George Mantor | Robo-Signers, a Tangled Web Indeed

George Mantor | Robo-Signers, a Tangled Web Indeed

I was about seven years old when I heard my mother repeat this Sir Walter Scott phrase to my sister, “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

I’ve always thought it was more practical advice than moral lesson. Men who speak their minds tend to have few false friends and too many enemies but they don’t have to work to keep their stories straight. So, when they do say something, people know they mean it.

Where I come from, it’s so sparsely populated that there isn’t anyone to scam. Loggers, miners, and farmers come right to the point, and it makes some people uncomfortable.

Southern California is beautiful, and most of the people are terrific, but what I was not prepared for is the sort of tacit acceptance of bullshit…like an art form. I’ve been here more than thirty years and I still overhear things that make me involuntarily roll my eyes.

Not that long ago I had a conversation with a woman who asked me, “Do you know what your problem is?”

Here we go. I know the answer to that would take longer than a trip to the DMV, but just as I was about to concede one or two obvious shortcomings, she told me. “You are too direct!”

Ouch! Wow! I had no idea. Thanks for sharing. I’ll try to get better. I didn’t know that you could be too direct. You are either direct or indirect.

It got me wondering if it was a problem I wanted to fix. How would I go about it such a transformation? Is there a twelve step program for that where I can master the skills of less directedness? Do I need to set goals? Should I start out slowly with a few little white lies or should I jump right in and get a job at Goldman Sachs?

Because when it comes to tangled webs, Goldman Sachs is the epitome of deceit. They have admitted and substantial evidence exists that the Goldman plan was to deceive everybody and keep right on doing it until the courts stop them. Which the courts seem strangely disinclined to do despite mountains of evidence piling up at every imaginable agency.

So here I sit with the smoking gun, right in my lap.

Today, I have before me the remnants of GSAMP Trust 2006-HE3 and what has to be the clumsiest attempt ever to transfer the asset of another into a trust years after the cutoff date.

Trust me; you’re going to love this story. For in their rush to steal another home, Wall Street has inadvertently called attention to the massive repledging of the collateral and the tax evasion at the center of the securitization fraud.

This little bit of foreclosure fraud is an absolute classic and we just have to thank our friends at Bank of America for a perfect example.

Hold everything, Ladies and Gentleman…We Have a Winner; this has to be the steamiest pile of doo-doo, yet.

For the few people left out there who do not believe that many of the foreclosures are fraud, and Darrell Issa you know who you are, I have before me six documents that could lead no reasonable person to any other conclusion than this: Bank of America, hiding behind a bogus Goldman Sachs Pooling and Servicing agreement aided and abetted by MERS, Litton Loan Servicing, Lender Processing Services, and Quality Loan Service, have manufactured documents, to try to steal the beneficial interest of an unknown creditor believed to be Washington based lender MILA, the originator, currently insolvent and in Bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Trustee is suing MILA for fraud.

A Defective Notice of Default

A document purporting to be A Notice of Default was prepared by LSI Title Company dated July 7, 2009 and signed by Merrilyn L. Aguas as Agent for Beneficiary. LSI Title is a division of Lender Processing Services recently under heavy fire for forging loan documents to accommodate illegal foreclosures.

But every indication is that the document was printed at foreclosure mill, Quality Loan Servicing in San Diego. I’m looking into that.

The Notice of Default was recorded on July 9th, 2009 by Elena Davis representing LSI Title Company (CA). But only against one of the borrowers, a husband and wife. Absent from the notice of default was the name of the husband.

This may have been an error, but the result is that the notice of default is defective. One of the very few requirements of a non-judicial foreclosure concerns the filing of the NOD.

Improper Substitution of Trustee

Coincidentally, also on July 7, 2009 in faraway Harris County Texas, a document purporting to be a Substitution of Trustee was prepared.

This is signed by Marti Noriega, who according to his or her LinkedIn page is AVP of Foreclosures at Litton Loan Servicing.

On this document she is representing herself as an Assistant Vice President of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.

She identifies LANDAMERICA/SOUTHLAND as the original Trustee, and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., as Nominee For MILA, as the Original Beneficiary.

Based on this representation, Quality Loan Service Corporation, a law office and well known foreclosure mill becomes the new Trustee under the original Trust Deed.

See how easy that was?

A trustee is supposed to protect the interests of the trustor as well. How a law firm working for the bank trying to steal the home can be the trustee is beyond me.

