillsborough Circuit Court, Santiago claims that Field Asset Services Inc., took his property and changed his locks in the fall of 2009. He sued the company, along with Countrywide Home Loans, for damages.

A Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy estimated in an Oct. 5, 2009, report that the Santiago’s possessions were worth $29,100.

In an interview, Santiago, a retired antiques dealer, guessed they were worth $100,000.

“At least,” he said.

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16 Responses to “Jackbooted Thugs? | Field Asset Services, Countrywide (BofA) Trash Out Retiree’s Home That Was Not in Foreclosure”
  1. ANNE says:

    I agree with Marilyn – at the speed things are changing – we are in freefall now. Change is needed ASAP. We cannot afford to sit by and wait until …….

  2. Believe me the people being foreclosed on are huge numbers. Huge enough to make a difference at the voting table. There are even more people with cut incomes and businesses that are feeling the corruption. These evil doers will not be in office the next time around.

  3. This all boils down to our elected officials. To be safe throw out all incumbunts unless they have proven to be for the victims, without doubt and do not beat around the bush to helps the American victims. If they do not make a stand to promote justice they need to go. We live in a corrupt country, there is no doubt about it. The Constitution needs to be protected and the lawmakers need to be held accountable to the U.

    S. Constitution. The police and swat teams will not do such illegal acts without their bosses ok. It is their bosses! Their mayors, senators, legistlatures, govenors, attorney generals and our president.

    • Shelly…First you must understand where and how this all started….as the story goes back many years…that is many many years till now. google…’ the BLACK POPE ‘ and continue searching….The Vatican (ROME)….Hitler and Prescot BUSH and the Pope….the EVILS HIDDEN… Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan/Chase…and big corporations from America….ALL EVIL. AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. Fear is planted in the governments…just as JFK was murdered…and his Son JFK, JR…and others.

      All of those you mention in your comment have never had to face what we the people are faced with..they have all earned large paychecks and benefits with life pensions…regardless if they did a good job or not…plus what bribes they got from the eveil bastards. They must do as they are told or will meet the same as JFK…so this boils down to what is behind the scene that corrupts our elected officials….they are the preps and puppets of the NWO….Obama is the spokesperson in his world travels……All can be found on the internet and many books have the information….it is not hidden from the people…….

  4. see says:

    But wait!!! They don’t foreclose on homes or break into homes on people who don’t deserve it. You all heard the powers that be go before congress and stated they make no mistakes. So there are no mistakes there. They intend to take homes because we don’t deserve our homes even if they are paid for. May they all burn in hell.

  5. TheHutMaster says:

    It is simple, scum breaks in MY HOME, SCUM WILL meet the business end of my wepons, You Will!

    “Fight The Good Fight”

  6. No different in Auburn WA. You try to protect your home you may meet the swat team. We are in a police state nomater where you are. There have been rumors here for over thirty years that the police keep unregistered guns to set someone up they need to. “RUMORS” HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

    • lvent says:

      This poor man was not even in foreclosure. This is obscene. Elliot Spitzer should put this story on his show. The sheeple need their bell rung. Maybe they will see the NEW WORLD ORDER wants the whole country in fraudclosure. They don’t want the people to own anything but the debt they create out of thin air and they want a nation of renters. DEBT SLAVES. They hate our freedom and want to own AMERICA. That was the purpose of the engineered financial crisis, WORLD DOMINATION BY THE RULING ELITE, THE NEW WORLD ORDER.. The IMF owned FANNIE MAE rang America up with UNCLE SAMS credit card and thought they had AMERICA by the cahones. They are out to bankrupt America just like what is happening to Greece. The NEW WORLD ORDER has hijacked America. TIME TO TURN THE TABLES. STOP PAYING THE MORTGAGE AND ALL OF THE UNSECURED DEBT AMERICA. UNSECURED DEBT IS ALL A GIANT PONZI SCHEME, A SHAM AND A FRAUD. YOU ARE MORE THAN A CREDIT SCORE, A NUMBER. STOP USING THE FDIC INSURED BANKS. CUT UP THOSE RFID CHIP DEBIT CARDS AND CREDIT CARDS.. YOU DON’T NEED THEM. GO BUY A PREPAID GIFT CARD. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS. STOP RELYING ON THEM. CONSUME LESS. WE THE PEOPLE NEED A NATIONWIDE TAX REVOLT!! THESE FOREIGNERS WANT TO MAKE A LAUGHING STOCK OUT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, , OUR U.S.CONSTITUTION AND OUR U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS AND ALL OF THE LAWS PUT IN PLACE TO PROTECT US FROM SUCH A TYRANNY. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO MAKE A STAND, INDIVISIBLE AGAINST THIS FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL NEW WORLD ORDER FASCIST TYRANNY!!!.

