Strategic Default? | JPMorgan Files Foreclosure on R. Kelly After Attempted Modification

First, from Business Insider…

R. Kelly Hasn’t Made Payments On His Multimillion Dollar Mansion In Over A Year

R. Kelly is an incredible R&B Grammy award-winning artist known for everything from “I Believe I Can Fly,” which was featured in the hit movie Space Jam, to ”Ignition (Remix).” However, as he faces foreclosure on his Chicago mansion he himself may be rehearsing the lyrics “If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time.”

Kelly has reportedly avoided payments on this multimillion dollar mansion for over a year—a decision that may be catching up to him now. However, something just does not seem right about Kelly’s foreclosure—he is financially stable and just completed a very successful tour last year.

The article goes on to spin why they think he is facing foreclosure…

When it comes to celebrity foreclosures it appears to be one of two things. One: the celebrity is living outside of his or her means and banking on future success to successfully pay their mortgage payments. However, as they leave the spotlight they are struggling to make ends meet. Or two: instead of paying mortgage payments they splurge on new cars, luxury vacations, and other perks reserved for the rich and famous. In the first scenario these celebrities are like many other Americans facing foreclosure—they simply did not alter their lifestyles in time to account for the recession. In the latter situation, these celebrities are using the money to pay for other ego-centered desires—to have the newest and best of everything. The second category is exactly where R. Kelly resides.

Is that so? Maybe, or could it be something else?

From ChicagoRealEstateDaily…

R. Kelly faces foreclosure on south suburban home

Mr. Kelly has not lived in the Maros Lane home for more than a year, according to a person familiar with his affairs. The singer stopped making payments on the mortgage in an attempt to force the bank to negotiate a modification of the loan, according to the source.

The appraised value of the home fell 26%, to $3.8 million, in 2010, compared to $5.2 million in 2009, according to an Assessor estimate. The home is now worth less than the debt, the source said.

So maybe R Kelly isn’t “splurging on new cars, luxury vacations, and other perks reserved for the rich and famous or using the money to pay for other ego-centered desires—to have the newest and best of everything” instead of paying his mortgage.

Maybe he made a smart business decision to walk away from a property that is “worth less  than the debt.”

Hey IVENT, your in Cook County. How about pulling the file for us to take a look at?

I bet with JP involved there may be some good “evidence.”

Oh and by the way, how does one “alter their lifestyles in time to account for the recession?”

I must of missed that memo.


23 Responses to “Strategic Default? | JPMorgan Files Foreclosure on R. Kelly After Attempted Modification”
  1. lvent says:

    OK I think I found it. I found there are NO ASSIGNMENTS RECORDED at all to Chase, not one in his public recordings. I do not see a foreclosure lis pendens by Chase. Last recording is on 6/9/2011 a DOCUMENT TYPE_UNKNOWN_ by Grantor, get this, JP MORAN CHASE BK (their misspelling) Grantor Robert S. Kelly PRIOR DOC NO A MORTGAGE THAT WAS FROM AMERICAN NATIONAL B & TCO CHCGO TR TO FIRST CHICAGO NBD NTG CO AND THEN WAS RELEASED BY COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS INC TO ROBERT KELLY. Then there is a Foreclosure Lis Pends on record from 9/16/2005 from Grantor Olympia Fields to ROBERT KELLY then somehow TO JP MORAN CHASE WITH NO ASSIGMENT. Looks like the loan originated in April 1997 where there is a Deed In Trust recorded but it looks like they used that same Deed in Trust and passed that around and no one else was ever assigned to that Deed in Trust.. No assignments in 14 years to any other lender.. The statute of limitations in Illinois is 12 years. Looks like another cloudy title though looks like the loan was incredibly never in MERS.

    • lvent says:

      There are 3 different trust numbers listed and a Trustees deed Grantee to Robert Kelly from CHICAGO TRUST CO. Grantor. It is recorded six days after the DEED IN TRUST was recorded by AMERICAN NATIONAL B&T CHICAGO TITLE AND TRUST. Then there is a new mortgage recorded from Robert Kelly to Americas Wholesale Lender( No assignment) then there is an amendment released by Northern Trust Co to Chicago Title and Trust Co. then a Power of Attorney Robert Kelly Grantor to Karen Meehan Then back to another mortgage recorded with no assignment from American Natl B&T Co. to First Chgo NBD MTG CO then a release of the mortgage to Robert Kelly by Countrywide Home loans who released the Mortgage owed to America’s Wholesale Lender. I will go to the local Recorders office on Monday and get a copy of that UNKNOW DOCUMENT THAT_ JP MORAN CHASE BK _ATTACHED TO THE DEED IN TRUST FROM THE ORIGINAL “LENDER” WHO WAS AMERICAN NATIONAL B&T AND RECORDED ANOTHER MORTGAGE WITH NO ASSIGNMENT IN 1999. maybe tht lis pends from 9/2005 would be interesting with OLYMPIA FIELDS AS GRANTOR. AND THAT CHICAGO TITLE AND TRUST IS SOMETHING ELSE. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. SOMEONE REALLY NEEDS TO INVESTIGATE EXACTLY WHAT IT IS THEY DO..

