M&I Bank | Bankster Shill Trolling “The site (4closureFraud.org) promotes ways to steal from lending institutions”

“The posts here, as well as the topics and recommendations made on this site as a whole, only serve to exemplify how naive, child-like and selfish its owners and supporters really are. While the site claims to be anti-fraud, the obvious truth is that the site’s publishers are the true fraudsters, along with those who follow its ideas. The site promotes ways to steal from lending institutions (i.e. defraud them).


So, Mr Bankster shill, you want to pick a fight?

You got one.

I hereby challenge you to a radio duel on your opinion vs mine.

You claim the borrowers are defrauding the lenders and I say the opposite. Instead of writing your childish rants on this site, join me for a debate on our radio show, Citizen Warriors WDJA 1420, live to discuss the topic.

I will have a panel of three and you may have the same. In order to proceed with the debate, you must disclose your names and titles at M&I Bank.

Are you up for it, Mr Bankster?

Or are you scared?

I look forward to your  response…

I love happy endings too…

From the comments on post FL 1st DCA Fraudclosure Reversed | Mazine v. M&I Bank “None of the Requirements for Admission of a Business Record Were Met”

Dave8040 is the bankster…


What’s missing here is common sense as it may apply to the law. In this case, you have a bank that funded the loan that defaulted, and holds the Promissory Note. There is no issue of standing. Rather, it filed as its brand name as opposed to the correct legal name. That does not entitle the defendants to a free ride in an already overloaded court system. But wait! In today’s environment, debtors are owed everything; they may take out a loan, and, when they default, it is the bank that is the predator, not the debtors who want to walk away from investments at the expense of the banks. Sorry, but the only victim here is the lender.

  • Dave,

    Whats missing here is you forgot to mask your ip address while surfing from inside your employer of M&I Bank…

    So get the hell out of here you bankster shill…

    Search Referral: http://www.google.com — M&I mazine appeals florida

    Host Name: Browser: IE 7.0

    IP Address:

    Operating System: WinXP

    Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States Resolution: 1024×768

    ISP: Marshall & Ilsley Corporation

    • lvent says:


  • Dave8040 says:

    I have nothing to mask, you moron. It’s folks like you who have all but destroyed the country with the ideology that everyone is OWED something. In this case, you have people who had an investment property (vacant land) and the investment went bad. They defaulted not because they are broke or cannot afford their homestead; they defaulted because they chose to. The bank holds the Note, and has the right to foreclose. Now what is your issue exactly? This is a public forum, right?

    • Fury says:

      on the contrary, people like michael redman are saving the country.

      yeah, people are OWED. they are OWED justice.
      it’s not happening anymore in america
      due to the corruption that is running rampant.

      do you get paid by the word when you post comments on anti-fraudclosure sites from work?

    • lvent says:


    • lvent says:


    • Dave8040 says:

      The posts here, as well as the topics and recommendations made on this site as a whole, only serve to exemplify how naive, child-like and selfish its owners and supporters really are. While the site claims to be anti-fraud, the obvious truth is that the site’s publishers are the true fraudsters, along with those who follow its ideas. The site promotes ways to steal from lending institutions (i.e. defraud them).

      I would go on to outline why the ideas posted here are faulty and childish, but it is hard to win an argument when trying to rationalize with children. In fact, my two-year-old, who has logged many hours of Baby Einstein and Sesame Street viewing, likely has a better understanding of economic fundamentals than the majority of bloggers here.

      You cannot be given the privilege of borrowing money, a lot of money, and expect that you do not have to pay it back. If that were the case, no one, save the extremely wealthy, would be able to purchase homes or cars, while the majority would have to rent and never have the ability to own. With freedom comes responsibility, yet no one here seems to want that. Like children, many subscribe to the greedy, fraudulent and self-serving idea that they are entitled to everything, and owe nothing. Frankly, you should be ashamed.

      I also find it interesting that the site’s administrator went to the trouble to publish what should be my confidential server address; however, he lazily fails to research or understand the cases he cavalierly posts, and points to as bank fraud.

