Fraudclosure | States Negotiating Immunity for Banks Over Foreclosure Fraud

Now, if this happens, will you stand for it?

It is time to take our country back from the elitist banksters…


States negotiating immunity for banks over foreclosures

(Reuters) – State attorneys general are negotiating to give major banks wide immunity over irregularities in handling foreclosures, even as evidence has emerged that banks are continuing to file questionable documents.

A coalition of all 50 states’ attorneys general has been negotiating settlements with five of the biggest U.S. banks that would include payment of up to $25 billion in penalties and commitments to follow new rules. In exchange, the banks would get immunity from civil lawsuits by the states, as well as similar guarantees by the Justice Department and Department of Housing and Urban Development, which have participated in the talks.

State and federal officials declined to say if any form of immunity from criminal prosecution also is under discussion. The banks involved in the talks are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CitiGroup, JPMorgan Chase and Ally Financial.


Reuters reported Monday that major banks and other loan servicers have continued to file questionable documents in foreclosure cases. These include false mortgage assignments, and promissory notes with suspect or missing “endorsements,” which prove ownership. The Reuters report also showed continued “robo-signing,” in which lenders’ employees or outside contractors churn out reams of documents without fully understanding their content. The report turned up several cases involving individuals who were publicly identified as robo-signers months ago.

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  1. Jason Werner says:

    The banks will default on any agreement or settlement anyway, just like the way they default on nearly all of their contracts already. “Immunity” will have no standing because of the banks’ continued crimes.

  2. Teyyah says:

    I’d GLADLY contribute to any collective effort

    Just wondering how AGs can waive private rights to defend property

  3. Snowstorm says:

    Readdocs, Well, it is true. I am utilizing this amended law and it was challenged and they lost, and then they rewrote the amended part to make it’s meaning CLEARER, but the party LOST, as it was determined that the legislators intended it to be retroactive. , meaning all mortgages. It is IC 32-21-4-1 amended with IC 32-36-2-11-16(c) 2007, amended again in 2008 to clarify that it was to mean all mortgages regardless of when they were recorded/filed. It was utilized in a Bankruptcy case, The party had errors on the mortgage instrument, and the attorney was arguing that it did not provide the Constructive Notice required to the third party, therefore the mortgage was null in void,under the old laws in place. The new law that added (technical requirements) allowed for mistakes .This parties mortgage was dated prior to this amendment, therefore the attorney argued that her technical deficiencies voided the mortgage. They lost, as the appeal ruled that the language in the amendment meant all mortgages before or after the date of 2007. I am arguing using the same law, however my mortgage is an unsecure mortgage, and has more than technical mistakes. I can’t find my paperwork at this moment to state the case law. But it is true. I researched it thoroughly.

    • Snowstorm says:

      Readdocs, Found it, The attorney won in the Bankruptcy Court and Voided the Mortgage. The Federal District court overturned the ruling. On Appeal to the 7th Circuit Court, it was confirmed with District Court. The Mortgage was dated 2001, and was before the amendment of 2007. This is why in 2008, they actually rewrote the 2007 to Clarify the wording., just in case someone misunderstands the wording.?? “the District Court noted that the recording statute was again amended in 2008 by the legislature, which clarified the amendment was intended to divest bankruptcy trustees of the ability to avoid improperly recorded mortgages, whether they were recorded before or after 2007 amendment. MILLER v. LASALLE BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION. So, they made it retroactive. AAorney argued that it was before the amendment ,,,but they lost?????

      • Snowstorm says:

        I also read the appeals arguments and it pertains to all mortgages before or after , not just in Bankruptcy. Indiana. So ya can’t really file to the Legislatures on their own amendment. ??? They are doing whatever it takes to PROTECT the BANKS.

      • lvent says:

        I have a friend who was in foreclosure and he filed BK against the same “lender” that is trying to fraudclose on me.. The mortgage went bye bye and the “lender” PHH morgage admitted in court they did not have the note. I think that means he won. I think they can try again but what it does not look likely being their was a Government sting in my state against PHH mortgage and their Fannie Mae attorney network Fisher and Shapiro for admitting to filing fraudulent affadvits and removing signature pages from filings.

  4. Wide-awake says:

    Count me in…the more I read the more disgusted I am with the whole system. My blinders have been taken off and at points in time I’m so saddened that I almost wish I was still asleep. There is no left or right rather a corporatocracy that controls everything. Our entire media is run by six corporations, many of which share board members and are in collusion and there job is to divide and distract. Money has corrupted every corner of power…there is a daily report of how much each campaign has raised as if it gives candidates validity. It is not validity but the claws of corruption digging there way into every elected official.

    My case is so riddled with fraud it’s almost laughable. I for one can’t sit idly by any longer. I will be going to the courthouse tomorrow armed with the names of the foreclosurer mill attorneys. I will be pulling up their past cases and start collecting fraudulent documents. If anyone knows a good forensic expert I’d like to start building a case based with the backing of professional opions.

    Count on my $20, my time in any capacity needed and, my unrelenting will to bring these bastards down.

