In A Barbie World | Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Explaining Ousters of Fraudclosure Fighters June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards

My Word by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi: Explaining ousters

The desire to make a positive impact on lives, ensure that justice is served, protect citizens from crime and fraud, and to uphold the law and Constitution drew me to my 20-year career as a state prosecutor. The opportunity to continue this service on a statewide level, and make a difference in more lives, drove my decision to seek the office of Florida’s attorney general. Serving in this role is a tremendous honor and responsibility, and meeting the high legal, ethical and professional expectations of this office is something I take seriously.

The questions posed by the Orlando Sentinel regarding the decision and motives of my team to terminate the employment of two employees are important for me to address. The management team I selected is entrusted with ensuring that employees provide exceptional service and results for taxpayers, and I empower them to make the management and personnel decisions they deem necessary.

The Economic Crimes Division provides crucial consumer protection to the people of Florida, and I placed my trusted former colleague and experienced prosecutor, Richard Lawson, to manage that division. During the evaluation of his new team, he determined that two staff attorneys, who had been hired by the previous administration, failed to meet expectations. Richard counseled them on three occasions over several months, and their performance did not improve. When I was informed of the decision to give the employees the option to resign or to have their employment terminated, I supported the supervisor’s decision to do so.

That decision in no way undermines my commitment to investigating foreclosure-related businesses or any other consumer-protection matters. In fact, at my direction, we have considerably increased the resources dedicated to investigating foreclosure-related businesses. We have substantially increased the amount of time and more than doubled the number of employees working on these investigations.

From 2009 to 2010, 1,300 hours were spent on these investigations. From April to July, more than 1,500 hours were spent. We are currently investigating 10 foreclosure-related businesses, including Lender Processing Services. Additionally, my office is involved in multistate negotiations with servicers regarding foreclosure practices.

I am thoroughly committed to fighting foreclosure fraud in Florida, and you can be assured that I always stand on the side of the law and act in the best interest of all Floridians.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel

Oh, and BTW, sign the petition calling for an investigation of Attorney General Bondi’s actions:



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12 Responses to “In A Barbie World | Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Explaining Ousters of Fraudclosure Fighters June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards”
  1. Beth A. says:

    I’m sure you guys and gals have all seen that a NY judge had studied the report prepared by the former AG attorneys (foreclosure fraud report) and based upon all that he’d learned in that report – he sided with the homeowner against HSBC for that bank’s failure to have filed an assignment among other things (July 2011). Additionally – I gotta love this judge – he has required an official from HSBC to come before the court, in person, to explain why the judge shouldn’t throw the book at ’em for wasting the court’s time.

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bless this judge – we need more and more and more like him!


    • incognito123 says:

      Your referring to Judge Schack – yes, he is one of the few that is doing his job and OPENING his eyes and LOOKING at what is filed in cases before him, not just rubber stamping

  2. Beth A. says:


    That was one of the more desperate public statements I’ve ever read. Thanks for posting this. OMG, it screams, “It wasn’t me…I don’t personally manage or monitor anyone…really, it wasn’t me!”

    I’d like to see her be forced to submit to a lie detector test whle facing an inquiring into her office’s operations. The thing would start smoking!

    Poor Barbie. We shouldn’t offend the gentle plastic Barbie beloved by little girls – by comparing her to the AG Pam Bondi. Ms. Bondi probably takes it as a compliment and frankly Bondi couldn’t hold a candle to Barbie (in terms of looks) but may actually rival Babs in terms of being vacant. Hey and Barbie would never hurt anyone.

    Goodness, Barbie may be plastic but even SHE had aways aspired to having a house (the”dream house”) like some of us.

    I can see it now – the current generation dream house packaging, “Barbie Dream House – So Realistic – Complete with Clouded Title!” Yep, kids can pretend that the dream house is foreclosed upon by the banksters and Barbie faces living in the box it came in…or her sports car. Which reminds me – does Pam Bondi and the other supposed regulators ever stop to consider how fraudclosure and other bankster fraud has impacted our next generation?!

    Could ramble on – but must get to work. Thanks again for posting this statement! Pretty amazing.

  3. incognito123 says:

    Hard to negotiate when you don’t know the scope of the problem

  4. thisblows says:

    The bank-owned cow has suddenly had an epiphany, and is now talking about principal reductions!!! It seems that she is feeling her corrupt tight knit little world falling apart with all the news of the ouster of the investigators.

    We shall prevail!!!

  5. housemanrob says:


  6. Litgant says:

    Bondi”s words all a joke.

    She knows she had these girls fired because the big banks called her in and told her they were being to strict on them. Bondi, is passing the buck on down to Lawson and he like a jerk wants his nice job so he will do whatever she wants. Before he fired them, she and he talked about it. And she approved it. This is in her words. I believe she should be investigated. If she is not now, wait for the first Democrat AG to come in. And Mrs Bondi is going to jail. She can see how well she will look in some department of corrections clothes. Now is the time for her to fix all this mess. The more she covers up the longer she is going to prison over. And Lawson, he is nuts to take the fall for her.

    • Tee says:

      “DON’T REWARD THOSE WHO CHOOSE NOT TO PAY THEIR MORTGAGE ” Well, Pammy I choose NOT to pay my mortgage anymore because I am being robbed by a big bank and I don’t want to mention any names (INDYMAC) oops…….because they are not honoring any promises that the original Indymac Bank made along with a phantom broker who doesn’t exist. Interesting how this broker left me numbers that tie to Deutshe bank in Tustin Ca. anyways, thats probably a coincidence :/ ……BUT IMB wont talk and they just railroad me with front line agents who are trained to get rid of you……Im upside down, I have lots attached to property that they wont allow me to sell it. etc etc. I paid my mortgage right up to a month ago when I decided that I’m not talking now, and they can talk to a lawyer while i save my money. I was more than happy to stay here if they would just set a few things straight…nope, they hide, they are cowardly robbers, they dont sign their correspondence letters and I dont care anymore because they wore me down and stressed me out and its not worth it so if they dont. want to talk, then Ill be saving my money long enough to put down on a new home. I suggest many to do the same or you will get ousted into the street with nuthin 🙂

    • LVLawman says:

      Ya’ll just don’t seem to get it. NO ONE………….That’s NO ONE, who isn’t small fish (small independent mortgage brokers, etc.) is going to jail for this mess…………….EVER.

      The statutes of limitations will start running out soon. The banksters have skated just like good plutocrats do in any plutocracy.

      The multi-billion dollar settlements they are all scrambling to get are a joke.

      Wake up folks. No one of any import is going to be held to account. So you can keep posting and yelling but no one in authority will listen unless you have millions to make political contributions (bribes) with.

      GOT IT?

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