Fraud Digest | Robo-signed – Who’s Signing Now? Mers, Assignments and Trusts

Lynn E. Szymoniak, Esq., Ed., Fraud Digest
July 20, 2011

1. Who were the top mortgage document signers in the first half of 2011?

2. Which trusts that closed in 2005, 2006 and 2007 repeatedly filed mortgage assignments signed and notarized in 2011?

3. Who was the most prolific MERS Certifying Officer in the first half of 2011?

Bonus Question: Which law firm used the following phrase instead of an actual date for the assignments:

“At or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged…”


From American Home Mortgage Servicing in Jacksonville:
Christine Alday
Elizabeth Boulton
Andrew Fuerstenbeger
Michelle Halyard
Tonya Hopkins
Joseph Kaminski
Kasea Matthews
Harold Nord, III
Yvette Washington

From Aurora Loan Services in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska:
Jan Walsh

From BAC Home Loan Servicing in Simi Valley, California:
Malik Basurto,
Nichole Clavadetscher
Youda Crain
Mercedes Judilla
Srbui Muradyan
Swarupa Slee

From Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC in Santa Ana, California:
Tom Croft
Greg Schleppy

From Chase Home Finance in Franklin County, Ohio:
David Ellis

From CitiMortgage in St. Charles, Missouri:
Kim Krakoviak
Aaron Menne
Scott Scheiner

From GMAC in Upper Dublin Township, Pennsylvania:
Sandy Broughton
Donald Dempsey
Thomas Strain

From HomEq Servicing in North Highlands, California:
Noriko Colston

From HSBC Mortgage Corp. in Depew, New York:
Michael Peter

From IndyMac Mortgage Services in Austin, Texas:
Suchan Murray
JC San Pedro
David Rodriguez
Mollie Schiffman
Mike Stanford

From JP Morgan Chase in Jacksonville, Florida:
Nura Nadarevic

From Litton Loan Servicing in Dallas, Texas:
Debra Lyman
Marti Noriega

From Nationwide Title Clearing in Palm Harbor, Florida:
Bryan Bly
Vilma Castro
Kim Goelz
Mary Sarmiento

From Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC in West Palm Beach, Florida:
Christina Carter
Lesli Goodman
Rene Martinez

From Orion Financial Group in Southlake, Texas:
M. Arndt
M.E. Wileman

From Saxon Mortgage Service in Fort Worth, Texas:
Regina Alexander
John Cottrell

From Select Portfolio Servicing in Salt Lake City, Utah
Bill Koch
Jeff Young

From Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Minneapolis, Minnesota:
Nicholas Hoye
Janet L. Jones
Carissa Keeler
Carla Naughton
Ricky Thompson


Aames Mortgage Investment Trusts
ABFC Trusts
Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trusts
American Home Mortgage Assets Trusts
American Home Mortgage Investment Trusts
Ameriquest Mortgage Securities, Inc. Trusts
Argent Securities, Inc. Trusts
Banc of America Alternative Loan Trusts
Banc of America Funding Trusts
Bear Stearns Alt-A Trusts
Bear Stearns ARM Trusts
Bear Stearns Asset-Backed Securities Trusts
BNC Mortgage Loan Trusts
Carrington Home Equity Loan Trusts
Carrington Mortgage Loan Trusts
Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trusts
CSFB Trusts
CSMC Trusts
CWABS Trusts
CWALT Trusts
CWMBS Trusts
Deutsche Bank Alt-A Securities Inc. Mortgage Loan Trusts
First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trusts
First NLC Trusts
Fremont Home Loan Trusts
GSAA Home Equity Trusts
GSAMP Trusts
GSR Mortgage Loan Trusts
Harborview Mortgage Loan Trusts
HSI Asset Securitization Corp. Trusts
IndyMac IMSC Mortgage Loan Trusts
IndyMac INDX Mortgage Loan Trusts
Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trusts
MASTR Alternative Loan Trusts
MASTR Asset-Backed Securities Trusts
Morgan Stanley Capital I, Inc. Trusts
NatIxis Real Estate Capital Trusts
New Century Home Equity Loan Trusts
New Century Mortgage Loan Trusts
Nomura Home Equity Loan Trusts
NovaStar Home Equity Loan Trusts
NovaStar Mortgage Funding Trusts
Option One Mortgage Loan Trusts
RALI Trusts
RAMP Trusts
Residential Asset Securitization Trusts
Saxon Asset Securities Trusts
Securitized Asset-Backed Receivables Trusts
Soundview Home Loan Trusts
Structured Asset Investment Loan Trusts
Structured Asset Mort. Investments II Trusts
Structured Asset Mort. Investments II, Inc. Bear Stearns Alt-A Trusts
WaMu Trusts
Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corp. Trusts