      The good news here is that this case (Mazine) has a happy ending that is still being written. While Mazine and Bouskila (the two debtors who walked away from a large loan secured by 40 acres of vacant horse land in central Florida), have fought the foreclosure every step of the way, anticipating a deficiency claim post sale, and while they have on numerous occasions through their counsel offered up a deed in lieu of foreclosure for waiver of deficiency, they were granted their wish: the bank will be forced to re-file its foreclosure under the full legal bank name. What they are missing is that the market continues to devalue, meaning that their fun little investment property continues to lose its worth. So, the bid that was entered and which has now been vacated will likely be much higher than the bid that will be entered when the bank is forced to go back to sale a year from now, meaning… more deficiency owed. Good work, defendants and defendant’s counsel. Better, the debtors are wealthy businessmen who own and operate several real estate businesses in Miami, so there is no doubt that they will eventually be able to pay this debt, even if it takes a judicial deficiency claim post sale to do so.

      I love happy endings.



38 Responses to “M&I Bank | Bankster Shill Trolling “The site (4closureFraud.org) promotes ways to steal from lending institutions””
  1. COCO says:

    Well, Dave, I’m afraid that you are the one with the two year old mentality. Your efforts to scare people have been squashed as you can see from the emails. It is time for people like you to sit in timeout and watch the justice unfold. Hopefully, after the people win this thing, you, and others like you , will be in the ‘Big House’ for years because of the fraud you have committed. I am embarrassed for you since it is clear that you do not have enough on the ball to be so for yourself. Maybe your company needs to take a good look at your worth.

    • Defrauded Homeowner says:

      Dear “dave” M&I Scum,

      We know your internal coverup bank fraud, money laundering, wire fraud and such, you are going done your actions are being reported to the FBI for running a racketeering scheme and using homeowners to further you scheme of fraud, your days are counted.

  2. lvent says:

    Dave might want to watch the latest Keiser Report for some insight regarding the TBTF and their massive mortgage fraud Ponzi Scheme…Max and Stacey talk in this episode how the owners of the TBTF and all of their evil NWO Hitler plans may finally be failing…and how because they are now sueing each other for all of their mutual fraud they are actually killing each other..They also talk about how well insulated the U.S. dollar really is because the entire world economy is heavily invested in our debt………..LOL!!!!! God Bless America!!!!! Looks like time for the Gold Standard and no world currency ever in the good ole US of A!!!!!!! We owe too much money..The credit downgrade actually hurts the banksters and the TBTF!!! The crooks now have to make sure they have capital on the books to back those “loans”…..The Wall Street Casino got shut down by its own cohort……..the S & P……now they want to downgrade Fannie and Freddie………LMAO!!!!!

    Keiser Report: Reverse Nixon Golden Dream (E 172)

  3. Elyse says:

    Thrilled to see everyone discussing our issues with Dave…however….sitting in front of our computers and going to Court every few weeks is just not enough!!

    Can’t we all get together and take it to the streets???
    The 60’s were organized and without computers or social networks!! Can’t a date be set and we all hit the highways and skyways and head to Washington for a protest!!

    I know we are all ready for it, just need a date and committment!!

    are you in????

  4. lvent says:

    Sorry Dave, The world is really waking up to what the owners of the TBTF and all of their cohorts and minions have done……They blew up the world’s economy and it was intentional…. The only thing the owners of this site are promoting are ways to stop pretender lenders who do not even own these loans from stealing homes from people for UNSECURED DEBTS.. A funny thing happened to me Dave when I made a trip to my County Recorder of Deeds office…..They have an onsite attorney who helped me get to my LIEN FREE DEED….You see, a pretender “lender” by the name of Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp, hid the Origination fraud that their successor by merger, Margaretten Mortgage, committed with an all new pin..Chase hid all of their fraud under the old pin after they released the mortgage to me free and clear of liens….They just never told me!!!!!!!!. Then you will never guess what happened next Dave?…….There are some really nice and helpful assistants to the attorney down there and one of the nice assistants told me and my husband that, “because NO “lender “every secured a collateral lien in 18 years”, the statute of limitiations is 12 in my state, “MY HO– USE IS PAID FOR, I CAN LIVE IN IT, SELL OR DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH IT”……AND GUESS WHAT ELSE DAVE??? I HAVE THE ORIGINAL DEED!!!!!!!!, RECORDED PAID AND IT WAS CONVEYED TO ME AT ORIGINATION STAMPED PAID BY THE RECORDER OF DEEDS OFFICE WITH TITLE INSURANCE ATTACHED!!!!! That insurance says my title was clean when I was conveyed this deed…The “lender’s title is CLOUDY AND FULL OF FRAUD AND IT IS IN MERS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!” I have found ALOT more fraud since then. I thank God for these people at this website, they are true American patriots and they are my heroes…….If it was not for 4closure fraud, the evil Hitler Plan by the owners of your employers might have cost you your country……That is if you are even an American citizen, which I doubt….but if you are, shame on you!!!!! The forefathers would have you thrown out or worse for treason for aiding and abetting our foreign enemies!!!!!!…..
    God Bless America!!!!!!