    • lvent says:

      I met with a Chief Investigative Officer from my State A.G.s office about the mortgage fraud in my loans. He agreed with me the fraud is rampant. He told me to file a complaint. He told me that there are really only 4 people who own everything. Isn’t that ridiculous? The way we allow them to get away with everything that they do to us is even more ridiculous. It is like Dr. Evil and a few of his evil friends are controlling the world. Then they have their Committee of 300 who dictate their evil plans to their soldiers and carry out the evil deeds. The U.S is the revived Roman Empire is what I hear and the Black Pope runs the show from behind the curtain. He is the king of the hill, top of the heap. They use proxies to carry out their crimes of financial terrorism from behind their Wall Street/Bankster MULTINATIONAL FACADE. They are the Rothschilds(London- Berlin). and the Rockefellers(Chase Bank), the Warburgs(Hamburg -Amsterdam), Lazard Bros.(Paris),Israel Seiff, (Italy),Kohn Loeb (Germany), (SMOM/VATICAN/JESUIT OWNED) Goldman Saks. The two principle Rothschilds reps in the NY FED-J.P, Morgan and Kuhn, Loeb and Co.were the firms which set up the Jekyll Island Conference which the Federal Reserve Act was drafted,they are who diverted the subsequent successful campaign to have the plan enacted into law by Congress, and they are who purchased the controlling amounts of stock in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1914. Who owns the Fed Bank? U.S. TRUST CORP AND THE U.N. GENERAL ASSEMBLY A/K/A THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

      • lvent says:

        According to Wikipedia, UNITED STATES TRUST CORPORATION is an American bank holding Co. based in NEW YORK, NEW YORK. It is the oldest trust company in the U.S. and provides personal wealth management to some of wealthiest individuals and families.

        In 2000, Charles Scwabb Corp purchased U.S. TRUST for $2.73 Billion. In 2001, less that a year after the aquisition of U.S. TRUST, the U.S. TRUST subsidiary was fined $10 million in a bank secrecy law case. It was ordered to pay $5 million to the Federal Reserve Board.

        On November 20, 2006, Schwabb announced and agreement to sell US TRUST TO BANK OF AMERICA for $33 Billion cash. The deal closed in the second quarter of 2007.

      • lvent says:


      • Snowstorm says:

        I VENT, I traced my loan with the Bank of America, somehow?? and I saw the Bank of America in Italy everywhere, but my loan is in BELGIUM. Now they sent me a Notice for July 1st that stated they had taken over for BAC, now I get yet another Notice that my debt is owned by COLUMBIA BANK in New Jersey. So, you quessed it. I am heading there Monday . to locate my ACCOUNT??? I am taking my hidden tape recorder…… wonder what I’ll turn up.???? See, they were also betting on us remaining STUPID. I would be willing to BET, Columbia Bank does not have me in their system.??? This is all paper crap to continue to FOOL US.

      • Snowstorm says:

        I Vent, I do realize that NO ONE really KNOWS who owns our debt. I was just researching the foreign owned Banks and all of our banks are all over EUROPE. WOW. This all should just be a NITEMARE.

      • lvent says:

        UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEMBERS: John D. Rockefeller,( U.S)., David Rockefeller, (U.S), David Rene de Rothschild (London/Berlin), Werner Faymann, (Austria), Alois Stoger (Austria), George Soros(U.S., HUNGARY), David Nabarro (London),Margaret Chan Kung Fu-Chung (China),Janet Napalitano(U.S.), Barack Obama(U.S), Kathleen Sebelius(U.S.). ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE WHO WANT TO HELP DESTROY AMERICA.

      • lvent says:

        Susan, I believe all of the mortgages are in a UNSECURE Global Trust. Mine disapeared and went public via Chicago Title and Trust who Chase owns. I believe BOFA owns all of the banks even CHASE. I think CHASE is BOFA’s main bitch. Do we need anymore proof the foreigners want to own our homes, our country and us? A nation of renters. No effing way, not in America. Tell the U.N./ NEW WORLD ORDER TO GET OUT OF AMERICA. RON PAUL IS RIGHT, WE NEED TO REMOVE OURSELVES FROM THE UNITED NATIONS. THESE ELITEISTS WERE REALLY HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. DESPICABLE. I also saw on you tube there is a Zionist plan to disarm the U.S. This is unbelievable. I never thought we would see this in our lifetime!

      • lvent says:

        Susan you should see the number of banks in Malaysia. Have you ever seen Kuala Lumpar in Malaysia? It looks like EPCOT. There is a replica of every major city there. It is effing creepier than all hell. When I went to the website I almost had a heart attack the center of the screen it said WEIMAR and the word faded in and out.. Like Weimar Republic maybe? People on you tube were chatting on there about how the world was going to be changing to a one world time. It looked like there were like thousands of army barracks of some kind there. Since we really went off the deep end on conspiracies tonite, have you heard about the fake alien invasion they are supposed to be staging in their final attempt at a world takeover? It is on you tube. Alof of people are believing this one. I swear to God, you can’t make this stuff up. If we could we would be rich authors or something.

      • lvent says:

        Susan I traced my commercial property “loan” to HSBC RBS (notice, not RMBS) on BLOOMBERG and then found out the loan is in a GLOBAL TRUST. Screw that. These dirty crooked treasonist bastards who are the politicians need to be drag out of office and thrown in GUNATANAMO. DID WE ASK FOR OUR LOANS TO BE PUT IN A GLOBAL TRUST. WHO THE EFF GAVE THEM PERMISSION TO DO THAT? DID WE AGREE TO THAT???? THAT IS WHY THEY SET US UP TO FAIL. THOSE, DIRTY TREASONIST PIGS. .NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS , NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU.