Nicholas Hoye from the Minneapolis, Minnesota offices of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is the winner of the “Busiest Signer of 2011 Award.” Hoye signed thousands of mortgage assignments in the first six months of 2011. Hoye most often signs to convey mortgages to his employer, Wells Fargo. Hoye has signed as a Certifying Officer for MERS as Nominee for at least 40 mortgage companies. The runner-up is Ricky L. Thompson, also from Wells Fargo.



When did the trust acquire the mortgage? What was the exact date the mortgage changed hands? According to thousands of documents, the date was:

“At or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged…”

Ben-Ezra & Katz, P.A.
2901 Stirling Road, Suite 300
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

This is one of the LPS affiliated law firms, a/k/a foreclosure mills – that was being investigated rigorously by June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards of the Florida Attorney General’s office – until that moment when Clarkson and Edwards were escorted rigorously out the door.

Signers come and signers go, but the practices of banks and their servicers remain the same.



Robo-signed – Who’s Signing Now?

77 Responses to “Fraud Digest | Robo-signed – Who’s Signing Now? Mers, Assignments and Trusts”
  1. scott wolff says:

    please send me all wendy traxler signatures

    • scott wolff says:

      also please send me cases where wendy trexlar was robosigner and bank lost. thank you.

    • peg says:

      I can send you my Wendy Traxler assignment… from 2012 I think…. are you making any head with with her … I have been sanctioned and now just sitting tight…. with Indymac/fdic/onewest/ Deutsche trust 2006… this has been quiet for a few years… anything really new happening? are there any cses where the bank lost? would be interested in that also…

  2. Dawn says:

    This whole mortgage thing is a nightmare and so much fraud and monies being exchanged between the banks, judges and especially attorneys, which is obvious in their change of demeanor over time. My case is with Citimortgage and I am way past my statue of limitations, Citimortgage knew of all the fraud and robo-signing in my case and had a settlement of mortgage and note written up with my attorney Susan A. Wood, vice -president and operations manager….and then they had the nerve to re-sell the settled mortgage to Ocwen aka arlp. They have hired all kinds of corrupt organized crimes perps to scare me, and I am having to do all the legwork here. I never signed up for this and my attorney is a liar ! They never worked with me on this loan and I followed all my attorneys instructions. I need some help. I have lots of ppl looking into this and it’s all coming back to even the HOA, involved in Cutler Cay (shoma homes). Hiring all these crazy, demented ppl. I would appreciate some input. Thanks.

  3. Randy Agno says:

    Hello, my name Is Randy and I have owned my home since 2003, and I have been one who has been victim to WMC, Countrywide, BofA, to SPS. A morgan Stanley Capital 1 backed security. My Assignment of Deed of Trust was signed in 2011 by Malik Bursuto a Robo Signer who has been included in previous law suits and listed as a Robo Signer for BAC.

    I have a modification by SPS, but I feel I am paying on a loan that has already been paid off by the Insurance Company of Morgan Stanley, and also have a fraudulent Assignment of Deed of Trust recorded at the County Recorders Office.

    What can I do? Can I file a Complaint with the County Superior Court, and file a Lis Pendens to notify potential vultures.

    Now the HOA is coming after me because I have been late on my HOA. They are threatening me that if I don’t agree to their payment terms that they will foreclose on my property. They send me foreclosure notices every two weeks.

    Does anyone have a boiler plate Superior Court Complaint that I can use?

    Thank you,


  4. Susan Gaddy says:

    I’m new to this blog. How do we share the docs — my interest is John Gagnon and Coleen Ashley as notary for an IndyMac assignment 7-2012. Thank you. Susan

    • Colleen says:

      I need your e-mail so I can send you the documents. I also have a One West document showing the different authorities of the signors, very interesting. Wendy Traxler, Gagnon, Panameno, Ashley, Butler and others are on this list. The Lynn Syzmoniak list is outdated and more robo-signers are showing up.

