David Dayen FDL | Miller, Franken Assail Banks for Continuing Robo-Signing

Miller, Franken Assail Banks for Continuing Robo-Signing

Transparency is “one of the most obvious ways to make sure that it’s independent and thorough, so journalists and bloggers can look at it. And this further points to the need to have that,” Miller said.

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), another member of Congress who has watched this issue closely, released a statement to FDL News.

I’m deeply troubled by reports that indicate that banks are still illegally robo-signing mortgage documents, and this must stop immediately. That’s why I’ve repeatedly urged banking regulators to create a better oversight plan and implement mortgage servicing standards. I hope that regulators—including the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—will use their full oversight authority to correct these problems and hold banks accountable.

The CFPB does have authority to write new regulations for mortgage servicers, and national servicing standards are crucial. However, robo-signing is a practice that is already illegal, as Franken writes. So the regulatory enforcement and penalties matter much more than the rule-writing here.

Franken back in May received a GAO report that confirmed illegal robo-signing and how the regulators who have jurisdiction over the industry had a mandate to end this practice. Obviously that has not yet happened.

As for the nascent settlement between banks and state Attorneys General, Miller said “I don’t think they can count on the banks with whom they enter a settlement to abide by it. There’s got to be enforcement provisions to monitor the banks and the consequences need to be sufficiently unpleasant.”

Check out his report in full here…



27 Responses to “David Dayen FDL | Miller, Franken Assail Banks for Continuing Robo-Signing”
  1. Rita Cheche says:

    I am the plaintiff suing Wachovia for lying, cheating, and stealing from me, everything is with MERS, “ASSIGNMENTS OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ etc. (call me @ 757-427-0075 Rita)
    I have 2 fraud/predatory loans from them, Oct. 24, 2005 World Savings Bank / Wachovia and Nov. 21, 2006 Peoples Choice Home Loan / Specialized Loan Servicing L.L.C. / Wachovia / Wells Fargo. In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Norfolk Division. RITA CHECHE Plaintiff, v. WITTSTAT TITLE & ESCROW COMPANY, LLC, WACHOVIA BANK NATION ASSOCIATION AND SPECIALIZED LOAN SERVICING, LLC, Defendants. TRIAL DATE: OCT. 18, 2011.
    NO ONE IS GETTING TREATED FAIRLY, AND I KNOW, WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN CHANGE THIS. Or, anyone can help me, please give them my information, Rita Cheche, 757-427-0075. I have an email, rcheche1@cox.net but I am getting hundreds of emails of people in mortgage trouble, needing help, SO PLEASE CALL ME DIRECTLY. I need to get my story & evidence in the public eye! And be in the public eye to make it harder for the court system to continue to violate my rights. I’m not great on the computer, not having the right tools for the job! BUT I AM THE FAXING QUEEN! If you would like to see proof of any docs.
    I have evidence of every entity & actors’ violations of the law and my rights, example of just one of hundreds of my original documents:
    VICE PRESIDENT OF WACHOVIA, JUDY WILLS, FORGED AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT FROM MY FRAUD MORTGAGE CLOSING, SHE SIGNED MY NAME INCORRECTLY, AND DATED IT 3 YEARS AFTER THE CLOSING DATE, PLUS IT’S DATED 6 MONTHS INTO THE FUTURE (closing 11/21/05, date of package to O.T.S. 03/25/08, date on document 09/23/08). V.P. of Wachovia sent her version of my closing package TO THE OFFICE OF THE THRIFT SUPERVISION, Dept. of Treasury, answering my complaint to the Attorney General of TX, Greg Abbott. I have contacted approx. 15 agencies, having the correspondences, including the secret service and the F.B.I. and getting NOTHING BUT SCREWED.
    PLEASE COME TO Virginia Beach, VA to document my plight, before they silence me. My case is a Precedence Setting Case, and will help hundreds of thousands, with your help!
    They have stolen over 2.3 million in assets alone. Losing my commercial floor contracting business, I started in 1986, installing floors and wallpaper. Forced to liquidate and/or lost my 9 unit apartment building I provided to the Section 8 Program, a duplex on Chesapeake Bay, I bought to help a lifetime friend who is a quadriplegic, a single family rental home, my son’s education, and my retirement.
    My attorney (working for Wachovia) is continuing to bend me over, holding me for WACHOVIA! I have searched for the last 6 yrs. for representation, hiring mine 2 years ago, and in that time I’ve had about 15 mins. Face to face, the first & only appt. She said, for a cost of thousands, up front, she would do everything I asked, get my 2.3 million back, my home, my livelihood, what I would have made with my business, real estate properties, assets, investments, $100k, 25 yr. equity credit line from my rental, they illegally closed, & my excellent credit (they ruined my credit within 48 hours of 1st fraud closing, Oct. 24, 2005 dropping approx. 200 points to 513). Plus, I wanted several million dollars for ruining my family & my life! I wanted all of them to pay until it crushed them, legally doing to them what they illegally did and are continuing to do to me!
    I was retiring, when they ripped off my world. I have done nothing but fight back, every waking moment since Oct. 24, 2005. I will fight till I win what is rightfully mine, and then, with the money I win, I will help homeowners get their worlds back! My attorney pulled out the 3-day Cancellation Notice I signed, faxed, mailed & confirmed received, saying “we can start with this”, and then we can file motions and such, after looking over only a couple of pages of my presentation, I set up at 1st & only appt.
    I had 2 hrs. to wait for her, an empty conference room, & 6 files boxes of documents to show her. She said she would be in touch to go over everything else, after I deposited the money into her account.
    I personally, with my money & labor had taken an old 1300 sf. farm house built in 1890’s having a “Purchase Money Mortgage” of $235K, 06/30/04 no additional loans, my boyfriend built with my money & help, I alone paid for everything, building a 4,000 sf. 2-story Custom home appraised 03/06, for $796,500.00, the bank, with 2 fraud mortgages stole every cent of equity, & a year after my court case, I put against them they fraudulent foreclosure, everything is with MERS, “ASSIGNMENTS OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES’ etc.
    but there are no attorneys who specialize in mortgage fraud (not even the ones that advertise, like my attorney). Up until a few months ago, they acted like I was a “crazy lady”, who was trying to get something for nothing from the “Great Gods”, I mean, the banks, brokers, title companies, insurance cos., credit bureaus. I’ve corresponded with at least a hundred. Locally, in Virginia, owned and operated by Wachovia / Wells Fargo Bank, they want to bankrupt you or do a bogus modification, not go up against the “Almighty Bank, WACHOVIA”, and the out-of-state attorneys, Demet, etc. that have succeeded against the banks for homeowner’s tell me they “are licensed in 34 states but not licensed in VA”. Virginia is a “Commonwealth” run by the CBN, and Wachovia/Wells Fargo, also, a NON-JUDICIAL STATE, this bunch of “Good ol’ Boys” stick together & change the “rules” to sue themselves, just like our government.
    If you know a lawyer or advocate or anyone who can help, before my lawyer and the court shut down all my options,
    PLEASE CALL ME, Rita Cheche (757) 427-0075.