    • lvent says:

      Found one assignment under a second pin, (must be 2 pieces of land) in 1998 from UNKNOWN GRANTEE to Bank N Y TR. Prior doc# is a mortgage with no assignment from America’s wholesale lender. Could that UNKNOWN be JP MORAN CHASE BK? WHAT A BUNCH OF CRIMINAL FRAUDSTERS. UNKNOWN? Now that is a hot one. My God, anyone could record anything and say you owe them money. UNKNOWN is bullshit. I bet if you show that to an attorney they will tell you that is what they did!!!! Olympia Fields put a lis pends on him in 2005 and it is still on there.

    • lvent says:

      I was mistaken it is not a foreclosure lis pends, it is a lis pends from Olympia Fields. .

  2. lvent says:

    I will look into that and see what I can find.

    • lvent says:

      I tried GRANTOR/GRANTEE SEARCH because I dont have his pin# , doc#s or subdivision name. It is coming up no criteria found. I tried my name and it is coming up the same, no criteria found. Someone did scrub this from my recordings I found out a couple of months ago. I luckily made copies of what I found last November. I believe someone did this to cover up fraud I found. I reported this to the clerk at my local recorder’s office and he told me to report it to the mortgage fraud department downtown. Usually if the site is down it just keeps searching. I have a feeling they probably scrubbed that from R KELLY’s records because I uncovered alot of mortgage fraud there. I found all of my releases of mortgage there and my releases of both deeds in one neat package. I have 2 releases of mortgage within a month of the other from 2 different banks, neither of which I ever got a loan from. One was Chase Bank who under my old pin (where they hid the origination fraud) released the mortgage to me as a merger and successor to my original lender. I have no idea how First Midwest obtained that loan and also released the mortgage to me. Looks like Chase is actually 2 banks because I have an affadavit that claims both banks released the mortgage to me and my husband at the same time. Strange. Then I found where they hid the cross collateralization in MERS with my commercial property and my house that was released (the original lender released the assignment, tricky,tricky) but this still shows up on both titles as a lien. Looks like the bank that refied the loan kept the cross collateralization in MERS even though it was released and paid off by the original lender. I will check again tomorrow but I have a feeling that GRANTOR/GRANTEE searches are history once you are in fraudclosure that is when they scrub some of the fraud.

      • lvent says:

        The Grantor/Grantee search is the only way that I know of to get in with only a name. Once you are in fraudclosure, they probably don’t want us finding the releases and such so easy though it is still there, though you need a pin # or doc # to find it.. Once you are in fraudclosure, maybe they are not considered public records anymore though the clerk at the recorders office did not tell me that was the case.. I will call on Monday and ask.. It is maybe considered a privacy issue once they slander your name in fraudclosure. They don’t want to embarass themselves publicly. Too late.

      • lvent says:

        I can’t even find my neighbors and I don’t think they are in fraudclosure. Maybe they are and they just don’t know it. Now I really feel like I have entered the Twilight Zone. It looks like they don’t want anybody looking at the public records. WOW. This just gets weirder and weirder. I will be calling the Cook County Recorders Mortgage Fraud Dept. first thing Monday morning. This is bullshit. I think we got shut down. What a bunch of commies.

      • lvent says:

        I think I would have to go downtown to get access to that info. At the local offices you can’t get access to info without a pin#, it is all done over the counter by computer with a clerk. I don’t know if they would assist me by using his name.(doubt it) Even downtown I may need the pin#. I will call down there today and ask.

  3. Jason Werner says:

    Actually, having worked in the business, I am telling you that he is doing the correct thing. In actuality, the criminal bank already defaulted on their contract with him most likely in origination and definitely during servicing.

    So what is he to do when the criminal bank defaulted on his contract? Everything must stop until it is remedied, whereas banks are admitting that they refuse to correct their outright fraud, perjury, tampering with records, money laundering, racketeering influenced operations, and much more. I hope R Kelly get justice and I pray he gets a fair deal, both for his sake and for the bank’s sake.

  4. Readdocs says:

    The fraudulent might end up with the properties/homes, but the titles to them will still be clouded
    and broken. In many cases the foreclosed will never have their documentation repaired no
    matter who possesses it.
    May they suffer the bites of a thousand fleas in their armpits, and may the ghosts of broken
    titles lace their dreams.