      • Snowstorm says:

        Wow, You know all this S _ _ _ ? I’m going to research it tomorrow. Thanks for all the good info. Pretty scary stuff! No wonder nonone believes us.?? I Vent, I ‘ve researched all of what you print and it is not made up. Stay cool

      • lvent says:

        I started at the SEC Susan but I got nowhere so I went to the original “lender” website from my refi and typed in the the Trust no. they placed on the foreclosure lis pens at my recorders office at Grantor/Trust no. It booted me to HSBC at Bloomberg and found out the “loan” is in a GLOBAL TRUST. This is high treason by the U.S. GOVERNMENT and I am furious. I know they do not actually own my loan, they own the money flow but WTF? Who said they could do that? Did they ask our permission? We were told the mortgage loan might be sold to another bank but they left out alot of details to that like the shitty loan pools they would be putting my UNSECURED DEBT into and that foreigners from around the world would be investing in these risky loan pools. What they did was ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL and I demand a full loan reccission or I will sue everyone and anyone until they drop dead. I haven’t had a lien secured to my deed in 19 years. They only get 12 years in Illinois to assign a debt the recorder’s office told me and they told me because of that my home is paid for, I can live in it, sell it, or do whatever I want with it. That does not even include all of the other fraud I found. They can all F—off. I have the paid deed with title insurance attached conveyed to me at Origination with no lien properly assigned to it ever.. They have a cloudy title and they altered docs after the closing.

      • lvent says:


    • macy says:

      Dear Wide Awake and others- Here is a great forensic auditor. He is savvy, nice and does an amazing and thorough job.
      Best of luck.
      Fight, Fight, Fight!!!!

  5. Mark Stopa says:

    Unfortunately, the U.S. government is littered with politicians who prostitute themselves out to Wall Street. We need politicians who will fight for us. In my view, no meaningful change will happen (along the lines being discussed in this thread) until WE elect politicians who share our views.

    Read the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. Seriously. These are the sorts of things for which new governments are created … or, at minimum, new people are elected.

    I will do whatever I can to help. But until the people passing the laws and making the rules are different, i.e. more aligned with us, it’s a constant, uphill battle.

  6. macy says:

    how would this affect existing cases and ones pending? this is crazy.

    • Snowstorm says:

      Macy, In Indiana, when the legistration amends anything they always make it retroactive BACK to another date in time. So ,, I will find it hard to believe that we would all be GRANDFATHER’ D in?? It will involve too many of us. We must REVOLT. END OF STORY.

      • macy says:

        I wonder if there is a forum, site, blog where the good guys foreclosure defense attorney across the county who are fighting for the little guys? If so they need support and get involved in this issue. If there isn’t one there should be. hint-hint- 4closurefraud and foreclosurehamlet- : )

      • Snowstorm says:

        I meant to say legislation, DUH ! Is that even right???

      • macy says:

        yeah- that looks right. lol those in florida have you heard of attorney matt weidner? he seems to be on of the good guys

      • Readdocs says:

        If Indiana has passed laws that are retroactive, they are unconstitutional.
        The state legislature needs to be challenged and taken to court forcing them
        to correct any laws they’ve passed which were retroactive.

    • Macy….I believe the overall setup that the scumbag bankers thought … would leave them to take control of all the homes…..I don’t think they thought that we would come to face them head on….one way or another…it is time they all eat crow…the whole corrupt bunch of them. Protests held outside the courts will damper the court preceedings…..same with the banks. We will have to wait till we get word on going forward…to see about the affect on the existing cases. In the mean time we can start spreading the word that ‘ something ‘ is being planned…we have no choice but to stand up for our rights, our freedom, and for the country……there will be no immunity…that right there says they are guilty…otherwise there would be no need to even suggest that. Just remember this is not over FLAWS…as they keep calling it….this is FRAUD done on everyone.

  7. These Attorney Generals ( and I hate even calling them that) need to admit they are all worthless…they need to stop the horse playing and pack-up….they proved they have done not a damn thing period. The Florida office of the AG is a sick mess…right along with the courts, the Bar Assoc. and the full government. Everyone knows why they all have turned evil and crooked….who controls them from behind… We are not stupid…We also know 2 wrongs don’t make it right….But when MANY WRONGS are shoved at the people, we must now stand and do what is necessary….REVOLT. The Federal Reserve, the banks and the government from top to bottom have used every excuse and every way to climb out of their very own mess ..they are like rats and roaches running to excape… it won’t work…we are done playing their crooked games. People need to get very serious and start the action……talk has done nothing….but action will. We need millions to wake up and take this country back…as of now they have broken all laws of the land…so folks, their are no laws left that we must follow….it is now a free for all. Frig the foreclosures….the banks do not own them….they planned the frauds to gain control and profit…..NOW it is our turn. Stop the money flow…cut the cord. We need to demand an indenpendent audit of the Ft. Knox gold and silver… better be there…it belonged to the people….that is the back up to the dollar….and flip the fed. reserve back to where it belongs…in hell. The National debt is worthless…just figures given ..not money backed up…is that not insane???? Get rid of the reserve and the big banks will crumble…. these are the culprits right along with our own government for many many years….and most bastards that lied to us are still living………………………

