The Validity of MERS | Letter to Attorney General Martha Coakley from REBA’s President, Edward M. Bloom, RE John O’Brien and MERS

“MERS operated smoothly and without debate for most of the first decade of its existence. The numerous issues such as predatory lending, robo-signing, and poor record keeping should not impact the validity of the MERS System, which has been a benefit to both the title professional and consumers.” – Edward M. Bloom, Esq. REBA President


Or, in other words, Jeffrey Dahmer’sfirst decade of existence” was by all accounts normal, but he grew increasingly withdrawn and uncommunicative between the ages of 10 and 15. “The numerous issues such as” his murders, that were particularly gruesome, involving rape, child molestation, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism “should not impact” the societal value of Mr. Dahmer, which has been a benefit to both the fields of academic study into serial killer behavior and  criminal psychology.

Letter to Attorney General Marth Coakley from REBA RE The Validity of MERS below…



Letter to Attorney General Martha Coakley from REBA RE John O’Brien and MERS

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  1. RobertSanDiego says:

    I mean,…really?? Can you be serious???

    Martha,…I am sure you are bright enough to understand that MERS has effectively destroyed nearly all (400 years worth), of the “Land-Title-Records,” in this Country,…in less than 15 years time.

    I pray you (she) does,…and calls-out this letter from the moronic Edward Bloom as the, “Shit-On-A-Stick,” that it is.

    God Bless Martha’s wisdom,…and the rest of us too.

  2. As my uncle use to tell me it is legal until you get caught. MERS just did not get caught until the crimes were so abundant and obvious that the crime was looked into. They had gotten away with murder and I mean murder and terrorism until to many people became victims. I truly believe the poor and poor neighborhoods have been kept poor by these criminals doing this for a long time, it just became evidenced when it hit the middle class and upper class. This should not happen to any American. Poor, or what ever color they are, or what ever religion or what ever non religion they are . We must make sure not one person on American soil is ever treated this way again. My heart just aches for people when I see what is going on and it is happening to me and my family and friends and customers in the thousands. You know something is rotten when there are so many and the reports show it is the bankster crimes. See the Wall street and the Financial Crisis;Anatomy of a Financial Collaspe.. A report for the Senate. One of our own senators here in Washington state had not even heard of this report for the senate. Millions of dollars for a report for the Senate and it is not read. She is on top of the crime now.

  3. housemanrob says:

    MERS can remain the “mortgagee of record”………is an oxymoron because with MERS…….there is no public record. (one cannot even access that info)

  4. indio007 says:

    Reeks of desperation. Acquiescence is about the only legitimate argument they do have. However that acquiescence was based upon MERS’s misrepresentation of how it did actually operate. They have zero internal controls for accuracy and even less external controls over their signing agents.

  5. myles says:

    Everybody blogging her should instead be sending their responses to A.G. Coakley so she can get the rebuttal side of the argument so she doesn’t get brainwashed by one side or another.

    • YES! E-MAILS AND PHONE CALLS BY THOUSANDS GET THEIR RESPECT. DONT E-MAIL WRITE OR CALL AND THEY THINK THEY CAN MAKE THE DECISSION FOR YOU. THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM ALL OF YOU. I AM SURE MY AG AND SENATOR IS TIRED OF HEARING FROM ME. MAKE YOURSELF HEARD! My senatro told me it was not in her territory. I answered how can you claim , stolen property, crime scenes in your district at the department of records and your constituants being harmed by all this is not in your jurisdiction? I receive a quick reply we are working on it. Our Senator from my district has a clouded title on her home. She did not know it until we looked it up and informed her. That may get their attention. She looked it up and YUP! IT IS CLOUDED!

