NPR | As Number Of Foreclosed Homes Grows, So Does Mold

As Number Of Foreclosed Homes Grows, So Does Mold

As huge numbers of foreclosed homes continue to work their way through the real estate pipeline, another problem is blossoming — mold.

In most homes, as residents go in and out and the seasons change, natural ventilation sucks moisture up to the attic and out through the roof. It’s called the “stack effect.” And in many parts of the country, it’s driven by air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter.

But no one is going in or out of most foreclosed homes — regardless of climate — and the effects can be devastating.

In some states, it’s estimated that more than half of foreclosed homes have mold and mildew issues. Realtors across the country say they’re seeing the problem in everything from bungalows to mansions.

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3 Responses to “NPR | As Number Of Foreclosed Homes Grows, So Does Mold”
  1. Fury says:

    this is so sad to me.
    the photo shows that this home belonged to an older owner (judging from the decor).

    i have been carting up belongings of my late mother to her senior senior’s thrift shop. i have met such lovely seniors.

    the thought of senior fighting the same battle that my family has faced is just heart-breaking to me.

    the most toxic threat is not mold; it is the lying banks and their henchmen.
    they have ruined the world w/ the criminal enterprises and greed.

    • leapfrog says:

      The securitization scheming banksters and MERS are a toxic mold that has infested clear title.

      • lvent says:

        This is a disgrace what they have done stealing homes they had no legal right to take by the use of deceptive practices.. This shows who the real terrorists are. The only terror threatening our freedom is the terror from within.

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