  8. Snowstorm says:

    IN MY OPINION, They already KNOW . This is WHY, they need this DEAL!. If they didn’t do anything WRONG. there would be NO NEED for IMMUNITY. The only thing the people can do , is JOIN FORCES, get one or two million of us to start a FIGHT FUND, so we can storm the country with the REVOLT. Money talks. As a group we could generate millions to find an attorney to take our case to the government, or just use the monies to fund the REVOLT. If we all donated just $10 (ten) dollars, that would be (10) million, or $20 (twenty) dollars would be $20 million, with ONE MILLION MEMBERS. Get the word out using the Radio programs and craigs list. Power in NUMBERS and MONEY. Alone we are not winning! Every state, every person, every foreclosure. Maybe the lawyers who do the Florida’s radio show, could collect the money and be OUR REPRESENTATION. It has to done on a NATIONAL LEVEL, not just by the state. Let’s start BRAINSTORMING. WE need to get OUR MOVEMENT MOVING. cause their moving and it’s not in OUR DIRECTION.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      What about asking Lynn Szymoniak? She’s an attorney; fought her own foreclosure, had a stint on 60 minutes and works with foreclosure hamlet? She could hold the funds and represent the people as a “whole”? Think she would be game? …..

      • Snowstorm says:

        Yes, Bobby Swann, That is a great suggestion. Let’s try to contac her and see if she’s game. Where is she from? Yes, she was great on 60 minutes, STUCK her neck out. and TOLD THE TRUTH. This is what we need, Someone like her to start the Bank Account, take our cases to the GOVERNMENT??? ( not sure who we could take it to). Any ideas out here??? WE need a NAME for OUR GROUP. Suggestions???? UNITY and full SUPPORT. EVERYONE needs to start advertising FREE on CRAIGS LIST for members. They have a POLITICAL LINK. Just need to advertise for support and representation of your foreclosure or your wrongful foreclosure, for the FEE, and your support. . This could work .

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        I sent an email to Lisa @ foreclosure hamlet to ask her about Lynn. She has a connection with Lynn. I’ll be there in a heartbeat with a donation if it can come together. Say how about
        H.O.P.E. – helping outst pretender-lender extinction…sort of contradictory to the “real” HOPE started by the government, don’t ya think?

      • I was with Lynn this afternoon. I will see what she thinks…


      • Snowstorm says:

        Wow Bobbi, Right on—- Let’s Roll. I am excited. I H.O.P.E. She accepts our challenge. The government will probable SUE us if we use their HOPE name. LOL. Hey . all you fighters, out here, we can find names in the county court houses for foreclosures or in the newspapers where they advertise the Sheriff’s sales.Just use the old phone book . Need to contac one million people to join in. Just $20 bucks each and we will have 20 million to FIGHT BACK WITH. Who knows, we could get on TV, and get 5 million people. Everyone has $20 bucks. Then we have would have 100 million. WE could even start a Movement to buy the foreclosed homes BACK and give them BACK to the rightful OWNERS. THINK BIG.

      • Snowstorm says:

        WOW, Bobbi, Good going. I really hope we can find the support needed. I suppose the only reason they would say “NO WAY” would be FEAR of RETALIATION. This is what is so sick, about this mess. WE can not find attorneys to take our cases with or without money. Alot of people, like to B – – CH, but when it comes down to getting involved they shy away. No one has alot of time. to invest. …but this IDEA will not take to much time to get moving. Bobbi, I understand there are professional organizers that we could hire to speak for us. LOUD AND CLEAR. on FOG HORNS, on the Washington Mall Lawn. We need a permit to be there.. The bottom line here folks is,, HELLO,,,WE ARE LOSING THIS BATTLE. Time for the SHEEPLE to step up to the plate, and GET MOVING. WE OUT NUMBER THEM.

      • Snowstorm says:

        We can even RECRUIT everyone, for OUR CA– USE. Our families and friends could all cough up 20 bucks in your support. All my friends are sick of me and think I’m NUTS, so they would be glad to give up 20 bucks if I’d shut up for a couple days. LOL Just Brainstorming? The pot will keep growing, as the country kicks in. We could notify the radio stations to announce OUR MOVEMENT. It’s news, THE REVOLT AGAINST THE BANKS. PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.

      • lvent says:

        Susan someday they will realize you were right about everything. They want us to sound nuts. They planned it that way. They did not want anyone to believe us. That is how diabolical and maniacal this scheme is. It was well planned by the elite and they have the best and the brightest working for them. You would think with all of their wealth they could maybe do something good for the world like stop poverty and world hunger. Instead they create it.

      • lvent says:

        Hey, Chicken Little, the sky really is falling.

      • lvent says:

        Let me know where and I will send the 20 Susan. We need to go beserk on the legal system and turn the whole thing into legal chaos. Everyone needs to really start filing those criminal complaints. The AG’s, police reports which go to the States Attorney, the FBI Mortgage Fraud Division, flood the DOJ’s office and the U.S. STATES ATTORNEY’S OFFICE with CRIMINAL complaints of proof of the rampant fraud and illegal foreclosure filings on cloudy titles. THERE ARE MILLIONS OF US. WE MUST FIGHT FOR NATIONWIDE LOAN RECISSIONS BECA– USE OF THE PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST. I DONT WANT TO PAY THESE FOREIGN CROOKS ANOTHER DIME WHO SET ME UP TO FAIL AND PUT MY LOAN IN SOME GLOBAL WORLD TRUST. THAT WAS UNFAIR AND DECEPTIVE PRACTICES AND TREASON THAT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT ALLOWED IT.. WE NEVER AGREED TO THAT. THAT WAS NOT IN OUR CONTRACT..

