Wells Fargo Forces Family to Live in Backyard While Courts Decided Possible Foreclosure Error (VIDEO)


Where is the breaking point people?

How much more will you be able to take?



11 Responses to “Wells Fargo Forces Family to Live in Backyard While Courts Decided Possible Foreclosure Error (VIDEO)”
  1. This is outrageous ! I really wonder how much of these massive Frauds,are the American people willing to take how far those this has to go?

  2. j says:

    IMHO- Wells Fargo redefines fraudster

  3. see says:

    If they were making the mortgage payments set up by the BK court, how could these people be in default. How could Wells Fargo even say the foreclosure was done appropriately? Shouldn’t the BK court be involved in this? Wells Fargo needs to go down with the rest of them.

  4. housemanrob says:

    Now if that ain’t the steamiest pile of BULLSHIT i’ve heard of yet, than I do not know what is!

  5. losing my home in florida says:

    this is crazy it is still going on

  6. Pete Everts says:

    And Republicans keep saying America is the greatest country in the world – American Exceptionalism my ass.

    • lvent says:

      The politicians are their minions on Wall Street are the only example of AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM I CAN SEE…. They set a bad example for the entire country. They all need to go get real jobs like the rest of us and give back all of their pension money and all of the other ill gotten gains they have stolen from the people…..

      • lvent says:

        Sorry I meant to say the politicians and all of their minions on Wall Street…..

      • lvent says:

        I am seriously miscommunicating my own message tonight……I meant to say the politicians and their minions on Wall Street have made America look bad and that was also intentional.. They are all hiding behind a facade of being Americans and American Instittutions and have tried in earnest to cover up their crimes with Foreclosuregate and blame all of us for what THEY DID..THE BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD….AND THEY BLEW UP THE WORLDS ECONOMY AND BLAMED ALL OF US FOR BUYING SHIT WE COULD NOT AFFORD……THAT IS ONE OF THEE BIGGEST LIES EVER TOLD……………….

    • talktotennessee says:

      Yes, we live in the greatest country that has the greatest healthcare and the greatest freeoms.
      In another fairyland, the GOP believes the wealthy create jobs if they have tax breaks and money trickles down (grows on Corporate trees). Where are the jobs? They believe Oil Companies need subsidies and bank CEOs need jets and bonuses but people who paid into SS for their retirement don’t need cost of living increases and should delay receipt of their benefits. The GOP believes healthcare is not a right and will remove access if they can. They believe we need no voice against the banks or credit card lenders so they are fighting to silence the Consumer Protection Agency created to hear complaints against the banking industry. Republicans are busy destroying Unions and Collective Bargaining rights on local and state levels. The end result will allow Wall Street and big business the freedom to fire you as you approach retirement age or have worked and earned a good salary to fire you so someone who works for less can replace you without benefits.

      So why are we listening to the GOP when they won’t let big business pay their fair share, when it was their President bailed out banks, started two wars. Bush gave tax breaks to the wealthy. Where are the jobs they were to create? If you had a Social Security voucher today (as Bush tried to privitize SS near the end of his term) or if you have 401K or IRA to support your retirement and it is based on today’s stock market crash, how much of your retirement did you lose? Will you get it back? Don’t be too sure the GOP will fund homeless shelters.

      Our God is a socialist God. His followers gathered conributions from the landowners and affluent specifically to give the poor, needy and widows in Jerusalem. True Biblical values support helping one another. Both New and Old Testament provide example.

      The Banking industry is responsible for a global meltdown yet they are shielded by the GOP and remain unscathed while the rest of us pay dearly for their shielded fraud.

  7. XXXXXX says:

    SUE WF!!!!!!

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