Gestapo Tactics | Wells Fargo Sends Pre-Foreclosure Notices to Current Homeowners

Unfortunately the reporters are naive to the fact that the banks will work with the borrowers…

These people are so screwed.

We have seen this before, once you get into the fraudclosure process, you can not get out…


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  1. simon l says:

    wasn’t the TARP an agreement/contract made by the government on behalf of the PEOPLE – and are there not rescission laws that protect the PEOPLE from misrepresented, underdisclosed agreements/contracts?

    Did the people receive a TANGIBLE BENEFIT from TARP?? Did the people, with full disclosure and knowledge of the facts, intend and agree to the consequences of TARP??

    Just as lawyers can be sued for negligent misrepresentation and a lender can be sued for non-disclosure of material terms, etc, CANNOT WE CANCEL and RESCIND TARP and HOLD LIABLE OUR REPRESENTATIVES AND OUR GOVERNMENT FOR THIS ATROCITY and make the banks disgorge back to the people??

    There must be a wiz-kid attorney out there that can help us, or this is bound to happen again in 10 short years, before we even have a chance to recuperate!

  2. incognito123 says:

    Ohhh, isn’t this so nice, the banksters want to sit down with the homeowner in discussions. Discuss WHAT? That they are not owed anything, but keep making your payment to them anyway? Will they come out and state they are just trying to steal the home quicker than ever before? Will they talk about all the frauds they have committed? These are some of the issues I’d want to talk about……. wonder if they do as well……… hmmmmm, again SO nice of them…………..

    • lvent says:

      incognito, yep, traitors in our midst….Max Keiser has William K. Black as a guest on his show today….I am sure you know who he is….Great episode…Mr. Black discusses the problems with the White Collar Crooks as criminogenic and says we need to demand Eric Holder’s resignation and replace him with a real criminal prosecuter… I say Elliot Spitzer…Guess Obama made a speech to the banksters after he was elected and told the bastards, “I am the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks”. WOW!!!! Check out the trailer for the new move “Four Horseman” Max Keiser is in the film and describes Wall Street perfectly “It is like Sodom and Gomorah down there”.

  3. lies is all they tell says:

    .good evening all. reading everyones post and i am apauled at what is happening to us. see this post

    ste rns insur a nce w ill n o t ev e n co v er h i m b e c aus e of t h e f r a u d . s o w h y d o e s n t t h e i n s u r a n c e c o m p a n y l e t t h e j u d g e s k n o w ? ? ? /

    • lies is all they tell says:

      sorry my computer is not working probably a virus. the post

      if sterns insurance company will not pay because of fraud how can our courts still foreclose something is not right. some one write china they own our country. yes i vent you are right this fraud was suppose to stay hidden. how did it get exposed. we are suppose to still be asleep and all be kick form our homes because we lost our jobs and cant find jobs. did oyu hear about fannie presureing banks to foreclaose instaed of modify!

      what wells did to us in un fathamable. devistating . they di dwhat fannies told them to do. they have a high CDS on my home. it was 2006 loan with appraisal fraud, so fannies must have ordered them to get me out of my home any way they could so the increase my mod instead of decreasing , losing paper worki. knowing eventually i would call again. when i called again i was told the lie fannie told them to say to all homeowners in 2010. to miss mortgage payments, we had to eminent default before applying for hamp. WHAT telling current homeowners to default????????? doesnt that null and void the note? they told us to break the contract. they again moved my file out of review, lost my paper work. wrote liar letters to the OCC and pam bimbo and my congressman. i received a hamp denial exactly 2 days after my package was due. but my package was sent a nd received 10 days prior. then 5 days later the pre foreclsoure letter then 1 week later my NOD. talk about premeditation. wells farg needs to go. there is a yidish saying “get ckakan afumyung ” meand sho shit in the ocean yeah thats what they need to do

      we need to be spared this i s an insult to all of our intelegence

      • lvent says:

        lies, This was a New World Order Hitler Plan to destroy America and own the world….They want a one world Global Tyranny, a PLUTOCRACY that is a fascist dictatorship where only the OLIGARCHS create wealth for themselves and the Plutocrats….It is a Kleptocracy that creates nothing except debt enslavement for all of the rest of us….The Jesuits are using the temporal power of the pope to try and control every aspect of our lives…..and they are using the U.S. Government as THEIR gatekeeeper,….It is called Foreclosure-gate and it is despicable.THIS IS THE RESULT OF INFILTRATION BY THE ENEMY AND RAMPANT CORRUPTION…..The U.S. Government has clearly broke its social contract with the American people and now the people must revolt..ON ALL OF THE FALSE DEBT ENSLAVEMENT…WALL STREET CREATED THIS MESS FOR THE RULING ELITE NEW WORLD ORDER,FORCE THEM TO PAY FOR IT!!!!!!….The reason the forefathers gave us the U.S. CONSTITUTION and the U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS is to protect us from a Government that is TREASONIST and acting like a TYRANNY that is oppressing its own people….The U.S. GOVERNMENT is not upholding our rights and laws that protect us and actually are hiding them from the people….WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!! FRAUD IS NOT LEGAL, THE PONZI SCHEMERS CONTRACTS ARE A NULLITY BECA– USE OF ALL OF THE FRAUD……..RESCIND, CLEAR TITLE GOES BACK TO THE HOMEOWNERS ALONG WITH LARGE MONETARY RESTITUTION…..GIVE THE STOLEN HOMES BACK TO THE HOMEOWNERS WITH MONETARY RESTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • lvent says:

        lies, they destoyed their contracts….One act of fraud in a legal contract, nullifies their contract. This was a set up…The ruling elite/NWO set America up to fail…..They want a world wide Weimar Germany..They all suck..they are despicable, scum sucking dirt bag…inbred pedophile tyrants.. They use tools like lies. deceit, fraud, cheating, stealing…and reality they are weak… If we take those tools away they can no longer rule……..

    • lvent says:

      lies, Foreclosure court is very deceptive….. The pretender lenders are attempting to collect a debt..they are not going to say it is an unsecured debt or they don’t hold the note….the judges are collecting debts for the crooks……I think of it like this, the judges are acting as the enforcers for the mafia, there are no laws being upheld in there to protect your rights….you gotta get out of there…..These crooks have to prove standing in bankruptcy court or federal court…..In foreclosure court there is a foreclosure-gate, a vast conspiracy being covered up and the judges are allowing the crooks to steal from the people with impunity….

  4. Peter Everts says:

    Just buy a gun.

  5. indio007 says:

    The music must be about to stop for them. Here’s comes the mad rush to seize as much property as possible.

  6. Bankers make more money during bad times…. higher fees, more junk fees, higher interest rates, servicing fees for their securitized pools on defaulted loans, bail-outs, tax breaks, etc…..

  7. lvent says:

    BOFA’s bitch, ReCONtrust Co, sent me a bogus HOME RETENTION FINAL NOTICE….which states they may be able to postpone your sale date and legally keep you in your home…………Call a Home Retention Agent (888) 823-3948, any delay may prevent you from these rights….Willam D. Goodrich, Attorney at Law…I promptly called them up and told them this is a mail fraud advertisement…..the pretender lender in my case was never even granted a fraudclosure and there is no sale date on my home….I told him I am going to call the State AG’s and he told me shhhhhhh and hung up the phone on me…..More Gestapo tactics from the NAZIS hiding behind the scenes who are using their SS-like COHORTS AND MINIIONS as agents to deceive homeowners into yet another trap….Someone needs to stop them…They are terrorizing the American people trying to steal the homes of the people for an UNSECURED DEBT THAT THEY ARE NOT EVEN OWED……This is a Hitler Plan by the ruling elite/New World Order, to take everything from the people for unsustainable debt that they created out of thin air to enslave humanity with…..They cancelled their own debt when they crashed the stock market intentionally SEE YOU TUBE VIDEO: CNBC ILLUMINATI CRASHED STOCK MARKET..and they blew up the worlds economy……..Now they must rescind because of all of their mortgage fraud which resulted in the BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST OF MAINSTREETS WEALTH TO WALL STREET TO THE RULING ELITE/NEW WORLD ORDER IN HISTORY…. Because of this they now must give clear title back to the homeowners……they never thought they would get caught, the jig is up….Pay back time..

    • lvent says:

      They are all really ONE GIANT EVIL BANK,,, WITH MANY TENTACLES…….THE HEADS ARE BOFA, CHASE AND WELLS FARGO BUT THEY ARE ALL OWNED AND CONTROLLED BY ONE EVIL NEW WORLD ORDER PUPPET MASTER……..Read a report that Black Pope, Peter Hans Kolvenbach ordered 9/11 to kill off the Shia…Google his name America……..The Jesuit Order owns and controls the World’s Banks, the Vatican holds much of the world’s gold in Swiss Banks and the Black Pope ordered the assassination of our President J.FK. and Cardinal Spellman of N.Y. gave the orders to carry it out. Google the names, Carthe DeLoache,Arlen Specter, G. Gordon Liddy. This was done because J.FK wanted to put America on a currency of value and issue U.S. BANK NOTES and he wanted the truth about UFO’s…from the CIA……J.F.K’s CIA code name was Lancer, Google it…The 2 most powerful enforcers for the Jesuits are the CIA and the NSA….They are using the labor Zionist party to overthrow us from within America…

  8. Jim Bethea says:

    These Wells Fargo crooks are under investigation for fraud at this present time ~ They took the bailout money that was supposed to go to help the people in bad mortgage situations, yet they are trying to steal their homes asap and throw the people on the streets ~~

    They should be getting notices from the taxpayers telling them the terms fo the bailout money has changed and instead of you having the options to repay the TARP money a 1/4 of one percent whenever you choose to do so ~~ We are sending you this notice that you need to pay the money back under the same 29% interest rates that you are charging your credit card customers and we demand you repay ALL of the money within 180 days or we will be forced to Confiscate and SELL your banks and revoke your banking licenses ~~

  9. Hell No, No More Bail-OUTS says:

    I can not get the video to play. It also links to a different video on the actual ‘’ site.

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