      I am attending a seminar in Vegas concerning MERS and Chain of Title Assessments. The speakers are Al West, Dave Krieger, Ken Hanks, Ken Janes who are all experts in their field. Any info I have will be shared if anyone is interested. Many of these experts have written several books. I am currently reading Dave Krieger’s “Clouded Titles” Mayday Edition.

    • peg says:

      my email address is I have an application from TX for colleen Ashley, notary application if you need it…..colleen Ashley, notary on my substitute of trustee.. relinquished her notary stamp after I contacted the TX notary agency. (August 1, 2013)
      ( the signers on my substitute trustee are Elizabeth Hernandez, as assist sec, Gladys Panameno as assit sec., attorney in fact for OneWest Bank and Colleen Ashley as notary) Not able to get information on Gladys Panameno ….
      Have notary application for Elizabeth Hernandez and signatures do not match…..
      I also put in a police report about the fraud from the notary….they have not done anything..I will share what I have…
      Have a great weekend and it is great that you can go to see all of those speakers….
      My question is… since the DOJ has won cases against various lenders, criminals because of the LIBOR manipulation: first where did the money go when they had to pay for the LIBOR fraud and made us crime victims….and second what can we do because the judges do not want to hear any of it and it is hard to get the judge to understand…
      Best of luck and thank you for all,

      • Colleen says:

        Peg, I understand what you are going through. This is my third Federal lawsuit and depending on which state you live in, Judges are also a part of the problem. I live in California and foreclosures here are non-judicial. The banks smooze with the judges and have them in their back pocket. So, the banks have convinced the courts that every person is a dead-beat homeowner who doesn’t pay their mortgage. This is not the case with us. We sued the bank for fraud and quiet title, pointing out specific violations in their own Note and Deed of Trust. I too have uncovered fraud in all three lawsuits concerning robo-signers, securtization, loan closings outside of the cut-off dates and forgery. And yes, an altered assignment with an expired Notary stamp. I filed formal complaints with the DOJ, District Attorney, USPS (mail and wire fraud), the County Recorder (sent directly to him) and the Attorney General of California. I cited several criminal counts along with civil violations…..all to a deaf ear.

        I am still fighting a current lawsuit against Wells Fargo and they think their company is above the law, even after I pointed out the numerous violations. Myself along with a couple of attorneys are trying different tactics, using forensic chain of title audits and expert reports.

        The problem is, the Judges don’t want to take time to educate themselves. In this case, they cannot complain we owe the bank, they will have to look at the evidence before them because we are not in default or foreclosure.

        The one case that might have made a difference in California is the Glaski v. Bank of America. All the banks are/have convinced the court it is only one decision and should not be a case precedent. The Judges are buying this B.S.

        As far as the DOJ cases against many of these banks (Wells Fargo included) the attorney’s are getting the majority of the settlement for their costs and many of the victims are getting a smigin of the money. Unless you are a large government entity or large corporation suing the banks, lawsuits against the banks are very time-consuming and expensive to defend. But……all it takes is for more and more homeowners to start winning (especially those who are not behind in their mortgages) and can wade out the legal process. One day, someone will take notice and shut down these corrupt banks and their deceitful practices of forcing the borrower into default.

  5. Nannette Johnson says:


    CALL ME ON 240-535-0090

  6. Joby says:

    Does anyone know of any cases against IndyMac/OneWest being one by the homeowner? I too have documents signed by Wendy. Wendy also signed the documents when I purchased the home in 2008. She signed a MERS agent. However her facebook page states that she was granted MERS approval in 2010. This mean both her and the notary liedon the purchase documents. Skip ahead to court docs this year and. I have documents notarizedto be accurate dated june 30 however the pages in the packet all have ‘information is accurate as of July 6’ meaning she notarized docs a week before they were generated. I live in Denver and havent had much luck finding help. I cant afford an attorney. Suggestions?

    • Colleen Brown says:

      I have a few cases of the homeowner winning plus information about Wendy Traxler, samples of her signatures etc. Conduct a search (and you will have to read a lot) cases against OneWest/Indymac, you might find some results this way. Let me know if you need those signatures to prove she is a robo-signer.

