Bondi Firings Draw Broader Criticism, Calls Ring Out for Federal Inquiry

“Since Bondi is a Republican and LPS has strong ties to the Republican party, which holds and iron-clad grip on both legislative houses, the Governor’s mansion and every cabinet position, there is an obvious fear that any investigation at the state level might be influenced by any number of political factors. LPS has been referred to as one of the most prolific and egregious players in the national foreclosure scandal that has threatened to undermine the entire concept of property law in the United States.”


AG Firings Draw Broader Criticism, Calls Ring Out for Federal Inquiry

BRADENTON – As Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office remains low key in response to the widespread requests for answers surrounding the forced resignations of two of the state’s star investigators who’d helped to uncover systemic foreclosure fraud practices, state lawmakers and activists groups are pressing for a federal probe to investigate possible wrongdoing.

Bondi, who has a long-standing reputation as being very accessible to the media, was surprisingly silent following the resignations and has still continued to speak through brief statements issued by staff. She has acknowledged that her office has a troubling lack of documentation regarding the forced resignations of two investigators who had received stellar reviews from her predecessor, former AG and fellow Republican Bill McCollum, but still says she stands behind the firings.

In a statement, the two investigators, June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, said that they were shocked when called into South Florida Bureau Chief Robert Julian’s office and told that they were to resign immediately or be fired; that he said he had asked why, but was not given a reason, only told that the firings “came from the top” (click here to read full statement). The two had previously described a major change in atmosphere when Bondi’s staff took over, saying that they were immediately questioned about Lender Processing Services, a “foreclosure mill” affidavit processing company that has been under continuing investigation by the Florida Attorney General’s office since before Bondi took over on January 4.

LPS had contributed financially to Bondi’s campaign, as well as other prominent Republicans, creating suspicion that the firings were politically-motivated payback. As one of the foreclosure-processing firms notorious for using “robo-signers” to facilitate a inconceivable load of foreclosure filings for its clients, LPS came under fire from McCollum’s office last year, when the investigation was opened. Activist group Progress Florida, along with several state lawmakers, want to know why Bondi didn’t return thousands of dollars in political contributions from a company under investigation by the office she was seeking, saying that her firing the two fellow attorneys after she then took office sends up a red flag.

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  1. Diana Cessna says:

    I do remember that one of the things that struck me in that election is that nationwide, the most vocal A.G.’s successfully fighting the fraud were voted out of office (i.e. McCollum, Cordray etc.) It would be interesting to investigate the donations to all their challengers and dig deeper.

  2. Jim Bethea says:

    What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong” ~~~ and this stinks ~~ If the law does prevail and Bondi fired or fired and punished for aiding and abetting then maybe there could be some justice in Florida ~~

  3. ignitethedream says:

    A blatant conflict of interest for Bondi to take campaign funds from LPS since it is being investigated by the AGs office for fraud. One wonders how the likes of Bondi and Rick “Medicare Fraud” Scott were elected in the first place, as neither have a track record for doing anything of import, however minuscule. Black box voting comes to mind. Certainly, we do not have to put up with them. Let’s get a RECALL BONDI & SCOTT campaign going.

  4. Mon Dec 27, 2010 at 07:30 PM PST.

    “Foreclosure Nation” and one more foreclosure fraud horror storyby Joan McCarter
    for Daily Kos.
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    Check out this really depressing map (this link takes you to the full-sized image).

    The text introducing the map: “Leading Democrats, such as Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) whose state was hit hard by the real estate downturn, have called on lenders to halt foreclosures. But the Obama administration says a nationwide delay could devastate the fragile real estate market in places like Florida.”

    Looking at Florida on that map, I’d say the devastation has already been wrought.

  5. pamelag says:

    investigate and prosecute. these treesonists need to hang! but the karma police have been swift. pray for our enemies. God Bless Us All.

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