Notary Stamp Fraud

If that isn’t bad enough, we have notary fraud on the document.

This document purports to have been notarized by a Melissa Bell on 07/14/09, in Harris, Texas. A week after it was signed in San Diego. No big deal you say? Fair enough.

The notary signed the name M Bell, but her stamp clearly shows Melissa Bell. The law in Texas is that the notary must sign exactly as the name appearing on the stamp. Still too picky? They were busy? Okay.

The stamp has a commission expiration date of March 28, 2011. Multiple inquires to the Texas Secretary of State produced no evidence of a Melissa Bell whose commission expires on that date and if anyone knows where she is, we have some questions we’d like to ask her.

There is a Melissa Bell who works or did work for Bank of America. You don’t suppose…?

But wait, there’s more. This document, provided to the borrower, is not the same document recorded on file at the San Diego County Recorder’s Office.

The recorded document, not recorded until August 21, 2009 has been altered. Lined out are the words, “who proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence and hand printed “personally known to me”.

The unnotarized document without the interlineation obviously was the original? What effect does this change have? Why was the borrower or borrower’s attorney never provided a copy of the new and improved version?

In recording this document, there is no reference to the borrower so it does not show up in the County Recorders main public portal, the Grantor/Grantee Index, making it virtually invisible to the property owner.

Altered Affidavit of Mailing

An Affidavit of Mailing for Substitution of Trustee By Code was executed by Cynthia Tran representing that she is an employee of Quality Loan Service Corp., an agent for beneficiary whose business address is: 2141 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101.

Herein she swears that she mailed a copy of the substitution on or before 7/16/2009. The copy she mailed to the borrower predated the altered copy in regard to the notarization.

There are two different versions of this as well; the recorded copy was signed by Ms. Tran, if she even exists. The signature line above the name Cynthia Tran is blank on the copy sent to the borrower. In addition, “/s/”, is on the signature line but absent from the recorded copy.

The Substitution wasn’t recorded until August 21, 2009. Why was the borrower mailed a different copy six weeks before it was recorded?

Fabricated Assignment of Deed of Trust

Frankly, I consider this the absolute masterpiece. Also dated 7/7/2009 1:50 PM is an Assignment of Deed of Trust signed again by Marti Noriega, who this time purports to be:

“Assistant Vice President of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., As Nominee For MILA, Inc., DBA Mortgage Lending Associates, Inc. A Washington Corporation.”

(And you think your job title is too long.) (Oh, and the DBA, well, it’s DOA. The original lender and beneficiary under the deed of trust was Mortgage Investment Lending Associates who ceased operation in 2007 and is in bankruptcy as mentioned above.)

Herein, Noriega names, “Bank of America, National Association as successor by Merger to LaSalle Bank National Association, as trustee under the Pooling and Servicing Agreement dated as of May 1, 2006, GSAMP Trust 2006-HE3.”

Of the Documents created in Harris Texas on July 7/7/2009 this is the only one that is time stamped.

Though purportedly created on 7/72009, it wasn’t notarized until November 20, 2009.

Further, this Assignment was not recorded until December 2, 2009 nearly a month after the posted sale date. Had the homeowner not filed a lawsuit, the property would have already have been sold before the assignment was recorded. Now that’s a slandered title.

The borrower was never provided a copy of this document and absent from the recording was any mention of the borrower’s name. As a result this document was not listed in the San Diego County Recorders Grantor/Grantee Index making it virtually invisible to the public and the borrower.

I simply cannot wait to hear the depositions of the people who cooked this up. They want us to believe that a document supposedly created on July 7, 2009 along with two others wasn’t notarized until more than two weeks after the sale date.

They also, and this really is my favorite part, want us to believe that an employee of Litton can transfer an asset from a lender in bankruptcy to a pool of loans that is closed and, by its own rules, cannot accept assets in default and cannot accept any but a performing replacement loan after mid-2006. It stopped reporting to the SEC in 2008, so it must be an empty shell into which they try to launder the theft of the property and disguise the broken chain of title.

So guess what I did? Yup, I picked up the phone and called the Trustee handling the MILA bankruptcy.

Keep in mind that he had been in control of the company for more than two years, winding down MILAs assets and liabilities. He will provide an affidavit to the effect that it did not happen.

Another complete fabrication.  According to him, MILA originated loans to sell them and did not retain notes or trust deeds.

I can’t wait to have Marti Noriega explain this.