      • Joby says:

        Thanks Colleen. I have hundreds of pages of court cases that I think may be useful but lately it sems the judges have had their fill of the same defenses and finding in favor of the bank. I filed complaints against the notary to no avail. They said I can seek civil charges but that costs money. Colorado judges do not seem to care much about the MERS incondistency or robo-signing. How the law allows certain fraudulant actions as being okay is beyond me. Obviously there is a lot o Traxler signatures and bad notaries but is that enough? IndyMac lost my docs, denied without giving me a reason, lied about this and that but again, is that enough?

      • Colleen Brown says:

        You sound like your judges are similar to ours in California. They have so many cases that they are tired of listening, even if you are not behind on the mortgage and are challenging the assignments, they want to be done with the case as soon as possible. What is funny, on Wendy Traxler’s Linkedin Profile she states she is an authorized signer for MERS and works for ONeWest Bank at the same time….amazing! And, MERS headquarters is in Plano, Texas. Especially when MERS Inc is a subsiduary for MERSCORP Inc. MERS has no employees, officers etc. I also noticed that the same notaries are the ones I have been looking at as Robo Signers, Emily Butler and Carla Hardin.
        Have you taken look at the deposition from Laura Johnson-Seck? Also check out One WEst BAnk v. Covan Drayton. A lot of interesting info. What really ticks me off is the OCC, the Federal Reserve System, the Department of HOusing in their report stated that MERS was not complying to many state and federal rules, but they did not prosecute them, they only gave them a warning.
        I wish that every state had a system like Maricopa county does, then it would help speed up the process of gaining access to this type of information.
        Hopefully what might help me is that I have actually hired a forensic hand writing and document expert to review several different signatures. Hopefully it will pay off.
        Unless you are a bank suing another bank for the same issues, you will keep fighting the battle until the other side tries to wear you out by making you go broke, or wearing your patience down. It’s all about money and not admitting to the HUGE mistakes they made.

        What a great country where the banking industry can ruin the economy in a matter of a couple years and don’t get punished but bailed out for their criminal acts and deception!!!

      • Joby says:

        You hit the nail on the head. I want to be a part of any lawsuit, should one develop, against Indy and specifically Wendy. Her signature/notary give the impression she lives in Austin. I found her home address in Austin (apartment) so that may check out but curiously in 2004 she purchased a home in Lake Elsinore, CA which is near both Irvine (OneWest) and Pasadena (IndyMac). Her LinkedIn contacts who wrote a review about her give the impression she lives in CA. My point being I am certain her signature was notarized without her being present. I am not trying to get a free ride. I simply want and need a modification. Turned down twice without a reason being given (against the HAMP rules) and the third time they told me they do not modify rental properties (i had to move to TX for work so I rented the house). Their customer service rep said they do modify rental income . Their modification paperwork- that they created- has sections asking about the tenant and the lease info and it states ‘check here if this is for rental property and complete sections 3-7’. This would not be included if they did not modify rental property. What recourse do I have? You would think this would be enough to get a judgement making them modify my loan. But we all know their deal with the feds makes them more money if they foreclose. If anyone has any ideas let me know by replying to this comment.

      • Colleen Brown says:

        Joby, you probably could do one of two things, file a lawsuit based on the HAMP and misrepresentation from the bank, or if you think their if evidence of robo-signing or faulty documents go for bank fraud, mortgage fraud, misrepesentation and IndyMac not the real party in interest. This is what I have going on my federal lawsuit. If you do fraud though, you must have specific dates, places and persons. In other words the who, what, where, when and how, and if you have suffered any damages. Not having Quiet Title could be part of suffering damages because your house would be hard to sell and insure against a clouded title. Just an idea.

      • Joby says:

        Colleen, probably a silly question but I am have a difficult time accepting this mess. The gov sued and of course won large settlements and then closed the book leaving the homeowners out to dry. Which leads me to my question-is it possible to sue individuals who broke the law? For example, Ms Traxler. Is it possible to file against her and MERSCORP knowing full well MERS will say she was not employed or authorized by them-therefore confirming she lied as well as the notary? Just curious….

      • Colleen Brown says:

        Joby, the case I have (actually my bosses case) involves U.S. Bank, GreenPoint, Capitol ONe and we have named several employees for committing fraudulent acts. Most notably, the notary and the V.P. who altered the assignment of the deed of trust. She has refused official government code requests letters sent by me to get a copy of the line signature where the date was altered (almost one year later) her commission was expired and now she says she doesn’t know where her notary book is. I have cited at least 5 misdemeanor violations against her and the other bank employee including filing a false document to the county recorder’s office. I sent a formal complaint against her to the Secretary of State (Calif) and now probably a criminal affidavit for her arrest.