  5. lvent says:

    This was on the local news here in Chicago tonight. They said Mr. Kelly can afford his mortgage but just wanted a loan mod. Mr. Kelly now joins the COOK COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS. EUGENE MOORE WHO IS ALSO IN FRAUDCLOSURE. THE WHOLE DAMNED COUNTRY IS IN FRAUDCLOSURE BECA– USE OF WHAT THESE PONZI SCHEMING CROOKS DID. THEY DON’T OWN OUR HOMES. FRAUDCLOSURES ARE ILLEGAL.

    • I vent….What you are saying is correct as far as what we were taught and what we ‘ think ‘ are the laws….But from way back till today…those trying to takeover have moved in to the point of dissolving what we thought to be our laws and brought forth their own set of laws and their own set of oaths. As we find now our government is NOT run on our laws of the land…they are under the laws of the secret society….same with the Bar Assoc….that is why we are fighting this with no one coming forth to help us..they are under oath against us. We are considered the slaves and the enemy. Sounds far fetched but it is facts. Are they going to foreclose on Bill Gates, Paulson, Bushes, Clintons and the rest of the gang? If they are taking homes that never had any mortgage than let’s hear that the elite are also among the rest of us. What about Obama’s home? And the CONgress who have homes…the Kennedy’s….notice nothing said about them? What does that tell everyone….it tells us time has come to start standing up and unite in massive groups to be heard that the truth has been spoken. Their plan has been exposed to the world. The fear tactic days need to end now.

      • lvent says:

        Sure Marilyn, they have all of us paying for all of their mortgages on their lavish homes etc They will get theirs. It is all coming out..

  6. usedkarguy says:

    and I used to be a Republican. Not anymore. And the Democrats are not your friends, either. If you are a middle class American, they want you poor. Then we will have only the “ruling class” in their own homes, and everyone else can RENT from THEM!

    • lvent says:


      • I vent….going back 100 years one must question what we know of the history. Was it fact or was it fiction.? Were we only told what they wanted us to know? Was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights meant as we were taught or was it just a piece of paper ? How did a small group of people at that time overpower the U.S. Government and set the pattern to decieve the people of this land. I may be wrong but I take it the British still have control involving the 13 colonies. Britain has control of our social security and that is not even a government program. It is owned by the people who have paid into it and the rest paid by the employers, nothing given by the government. Yet the British ( the Queen made an admendment in 1997) and having the control has to do with debt…maybe taxes on the 13 Colonies. Was this the reason Obama said that there may not be any SS checks and disability checks this August ? Because our paid into SS money is considered a debt owed according to the British? The IRS is also not under our control…that too is considered a debt. What is actually our government? Do we have a government? Have we been so decieved that our tax dollars have support Washington who are not even working for us? All this time and years, was Washington wearing a mask of the secret society? Answers will give the people as to why no ‘ areas ‘ of government are working in our favor. Right down to the courts…the Bar Assoc., Congress and Obama…all against us. It is time for this country to stand and demand the control be given back to the people…not Washington. We have been deceived for many years and yet today in this massive fraud scheme we still can’t seem to mention the facts of who and when it all stared. I am disgusted with what has happened to our country. In my 73 years I never thought I would ever see our country in ruins…..but reality has told me different.

  7. usedkarguy says:

    Thanks J.R. You’re right on the money with the “propaganda” analogy. Homeowners in default are called “squatters”, subprime borrowers “should have never been given a loan”, and everyone “bought too much house”. that’s the media in this country covering for the banksters (the ones who buy all that advertising). By the time the rest of the country realizes what happened, it will be too late. No mention of fraud in the origination, predatory lending and servicing the loans INTO DEFAULT! Nope, the banks are the GOOD GUYS (my ass!). Just ask your republican AG’s.

  8. J.R. Homeowner says:

    It is also worth reminding folks that this PROPAGANDA war being waged also includes the media replacing the word FRAUD with other more benign terms in their news stories regarding foreclosures.
    You will see terms such as ; “mix up”, “error”, “faulty” and any other possible term used rather than what it actually is…Fraud.

    Learn what PROPAGANDA is and learn how to recognize it and learn how to fight it.

  9. J.R. Homeowner says:

    This is straight out of the playbook that the IRS uses every year near tax filing time.

    Select a few celebs to make an example out of and publicize the hell out of it.

    It’s also properly called PROPAGANDA

    You may recall that just a week or so ago the new about famous Wilson- Philips singer, Carnie Wilson facing foreclosure was all over the news,

    Now it’s R. Kelly, and next week it will be another celeb and every time the subliminal message will be the same: beyond their means….it’s a moral issue…etc. etc.

