Pam Bondi’s Ouster of 2 Top Fraudclosure Investigators Raises Troubling Questions

“So, one of two things will happen:

Either Bondi’s office will aggressively stand up for consumers, making the bad guys pay — no matter whose feathers it ruffles.

Or it will resort to the pulled-punches approach to watchdogging that many Floridians have come to expect from attorneys general, present and past — the kind where inflammatory press releases bashing other politicians make more headlines than crusades against the powerful on behalf of the meek.”


Attorney general’s ouster of 2 top investigators raises troubling questions

A few months ago, two of Florida’s assistant attorneys general were blowing the lid off foreclosure fraud in this state.

They were turning up evidence of bogus paperwork, exposing the law firms and lenders at fault — and making them pay.

If the world of investigatory accounting had rock stars, Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson were Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

Right up until they were ousted, anyway.

At the height of their popularity, when Edwards and Clarkson were generating national headlines — and making profiteers nervous — Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office asked them to leave.

So said Edwards, who recalled: “Our director called us in at 3:30 one Friday afternoon and said: ‘You can either resign today, or you’re going to be fired.'”

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12 Responses to “Pam Bondi’s Ouster of 2 Top Fraudclosure Investigators Raises Troubling Questions”
  1. Jason Werner says:

    Arise, O LORD, disappoint him (her – Pam Bondi), cast him down: deliver my soul from the wicked (Pam Bondi), which is thy sword.
    Psalm 17:13

    • Jason Werner says:

      I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would remove her from office certainly never being elected again, but I also pray that federal public corruption and racketeering influenced charges (for something even unrelated) would surface against her and that she would be so afraid of even her own people that she would quit and go home. Lord, please show her a real blessing of serving You, serving innocent victims, truly loving her family, and fighting for justice for all. Amen.

  2. John Anderson says:


    Well so much for promises from the banks to be good in the future.
    I know this news will be hard on the 50 state AGs investigation on fraud.
    It’s like your in the process of getting your client and master off with no jail time ” it has to be no jail time for everybody, or the patsies will squeal” and a small manageable fine, from the loot, and they screw up and get caught again, and now what? Ignore, or if confronted plead that some servicers are still confused on the rules and laws ‘ignorance” and reassert that they will do better in the future.
    And Pam Bondi just fired the two attorneys who were investigating foreclosure/document fraud in Florida, claiming they resigned, ” with a gun to their heads ” and that they ” unnamed assistant DAs ” will be even more aggressive.

  3. Pabgirl says:

    I wanted to send a message to her office abouth this, but then after thinking about it did not want any retribution. In these times anything is possible

  4. Ms. A says:

    What can you expect from a Republican? They have never been on the side of the people and only look out for the elites.

  5. J A says:

    Pam “Blondie” needs to be blindfolded and dropped off at a remote beach somewhere in Florida with a bottle of suntan lotion and nothing else. Let her use her true skills to find her way back to civilization where decent people live.

  6. BB says:

    As a longtime Florida resident, I’ve seen enough of Bondi and Scott. They need to GO. Please get everyone you know to the ballot box and send them packing.

    • Ms. A says:

      How did they get elected in the first place? Bondi has no real record of doing anything of importance and Scott was being investigated for Medicare fraud. As for Bondi, I never trust people who post a photo of themselves that was taken about 30 years ago. That’s a red flag out front about their character.

  7. lies is all they tell says:

    well here the problem there a few different types of folks out there so not sure how this is going to be fixed
    1 those who were uneducated about foreclosure and walked away when the oculd not pay
    2 those found out and are now appealing
    3 those who did not find anything out walked away are mow renting and still are not following. do not know pam bimbo is not helping anyone
    4 then there is those of us whom sensed something was wrong. how do oyu pay so much for a home and 5 years later worth half. there must be fruad????? those of us educated.
    5 people whom are untouched by htis scandle, maybe their house dropped in vlaue but they do not follow any of pam bimbos disreguard for her fellow floridians they see a pretty blonde bimbo and say i am voting fo rher.

    yes we are in sad times when you write your state AG and do not receive email. the only time i ever received a email back is whe wells fargo was included when i sent info links proving the fraud. no emall back.
    so we have been disreguardied. not helped. we all guess her compaign must have been funded by the banks. only reason why she is not helping any of us. we are drwoning. we need help.

  8. Litgant says:

    Here is what I predict: Pam Obondi will be replaced by a Democrat. This Democrat will investigate her. This Democrat will expose everything. And Pam Obondi may face prison time. She is at the helm of the legal system for the public right now, but she will only serve one term. The people of Florida who are in forclosure and remember her going to bed with the big bankers, will remember. And may I say it like this: it will only take about 5,000 who remember to tip the scales to a Democrat in the next election. It is time those in foreclosure and those who lost their homes to fraud, hold those accountable in the AG office who participated in the cover-up. No matter if a person is a Republican, Republicans use to pride themselves in being for the people. And when a Republican AG is not for the people, she is not a true Republican. She is instead a Depublican. If she was an honest person she would show all of us right now what she is doing about the fraud uncovered. But she is not. She is being quiet. She is putting on a smile and a strut and showing off herself like she is a model on a runway. For me, I will vote for a Democrat for the AG office. And I will ask questions of a Democrat candidate if elected will he/she investigate Pam Obondi for criminal behavior? We must plan these things. And then stick to the plan. Pam Bondi must go before she totally guts and wrecks the AG office and makes it the bathroom for the big banks.

    • Readdocs says:

      What are you, a moby or a troll? And please if any of you think the democraps are any better,
      you’d better bone up your american history.
      The democrats had FULL control with a majority in both the Senate and House of Representatives
      along with the White House and have NOT come up with a federal budget in over TWO years.
      That cannot be pushed on any other entity but themselves.
      And by the way, they still have no budgetary plan. They do like passing bills onto us as laws
      that NONE of them have read before voting.

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