  5. Dave, you are a peter-head….

  6. “But your honor, the bank just wants a FREE HO– USE….”
    (and they will do ANYTHING, and we mean ANYTHING, to steal it.)

  7. Nightbird says:

    Look at the elephant point to the mouse in the room…

    After the banks have repaid the stolen trillions to MBS investors, after they pay the billions owed to our Recorder of Deeds offices, after the banks have repaid over 12.8 trillion to the U.S. taxpayer, after the banks have compensated homeowners for millions of Wrongful Foreclosures, Slander of Title, wrongful reporting to credit agencies, etc., then the bankers will be positioned to speak to me about any money I MIGHT owe to them.

    If only our bankers could get a real job and pay their own way, we wouldn’t have to keep supporting those d*mn deadbeats.

  8. Karla says:

    Just like the genuine lender with legitimate standing against a deadbeat homeowner, is being mischaracterized and scrutinized because of the actions of the likes of David J. Stern and DOCX, we as homeowner’s with temporary setbacks suffer from the “bad apple” syndrome too.

    I am only speaking for those people I PERSONALLY know. We aren’t looking for some “technicality” to get a “free house.” We have experienced set back through no fault of our own, mostly lost jobs. We have tried to work with our servicers only to receive empty promises. After being told “we can only help if you are late” and THEN, “we can only help if you pay X amount” we can modify your loan payments to a level you can pay, many of us have paid large sums of money (using what would have been retirement funds in many cases) only to have the servicer misapply those funds and sue to foreclose anyway! I am not asking for a handout, just temporary help. But these lenders have apparently chosen to have an inventory of vacant homes over trying to work out what common sense would suggest is mutually beneficial for everyone.

    THEY MESSED UP. IF my SERVICER HAD PROPERLY HANDLED MY ACCOUNT, they would be getting paid. It is not MY problem if my lender can’t find the paperwork to foreclose. Perhaps they should have thought of that 2 years ago when I proposed a more than reasonably solution, and I was completely in the dark about foreclosure fraud. Now my servicer can’t even tell me, or the court WHO we supposedly owe. They have alleged no less than 3 different parties! I WILL offer my same proposal to PAY the party that can PROVE I OWE them money or hand them the keys to my home.

    A plaintiff, be it a state convicting a criminal or a mortgage company foreclosing a home loan MUST PROVE their case. We ALL have the right to DUE PROCESS in this country. To suggest anything less is acceptable is shameful. If you believe there should be exceptions for banks taking peoples homes, then perhaps you would be better suited to finding a different country to live in.

  9. AliceN.Wunderland says:

    How embarrasing for Dave’s employer.

  10. Michael Olenick says:

    $20 trillion in bailout money. $20,000,000,000,000 dollars, and you have the GALL to argue that debtors think THEY’RE owed something.

    Let’s repeat that number: $20,000,000,000,000 in bank subsidies.

    $20,000,000,000,000 for BANKS. $20,000,000,000,000 for YOU.

    For debtors .. $0. Nothing. Don’t give me crap about HAMP, the program that paid servicers to “consider” a modification. HAMP was a servicer giveaway. $20,000,000,000,000 for banks. ZERO for borrowers.

    $20,000,000,000,000 for worthless, incompetent, irresponsible, dishonest bankers.

    Here’s what SHOULD have happened, and still might. YOU and your employer should have been forced into liquidation in 2008. Those notes should have been sold at auction for a few cents on the dollars. The note buyers could and would have renegotiated to FMV, because they’d receive less in foreclosure. THAT’S the free market.

    What YOU and your buddies have done is pervert the US economic system into some unrecognizable MESS that me, my children, the children they’ll someday hopefully have — that all American children for a very long time — will be paying back. All that’s ignoring the fraud-fest you unleashed to perfect your scam.