    • Snowstorm…you are so right on….could not have said it better…..the nerve that immunity is even mentioned tells the world they are guilty….I say for the AG’s to stop now…they are nothing but a breed from the same seed. We have had enough of their faulty doings…they have done nothing…a complete failure…..they have fooled no one….as one comment say’s GET THE ROPE…..we don’t want anymore dumbass ideas….this is criminal crime what the banks have done…I say Criminal Intent…I am not a lawyer but I believe many people have more knowledge and brains than many lawyers of today…that includes the AG’s…. and the AG’s being Law Enforcement should know that they are aiding and abetting with the criminals….going along with their demands…so that proves they too are crooked. Get their ratsa$$ out of office. This is so disgusting……..

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        I just posted a question to the Mark Stopa law firm site asking if he would be interested in helping us as a “whole unit”? Let’s see what he has to say…
        I asked him to come to this post and read the responses……

  9. Jim Bethea says:

    If the atty generals “sellout” their sworn duty to these European/ Illuminat controlled cartels, then they are no better than their crooked friends in high places…………..

    Did the little ole lady that got “illegally foreclosed ” upon and and had to watch her life long person, family and household possessions be thrown out on the streets get any offer of a “SETTLEMENT” but these bottom-feeding bankers and their conspiring lawyers??? NO

    Did any of the people that committed suicide because they had been threatened and abused by these bankster illegal collectors to a point that they “GAVE UP ON LIFE ITSELF” get a settlement offer from any of these bankster criminals??? NO

    Did the single mothers who were doing all they could do to properly raise their children who were later found living out by a restuarant dumpster offered any kind of SETTLEMENT from these crooks??? NO

    Was the man who set fire to his own house while the law officers where evicting [throwing him out] offered a SETTLEMENT >> Sort OF ~~ The law officers were so scared of him that one of the cowards shot him several times and left him in critical condition?? I am get a bit older now but I remember very clearly of my childhood days when 1 – ONE – UNO law officer would be sent to deal with an altercation involving several people ~ now they send an entourage to deal with a civil / domestic issue with just one man or one little ole lady??? I think these cops are watching much too much TV about the Cyber Cops with a dress array that makes them look like they are going into a hot kill zone in a foreign country at war ~~ I am affaid that long gone are the days of the local PEACE OFFICER and is now replaced with a single mindset of being a POLICE OFFICER ~~ By real law their is a huge difference………

    I will so glad when the day comes that all of these illegal cartels like the IRS, Fed Res, Intl Monetary Agencies and the World Bank will be abolished and their top officers and officials will be forced to answer for their ongoing and endless crimes………..

  10. WakeUpAmerica! says:

    I just started to frequent this site and must say that I am impressed with the knowledge and compassion of the average poster.

    I am not surprised in the least by this story. I’m just a year into my situation and made the mistake of thinking the OCC would be a great help to me. 9+ months and my case is still “under review.” I also contacted my state AG on numerous occasions and never received a reply.

    Unfortunately, the average American doesn’t have a clue as to what is happening with “fraudclosures” or has bought into the bank-fueled propaganda that we are all a bunch of squatters trying to obtain a “free house.” When I tell people the bank started the foreclosure process while my loan was current they look at me as if I have two heads.

    I have an aggressive attorney and will fight the bank down to my last nickel. I will not cave to their efforts of deception and degradation.

    • The ‘ other ‘ people who may think you are nuts are in for a big shock if and when they find out what this secret society ..(.that is behind all this )…has in store for them as well. Every one who does not know needs to get some knowledge real soon…they are in for something they will not like. Too many people have their nose stuck on the evening News which is also controlled by the society….lies upon lies…same with the newspapers…they are all controlled…..none of this is allowed to be told…just as the government and the state governments, the courts, the Bar Assoc….the lawyers…are under their control…the Federal Reserve dollars are not backed up with anything…the paper money is just a piece of paper…coins are the only money…our National debt is figures to the federal reserve..the fed. reserve owns the IRS…does that grab you and the British ( the queenie) has control of our social security…and all the fake wars were the idea of this groupie of sicko’s so we would pay for the wars and borrow more money to keep this country in debt….keep in debt till they could take over the country. By the way…this debt will never be paid off…they have screwed the country…this government keeps borrowing from the fed reserve to pay the interest payment back to them when due…so the debt gets bigger and bigger. when in fact the fed reserve has no money’s all AIR. The Iraq war was for oil..they had nothing to do with 911…Afghanistan..minerals in the mountains..GOLD..and JP Morgan Chase is over there with their nose in the gold…..good luck to your friends..

  11. talktotennessee says:

    I filed suit against my lenders and advise those of you who believe you have a predatory or loan with title defect or fraud should do the same if you think you were duped into a bad loan and are now losing you home. Go to a bankruptcy attorney and ask which attorneys are handling these types of litigation. In larger cities there should be some attorneys that are doing more than just filing petitions. A bankruptcy attorney should know who is on the front lines doing this work. If you can’t find one go to legal services or legal aid and ask. Often they know of government paid legal assistance that can help those who can’t afford an attorney. There are some attorneys who do this work pro bono occasionally for the elderly, indigent or just poor families.