    OH, and that IRS playbook I mentioned?, well it’s called the TCMP, (Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program) and it is indeed very real and does spell out tax audits of high profile citizens in orer to “spread the word” to the rest of the sheep that they had better comply ..or else!

    • lvent says:

      What a lousy tyranny. talks about how taxation is illegal. Everything they do seems to be illegal. Even what the utility companies, cable companies and cell phone companies charge is created out of thin air more or less and they tax that too.. Like the Beatles said in the song, THE TAX MAN, if you buy some shoes I’ll tax your feet. They all get away with murder pretty much because we let them. In Greece if they think the Government is robbing them they ALL revolt on taxes. TOO MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN FEAR AND THAT IS NOT FREEDOM.. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA AND EUROPE IS NO DIFFERENT THAN EGYPT OR SYRIA OR ANY COUNTRY THAT OPPRESSES ITS OWN PEOPLE. WE THE PEOPLE allow them to get away with too many things. If they get away with the PONZI SCHEME, WHAT WILL THEY GET AWAY WITH NEXT? Many don’t realize, no one is safe and these foreign multinational NWO criminals have almost brought this country to its knees but they are doing this very carefully, quietly and strategically. It is time to fight back and just STOP PAYING the crooks who robbed us and revolt on the taxes…If we don’t stand up we will ALL be slaves to this tyranny sooner or later. Teachers, Policemen and Firemens rely on our taxes to pay their salaries but their livelihoods are not any safer than the private sector if this ongoing class warfare continues, no one will be able to afford to pay their taxes..This is worse than the last Great Depression because so many more people own homes and businesses today that if the class warfare continues, everyone is going to have to default on everything including utiltity bills and taxes just to put food on their table. PRICE INFLATION OF GOODS AND SERVICES AND DEFLATION OF THE CURRENCY IS A FINANCIAL KILLER.. How many States have not been paying their bills? The effects of that are just begining to be felt… The debt the PONZI SCHEMERS CREATED IS UNSUSTAINABLE. PEOPLE MUST WAKE UP AND STOP PAYING AND SUPPORTING THIS TYRANNY. THERE IS A WAR BEING WAGED ON OUR FREEDOM AND NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY BY FOREIGN POWERS HIDDEN BEHIND THE SCENES WHO WANT TO DESTROY US. THEY HATE OUR FREEDOM.. THEY ARE FINANCIAL TERRORISTS. THEY ALREADY HAVE KILLED MILLIONS. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT ANY OF US..THIS IS ALL ABOUT WORLD DOMINATION AND A ONE WORLD FOREIGN FASCIST GOVERNMENT TYRANNY. A DICTATORSHIP THAT IS LIKE NAZI GERMANY. THEIR MOTTO IS CONFORM OR PERISH. THERE ARE MORE OF US AND THEY FEARED THE DAY WE EVER WOKE UP AND REALIZED WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO TO ALL OF US. 9/11 WAS JUST THE BEGINING OF THEIR END GAME. THEY HAVE BEEN PLANNING ON DOING THIS TO AMERICA FOR A LONG,LONG TIME. THEY CAN ONLY GET AWAY WITH WHAT WE ALLOW THEM TO GET AWAY WITH. SO FAR, WE HAVE ALLOWED THEM TO GET AWAY WITH WAY TOO MUCH..

      • I vent….I really don’t know what it will take for some people to realize what has and is actually happening in our country and around the world. The foreclosures are just part of it… they really understand a One World Foreign Fascist Government Tyanny? I wonder if they even read all the comments on any forum/blog…..we know they have a computer if they also write their comments…but do they even ever search for further information on issues given on comments…so many clues have been given…I am beginning to think some think it only involves the foreclosures. This goes far beyond that point….it goes back many years up to today. This is one reason 5 years ago or more I stopped buying all newspapers and canceled all TV….and we don’t miss it ever. Nothing but lies and cover-ups….The forums are great, don’t get me wrong, but to read some comments just seems some are still wondering why and what is happening. I guess my thinking is beyond that…my concern is who and what has caused this massive destruction in our government and the people of this land. …this is what has to be destroyed whatever it takes…otherwise it will continue to doom. Get to the seed that grew into a deceived takeover of this country. Clouded titles will mean nothing after all homes are taken by the thieves.. that precess will be deleted and new titles will be given. ‘ They ‘ knew of the frauds done deliberate…being in control of all government and the courts and the Bar Assoc…….it was well planned years before…and this is the final takeover. Are we just going to sit back while time allows them to continue???? The time has come to protect our freedom, our country and the future of our children..they do not deserve to be born into this hell on earth.

      • lvent says:

        I don’t know Marilyn. Some people may never get it. All we can do is try.

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