Sunny Sheu’s Death — ongoing Coverup?

“Since his death last summer, associates of Sun Ming Sheu, an activist fighting alleged judicial corruption in New York, remain convinced that he was murdered and that police aren’t aggressively investigating his death because of a coverup.”


Sunny Sheu’s Death — ongoing Coverup?

[Black Star Investigates] (Part One – Many Mysteries In Death of Judicial corruption foe)

Part two of a series

On the afternoon of Saturday, June 26th 2010, my cell phone rang, and Sunny Sheu’s name flashed on the caller ID. I was relieved to get the call, having been worried about his safety since our last meeting.

Three days prior, Sunny, Dr. Sherry Brobowsky and I had visited the Office of Court administration Ethics Department to pick up Judge Golia’s amended financial disclosure form. In front of OCA officials, Sunny brazenly claimed that the amended form constituted proof of felony fraud by Judge Golia. If Sunny’s allegations were founded, Golia could be in deep trouble, and Dr. Sherry and I worried about what might be done to quash Sunny’s efforts. (Judge Golia has declined an interview request from The Black Star News).

Now, on June 26th when I lifted the phone and said “Hi Sunny”, it was not Sunny’s voice that answered; the caller identified himself as Officer Ramos of the 109th precinct in Queens.

Ramos told me that a man, tentatively identified as Sun Ming Sheu, had been found in a coma with severe head trauma and was now at the New York Hospital of Queens. My phone number, Ramos explained, was on the speed dial list, and Ramos had dialed the list sequentially, in order to alert Sheu’s colleagues of the injury, and to summon someone to definitively identify the patient. He asked if I could come to the Hospital ASAP.

I immediately suspected the worst.

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  1. Jason Werner says:

    Fifth Third Bank threatened to kill me in 2008 regarding my CAR, which threat was reinforced by Tom Ganley (the car dealership owner and Chairman of Crime Stoppers in my county) and their attorneys at Weltman Weinberg & Reis also reinforced it. In my case, I filed a report with the police, the sheriff, and the FBI for their death threat, for their fraud, for their telecommunications harassment, for their perjury in court, their theft, for their tampering with records, for their sham legal process, and so much more.

    Evidently, an assistant prosecutor actually called their attorneys, but I have not heard back from the assistant prosecutor regarding future actions, however they are in big trouble and I am aware that something is going on. These bankers though are absolute terrorists; depart from them immediately.

    Here is their contract killer:

    Thank you.

  2. housemanrob says:

    So…what about the judges’ financial disclosure…….Sunny said ‘I’ve got him now!” Notice………not a word on that! Corruption in “The Big Apple”…..what a surprise!

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