        I have found numerous violations against the attorney also and included him in our amended complaint, now he is joined along with other old employees from the previous banks for submitting false documents to the court so they can represent them as true originals. The attorney submitted the Promissory note to the court saying it was a true copy of the original, yet, he forgot part of one of the allonge and had to file what’s called a “Notice of Errata” because he screwed up. This just tells me that the allonge and note were separated.

        The bank acts like it is no big deal and so does the court, but everytime we find something, they don’t respond to the allegations. Cover up, cover up, cover up. Just because it is considered “white collar crime” doesn’t mean it is less important than stealing from you, basically, they are falsifying documents to suit their own needs to effectuate a transfer of the loan. So the long but short answer to your question is “Yes” name the individuals, they are part of the problems and are not immune to liability. You need to request to the court for a leave to amend your complaint though, and have enough to show why you are amending it. In other words, you need proof, not just speculations.

      • Joby says:

        Thank you for the info. I think I can speak for all of those commenting on here that your help and advice has been and continues to be a bright spot in this battle of right and wrong.
        For me, they took more than a house. They took any faith that I had in the law and court system. They have always been screwed up to a certain degree but when that system turns a blind eye to crimes of any size they take away the purpose of having either. If you have no interest in right and wrong then its all pointless. Judges should no longer be referred to as Your Honor. The lawyers working for mortgage companies must be of another world where morality doesn’t exist and I cant help but wonder how they teach their kids right and wrong. At any rate, thank you again. Be well

      • Colleen Brown says:

        Joby, glad I could help. A couple of cases to look at that have had a recent impact (especially in California) are: Glaski v. Bank of America (5th Dist. Ct. App. No. F064556); U.S. Bank N.A. v. GreenPoint (for those who are fighting criminal underwriting practices) and Steinmetz v. GreenPoint, U.S. Dist. Ct. New York, June 12, 2008 (Civ No. 08-5367 (PAC) (THK))

      • jerry zlotoff says:

        How do I get in touch with Colleen Brown to get info on where to get info ?

  7. Peg says:

    Does anyone have a sample signature of Gladys Panameno Indy Mac/OneWest ? I have 2 but hard again just a scribble….

      • Peg says:

        I checked on that case and it was dismissed or I did not read it correctly… anything else on Gladys that you may have…. I found her signature on line once and I have one but nothing else about her…
        Really would like to know more about Wendy Traxler.. have her scribble on numerous documents but nothing else … was she a notary at one time in TX ???
        I never checked that…
        thank you

      • Colleen says:

        I have a few signature samples of Wendy Susan Traxler and just one from my own documents for Gladys Panameno. If you want to look at them you can contact me by e-mail. I am also looking for more Darryl Williams signatures, he was given limited power of attorney to sign, but so far, I have seen numerous cut and paste from him. Wendy Traxler has signed on behalf of MERS, Indymac, OneWest and guaranty bank. MERS has no employees, so there is the first misrepresentation, and she has sign as a Vice President and Assistant Secretary on other documents. Gladys is a Notary who has notarized several of Wendy’s signatures.

      • Colleen Brown says:

        Peg, did I ever send you her signature? If not, sorry about that, I am extremely busy with two (almost three) lawsuits going. If I didn’t send it to you, please contact me again.

      • Colleen Brown says:

        For anyone that is interested I have a copy of the limited power of attorney from the FDIC for OneWest bank showing who is authorized to sign on behalf of this company and IndyMac in 2009. This might be an important document to review because if your loan was made, transferred or sold to another bank, then only the people on this limited power of attorney are able to sign any documents concerning the sale or transfer of your mortgage.

    • Chris D'Andea says:

      Hello Peg, I currently have a foreclosure proceeding with IndyMac/MERS/Onewest/
      Deutsche Bank. As part of my answer to their complaint I have a fraudulently altered mortgage document (added parcel not part of original mortgage) along with a fraudulent assignment of mortgage that included the additional parcel. Wendy Traxler signed the assignment of mortgage as Ass Sec of Mers. She appears also to be a Vice First Pres of Onewest Bank. Would love to see what docs you have with her signature.