  2. lies is all they tell says:

    Fine it is our fight but when you continue to figh tand there is no solution you start to get tired. i actually would love to just leave this all behind and move on. forget this part of my life existed and start over. YES that is what mr bannkster wants me to do. i feel i am will fight them tooth and nail. no stone uncovered. what really itritates me the most is we can not get answers.

    the trusts that bought hese mbs, where was the person that wa suppose to collect the mortgage sand notes?

    trust companies are financial organizations and you tell me none of these people new about a deriviative or a credit defualt swap. so one phone they are on with a bank buying mbs and on the other phone selling CDS and derivatives. niceeeeee so we a trust sueing a bank for 1 billion because the bank bought 10 billion betting the mbs in the trust would fail.

    so if they bought 10 billion betting these mbs would fail would you commit fraud to , to get your 12 billion

    the other questions we can not get a single sole to answer…………..once a promissary note sold to a trust and turned into a stock (MBS) that the two can not coexist. if this i sever answered truthfully all our mortgaes would be null and void. so this question is kept completly off the table. i find that completely funny. they keep focusing on mers and robo signing. but if these mortgages are actually a valid promissary note is a good question. i guess the bansters/congress/ag’s feel the long they keep americans in the dark the more houses can be foreclosed and the more derivative and credit default swaps are cashed and build up their pensions/campaign funds.

    why would they rule now against the banks right before election when they need election funds? this is why everything is stalled. wish everyone owuld have figure that out not me. their campaigns are funded by these banks.

    we also need to findout th reason behind the robosigning. if the notes were never transfered and there i s no assignments the note is unsecured.

    we ar ein a big mess and we can not get answers we can use in court defend what is ours. we need answers

    • lvent says:

      You are right, it is discouraging but you will be alright. Have you found the Origination Fraud yet? If they never secured the collateral lien at Origination that means even if they sold the notes to a trust they sold unsecure notes as security instruments. Recording a mortgage and assigning a debt are two different things. We are all sick and tired of these bastards and we all want them to pay for what they did..