      • I vent….. What has happened to this man is an absolute disgusting crime….and yes it is a crime….they busted into his house and destroyed his personal belongings..his treasures…his home. For this to have happened and it has happened many times before to others… and it continues with orders from whoever…there is no reason that the police cannot arrest those responsible for this crime. The sign on the window said who did it…that ‘ company ‘ has orders on paper from whoever requested them to do it…..if they don’t have the proof of who gave the orders..than that companies owner need to be arrested as the same as a breakin and robbery. I have a feeling these crooks also keep all that they find of value….this is just another racket…plain and simple. These low class scums that are hired to do these crimes….if they can’t learn to double check the correct address as his mailbox stated….than prison is the only way to handle this matter. Another issue is…with the police, deputies, swat teams…whoever…the respect is fading among the people. Has it come to the point not to trust law enforcement? This has made it very unsafe for all in law enforcement and I have family in law enforcement and it burns my a$$ to think that they are forced to do what is not normal….aid the orders of the criminal banksters….the secret society. That is a crime to aid a criminal action. More people are carrying guns and I can’t blame them…but ….with the anger being so rampant….bullets will fly. So at this point NO ONE IS SAFE. Isn’t that rather disgusting???? All for greed and conntrol….STAND UP AMERICA…WE MUST PUSH EVIL INTO THE FIRES OF HELL….WE MUST MARCH IN WASHINGTON. DC AND ALL STATE CAPITOLS…PITCH TENTS, DEMAND THE GOVERNMENTS TO FACE THE PEOPLE….JFK, MLK, AND A WHOLE LOT OF OTHERS ARE UP THERE TELLING US WHAT TO DO….LISTEN AND GO FORTH…OTHERWISE WE HAVE FAILED.

  7. Litgant says:

    Tampa has its police thugs also. Anyone who comes to that town beware they are gun ready to shoot. If that home owner had been home it is likely he would have been shot and killed because surely he would have protested. In Tampa as well as other places in Florida there is no real policy for police to follow when it comes to action involving foreclosure. The homeower is treated like a criminal. And when the police come they have guns cocked and ready. In the instant case thank God he was not home. His life was spared. But his goods? Who took them where? Who had authority to dispose of the stuff? Did the police help themselves to any of it? What did the company do with the stuff when it was taken from the home? Who decided what was to become of it? Was there a court order? What did it say? See, these are cases where Florida judges are brain dead. When they issue an order of foreclosure they should include in the order a requirement of what to do with any goods removed. And give the home owner a chance to recover possessions. In any case, let him sue and let him win. Let his attorney get a big pay check. Make them pay a lot of money for every day he does not have possession and make them pay the $100,000 for his stolen goods. Why have the police not arrested those for taking his stuff if he was not in foreclosure? Why has no judge ordered someone arrested? Help us God!

    • This was also breaking and entry Jail !

    • This breaking-in and entry is being done to homes that have not gone thru the courts to be heard….the homes may be in foreclosure but are still owned by the homeowner. The banks have no right till the final judgement …. with X amount of days to get out. Until than the banks are overstepping their bounds. On top of this whole fraud deal with the banks and the courts….the banks did not own the homes/loans/Notes.. They are a nobody but a strawman for a fee at closing…the creditor/lender was kept silent so fraud could be hidden. So if the courts ignore this fraud and give the homes to the criminal banks..the courts are corrupt….especially when proof is given to the court that the bank is not the owner of the note. With the banks overlooking all laws of the land, which they ignore as junk laws, and getting away with all the frauds….they order destruction done to the people knowing their fraud air money has bought them the right to do as they please…That is why they break-in homes whereever..whenever they feel like it….because they paid for this…a bribe to commit crimes….so if homes are being broke into in your area…your police/sheriff are corrupt….as they are aiding the criminal. They stand and watch as these crimes are being done..no arrests, no jail, no reports and no court is needed since the police/sheriff does not report the crime…they can’t…they are aiding in the crime……As for this case of wrong address…( and there is no address in that county appraisers records at 4255 and that was where the scums were to go to.)..it seems this racket company would check the county records BEFORE hiring the scums to break-in….to see if there was a house, condo or building at that address…..is that to hard to comprehend..to grasp mentally? If address is not found online..a phone call to appraisers office would have told them the condo — USED that address at one time….this would have saved this poor man alot of grief…intense emotional suffering….and another thing I don’t approve of is a deputy putting a price on what he lost…A deputy is not an appraiser by all means…if he was he certainly would not be a deputy…..unless the gun on his hip reminds him of the Wild West.

  8. housemanrob says:

    I ‘d like to see them break in here at my home….I HAVE 2 100LB DOGS AND A 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN LOADED WITH BIRD SHOT. NO DEATHS…..JUST PAIN!

    • It would be your death. They would set you up with an unregistered gun. It woould be another death by foreclosure. We need to spread the word and do everything possible to expose the bad guys and girls as bad guys and girls and vote their criminal booties out of office. And lean the laws. These law breakers have a lot of steamed American citizens ready to make a change. The worse the economy the more steamed citizens. It is bad, and the politicans are being watched. They will not be in office next time around. .

      • Shelly….This country cannot wait to vote…something must be done now. Do you think voting is going to help? Do you think the voting is not rigged? One must understand that even voting for the president does not count…it has been rigged for many years…the ‘ winner ‘ is put there by the secret society….by the members who have attacked America from behind the ‘ curtain ‘. The same members who have controlled our government for years. Remember…they wear masks and are here in America….the silence from CONgress and Obama with no help to the citizens fighting the foreign multinational banksters, Wall Street, Fannie and Freddie are all members…plus members in our government. Google…Obama, Bush, Bush Sr., Clinton…and on back. All spoke of the NWO…we just didn’t hear it….Hillary Clinton now wants to run the World Bank…she too is for the NWO..and the list goes on. So I and millions of others know this system of government we now and have had in past years must go out the window…it is corrupt….no 2 parties…..And the NWO said this will be the last president for this country…so all this goes further than voting and alot deeper. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT FOR AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL…FOR OUR FREEDOM….FOR OUR CHILDREN…EVIL MUST BURN IN THEIR OWN FIRES.

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