What this blizzard of phony documents reveals is the biggest crime in history.

The Pooling and Servicing Agreements are a complete fiction. The loans that are referenced are just that, a reference to something seemingly tangible and yet diluted to worthlessness.

The Pooling and Servicing Agreement, by its very language, requires that all loan documents go to the trust properly assigned and endorsed upon closing and no later than 180 days in rare circumstances which do not apply here.

That means the Mortgage or Trust Deed and the Note should have been with the custodian of the trust documents long before August of 2009.

But wait. The loan, or at least the pledge of the loan, already shows up in the GSAMP Trust 2006-HE3. Out of more than 10,500 loans this is referenced as number 4,067.

That means that MILA did not comply with the terms and did something else with the note and deed of trust. Now an employee of a division of Goldman Sachs, Litton, is trying to use the opportunity to seize a property to which they have no legal right.

The Assignment of the Trust Deed was assigned to the trust three years after closing. So why wasn’t it assigned at origination?

Where oh where might it have been for three years? Is it referenced in multiple pools and legally assigned to none?  Was it used to double or triple fund the loan? And where oh where do you suppose the promissory note might have gone to?

More importantly, this activity causes the trust to lose its status as a REMIC with preferred tax provisions. These cases would be a slam dunk for the IRS. But the IRS, just like every other agency responsible for this economic Katrina, has much smaller fish to fry. Doesn’t anyone, anywhere, in a position of authority, have any balls?

Also, at the exact same time the loan was being originated by MILA, MILA also registered a pool of mortgage backed securities with the SEC. But there is scant information and it appears that it may never have been completed. Why? Would its existence allow MILA to re-pledge the obligation?

MILA owner Wayne Sapp, like Taylor Bean and Whitaker CEO Lee Farkas was, in all likelihood, pledging the loans to multiple pools, submitting the same loan to multiple warehouse lines of credit and keeping the proceeds from those repledgings and destroying the original notes and trust deeds.

According to the MILA bankruptcy trustee, MILA was insolvent as far back as 2004 and covered their position through fraud. Selling the loans to multiple pools and destroying the original Note and Trust Deed would be an easy way to do that because the aggregators of the loan pools knew it was all designed to implode and provide plausible deniability when it did. Knowing the pools were destined to fail, Wall Street bought Credit Default Swaps.

Litton Loan may claim they have the note and trust deed but if they did, why would they produce all of the forged documents to try to justify the foreclosure? And if you knew the documents had been destroyed, why not just launder the theft and the title through a confusing, possibly nonexistent Goldman Sachs Trust on its way to Bank of America and get a kickback?

In a Florida lawsuit Bank of America says the following in one of their pleadings, “Indeed, it appears as though many loans and other mortgage assets have been double-and even triple-pledged to various constituencies.”

Or maybe more, way more. If you do it twice, you might as well do it over and over.

Defective Notice of Sale

On October 13, 2009, Quality Loan Service issued a Notice of Trustee Sale Scheduled for November 4, 2009. This document was recorded on October 16, 2009, six weeks prior to the recording of the Assignment of the Deed of Trust.

Here again the borrower’s copy is unsigned.

In this case, it isn’t just the borrower whose home they are trying to steal, they are also trying to steal an asset from the true beneficiary who may actually possess the note and the Deed of Trust. These aren’t scrivener’s errors or the result of overworked employees. This is RICO.

This is a conspiracy against a presently unknown entity because we know from the documents recorded by the servicer, Litton; that it isn’t that entity.

The evidence in this case, as submitted by the foreclosing attorneys, shows that the loan was originated by MILA and that MILA although a bankrupt entity is the beneficiary under the Deed of Trust and the only party with standing to foreclose.

The MILA bankruptcy Trustee who has been overseeing the company since 2007 denies that Marti Noriega had any authority regarding MILA.

What does it all prove? It proves that Lee Farkas of TBW was right when he said, “I could rob a bank with a pencil.”

And you can steal people’s homes the same way. But beware the web you weave; Bank of America, you sure got some ‘splaining to do. Let the “disco” and the “depos” begin, this is gonna’ be some fun.

George W. Mantor

The Real Estate Professor

Founder, American Foreclosure Resistance Movement

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”  —  Mahatma Gandhi


Posted in full with authors permission

13 Responses to “George Mantor | Robo-Signers, a Tangled Web Indeed”
  1. Dara L. Michaels says:

    What is best way to gather the chain of title since the Banks only create documents on an as needed (before or after) basis.