    So shut up self-righteous PR flack. You and the crooks you work for have DESTROYED THE COUNTRY. Not us .. Y*O*U. Feel happy you got your mega-bailout, and you’re still getting them ($5.1 BILLION more for “private companies” Fannie and Freddie LAST MONTH ALONE). BOA just got a sweetheart deal but it doesn’t matter; they’re so poorly managed they’re begging Arab oil barons for a $15 billion recapitalization; hopefully they’ll get it, because the sheiks are likely to lose their shirts.

    Want to see hard stats from big record sets? Ask me. Want to see a timeline? Ask Michael. Want to see the people you’ve run over? Ask Lisa. Want to see irrefutable proof on the property and court records? Ask Lynn. Want to talk about the violence you’ve done to the legal system. Ask Matt. But don’t DARE to show up here and disparage the tiny number of people that are trying to restore the free market, to save the US legal system, and to build even the tiniest resemblance of balance about how justice and markets work — especially while collecting a fat corporate welfare funded paycheck.

    BTW: while Michael R. encourages debate — something those on the right side of an issue tend to do, as opposed to the TARP Queens paying your salary — it’s actually a PRIVATE blog. You’re here as a guest who has no rights at all beyond those extended to you.

    Finally, I hope that you are some pathetic schmuck in PR doing your best. Because if, instead, you are a bank employee gone rogue I’m guessing that you’ll be hearing from your HR department relatively soon. As you’re packing your personal belongings you’ll realize that while they’re happy to disparage us in private that they know they need those welfare dollars to keep flowing so tend to keep it to themselves. Why? Because those at the top with half a brain — not the one’s who hire Watson and Stern, but the one’s that actually make decisions — know better than to bite those who enable the government crooks that feed them. They know that they’re on the wrong side of an open and honest debate and just want to stay quiet and keep cashing the welfare checks, at least until there are no more welfare dollars to give them .. but by then their government paid bonus checks will have cleared so they really don’t care much.

  11. Tim Bryant says:

    If any one is interested, here is M&I Bank’s contact info


    • John McCormick says:

      :o)………………………………….. Thanks Tim! How have you been? where are you?

      • Tim Bryant says:

        I’m still around. I have been getting the word out to the MSM as much as possible. Follow the site everyday, and try to submit what I find. I am active in keeping the MA officials up to date. Seems like they have come around to seeing what the banks are really up to.

  12. lvent says:

    Dave the bank troll is from M&I Bank……hmm…ISN’T THAT SNEAKY????..Isn’t that Marshall & Ilsley Bank? I uncovered some stuff about Marshall & Ilsley when I was doing some research on my “loan” history…I was curious to know what TRUST the failed bank, AMCORE BANK, that gave me my “loan” put my “loan” into..AMCORE BANK N.A. was the BIGGEST BANK FAILURE IN ILLINOIS HISTORY AND SOME EMPLOYEES HAVE BEEN UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR FRAUD….. It appears that AMCORE BANK N.A. claims they are also MERS and on my title history they claim they are AMCORE N.A. MERS.. I have a pretender lender PHH trying to join me, the defendant to foreclose on MERS…BTW,.. There is no record PHH was ever assigned my loan…Well it appears that MARSHALL & ILSLEY is the place that many failed banks go to hide…..Inside of MARSHALL & ILLSLEY there is an UNSECURED AND NOT FDIC INSURED TRUST BY THE NAME OF NORTH STAR and inside of there I found AMCORE BANK N.A. I FOUND MORE CLEAR PROOF MY “LOAN” IS UNSECURED….THOUGH I ALREADY KNEW THAT…. MARSHALL & ILLSLEY, IS HIDING A VERY MANY OF THE “SO-CALLED” FAILED BANKS IN AN UNSECURED, NOT FDIC INSURED TRUST CALLED NORTH STAR….

  13. Meg says:

    Why is he reading through a FORECLOSURE forum anyway? On company time at that!!! People like him are the problem of the world. They grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth and play around on the computer while their supposed to be working. What a joke!!

    Do we go trolling through their bank forums? What is his reason for him being here? You have rights in this world, one of them is to not read this site and “our” views on things. Believe it or not, not everyone has the same theory on this entire issue, but we all do have one thing in common… we are not close minded.