    In most cases your should be grandfathered in on any “deal” that is made after the fact. However, saying this I am not an attorney and cannot advise you so the best thing to do is talk to people and get advice and what you can do. I doubt the attorney generals can make a deal for individuals. They don’t represent individuals so any change that would change law would have to come from the state legislatures. However, the AG can stop the cities and states from suing the banks as a group or some government housing entities from suing. Since that is where big money and loss is for banks, this will be the route they are trying to go down. They will buy elections and campaigns for anyone who will get them off the hook both in civil and criminal action..
    I would not vote for any candidate who is part of a deal like that and make it known with my contributions and voice. You can only protect yourself and take action relative to self. If I have to answer or pay for some mortgage originator, broker or AE that sold me to the highest bidder, you can believe I will not support anyone who lets these crooks off. This blog is good to keep us informed but it is the mere tip of the iceberg. We really aren’t getting our word out in a big way. Th majority of people out there that have been used and abused by the banks will never know or have the will to fight. They just go through the day expecting the best or worst depending on their outlook and think they can do nothing about it as one person. You can write letters to the OCC, your Senators and Representatives, both state and federal. You can write the attorney general, even if you think he or she does not have your interests at heart. They do watch public sentiment. Have your friends write, post on your fb or email. Get the abuse out because it impacts everyone, even those with no default problems are losing value in their homes.

    Don’t be silent or all talk and no action! Fight!

    • lvent says:

      2 years ago, my brother in law was evicted from his townhouse for falling 2 months behind on Homeowners ass. fees. Without a foreclosure even being filed by WELLS FARGO the Cook County Sheriff’s Dept. evicted him and humiliated him in front of his neighbors. He called for free legal help and the lawyer told him lies and a week after that phone call a Sherriff’s Deed appeared on his public recordings.Now his entire loan history has disapeared from the COOK COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS WEBSITE. SOME REAL ESTATE BITCH DECEIVED HIM INTO SIGNING HIS HOME AWAY TO HER AND THEY STOLE HIS HOME FROM HIM BECA– USE HE DID NOT KNOW HIS RIGHTS……. He never even had a day in court to defend his home. Free lawyers from what I see work for the banks and are not your friend,

      • lvent says:


      • talktotennessee says:

        Not necessarily. All legal aid attorneys are not crooks. If he lost his home solely because of HO association fees, he probably could have retrieved it at some point with either payments or by filing bankruptcy petition. It sounds as if he transferred it to someone else hoping to circumvent the process. If he was duped into doing so he has (or had) a cause of action against the party who did it. If she was a real estate agent, he could have filed with the state real estate commission against her and brought an action and a hearing in which he could tell his story and she would have to answer the inquiry. Agents carry E & O insurance just for such issues. The state real estate commission would sanction her if she did something illegal or unethical. Usually there is a redemption period on tax sales and some types of seizures. It sounds like he may have signed away his rights. Still if he was deceived, he could file either a complaint or legal action against those who deceived him, if within the statute of limitations.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        @ Ivent – there are 16 states that allow condo associations (and some homeowner associations) to have SUPER LIEN power. Not sure if your state is one of them but they take precedence over the first mortgagee (the bank). They can foreclose in the wink of an eye under this law. If your brother in law lives in one of these states he could have been working with WF but the condo association under SUPER LIEN would be first in line and shove WF right out the door. I would never live in a condo nor would I ever live in a subdivision that has a mandatory homeowner’s assn. They are just mini GUSTAPOS!!!!

      • lvent says:

        The point is, he did not know his rights at the time. He had a lawyer hired by his sister but the lawyer did not tell him his rights either. He was deceived and taken advantage of horribly by his own attorney, WELLS FARGO and their REAL ESTATE AGENT. No one should lose their home over a couple thousand dollars in homeowners ass. fees. He lived there and paid his mortgage on time for 15 years. That debt was unsecure I also found out. I had him call the free attorney for help and that free attorney talked to him like he was a piece of shit criminal. I could hear every word he said to him on the phone. I told him to hang up on the attorney. The attorney called him back a few minutes later from a cell phone and told him to hire a PRIVATE ATTORNEY that his case must be one of the few mistakes that have been made. Then a week later he finds out the bastards recorded a Sherriffs Deed on his recordings.

      • lvent says:

        Thanks alot for that info Bobbi. We live in Illinois. I will look into that. I still think they did something illegal to him. I agree about those ass. fees, that is alot of commie crapola. I can only imagine the elderly people on fixed incomes who live in fear of this happening to them or if they even know this could happen to them. It is despicable how deceptive these contracts are..

      • lvent says:

        Bobbi, It looks to me like Illinois did pass Public Act 96-1045 effective 7-14-10 which was after he was evicted. That act gives non-condo ass. a 6 mos. Super Lien in foreclosure. He was living in a townhouse.