    Do I request a written qualified so far each time I do this route, they send me carbon copies of my loan documents, but not the deed and my loan documents are obviously with either:

    Bear Stearns- Aurora

    CWHL Servicing

    and non of them state any of the pools which they were sold into – so I am not sure where you get the ‘REAL” Chain of title information. Thanks so much. This has been ongoing for 3-4 years now.

    Been a nightmare to say the least…All loans given in 05-06 (prime time of the ” ponzi scheme”)

    My loans were given by Countrywide – during the exact time Angelo Mozilo now admits (due an uncovered correspondence) stating he’s not sure how to handle the fall out of this creation — stated same week his company approved me for 8 million dollars…and took all my 23 years of $$$ which I blindly put into the home/s.

    I need to know more about gaining the chain of title.

    Thanks again for anyone’s feedback on this.

  2. George Forfa says:

    Yes, this activity is the deepest pile of manure since I heard one of the CNBC talking heads say that he was thinking about teaching his children the Grifting Arts. After all, if they’re going to get good jobs in the financial industry, they should be proficient in the Bait-And-Switch and the Shell Game. We would like to find some humor in these displays of the dark side of human nature, but there isn’t any. To help people sort it out, I wrote “The Four Money Questions”.

  3. Prosecute the fraud says:

    Excellent article, very well written. Thank you, hopefully this helps more people understand what is going on.

    Let the PROSECUTIONS begin of all the banksters, lawyers and judges who committed and perpetuated this fraud. (raises pitchfork!!!!)

  4. Well done, question, when would anybody go to jail for all this massive fraud? never? ever? is this the new norm in America? rob a penl go to jail rob a house and trillions is ok no jail ?

    • Ravs Singh says:

      You are so right. I always quiz that in America if you steal say 100 $ from a shop, and your are caught, you go to jail , and on the other side when you steal some one’s home as part of mortgage and securitization fraud, you are benefitted of millions and there is no jail for you….that is why we have 6 million foreclosures and 9 million more are on the way….In bankruptcy courts, the attorneys make you write your properties as Surrender Property, when the property is not even owned by such creditors….

  5. Beth A. says:

    Sir, this was an amazingly well written article. Thank you, thank you!!

  6. Ron Moss says:

    What I thought was a legitament law firm can’t trust their own ability, No Contingency fee available

  7. Bekki Watkins says:

    Gosh, I just love this… I love it when an individual actually “gets it” on this level. Oh and not to mention, can spell it out so dearly.

  8. myles says:

    Professor Mantor et al–while you’re checking out Quality Loan Service in San Diego, could you check out their employees Christine Bitanga and the LSI signer in that office, “Marco Marquez”…I thank you.


    • r b houseng says:

      I also have documents signed by Christine Bitanga. She signed two documents and the signatures do not match. I would love to shave docs/signatures with you. Please email me (

  9. Debbie says:

    Wow…this is almost a replica of my situation and the players mentioned above, Goldman Sachs and Litton Loan. The only difference is the name of the lender who filed bankruptcy in June 2008 and is no longer in existence. Now that Ocwen is purchasing whatever it is that Goldman Sachs has to sell, let’s see what happens. Ocwen of course is known to produce fraudulent documents. One of which I have in my possession as they tried it on me…

    • Hell No, No More Bail-OUTS says:

      Gee, I have Litton, Quality, Marti Noriega and even Melissa Bell.

      Now regarding that Melissa Bell notary stamp: She relinquished her commission early in March of the year that she otherwise would have renewed it (or else it was a ‘deal’ to avoid prosecution).

      She was shown to have signed in multiple ‘hands’ with the following variations of the name on the stamp: Melissa Bell (the only valid version)

      M Bell

      Mel Bell

      Bell (the version on my document)

      When I first contacted TX, the commission was active but they took note of the varying signatures and were not pleased.

      Now strangely, with TX, when a commission is given up early, they modify the ‘end of commission’ field. Unfortunately, they do not train their own staff to avoid this pitfall when people request confirmation of he notary not existing. If you were to go back and contact them again and point out that the commission was apparently ended ‘early’ and ask them to search according to “START of commission” date, you will find that Melissa Bell DID have a commission.

      With the varying signatures, you can bet this gal should be deposed too.

      There is just nothing like having a database set up or used incorrectly.

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