Citizen Warriors Exclusive Part Deux | Former Bondi Assistant Attorneys General & Foreclosure Fraud Investigators June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards Live on WDJA 1420AM Saturday from 8-10 am EDT

Citizen Warriors | Foreclosure Fraud Special w/ June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards – Radio Show Saturday from 8-10 am EDT with and

We will be hosting our radio show tomorrow on WDJA 1420 from 8-10 am EDT.

We are going to have some interesting updates and discuss topics emerging from the Pam Bondi scandal related to the firing of the nations two top fraudclosure investigators.

This show will be hosted by Lisa Epstein and myself, Michael Redman.
(Carol is out of town but may call in)

Special Guests: Former Assistant Attorneys General & Foreclosure Fraud Investigators June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards!

Yes, that’s right! June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards, formally know as Pam Bondi’s Top Assistant Attorneys General Foreclosure Fraud Investigators.

Once again, we will be face to face with June and Theresa discussing their firings , their work at the AG’s office and what they plan on doing moving forward.


So tune in if you are local in Palm Beach county or join us on the web at and click on the listen now button in the top right corner.

If you would like to watch and listen just click on the live stream after clicking on the link to

Again, the show is Saturday, tomorrow from 8-10AM so spread the word.

This is a show that you do not want to miss, but if you do, you will be able to catch the replay by clicking on the radio stream tab above.

We will also be uploading a podcast of the show for the the world to download.

If you have any questions that you would like us to ask the ousted Fraudclosure Investigators, post them in the comments below. Can’t guarantee we will get to them but will do our best. There is so much to cover.

You can also log into and ask your questions live while we are broadcasting.

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5 Responses to “Citizen Warriors Exclusive Part Deux | Former Bondi Assistant Attorneys General & Foreclosure Fraud Investigators June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards Live on WDJA 1420AM Saturday from 8-10 am EDT”
  1. Ron Moss says:

    Ididfind what I needed in Sugarmans comp-laint to the Bank of America suit, “Foreclosure trustees may not be the same enity as the beneficiary” RCW 81.24 .620 WA law And did apologise to him

    • lvent says:

      No need to apoliogize to anyone Ron….The deception is rampant. Many of us are in defense mode 24/7. Getting screwed does that to a person….the media has been blaming all of us for this mess for 3 years now….There are many BIG LIES ……….they won’t let die, Like, people bought homes they could not afford and America is broke. EVERYONE BOUGHT SHIT THEY COULD NOT AFFORD IF THE ECONOMY WENT BAD BECA– USE OF RAMPANT FRAUD AND AMERICA WAS ROBBED BY THESE VERY PONZI SCHEME CRIMINALS………The crooks and their minions even came up for nice sounding names for FRAUD LIKE ROBOSIGNING, MERS AND CLOUDY TITLE…..OR HOW ABOUT THIS ONE????????…………………I HAD AN ATTORNEY TELL ME…”THE BANKS DON’T HAVE TO PUBLICLY ASSIGN AND RECORD……….THAT IS NOT FRAUD,……….THAT IS WHAT THEY DID”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WHAT “THEY” DID WAS, “THEY” WERE ALLOWED TO COMMIT MASSIVE MORTGAGE FRAUD….AND THE COVER UP FOR “WHAT THEY DID AND WHO LET THEM DO IT” is the reason WHY we have FORECLOSUREGATE……. ………..LIE AND DECEIVE IS ALL THEY DO…………………..

  2. Dawn says:

    The link to hear prvious show takes me to the radio station website but though on every webpage and able to find links to other show I am unable to find a link to previous shows of Citizen Warriors anywhere, I call the station but there message box is full.

  3. Harold says:

    Hi Iam from Wa State.
    I have been following the foreclosure fraud mess now for some time.
    Iam not in foreclosure or any possibility of it. But you can see how this fraud on the USA has brought us to the brink of collapse so there is my interest.

    Even in Wa all the repubs are protecting the bank interests. On a recent state house vote Wa installed a arbitration clause in the foreclosure process that also implemented a $250 fee to every foreclosure process to be paid by the forclosing entinity. Every one of the repub state reps and senators voted voted aginst this change. I contacted my reps and senators and questioned them. Their reply was almost word for word the same as each other. That they didnt think fees should be placed on the banks. But turned around and put a $100 tax per year on all electric powered vehicles. Seems a bit two faced to me right? So much for “no new taxes” mantra!!

    As you have may already seen that Washington State AG McKenna Sues Recontrust in “State of Washington v Recontrust”. Well I say that it is about time!! Right now that the AG has just announced that he is now running for Governor. I think he has been VERY weak on forclouser fraud, and has not been outspoken with the poor porformance of the 50 state settilment not ONECE even mentioning the pursuit of criminal charges aginst the bank fraudsters.

    Now my question is this to June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards is this: If you can tell us, were you on to something big that would just blow LPS away? The smoking gun so to speak. I think you were and Pam and friends wanted to hush it up! I guess she wasnt old enough to see just what happened to Richard Nixon when he tried to stone wall it.

    Now I recently called Maria Cantwell Wa US senators office and referred your case and LPS investigations to her. I gave them your names and told them about your LPS investigations, if they have not contacted you as of yet you may want to call Maria Cantwell’s office and lay out what you have. Maria Cantwell is pursuing the robo-forgeries. You can see what she is doing on her web site at -.

    I thank You for you time and valuable service to the people of America!!


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