Palm Beach Post Editorial Board “Bondi Picks the Wrong Side” (BANKS)

“At this point, though, she has no reason to be outraged. Ms. Bondi is siding with banks in negotiations over how to settle widespread unscrupulous foreclosure practices by the nation’s largest lenders, so she doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the two lawyers.

Bondi picks the wrong side

By The Palm Beach Post

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi claims that she’s committed to fighting foreclosure fraud, but the preponderance of evidence suggests that she is fighting against Florida homeowners.

In May, Ms. Bondi forced out her office’s two leading foreclosure investigators, giving them 90 minutes’ notice to decide whether they wanted to resign or be fired. Former assistant attorneys general Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson chose to resign. Ms. Bondi tried to keep it all quiet, but The Post’s Kimberly Miller broke the story on July 13.

Ms. Bondi at first declined comment, calling it a personnel matter. Faced with mounting criticism, her office released a statement calling the lawyers’ performance “unacceptable.” Yet there is no paper trail to back that up.

In fact, as Ms. Miller reported, written evaluations before and after Ms. Bondi took office give both women very favorable reviews. That’s no surprise. They had negotiated a $2 million settlement with the Law Offices of Marshall G. Watson, a Fort Lauderdale foreclosure firm accused of forging documents, robo-signing and improper process serving, among other fraudulent practices.

More curious is the fact that the women were forced out shortly after former Deputy Attorney General Joe Jacquot left that job to become senior vice president for government affairs at Jacksonville-based Lender Processing Services Inc. Ms. Bondi’s office is investigating LPS, which handles more than half of U.S. mortgage foreclosures, for fraud.

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5 Responses to “Palm Beach Post Editorial Board “Bondi Picks the Wrong Side” (BANKS)”
  1. Senka says:

    The biggest unsung hero in MA is Register of Deeds – John O’Brien – he has been fighting the foreclosure fraud, MERS for months now! He demanded from our AG to stop negotiating with the banks until the full investigation is done and she finally decided to open up an investigation on MERS. Here is more:

  2. Can you recall AG’s in FL?

  3. qny81 says:

    Write to her office, which I keep doing. Also, very frightening news, presidential candidate, Dr. Ron Paul warns that the Congress are trying to get a “Super Congress” to pass laws where the rest of the Congress does not have to vote on it. There will be a committee of 12 with Obama as the 13th member. Truly treasonous to their Oath of Office and to the Constitution. Google the article and call all your reps, it cannot pass. We will be in a total police state if it passes – it was included in the debt bill.

  4. Beth A. says:

    Ms. Bondi needs to resign. She has painted herself into a corner and there is no escape now.

    She has lost the trust of the good citizens of Florida and has violated her fiduciary duty.

    She says she didn’t have a part in the firing. Then, she has mismanaged horribly – she didn’t act to review the matter before it occured and did not stop it. A complete and utter failure to act in the best interests of the public.

    I think the next AG in office (and all other AGs) should require all staffers to sign agreements that state they will not take positions or receive compensation either directly or indirectly from any business that has been / is currently under investigation of the AG’s office and for a period of no less than 3 years (maybe more) from the date of departure. This would perhaps help to ensure that conflicts of interests are minimized.

    So, if the woman won’t leave…we should probably initiate a torch-lighting (heh-heh…what our former small town folks used to joke about when we identified a jerk who should be run out of town…).


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