More “Mistakes” on Horizon as Foreclosures Climb After Brief Lull


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  1. Bob Sublime says:

    MERSleaks (like Wikileaks)

    Whistleblower / Hacker Reward
    For the first one(s) to expose the
    MERS and securitization databases
    to the public domain.

    An escrow fund to reward whoever makes public these mortgage databases, to be collected, held and disbursed by a trusted entity. (Michael Redmond, Lisa Epstein, Carol Asbury, or other person(s)),
    Homeowners would contribute to this fund and when the info is exposed, use the info to win in foreclosure or quiet title suits. If nothing was revealed after a certain time (unlikely), the funds could be returned to the contributors.

    • The subprime mortgage fiasco that has laid low our U.S. economy and the real estate market was caused by the Big Banks (BofA, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley).
    • Up to now the banks have been able to foreclose at will, aided by judges who are protecting banks and the 85% of mortgagors who are not delinquent. (“No Free Home” crowd.)
    • 19 out of 20 (95%) homeowners do not even fight the foreclosure. These are great odds for the banks to steal homes.
    • The banks have been using robo-signed and forged documents in court, created out of thin air, because the original “wet ink” documents were destroyed – by the banks no less – when registered into MERS.
    • Banks are now trying to hide the fact that mortgages were registered into MERS and then securitized, leaving the homeowner to prove otherwise in a hostile court.
    • The only reason that the banks are getting away with their denials is that the databases are secret and private.
    • This information is available now, because you or I can, for $199 at Garfield’s blog, find out if your mortgage was securitized. The problem is that the lawyer-types are selling this information, rather than giving it to the public domain.
    • This info would also be useful for the 85% of homeowners who are current on their mortgage payments, as it would signal that their title was clouded and that they needed to sue for quiet title too.

    So what is needed is a public exposure of the whole MERS database, and information regarding the securitization of all mortgages, so homeowners could prove that their mortgage was sold by the banks into securitization, and the banks have no standing as they are no longer holders in due course.

  2. indio007 says:

    I wasn’t even aware the FED has the legal authority to fine anyone. They are a private party remember?

  3. lvent says:

    Bloomberg reporting Wells Fargo getting an 85 million dollar fine from the FED. Something about subprime loans. Let’s not forget what CNBC reported last fall. Wall Street made 60 trillion dollars in 1999 off of mortgage derivatives. 85 million is loose change to these Ponzi Scheme crooks.

    • The way this whole massive crime way has gone…I have my doubts that ANY fines are really being paid…I just don’t trust anyone of them at all…that being all the fines charged to the ill minded crooks…they are all in bed together …this all could just be a front to look like they are really into solving some issues. Sorry, I don’t buy it at all. We have no proof that fines are actually paid…. I use to trust first….NOW I distrust first…kinda like the courts on foreclosures…Guilty until proven Innocent….. so far they have not proven anything….. except that fraud pays well in the court room.

  4. Ron Moss says:

    MERS has recieved a Cease and Desist ordere and should be controled by that order and be in a desist mode

    • MERS SHOULD BE BUT IS NOT. i HAVE PROOF OF MERS SAME ROBO SIGNERS CHRYSTAL MOOORE AND BRYAN BLY, AND G. HERNANDEZ IN King County Washington and Pierce County Washington , as resently as April May and June 2011 doing Corporation Assignments of deed of trust and Re-recording assignments. It is outrageous! All of it. Anyone needing copies of these people on the documents of fraud and perjury, forgery and violation of the Utters law and the Doctrine of Ultra Vires. forgot Leticia Quintana also, e-mail me at You all need to file police reports.

  5. lvent says:

    Thank God he found Matt otherwise I would be worried for this man. Seems like they caught him when his guard was down and that usually does not go well for the homeowner.

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