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We will be hosting our radio show today on WDJA 1420 from 8-10 am EDT.

We are going to have some interesting updates and discuss topics emerging from the foreclosure/financial crisis.

So tune in if you are local in West Palm Beach or join us on the web at and click on the listen now button in the top right corner…

Be sure to call in and ask your questions or post them in the comments below.

You can also log into and ask your questions live while we are broadcasting.

Call in number is 561-265-2121.


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  1. look at this promissory notes and written contracts are timebarred and not collectable in Florida after 5 years Washington State 6 years Your promissory notes are most likely time barred. Read all the topics under the articles on statutes of limtations. Like this one: Tell the judge the promissory note is time barred and so is the written deed of trust.
    Debt problems: Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection – Cached – Block all results
    State Statutes of Limitation on Debt Collection … See also: Debt Kit — Settle unsecured debts for less than half of amount owed …
    California – Texas – Wage Garnishments — State Statutes

    The Statute of Limitations Act –

  2. Ray Gavin says:

    I did some investigating of my mortgage recently.
    I am 2-3 months behind. I am working with florida hardest hit and NACA who is trying to get a restructure of the loan.
    Ahmsi is the servicer for Deutsche as trustee for Argent Securities Inc
    Argent refinanced my mortgage in 2005 and it was recorded. I checked public documents.
    I paid them the mortgage until 2008 when citi became note holder
    Then in late 2009 I began paying AHMSI who is servicing for Deutsche.
    Since 2005 there has never been any assignment of mortgage recorded in the palm beach county courthouse.
    My question is how can Deutsche claim that they are the trustee for Argent when in fact Citi owned the mortgage after Argent and before Deutsche?

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