Prostitution Ring for Wall Street Clients Busted

You know all those bonuses that people on Wall Street received from the fraud that was perpetrated on you? Well this is how they were spending your money…

Prostitution ring for Wall Street clients busted

(Reuters) – Seventeen people were indicted on Wednesday on charges of running a high-end prostitution ring that catered to Wall Street clients who often spent more than $10,000 in a night, authorities said.

The ring pulled in more than $7 million over three years, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said at a news conference.

“The business of high-end prostitution is enormously profitable,” Hynes said.

The prostitution service, named High Class NY, was run 24 hours a day out of an office in Brooklyn and charged from $400 to $3,600 an hour for its services, according to the 144-count indictment. It also provided customers with cocaine and other narcotics, the indictment said.

Hynes said clients often spent in excess of $10,000 in a single night.

They were “all high-end customers coming from the financial markets. People with nothing but money,” he said.

You can check out the rest here…

Can’t wait to see the client list…


15 Responses to “Prostitution Ring for Wall Street Clients Busted”
  1. Jeanette Ambrose says:

    Here’s some”Cash” for ya’ll…let’s RIDE!!

  2. Jason Werner says:

    I would not be surprised if many of the judges in that area were their customers as well. They probably got sloppy seconds from their Wall Street friends.

  3. I have been a long time listener of Rush Lemba and was shocked at his response and hantg up and name calling of a listener that was angry with banks. He did not give him the time of day and called him names. No respect at all. Hangs up on him. I am not sure I am a listener anymore. I am still trying to absorb just why and what Rush did and said. I was not impressed.

  4. carol says:

    Maybe the brokers should all be drug tested— If they test positive no more brokers license!

  5. Jeanette Ambrose says:

    I have a hunch we don’t know the half of it yet.

  6. lvent says:

    Bring on the client list. While they force the people, the innocent victims of the biggest Ponzi Scheme Swindle and Heist in history to pay for our own robbery with our jobs, our health insurance, our homes that they do not own, the illegal bailouts, ongoing class warfare by the Fed and the National Debt, and continue to slap illegal fraudclosure complaints on citizens for unsecure debts the criminals partied on, with no restraint. Where’s the cuffs?

    • Jeanette Ambrose says:

      Every day it is getting more and more surreal…how deep is this rabbit hole?History repeating…

      Sick sick sick…

  7. housemanrob says:


  8. Lies all of it says:

    Fooking with our money ~ pun intended ~ in more ways then one

    • Jeanette Ambrose says:

      !!!And we the people are to bend over and have the sin of Sodom performed on us again at the hands of THESE?

  9. Jim says:

    Good to know we weren’t the only ones getting screwed!

    • But they knew they were getting screwed, even paid good money for it and we did not know we were getting screwed until the shit hit the fan! And we did not ask for it. There is no end in sight for the devils work. Greedy lustful unconscionable demons all of them! Wine, dine and screw for big money the clients and the hookers. I think the hookers got the better end of the deal only I would not want to be in bed with one of these narsistic devils advocates. It is enough to make you puke! They have no conscions. And it would be such a crime to give a free house to a homeowner that has paid taxes worked hard for the home and has lost their incomes to pay for the homes due to the bank crimes, ehent it is more ethical to give the free house to the criminal. Anyone with a hint of morals would not want to be in the company of a corrupt people who are in bed with corrupt politicians, and corrupt judges and hookers. Sounds like the making for a new disease, called criminal gonarea. ( not familiar with it I might have spelt it wrong, close enough you get the idea.)

      • Maybe this is where the bed bug rumor started……those you can see…can you imagine what the eye cannnot see? EEEEUUUUU !!! Corruption is alway connected to low life sex, drugs and alot of booze…corruption is just another word for screwing everyone one.

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