HA! Donald Trump Trumps Bank of America, Buys Front Yard, Most of the Driveway and a Large Chunk of Back Yard Before Foreclosure

“Before the February foreclosure, Mr. Trump paid $500,000 for about 200 acres around the house. The property included most of the front yard, most of the driveway and a large chunk of the back yard. The deal also included a right of first refusal on the mansion, meaning that Mr. Trump had the right to match the offer of any other would-be buyer.”


The Fall of the House of Kluge Leads to the Rise of the Yard of Trump

The Donald Snaps Up Lawn, Driveway of Foreclosed Manse; Bank Is Not Amused

From the WSJ…

As Ms. Kluge’s empire collapsed, Mr. Trump bought. Over the past six months, he swooped in and picked up many of the pieces of her palatial Virginia estate and winery. He bought the 1,000-acre vineyard and winery for a fraction of their original value. He bought 200 acres nearby for less than $500,000, with help from Ms. Kluge and her son.

Now, the pompadoured billionaire and reality-TV star may have outplayed a much bigger rival in a bid for Ms. Kluge’s crown jewel: her mansion. Bank of America owns the house after foreclosing and is trying to sell it for $16 million. The 24,000-square-foot neo-Georgian palace has 45 rooms, a spa, home theater, 3,500-bottle wine cellar and 2,000-square-foot sitting room.

One thing the house doesn’t have, however, is a front yard. Mr. Trump owns that, having purchased it with his 200 acres. He also owns most of the driveway and the backyard, making a sale to any other buyer difficult. Mr. Trump said he would buy it from Bank of America for $3.6 million.

To make his point, he has erected signs on the front lawn of the mansion that read, “No Trespassing. This Land is Owned by Trump Virginia Acquisitions LLC,” aimed at warding off possible buyers. He has also let the lawn go to seed.

“Maybe someone is stupid enough to buy the house,” Mr. Trump said. “I wish them luck.”

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14 Responses to “HA! Donald Trump Trumps Bank of America, Buys Front Yard, Most of the Driveway and a Large Chunk of Back Yard Before Foreclosure”
  1. Rick in Colorado says:

    While I agree that both of these entities are like sharks in a fish bowl chomping at one another. I like the fact.

    While we homeowners can only take nibbles out of the banksters feet in our fight because…well, we’re all just little fish. The Donald, on the other hand, is taking bigger bites out them, which ya gotta love. And sorry, one housing deal is NOT going to ruin the housing market….that’s been done.

    But either way, I hope that actions like these cause the banks to slowly bleed to death.

    Now, if we could only figure out a way to make the 556 assholes that run …or should I say.. ruin this Country on a daily basis, die, too ! 🙂

  2. COCO says:


  3. It seems WE the PEOPLE have more issues of concern than what Donald is doing. If Donald wants to bully BofA so be it…He has the time and money…something we don’t have….our thoughts should be what we are facing…..a government of fascism…..let Donald do his game as this is not harming us….we already know what has ruined the real estate market….the fascist foreign terrorists are the enemy that we must fight and a government that has worn a mask for many years.

  4. John Anderson says:

    Trump and BOA are assholes. They deserve to be at loggerheads over this. Two sharks swimming in a glass bowl trying to bite each other in the ass.

  5. housemanrob says:

    Personally, I like The Donald. But this crap he is pulling is just going to make our real estate problems worse!

  6. Igor says:

    GENIUS.AT Work
    How about a book on JUST THAT.!

  7. concerned says:

    its just business… 🙂

  8. Jim Bethea says:

    I saw this power play a week or so ago on another site ~~ Stick it to Bank of Am ~~ Top 3 of the 10 worst banks in the US ~~ Love your new Ocean Club in Panama City, PA

  9. Jason Werner says:

    God bless it. Screw Bank of America and their whores (judges, prosecutors, attorneys, regulators).

  10. Snowstorm says:

    You GO DONALD! Any one who is sticking it to the BANK OF AMERICA is more that O.K.

  11. Ron Moss says:

    My two boys work for Disney on Ice and are scheduled for home to be ready for new show. But the Banks are making a more Ring ling Brothers show than they will practice for. Ron Moss

  12. pamelag says:

    hahaha. trump just proved how stupid they are.God Bless Us All!

  13. Pete Everts says:

    Ah, the Donald. Should have been named Dick.

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