      • For those that have not used this resource, Maricopia County (Phoenix, AZ) has a searchable database on-line where you can search by name of the signatory. … click on the “REsearch” tab and enter persons name. All documents are scanned and images are downloadable. A search of “Wendy Traxler” yields 500 documents (the maximum).

      • Colleen Brown says:

        Rodney, YOu are a gem. I went the site and found numerous signatures. I wonder if they have something like that in Texas. This is going to make the opposing attorneys heads spin when I attach 500 copies of her signature to the complaint. lol Thanks for the info.

  8. Bob says:

    Did you get your signature of Emily?

    • William Curtis says:

      I have W T’s on my assignment but nothing for E B.

      • Peg says:

        Yes, thank you… I just got your notice in my email this morning… was W T signature a scribble? that is what I have for her signature.

      • Nannette Johnson says:

        Wendy Traxlers signature is a scribbly line on my assignment to, although Im not sure if it is
        her real signature

      • Peg says:

        Nannette, have you ever received anything from Colleen, she has stated that she is building a case against WT and I did request some information but have not received anything…..please let me know if you find any more on WT.. thank you and I will continue also… Peg

    • Peg says:

      DO you have Emily Butler notarizing for Wendy Traxler and if so what kind of signature do you have for Wendy? Wendy’s signature is it just a scribble? Emily is represented by an attorney in CA.

    • Colleen says:

      I never got a signature for Emily, but I need more for Wendy Traxler. I have found a lot of info on her, but I need to build a strong case A new case just became unsealed in Florida involving Robo-signers and I am hoping to do the same in Ca. Check this out:

    • Peg says:

      yes, thank you, I have Emily but to me they all look like her signature from the TX notary but my concern comes from the signatures that she is notarizing…. she has an attorney in CA… so the other question is does she work for OneWest (TX) or the attorney office from CA?

  9. Colleen says:

    I am looking for signatures for Texas notary, Emily Butler and suspected Robosigner Wendy Susan Traxler for a case we are defending in California. Both MERS involved. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. James Blair says:

    I have a sample sig. for Aaron Menne, signing as nominee for MERS in behalf of I quess, Citimortgage. Contact me at I am preparing to file a complaint against Ocwen.

  11. phillip says:

    checking to see if anyone has a depositon on joyce nelson, or noriko colston. If so please comment, where I can find it.

  12. zdaniel says:

    I now have original Signature of John P Gagnon when he was a Notary in the State of Missouri, his mug shot in California for drunk and disorderly in 2011 looking like a real scab, and then his miraculous transformation to Vice President of MERS and Onewest Bank all in one year?…Hmmm
    I also have Verified Notaries signature from the great State of Texas…. for , Troy Lazzara, Alex McBride, Anna Elizabeth Ramsey and Emily Butler, NONE of the signatures I have collected of these people on substitutions or assignments match their Actual signature….go figure….
    Don’t give up people….

    • Peg says:

      I have a signature from the TX notary for Emily Butler..which I think is her signature as of Dec 2012 on my document …… she was to witness Wendy Traxler and have been trying to find a signature for Wendy Traxler.. she signed for MERS works for OneWest Bank

    • Nannette Johnson says:

      zdaniel can you send John P Gagnon signature to me 240-535-0090

      Mrs J. Thanks a bunch! , If anyone needs Elizabeth Hernandez signature I have 15 samples and they are all different 9-16-13

    • Peg says:

      I have an assignment of DOT by John Gagnon but no signature in Dec 2011 stating that he was in TX. can you please contact me….I would like to see the dates…thank you, so much

    • elliottp123 says:


      i have a case with John P Gagnon, would you be so kind to send me the info, my email is

  13. zdaniel says:

    I have a recent assignment filing of June 2012 Signed by John P Gagnon, attested by Wendy Traxler both of Onewest, also Notary Emily Butler, Texas

    If you have any examples of signatures of these people, Please contact me at
    we can trade….

    • Susan says:

      I have an assignment dated 7-18-12 purportedly signed by John P. Gagnon VP MERS as nominee for IndyMac Bank FSB the notary is Collen Ashley. We are suspicious of both signatures. I need another John P. Gagnon signature to compare. Does anyone have it?

      • Colleen says:

        Actually, I have signatures of all three people. I have over 3 dozen of Wendy Traxler and just a couple of Wendy Butler and John Gagnon. I will send them to you in the next couple of hours. I have to scan a couple of them into my computer.