    • Jeanette Ambrose says:

      I send you strength for your journey,the fight should never have had to happen,I know it is exhausting,it is…
      remember this..the harder the battle you see,
      it’s the sweeter,the Victory…

      (with a wink and nod to Jimmy Cliff.)
      The answers are stone-walled because we are facing massive corruption.In high places…
      I hope for you&your family that you prevail.Keep your home.

  3. Jeanette Ambrose says:

    “You are a den of vipers,and by the eternal God,I shall rout you out ! ” or something close to it… President Andrew Jackson speaking to the centralized banksters was it not?

    Heard that on his tombstone it reads;

    “I killed the Bank>”

    dunno,but some epitaph

    they reincarnate eh?

    • lvent says:

      I read an article that J.FK. Jr. was just about to come out with an article in his magazine George about how the banksters killed his father when he met his own awful death. There are you tube videos about the mysteries behind the plane crash of J.FK. Jr. When he died I have to say I was suspiscious. I also thought it was strange when he was cremated. Catholics generally do not do that.

      • Jeanette Ambrose says:

        I don’t doubt it.At all.Hearsay being hearsay there were people on the shoreline who saw that plane”just explode”…my tinfoil hat is tight this morning…

      • lvent says:

        This video is not heresay, or just another conspiracy video. It is based on investigation and facts. Why did it take them so long to go looking for the wreckage? That is the same thing I wondered the day it happened. There is an interesting you tube video by a friend of Jr’s who did his own investigation and he turned up alot of interesting facts that make it alot more than your run of the mill conspiracy theory. I will look for the name of it and post it here.

      • lvent says:

        The you tube video is called The Assassination of JFK Junior-Murder by Manchurian Candidate. It does not answer every question but that would be impossible as all of the victims died. it does come up with some facts that make you go hmmmm….The media sure buried the story fast.

      • lvent says:

        This version is more factual and therefore more believable to me than the official version of what happened. The official version always seems to have more holes than swiss cheese.

  4. lies all of it says:

    what i do not understand is america has alot of educated people and yet stil have no stepping up to the plate its amazing. There has to be a brraking somwhwere i am only one person i cant be the only one to see something wrong but i also do not have access to own a web site and help fix this.

    • lvent says:

      It is up to us to fight for everything we have left. Smart is the new rich so they say on CNN. The Government does not care about us. They are all Wall Street/Bankster bitches, They are all whores of Babylon.

      • Jeanette Ambrose says:

        1vent perhaps there are a few who aren’t bought/sold…I don’t know all of them…I know that Ron paul wants to end..not audit,end,the Fed.
        Restore the Constitution…?

      • lvent says:

        Yes there are a few. I like Bernie Sanders and Marcy Kaptor. Ron Paul seems to be right on the money. I would like to know his opinion on the WALL STREET Ponzi Scheme swindle and heist, THE GREAT STICK UP OF AMERICA and FORECLOSUREGATE. Does Mr Paul think WALL STREET should pay for their crimes? Trust but Verify. If he is for us than he should speak out about this and let his feelings be known.

      • lvent says:

        Yes, it is going to take some really honest freedom loving Americans who really do love this Country and what it stands for. We can restore our freedom and put this country back on track .Did you ever see the Chris Whalen Bloomberg interview? It is entitled Foreclosuregate is a Cancer. You can probably Google it. He talks about how it is going to take a couple of election cycles and some honest Americans to get this country back on track. We all have to participate and educate ourselves and question everything.. Healthy Democracy’s are supposed to be noisy.

    • Jeanette Ambrose says:

      Educated or schooled?big difference.

      And,so many are in a daze,scared,times being ultra turbulent…then there are substance abuse issues,including pharmaceuticals..people are not in clear mind much..out of order,chaos??? where’d i hear that one…

      Keep talking to people,we can do this,web site or not…think of Thomas Paine.Pamphleteering.

      This IS our generation’s “Crisis”….and once more,Liberty hangs in the balance….

      • lvent says:

        They don’t teach you this stuff in school. Order out of Chaos, Never let a good crisis go to waste, Black is White, Conform or Perish, All NEW WORLD ORDER jargon for taking away more of our rights and our freedoms. There is a book entitled Rule By Secrecy. by Jim Marrs that explains alot of stuff.