  6. Litgant says:

    Slavery was legal for more than ten years Mr. Shyster lawyer Bloom. Just because men make rules and adopt procedures (written by MERS ghost writers), does not make them the rule of law. Even if courts followed the reasonings of someone who wrote rules and procedures, this of itself does not make them Law. And if judges, deceived and acting on these rules, rendered decisions in favor of them, this is proof of corruption and fraud by the judiciary. Judges should rule by the rule of law, not by some business model that someone comes up with to scam the govenrnment out of billions of dollars in filing fees. The land title records should not be made dirty and toxic because some shysters figure a way to circumvent the law and the recording of land records. MERS is nothing but a scam system to defraud the government out of billions of dollars, the money of which is turned to the profit of the banks. If the banks and holders in the MERS system do not record the change of hands of the mortgages, they can profit on these filing fees and give them in annual rewards to the CEOs in the millions of dollars. It is time for MERS to die. It is time the AGs of all 50 states stop being puppets on a string to MERS and its gange of thieves. And when shyster lawyer outfits like REBA want to continue the scams and fraud of MERS so they themselves can PROFIT, it is time for war. It is time our AGs put a stop to this fraud. Regardless of how many judges and court cases have ruled in favor of MERS business model, it will always be a scam. It is not Blacks who are now 1/5 of a human, it is property owners who have been bought and sold on mortgage auction blocks by greedy bank slave owners. The American people were captured and taken captive by these sham institutions. It is time to kill these banks by taking money out of them. Take you rmoney out of Bank of America. Take your money out of Wells Fargo Bank. Take your money out of Chase/Morgan. Take your money out of all these banks and put it into some credit union. Come on America. And stop using lawyers who are in favor of all these scam robo-foreclosures. Go into that lawyer office and first question out of your mouth is do you believe the foreclosures now going on are legal or illegal. And if he says legal, get up and walk out. Stop using these injury lawyers who are your enemy when it comes to foreclosures. God help America, we are surrounded by thieves and criminals who control our courts.


      Just because they got away with it for ten years does not make it legal. I believe this is a desperate statement from MERS people. Attorneys on the web that have been predicting what is happening all along are predicting the banks will fall by the end of the year. We can only hope and then let the banks that have done good business take them over. I have not heard bad about Key bank. I am sure there are good decent banks out there that will keep the world turning. These banks have put a blunt stop to the economy turning. I trully believe it was by design. They used MERS to set us all up for the picking.

  7. lizinsarasota says:

    For a whole ‘nuther take, read this white paper. It was published a couple weeks ago in this website (and others) but everyone needs to read it.

  8. Hell No, No More Bail-OUTS says:

    Look at what our own government did with the studies of gonorrhea where they left the condition INTENTIONALLY UNTREATED but only in BLACK men. Just because the studies may have had some use (and I even doubt that fact) does not excuse the despicable program’s existence. I’m not black but that case should not have been possible in a country that followed it’s own constitution.

    The idea that MERS should not be eradicated just like the gonorrhea fails also because the MERS system does not follow the LAWS. It also helps with covering up the crimes. Many judges are failing to realize that signatures by supposed MERS employees are anything but that. MERS helps the servicers and the attorneys commit fraud upon the courts.

  9. leapfrog says:

    MERS needs to be flushed down the toilet, for good. Wonder how much Edward Bloom got paid to shill for the banksters?

  10. Ron Moss says:

    Truth will prevail. It may take some time but a good example is Ron Paul. He has been in the House fir twenty some years preaching the same message and finally is being heard. The federak reserve is illegal, unconstitutional. It was created by a few bought members of congress back in 1913…. But in 1935 our Supreme Court ruled that “Congress cannot abdicate it’s duty” ….. One of which is to “coin money and regulate the value thereof”….. That may present us with a different set of problems but at least we can fire the bastards.

    • arthur1137 says:


      You have everything right except 98% of the bastards are now owned by the federal reserve and their minions, and if you fire even half, the new ones will quickly be bought and paid for. Nothing new under the sun, my friend…..

    • housemanrob says:

      Too bad for Ron Paul, and the rest of us, the media is ignoring him because of his support to the constitution! I was told he won the straw poll too…..but over 200 votes were not counted….to make sure he did not win!

      • lvent says:

        Ron Paul voted for the debt deal..and I am not talikng about the debt ceiling…..It was a dirty trick as A Vote For The Debt Deal Is a Vote For Treason……..and it was also a vote for the UNCONSTITUTIONAL FORMATION OF A SUPREME CONGRESS A/K/A THE SUPER COMMITTEE…….Ron Paul is also a Freemason, a member of the NWO….Google it….these people are very deceptive……double agents…..
        See the video, The Debt Deal is a Vote for Treason:

  11. talktotennessee says:

    “Pay no attention to the (MERS) behind the curtain.”
    The Wizard has spoken!
    What has always worked is right regardless of its lack of transparency or accuracy.

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