Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel Refers Orlans Attorney Marshall Isaacs for Criminal Investigation

Hertel refers Orlans attorney for criminal investigation

Ingham County Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel Jr. has referred a top attorney from Orlans Associates, one of Michigan’s largest mortgage foreclosure law firms, to law enforcement for a criminal investigation of allegations of robo-signing.

Hertel tells Michigan Messenger that he referred Marshall Isaacs and examples of his signatures filed at the Ingham County Register of Deeds to law enforcement because he believes Isaacs did not sign all the legal documents. Hertel declined to identify the law enforcement agencies involved, but did note that there were at least two interested in the Isaacs case.

The Isaacs allegation were first reported by Michigan Messenger earlier this month. Authorities in Massachusetts placed Isaacs on a list of likely or suspected robo-signers based on an independent analysis by a fraud investigator. At the time Messenger reported on the Massachusetts situation, Hertel said his office was taking the allegations against Isaacs “very seriously.”

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8 Responses to “Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel Refers Orlans Attorney Marshall Isaacs for Criminal Investigation”
  1. Jason Werner says:


    Technically, we should just motion for summary judgment in this criminal matter and go right to sentencing.

    Sentencing: Make ’em be an investigator to examine every document filed at the office for the past six years, and help correct the victim’s damages by giving back when they allowed to be stolen.

  2. lizinsarasota says:

    Instead of dithering around, we all need to go to our clerk’s office and investigate. You need a laptop with a spreadsheet program. This is important because our state attorneys general are hell-bent on doing some sort of settlement without first having fully investigated the fraud and discovered its extent.
    I would suggest we follow the example of Massachusetts and examine mortgage assignments filed in 2010 by the “big three” banks: Wells Fargo, Chase, and BofA. The Massachusetts Registrar of Deeds found that 75% of those mortgage assignments were INVALID. Piggy-backing on the conversation begun by MA makes sense because we can have a basis of comparision – apples to apples – across the country.
    An initial examination of mortgage assignments, as opposed to financial affidavits filed in support of summary judgment in a foreclosure case also makes sense because most people who are not involved in foreclosure don’t seem to imagine that the banks’ routine use of fraudulent practices can reach out and bite them. By examining mortgage assignments and uncovering fraud we bring everyone into the “there’s fraud in them thar courthouses” conversation. Not everyone has had a fraudulent financial affidavit filed against them; everyone has a mortgage assignment. Mortgage assignments are documents that everyone “gets.”
    There are approx. 1000 such mortgage assignments filed by Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America in the 12th Circuit Court Clerk of the Court’s office. I started today with the Chase assignments. I’m creating a searchable database with information about the lenders, the law firms, the lawyers, and the notaries. I’ve found fraud and forgeries and notary public “issues.” I didn’t want to start with mortgage assignments, wanting instead to focus on the juicier financial affidavits, which is where – I’m convinced – I will find a higher percentage of fraud, but, trust me, this is a lot of fun. It’s like a treasure hunt.
    I plan to make my results available to the Clerk, the Court, the Florida Bar, the Florida Attorney General, various law enforcement and governmental agencies, and the press. Friends are going to help me so that we can get this done within the week.
    Get thee to your courthouse, people. It’s only by confronting our state attorneys general with hard numbers and substantiating the fraud that we can head of a premature settlement. We need to do this right away. There’s not much time.

  3. FAITH says:

    This is where we begin folks. Focus on our Registry of Deeds. Each foreclosure notice that comes up in your local newspaper- if they have MERS how do you contact the owners to educate them? How do YOU start to gather the people together.
    Be a HERO, get out there and let people know they are NOT alone and they need to fight.
    We have power in numbers. Share the knowledge.

    • lvent says:

      I have been doing this. I try to help as many people as I can who came after me learn the truth. There is nothing more frightening than when someone leads you on into thinking you will be alright you are approved for a loan mod it is on its way to you, just read it and sign it, watch for it to come, and then they tell you, sorry, you were denied at the last second by the U.S. TREASURY AND YOU MIGHT HAVE TO SELL YOUR HO– USE.

  4. Bobbi Swann says:

    I gotta say – MA is way ahead of the game! Hopefully the other (sleeping) states will take notice and follow suite. Good news Applause, applause!

  5. citizenaware says:

    Thank you for all of you diligent work, we truly appreciate your service to the public!!! We love to hear this type of news!!!!!!! Hope and pray they get their JUSTICE!!!

    • Hopeing4 the best says:

      I would also thank everyone at You give us some hope. The enemy is within. God help us.

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