  5. John says:

    Why stop?
    No punishment just being excused.
    Until action is taken that is damaging to the banks this will not only not stop, but will increase and even more be done illegally to boot.
    We and the law will either learn this the easy way or the hard way, but learn it everyone will!!!

  6. joe parisi says:

    Please sign my petition @ change.org against robo signing. United we stand, divided you know what.

  7. lies thats all they give us says:

    if the people in the congress know whats going on why is it still being done?? it goes beyond my thoughts to think that dialy judges look at robo signed docs and take homes from people. why is this aloud to continue. we already know the economy tanked because of the subprime mortgages. we know there were know underwriting standards becuase they had no intention of keeping these mortgages. so we have appraisal fraud, predatory lending, and mortgage application fraud. they securitized these notes into stock with out telling us. and then robo sign to take the homes. then modification fraud. telling us to not pay to be in eminent default before we can apply for hamp. losing our paper work we sent. even going as far as shredding it (black hole: neil garfield, livinglies) and losing packages sent by fedex. then when we have no where to turn we write the occ and our AG and aour senator. i am in florida my ag is pam bimbo do i need to say more. i got got letters from wells fargo saying they did everything right and i did everthing wrong????????? is incredibly self defeating. one thing on my side. i did not walk away. i found foreclosure hamlet and foreclosurefraud, and living lies. have so much knowledge and information. i have told wels fargo i own a home with pool in an area where there is little children and there has already been a death of a todler in miramar fla in a foreclosed home pool. whether they care or not. i could not leave this home and pool unattended. it is to dangerous for exploring little children. it sad we are gowing through this but we need to find out the truth and we will hold on. just like aliens, big foot, and if we actually do have a asteroid on track for earth we will never know same might be with these mortgages. we need to know if our mortgages actually do exist at all. i here buzzes everywhere that once the note is securitized and becomes a stock it is no longer a note and is an unsecured debt or even null and void. and servicers telling families to not pay out mortgages even though we were never missed a mortgage payment a job loss or underemployment prompted our call. we were told not to pay. should null and void the contract. it would in normal instances. but he bus i am getting how do you prove they told us not to pay. judges should be looking at paymnet history of all homeowners who were told this. if prior to this he finds no missed mortgage payments unless in some pre arranged forebearance the contract should be null and void becaused they caused us to default. we did NOT defualt.

    there is to much everybody and at the end of the day i am not sure what will happen or how they could do this to the middle class. please keep fighting spreading the word and lets keep our homes we have worked all our lives for.

    • Jeanette Ambrose says:

      keep fighting.

    • lvent says:

      Our friends here at 4closurefraud posted an article a while back about how this whole Ponzi Scheme was devised in the backrooms of CONgress. The haters of America have infiltrated our Government. Many pose as Americans, they are treasonists. They are either members of the NWO or they were bought by them and they hate our freedom. Death to the NWO tyranny. Go to you tube and watch some videos by Eric John Phelps and search for Zionists and The Black Pope, the UN and the NEW WORLD ORDER. . They are not hard to miss once you know the truth you can spot them and their rhetoric easily. Even Biden admits he is a Zionist. But the truth is the Zionists are working for the SMOM/VATICAN/JESUITS. Did you know that Goldman Sachs is one of the largest SMOM/VATICAN/JESUIT banking proxies in the world? Go to you tube and search for CNBC ILLUMINATI CRASHES STOCK MARKET.

  8. John Anderson says:

    Well so much for promises from the banks to be good in the future.
    I know this news will be hard on the 50 state AGs investigation on fraud.
    It’s like your in the process of getting your client off with no jail time ” it has to be no jail time for everybody, or the patsies will squeal” and a small manageable fine, from the loot, and they screw up and get caught again, and now what? Ignore, or if confronted plead that some servicers are still confused on the rules and laws ‘ignorance” and reassert that they will do better in the future.

    Every time another bombshell hits, you think, now they will do something. Nah.

    • lvent says:

      They will never be good. There owners hate America and they hate everything we stand for as a nation.

      • Jeanette Ambrose says:

        never could trust a fox to guard the old hen house….can a parliament of whores safeguard a business run by pimps?!?!

        prolly not…

      • lvent says:

        LOL!! Let’s call them what they are. WALL STREET/BANKSTER pimps and hos!!!

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