      • peg says:

        thank you for responding

    • Colleen says:

      Susan, I do have one signature for Colleen Ashley as well.

    • Colleen says:

      I also have John P. Gagnon as an Assit. Sec and a Notary in MIssouri.

  14. r stolte says:

    If anyone has any info on Sandra l Mcdonald who was employed by CTX Mortgage in Dallas until mid 2009, pls let me know.
    Very grateful.

  15. christian levis says:

    can I get the info to see about robo signing for me since my mortgage has bonced around from american home mortgage,MERS wells fargo all the people doing it. Is there something thatI can join to help stay my sale nexted month? Help please we are worried

  16. Pam says:

    In Washington State on behalf of NW Trustee Services non judicial foreclosure proceedings in Stevens County, Washington, ROBO SIGNER DEBRA LYNAM, VP of MERS, is robosigning Assignment of the Deed of Trust dated July 2010 (but recorded March 1, 2011 by NW Trustee Services) for MERS as Beneficiary purporiting to assign to Bank of New York Mellon formerly Bank of New York as Trustee for the benefit of the Certificateholders of the Popular Mortgage ABS, Inc. Mortgage Pass Thru Certificates Series 2006-E c/o LITTON LOAN SERVICING, all beneficial interest in DEED OF TRUST dated 9/5/06 together with NOTE or NOTES described or referred to there and all monies due and to become due. KAREN QUILLER is the notary for DEBRA LYNAM located in HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS. Coincidentally with the recording of this Assignment of Deed of Trust dated July 2010 by NW TRUSTEE SERVICES, DIANE DIXON, Asst. VP of LITTON LOAN SERVICING as attorney in fact for BONY MELLON signs an APPOINTMENT OF SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE swearing that LITTON LOAN SERVICING as Attorney in Fact for Bank of New York Mellon as Trustee for the Certificateholders of the Popular Morgage ABS, Inc. Morgage Pass Thru Certificates Series 2006-E was the Beneficiary under the above DOT on MAY 28, 2010. THE QUESTION BEGS ITSELF,
    “If Bank of New York Mellon as Trustee was assigned the beneficial interest in the Deed of Trust and Note (?) in July 2010 by MERS’ DEBRA LYNAM, how is it that LITTON LOAN AS ATTORNEY IN FACT for BONY MELLON can claim in a sworn APPOINTMENT OF TRUSTEE dated TWO MONTHS EARLIER in MAY 2010 that BONY MELLON is already the Beneficiary under the Deed of Trust (although the Assignment from MERS is dated two months later)? All documents were recorded in Stevens County, Washington in March 2011. The closing date of the Trust was in 2006.

  17. mary daggett says:

    They should all go to Jail??? Jail them all?? Seriously, Thats a pretty ignorant statement!!

  18. raul garcia says:

    I have received foreclosure documents 3-years ago and i am still fighting Citimortgage. Five days ago I received the second response to my QWR letter and they added assignment of note and deed of trust documents signed by Kim Krakoviak as Vice President of Associates Financial Services Company of Texas , Inc. she is also signing legal documents as Vice President for CitiMortgage, Inc. see case# 2008 CA 002801, Citimortgage, inc. successor by Merger to ABN AMRO Mortgage group , inc. plaintiff, -vs- Natalia Maslova, et al.

    Can anyone tell me if you have seen the name Kim Kravoviak or Kimberly Kravoviak any any other documents from other banks or financial institutions. All transactions have been done in the state of Missouri St. Charles County in my case. Hope we can all pitch in to help each other since no one seems to care about the financial fraud caused the the big banks.

    • mitchell perkins says:

      Transfer and Assignment by Kim Kravoviak, Assistant Secretary signed for MERS as Nominee for Primary Capital Advisors, LLC on 31 March 2011 recorded 8 April 2011 Fulton County Georgia. The transfer was to Citimortgage, Inc. St. Charles County, Missouri.

      any info available about Kim Kravoviak is appreciated. Thanks

  19. look up the laws of adverse possession in your state and the Castle law and add it to a Notice of Cancelation of the Deed of Trust and Lawful Seisen. I will post this soon for you. Then record it at the recorders office. I am not an attorney, but there is more than one way to do this. What is the law governing adverse possession in Washington?In: Adverse Possession [Edit categories]
    Seattle Real Estate Law
    Legal advice and services for important real estate transactions > Wiki Answers > Categories > Law & Legal Issues > Property Law > Adverse Possession > What is the law governing adverse possession in Washington?Answer: Improve

    In Washington State, the elements that must be met to have a claim of adverse possession are as followed:
    The possession must be……….