      • lvent says:

        talktotennessee, I did not say all free attorneys were crooks, I said they are working for the crooks. I can give Obama credit for one thing, He woke up alot of the sheeple. Time will tell what the economic landscape will like in Nov. 2012. His election hinges mainly on the economy and nothing else really matters. He can make the criminals pay and end the wars or keep letting them bankrupt America. He still has time to fix the problems both parties created. If Obama plans on letting the crooks make this a nation of destitute renters and allows the WALL STREET/FEDERAL RESERVE crooks get away the PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST and the CLASS WARFARE, he will not get re-elected. If MAINSTREET is not alot better off economically by Nov. 2012 no one will vote for Obama. The people have had enough of the kicking the can down the road by this Administration. Obama has allowed the Banking Cartel to make him look weak and defenseless and that is all the American people see. The American people are sick and tired of being held hostage by these foreign multinational crooks who have ROBBED AND hijacked this country and continue to bail themselves out and hand MAINSTREEET THE BILL AND the U.S. GOVERNMENT IS ALLOWING IT.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        @ Ivent – glad you found out. It was passed here in Florida the same year (2010). However, in the law here in FL it still carried with it certain restrictions and ramifications if certain criteria was not followed under the SUPER LIEN law. I would suggest doing some research on how your own law was enacted and if all those requirements were properly fulfilled. He still may have some rights, maybe not to reverse the sale, but within the system to sue or get some sort of monetary damages from the H.O. It’s worth a try, right?

      • lvent says:

        You are soo right Bobbi!!! Thank You.

    • Snowstorm says:

      Sorry Tennesee, I think it will be retroactive BACK to include all of us. Ya know, all the tricky bulls – – – t double talk crapola. It will start with ANY AND ALL FORECLOSURE DOCUMENTS, that exist in the entire U.S.A. dating back to the year 1776. We won’t stand a chance. LOL….. but….no joke

  12. lvent says:


    • lvent says:


      • lvent says:


      • talktotennessee says:

        Ivent, there are more crooks in the banking system than in prison for terrorism. Until we regain control of banks and regulate them we will be at their mercy. The GOP has always supported deregulation for the banking system. That is how we got into this mess. Rememer that when you vote. Many people who support the Republican or Tea Party never realize these parties represent them only when they need your vote. If you are not big business or wealthy, your interests are not represented by the GOP. It isn’t that the Democrats do a lot better but you always know where you stand with the GOP. Your interests are way behind the banks, corporations, big business and they are busy removing individual rights as fast as they can for those individuals in states where they hold a majority. These are predominantly in the South now. It seems they have impressed southerners with their stands on abortion, gay and gun rights, which are rhetoric vehicles for the GOP. Tennessee is an example of a running wild GOP controlled legislature that is busy destroying bargaining rights, unions and tort reform in favor of big business.
        People need to pay attention. Particularly the Obama haters who would vote anyone or anything but Obama. He is far from our largest problem when it comes to controlling the banks and replacing regulations to favor the bank’s bottom line.. It is the party line you have to watch, not the individual.

      • lvent says:

        talktotennesse: Who funded Obama’s campaign? Goldman Sachs and the Chicago banking cartel and I even heard George Soros. Repub, Dem. I don’t see a difference.The banks own both parties. I am aware the Tea Party was put in place to deceive the masses into voting Repub. Now the people in Wisc. have a real Nazi tyrant they are living with. The two party system is completely corrupted and broken down. I had faith in Obama for a time but I don’t see what he has done for us except ALLOW WALL STREET and THE FEDERAL RESERVE to party on, and create more debt for the people. Obama and Congress allow the FEDERAL RESERVE to commit class warfare on the people and let the WALL STREET CROOKS GO UNPUNISHED. He has also created new wars and more debt for us, while we all fight for everything we have left. WHERE IS THE DOJ, WHERE IS THE U.S. STATES ATTORNEY’S OFFICE. WHY ARE THEY NOT DROPPING AFFADAVITS ON ALL OF THESE CROOKS? THERE IS JUST NO EXC– USE FOR OBAMA OR HIS ADMINISTRATION EITHER.

        He has given foreign countries billions while millions in this country can’t find jobs to feed their families or pay their bills.

  13. lizinsarasota says:

    Here’s the thing. Unless citizens go to their courthouses RIGHT NOW, create searchable databases that demonstrate the fraudulent activity of the banks, and CONFRONT their Attorney General with the evidence, then this fraud will be papered over. Period. End of statement.
    I am going over the to 12th Judicial Circuit Clerk of Court’s office today and add to the conversation that the Registrar of Deeds in Massachusetts started. You remember, John O’Brien found 75% of the mortgage assignments filed in 2010 by Chase, Wells Fargo, and BofA were INVALID, whether because of signing by a known robosigner, forgery, and/or various notary public “issues.” This fraud isn’t hard to spot. Those of us who have been fighting the use of fraudulent documents can easily identify many of the names we see, can tell in a side-by-side comparison of signatures that at least ONE is a forgery, and we can do the math on dates used by notary publics, so lets all get out and create searchable databases! You’d need a laptop with an excel-type spreadsheet function. You’d need the case number, the name of the bank/lender (exactly), the name of the law firm, the individual attorney, all the notary information, and then, if you see anything that looks questionable, list those things so someone else can go directly to those issues. We need a reasonably-sized group of mortgage assignments – 500 would probably be a good number to start with. Then those figures need to be categorized, just like they did in Massachusetts, and turned over to the Clerk/Registrar, the Court, the Attorney General, the state Bar, law enforcement/governmental agencies, and the press.
    We don’t have a lot of time here. However, I would think that if we had documentable evidence with a good representation of several counties in a dozen or so states, whatever pie-in-the-sky settlement the AGs are trying for would have to be called back and some REAL numbers with a REAL investigation would have to commence.
    I went to our clerk’s office last week and, for no particular reason, did a very cursory examination of mortgage assignments from Deutsche Bank filed in 2008. ALL OF THEM, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, featured some species of fraud. The names of known robosigners leaped off the pages. Some where obviously forged. Dates didn’t jibe. Notary stamps were fishy.
    The fraud is there. We KNOW it’s there. It’s in the mortgage assignments, it’s in the financial affidavits, it’s in the affidavits of lost notes. It pervades our court system and ruins the integrity of our very country.
    We have to go out and find it, and we have to do it NOW.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      You are probably right, Liz, but what you are asking is a LOT, LOT of time spent at the courthouse. As for me I’m just trying to work to get by. These county recorders who have done these investigations are on SALARY to do this so they are already being paid to commit to this kind of time. I can’t be sitting at the courthouse for days and days on end and give up work to feed my family. There should be enough with what’s been found by other recorders sufficient to kill the deal with the AG’s……no wonder the poor man in South Florida set fire to his house and then ended up being shot so many times by the police. He had a full time job too at the same hospital that they sent him to after the shooting. I truly believe that if there is not some sort of reform coming there is disaster for the USA and people will begin to revolt to the streets. God help us as many people will die as well.

