Abigail Field | Fannie and MERS

“MERS has no employees. MERS does not enter any data. MERS does not update any data. MERS does not control the quality of the data. Employees of servicers or their vendors do these tasks, to the extent that they are done at all.”


Fannie and MERS

Fannie Mae has a lot of responsibility for our current foreclosure and mortgage crisis, although it has not been reported on much. That’s changing.

Last weekend, the Detroit Free Press reported that Fannie’s pushing foreclosures in violation of its own rules.  In the Free Press article Fannie Mae, unsurprisingly, denies the charges. When I contacted Fannie Mae spokeswoman Amy Bonitatibus, she wouldn’t discuss the Free Press article on the record. However she was willing to confirm Fannie Mae’s well known role in launching MERS. And perhaps Fannie Mae’s most far-reaching foreclosure and mortgage mess impacts stem from MERS.

Fannie Mae and MERS

Fannie Mae was instrumental in the creation and legitimation of MERS, the mortgage registration “system” that has wreaked massive damage to our property records and land titles (at pg. 1370). Fannie Mae was a founding MERS member and initially one of only two entities that used MERS. The other was Freddie Mac. After a few years, the private securitization market started using MERS mortgages. But helping midwife MERS and legitimize its use are not Fannie Mae’s only contributions to the MERS mess.

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2 Responses to “Abigail Field | Fannie and MERS”
  1. Jim Bethea says:

    And jsut think ~ The US Supreme Court has ruled that when the promissory & mortgage notes have been separated they become “null & void” ~~~

    Now think that voer 60% of the mortgages in the US are involved in the MERS fraud ~

  2. Readdocs says:

    One of the questions that should be put forward when discussing any actions of someone representing
    MERS is: “where is your 1040 or 1099 from MERS.
    Its funny that a judge can rule MERS can foreclose when it has no living entities within its
    walls. MERS is a farm of servers that runs on electricity, it has no hands, no feet, no body,
    and no head, just thousands of metal boxes plugged into broadband and electrical outlets.

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