    1. Exclusive. Only you, or people authorized by you, can have possession of the land in question for the required period of possession (which is 10 years). Courts have ruled that the possession does not have to be absolutely exclusive, so you will want to discuss your particular situation with an attorney (see below).

    2. Actual and uninterrupted. That means that you actually have possession and control over the land in question, and that possession is not interrupted by an adversary.

    3. Open and notorious. An adversary must be aware that his land is being taken. But you don’t have to write the landowner, or anything like that. Your possession must be in a manner that is overt, not covert.

    4. Hostile. That means that you treat the land in question as your own, and defend it against the world. Adverse possession is not created when you have the permission of the landowner to use his land (so a long-term tenant cannot claim adverse possession).

    (Chaplin v. Sanders , 100 Wn.2d 853 , 857, 676 P.2d 431 (1984))

    You must meet all four of these elements to qualify for adverse possession. You have the burden of proving you met each element. You must have met these elements for a minimum of 10 years.

    Alternatively, if you have held a property for seven years under a “good faith color of title” and have continuously paid all taxes on that property for seven years, you need only prove actual, open and notorious possession to establish adverse possession. See RCW 7.28.070 .

    If you believe that you have a claim of adverse possession, or are facing an adverse possession lawsuit, you should see a real estate attorney immediately! Adverse possession is a complicated subject, and you don’t want to take it on without the guidance of a qualified attorney at law. To find an attorney in your area, you can follow the link below, which is to the Washington State Bar Association’s Lawyer Search. The type of lawyer you want is a Real Property or Real Property/Land Use attorney. Or use your phonebook to look for an attorney near you who offers free consultations.

    Note: There are comments associated with this question. See the discussion page to add to the conversation.
    Washington Eminent Domain

  20. David says:

    Don’t forget Assistant Vice President of Aurora Loan Services in Indiana “NEVA HALL” who also honoring us with her fraudulent presence in California, North Carolina and Florida

  21. John Anderson says:


    Well so much for promises from the banks to be good in the future.
    I know this news will be hard on the 50 state AGs investigation on fraud.
    It’s like your in the process of getting your client and master off with no jail time ” it has to be no jail time for everybody, or the patsies will squeal” and a small manageable fine, from the loot, and they screw up and get caught again, and now what? Ignore, or if confronted plead that some servicers are still confused on the rules and laws ‘ignorance” and reassert that they will do better in the future.
    And Pam Bondi just fired the two attorneys who were investigating foreclosure/document fraud in Florida, claiming they resigned, ” with a gun to their heads ” and that they ” unnamed assistant DAs ” will be even more aggressive.
    My father had a saying that applies.

    • lvent says:

      If you think your are mad now John, watch the you tube videos. The names of the videos are in my comment below.

  22. lvent says:

    Thank You, Lynn. The more proof of fraud we can uncover, the better for all.

  23. lvent says:

    I found a few interesting you tube videos everyone should watch and share. They talk about the banking conspiracy and who is behind it. The videos are entitled: The Ring of Power – Hidden Empire (4 of 29), The Ring of Power -Profiteering from 9-11 (3-29), The Ring of Fire-Vatican Hoarder (5-29), The Ring of Power-Drug Running (23-29),The Ring of Power-Asses of Evil (22-29).

  24. J A says:

    Excellent work, Lynn.

    And to think this sorry mess has been going on, with evidentiary proof of the fact, since 2007 when I was fighting my foreclosure. This coming Monday will mark the 4-year anniversary of when I was served foreclosure papers. One of the robosigners in my file is none other than the infamous Erin Collins-Cullaro herself, and of course Alexandra Medina of LPS signed and dated the warranty deed that stole my house from me in the end (using the foreclosure mill afilliated New House Title LLC as a go-between) posing as the VP of Wilmington Finance when she was not (and still isn’t). And of course it wasn’t properly notarized.

    Lady Justice, blindfolded and wielding a sword in one hand and scales in the other, demands reparation and financial compensation for all of us whose homes were outright STOLEN FROM US!

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