      • Readdocs says:

        Once again the bashing of the tea party. The people who have come together demanding SMALL
        government, and SMALL taxation come from all walks of life, political temperament and political
        affiliation. That is their focus, nothing else.
        As to the republicans, read your american history about who started us down the road we are
        now on. The democrats, after the starting of the KKK, the Jim Crowe laws, the beginnings of
        gun control. All done to control the black population, marginalizing them, putting them back on the
        plantation where the democrats have always mandated they belong in perpetuity.
        Now the two party system is broken beyond repair. It doesn’t matter what letter follows the elected
        names, they are all the same ilk. Everyone in office needs to go, they need to be fired. All. Of. Them.
        As to the idea of making records of all the crime committed and then filed and recorded at the
        local county courthouses should be done. Because if we the people do not do it for ourselves,
        our families and our country it will not be done. We cannot rely on the government for help,
        for aid or for justice. Having a job will become inane in a short period of time because we are
        still losing jobs faster than new ones are being made.
        We just aren’t hungry enough and mad enough yet.

    • Bob Sublime says:

      Hey, lizinsarasota, you are right-on! I’m in SRQ too, and I have some time to commit. Can I assist in the search and database-building? If I can help, please contact me. Thanks.

    • CAFE says:

      Liz: great idea. I am starting as soon as possible. absolutely, there is fraud everwhere on this issue. And a lot of it is boldly chronicled at Deeds across the nation. We can do this. A national movement, petitions, legal experitise. If governments can be overthrown by demos organized through the internet, why can’t citizens of this country organize to fight the Banksters and hold them accountable for their greed! Fines for the corporations and banks is not holding them accountable for the devastation that has been caused to millions across this country. The legal system needs to step up to the plate and try these greedy bastards in a court of law and incarcerate them. It’s a challenge, for us all.

      As for legal aid attorneys I have met some really good ones. However there are some that are incompetent at best. Besides there is little help anywhere on this issue. New Hampshire? They cut funding and are taking no new cases. The NH Bar? Few lawyers in that field and they all want retainers.

      Keep trying people. Educate yourselves, connect with others, go to this site, livinglies and others. Go Pro Se if you have to. Don’t give up. This is too important on a wide scale. There is power in numbers.

      Proud of Salem Deeds! I lived in Salem for years and spent hours perusing the Registry. I now live in NH. Nothing being done up here in this non-judicial state with no legal help. Anyone interested in organizing statewide here and nationally contact CAFE, c/o Diane through

      Let’s get started and investigate the “Deeds of Greed”.

  14. tommy says:

    so…as I understand this, is that the state gets the settlement monies and the home owners lose the right to defend themselves against the big banks. That’s like letting the coyote into the chicken coop and telling him to behave himself.

    Foreclosure Ordinance….GOOD FOR SPRINGFIELD MA……

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      I just posted a question to the Mark Stopa law firm site asking if he would be interested in helping us as a “whole unit”? Let’s see what he has to say…

      • Not sure on this..but I read the American Bar Association is under a ‘ secret oath ‘ …the British Guild…..not American…the queen did an admendment in 1997 according to what I read. I can say I believe that to why so many lawyers are on the ‘ other side ‘…..and the good ones are being watched by the hawk eyes and ears….they can’t go against this secret oath….or they chance to loose their law license. I believe 2 lawyers in Florida are having some problems because they used freedom of speech. And that is why the courts give no rights to the homeowner…just to the fraudulent papers summitted to court….with this all makes sense….to the courts we are the slave and the enemy….under their secret oath which may be the same as the lawyers.. Sounds like a real deep cult with no value of life but their own…..well..we can teach them the value of something other than the old mighty buck.

      • Sorry, the amendment was done in 1997 ( by queenie lady of Britain) on Social Secutiry…they control that too. But the British Guild has the secret oath for lawyers in America. That is why anything to do with the lawyers not siding with the homeowners tells everyone those lawyers are in the same racket as the whole financial industry and all forms of government…top to bottom…Federal to State. . From the looks of things and the way the legal system has gone off the beaten track…it sounds like this secret oath is a form of a threat. I may be wrong but the gut feeling say’s I’m not. Notice the Bar does not go after the lawyers working for the banks and file fraud documents in the court….no one see’s any wrong doings….not the courts not the Bar….but for a lawyer to use free that calls for a horse whipping….

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