Fight Eviction | SJC Expands Right to Challenge Bank Seizures

SJC expands right to challenge bank seizures

The state’s highest court has ruled that people fighting eviction from homes they lost to foreclosure can challenge the validity of a property seizure in housing court after the fact, a decision that housing rights advocates are calling a major victory.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s unanimous ruling, released yesterday, involved KC Bailey of Mattapan, whose home was taken back by his lender through foreclosure in 2007. Two years later, Bailey, 65, contested his impending eviction during a housing court proceeding, saying the foreclosure process was flawed.

Bailey claimed he learned of the foreclosure only after finding an eviction notice taped to a fence surrounding his three-bedroom Colonial, which had been in his family since 1979. The Vietnam veteran said he refused to leave because he was not given proper notice of the sale and is still living there.

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  1. talktotennessee says:

    OCC is in name only. It exists for its own purposes and jobs. T hey are taking money from both sides. You have seen organizations like that, designed for public service but sold out long ago, bought and paid for by the very banks, courts, hospitals, insurance companies they are designed to monitor. JCAHO is one of those organizations. It monitors hospitals, telling them before inspection when they will arrive. USA Today exposes failing hospitals with high mortality rates.. State Insurance Commissions are another waste of taxpayer money. They are often wined and dined from the pocket of insurance companies. Try complaining to any of these, OCC, JCAHO or your state Insurance Commission and you will find they have sold out and operate in form or name only..
    I don’t know what the answer is but as long our society, Congress and now even our courts, judges and legal system has their hands tied or are bought and paid for, there is little we can do. Hard to know who is honest these days. . . . Not many it seems. Sad. .

  2. lvent says:

    This has been done to everyone who has lost their homes through illegal foreclosures..The scale of these Ponzi Scheme crimes is massive. These crooks have destroyed millions of lives in their Ponzi Scheme and manufactured economic crises. They have stolen the life savings, broken homes, caused suicides, driven people to murder their own family members because of the stress they have caused when they stole the wealth, the jobs and the homes of millions. This was never really about the money though they did generate trillions upon trillions in wealth for themselves and their evil minions. This was all a massive greedy plan by the ruling elite, new world order to acheive world domination, A GLOBAL FASCIST ONE WORLD DICTATORSHIP, by the use of many lies and much deceit. The massive cover-up for the RULING GLOBAL ELITE and their evil plans for the destruction of our economy and our Constitutional rights started on 9/11 and continues with FORECLOSUREGATE…. Don’t think for a minute there is any surprise in Washington by the Obama Administration, Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernanke, WALL STREET or CONgress about the ratings downgrade by the S&P…Nothing in Government happens by accident, you can bet this is only a part of the ruling Global Ellite’s evil plans for our demise, all well planned. instituted and orchestrated by perps and members of the new world order.

    • You are so right! THis is all sinister! And now Bank of America has been charged onehundred and seventyfive dollars each home mortgage they refused to modify that could have been modified. This will really teach them and help the victims. We need to sue HUD for breach of the” Honest service Act”, by misrepresentation, causing economic hardship, and causing tort emotional distress by economic loss and financila stress, causing suicides, the murder of American family’s the loss of property. See wikepedia’s elements of “Honest Service Act” . We need to go after all the criminals. HUD, FANNIE MAE, AIG, FDIC, the PRESIDENT, the U.S. Attorney General and more. Pam Bondi, Nancy Cain and a few judges. THe OCC. I just got a letter that would frost ya from the OCC. I have had it with this WELL ORGANIZED SINISTER CRIME.

      • lies is all they tell says:

        how about all the banks getting even greedier, and starting to tell insuspecting homeowners that the game changed now you HAVE to be in emeinent default before applying for hamp loan. (little did we all know there was no game changer the words were the same eminent default in the future) so they told homeowners to stop paying their mortgage. they breached the contract , the ull and voided the contract.

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