    • see says:

      Meg, his reason for being here is to cause an uproar. He and his fat a$$ friends are reading this site and these comments and laughing. It could be that this is his part of his job because he cannot do anything intelligent other than go online and troll sites. I seriously doubt that he has a brainchild. He has admitted that he puts his child in front of electronics to learn because it is obvious he has no intellence to teach his own child. He is a joke himself.

      We all know what the banks did to this country and the destruction they caused. So the banks put some idiot online and MAN DID THEY SHOW US!!! Too funny. Why don’t you Dave sit with your child and watch what he/she is watching, maybe YOU will learn something.

      • Meg says:

        “”””He has admitted that he puts his child in front of electronics to learn because it is obvious he has no intellence to teach his own child. He is a joke himself.””””

        …………(0 0)
        .—oOO– (_)—–.
        ║ TOUCHE!..║
        ………. || ||
        ……. ooO Ooo

      • Well congratulations are in order to Dave. He really got everyone to come out of the latent wordword and certainly got everyone off track it seems, including me a tad bid and so another day goes by without any real pro-active in the face confrontation as we all sit at the computer another day to spew out our guts preaching to the choir as much as anyone, as the rest of the world is unaware by this distraction and as ignorant as sin that remains why no change is happening and probably never will.

        I would think that many of us have acquaintances that work within the banking system, that we went to school with and so have they all become banksters as members of the mob? Are these ordinary people no longer friends which work in banks, that have no idea what the top of the heap has the bottom of the heap doing to us all, friends and family alike, so that another paycheck can feed their families?

        To bad they can’t all just walk away with a clean conscience.

        What would the banksters do if they all did a nation day or remorse and failed to show up at the magnificent shrines to do another days work?

  14. John McCormick says:

    Yes Dave, We are but children! One guy said a long time ago that unless we become as little children we could not see the holy ground…. Or,,,,,,,,, something to that effect. As little children we can talk about such things as “the crime of 73” and not worry about offending the likes of you, “the enlightened”. We can mention the “Bankers Manifesto of 1892” without fearing that we be misunderstood by you who seem to understand all things economic. Yes, we can freely discuss Eleazar Lord’s comments in our child like ways and expound upon the merits of Matthew and Henry Carey, two “real” Americans. Please be careful of slipping from your perch, it seems to be frightfully high?
    I recall walking along water street in my childhood (it was on the# 15 electric streetcar line) and wondering at the magnificence of M&I with its brass doors and green carrara! I recall a great building of about six stories. Checking with Google earth it appears as though you now have one of the largest buildings in the area on that same spot. Is that M&I’s? How could you all afford such extravagance? Did you really tie the widow’s daughter to the RR track like I saw in the moving pictures?(Ogden Theatre) Thanks for the trip in to childhood! We used to ride that streetcar all the way to the Braves games! There was a great wooden trestle across the valley! What a thrill for us “little children”!

  15. leapfrog says:

    “I also find it interesting that the site’s administrator went to the trouble to publish what should be my confidential server address; however, he lazily fails to research or understand the cases he cavalierly posts, and points to as bank fraud.”

    Nothing is confidential when you post on the internet, you ignorant douche. You got called on your bullshit and now try to backtrack and bloviate your way out. Ain’t gonna work here. Won’t work on the market ticker either. Karl will BUST YOUR ASS big time. Maybe Michael should send an e-mail to your employer, letting them know how you spend THEIR TIME.

  16. ween says:

    Dave sounds like a garden-variety, sell-out, whore…..

  17. Bob Bateman says:

    It’s pretty clear that this guy has no idea what the facts are. Nice call, with identifying his IP address, and calling him out on it.. BRAVO!

  18. Elyse says:

    With the Banks hasty rush to foreclose on people who have lost their jobs, to no fault of their own, as opposed to “helping” the homeowner in these rather unique times here in America, it made all of us take a look at “WHY”? Why are the banks playing hard ball and foreclosing with any means they could…including creating and forging the very documents they destroyed in order to work within the guidlines of a fraudulent recording system you banksters created called MERS….

    Because the banks NEVER loose money…either way, they get paid many times over!!! AIG has insured the loans so DEFAULT spells INSURANCE so the banks have no interest in doing anything other than foreclosing and re-selling it to create a new NOTE….smells like ponzi to us on this site!! What Bernie Maydoff did is small potatoes compaird to the Wall Street Banksters scheme….

    We’re fighting in the Courts as best we can and soon…very soon, all will be revealed.

    Michael and other’s on this site have opened their eyes to this unprecented fraud being perpetrated on the American homeowners and we are all more educated because of it!!

    We support Michael and would be thrilled to listen to a debate with any of you banksters….it’s obviuos you are the childlike thinker here and have no idea what is happening!!

    Keep us advised when and where……loving the idea!
    Elyse in California…fighting for TRUTH…JUSTICE and the AMERICAN WAY….
    Wake Up Banksters!! We know what you did!

  19. Tim Bryant says:

    Dave also forgets that default does not occur until the investor, not the servicer, is paid. When a mortgage is sold through securitization, the original lender now becomes a co-borrower, under the terms of the mortgage. As long as the servicer continues paying the investor, there is no default. Guess what? The lenders volunteered to do this. They never contacted the original borrower that they were selling their loan. The banks screwed themselves. No pity to be found here.

  20. Arthur1137 says:


    Why don’t you tell us all where exactly a “bank” in the “federal reserve system” gets its “money” from ? When we sign the note or mortgage, the “bank” cashes it and borrows us back the debt money they themselves just created out of thin air, without having anything at risk itself. All banking in this country is FRAUD. Banks do NOT borrow out their depositors “money” as they would have us believe. Credit money is usury at it’s ultimate, money from thin air, and charge interest on it to boot. Why don’t you go back and lick the boots of your masters like a good little puppy should. Even though you work at a bank, you don’t have a clue what’s really going on in this country. The NWO and their minions like you are stealing everything they can get their hands on before they crash the system.

  21. Bobbi Swann says:

    @ Dave – if you are still here on this site I just want you to know that I have a great deal of sympathy for you. Being in the business for well over 33 years you are the product of brainwashing. In my day of banking I have seen countless, numerous acts of fraud and not those which have just surfaced here in the last 5 or so years. It is a shame that you have such an intelligent child but a parent who is not able to see the forest for the trees! You still don’t get the gest of what is and has been at stake here…..justice does not have a dollar limit and your perception that we ALL deserve something is correct….we deserve justice, at any cost!

  22. joe parisi says:

    To Mr Bankster,

    Matt and all people behind him will continue to oppose the crimes your institutions have committed.

    Every home owner in default or foreclosure – all they have to do is contact the US Justice Dept and FBI and their State Attorney Generals. They will file a criminal complaint for fraud and other charges.
    Let the authorities take charge as they have doe here in NY State thanks to AG Schniderman.

    We’ll see who wins in the end.


    Run for President, we’ll raise money for you anyday. Throw these current fraud politicians in the street you promoted these banksters.

    Joe Parisi

  23. leapfrog says:

    Dave: You are a condescending piece of bankster shit and you and your bankster scumbag friends are going to lose BIG TIME. You already have. You’re going down slowly but surely more and more each day. Good riddance. Hope to see you in the unemployment line and hope you have a MERS mortgage. Then maybe you will be changing your tune soon when your bankster pals come to steal your home.

    • housemanrob says:

      Dudes like Dave can’t afford a mortgage!

      • Dave also seems to not be able comprehend, that whenever MERS is involved, as numerous courts have ruled that know the law better than most of the population, the chain of title is suspect and possible not able to be repaired without a lot more court action and expense to restore what the banksters created out of the greed for the corporation having stock holders to appease, as these CEO’s reap unreal compensation that is unjust enrichment by reason of dirty handed dealings and then committing crimes directly and indirectly as accomplices and accessories after the fact. After these banksters acquire the properties, the banksters ignore the detriment to the local economies, that they say they are there to serve and so the cycle repeats, as more of the middle class is decimated.

        Michael @ The “MIXED WAR” Room and The Trials of Life organizing the Relentless Resistance Renascence Rant, Rank Level 1




      • leapfrog says:

        True. Old Dave is probably just a bored and ignorant bottom-feeding collection agent.

      • housemanrob says:

        It’s just greed…..first some entity executes a mortgage and note………throw the note away, register it electronically so it can be passed around………collect the insurance from A.I.G. when it defaults…..and to top it off…….they then try to steal your home……SOMEBODY HAS GOT TO HANG!

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