Chip Parker on Fraudclosures and The FL (un)Fair Forelcosure Act “Florida has a proud history of whoring for the mortgage industry”

Is Florida the Next Non-Judicial Foreclosure State?

A small excerpt…

So the bill’s stated purpose is flawed right from the outset, but getting our homes back into the “stream of commerce” really isn’t the purpose of the Fair Foreclosure Act.  Its sole design is to take Floridians’ property without due process or equal protection under the law.

Florida has a proud history of whoring for the mortgage industry, and while states across the country are fighting to restore honor and integrity to our judicial system, Florida has taken a different approach.  In Florida, the Supreme Court and our elected state officials are doing what they can to ensure their benefactors . . . the banks . . . get what they want.

Remember Foreclosure Court?   It unconstitutionally employed retired senior judges to act as mortgage mercenaries – ramrodding defective foreclosures through the judicial system despite national ridicule.  I am actually shocked it fell victim to Governor Scott’s massive spending cuts.  That must have been a mistake.

Then, with the addition of Pam Bondi as our new Attorney General, the mortgage industry took firm control of our prosecutors as well.  Ms. Bondi all but killed any investigation into foreclosure fraud, and fired two assistant prosecutors who gained national attention for piecing together a massive conspiracy by the mortgage industry to defraud our state court judges in foreclosure cases.

BUT, these acts of treason pale in comparison to the Fair Foreclosure Act, which proposes to do the following:

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9 Responses to “Chip Parker on Fraudclosures and The FL (un)Fair Forelcosure Act “Florida has a proud history of whoring for the mortgage industry””
  1. Lisamarie says:

    I can’t wait til Bondis tour of duty is over. She truly sucks. I can’t stand to even look at her picture on the internet. She makes me sick.

  2. ween says:

    What I fear is a backlash of VIOLENCE. If these crooks take away the rights of middle-class Floridians, you might see political assassinations, burning of govt buildings, etc. What you have witnessed recently in the Middle East and London can happen here. All it takes is a “triggering event”.

    There are a LOT of people who are fed up to their eyeballs with the corruption of the political and business class. These people are armed to teeth and just waiting for an excuse to let the lead fly. You reap what you sow. If I were these crooks, I’d tread very carefully. You can steal 98% and get away with it but everything has a breaking point and we are perilously close to seeing violence in the streets.

    When it happens, it’s not going to be pretty. The uber-wealthy and their political minions will have nobody to blame but themselves. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

  3. foreclosureweary says:

    This could make Florida the first 3rd world state in America. Peaole roaming the streets with nowhere to go. Yea, that will help the economy.

  4. tonycat says:

    Are there no decent legislators or judges at all in Florida, who have decent law-abiding ethics? For this legislation is surely going against public policy and the due process rights under our U.S. Constitution. What on earth is in the FLORIDA constitution? Or does the state even have one?

  5. Jim Bethea says:

    This absolutely “unbelievable” that the legislature is trying to strip away all citizens of Florida right to Due Process of Law ~~
    Traitors Among Us ~ Has the whole damn world of banksters and their puppets in the legislature and the court systems gone mad????

  6. leapfrog says:

    “Florida has a proud history of whoring for the mortgage industry.”

    And a picture of the most pox-ridden whore in Florida is right above the story here.

  7. lvent says:

    Wall Street and a very many politicians and their evil minions and cohorts are pimps and whores for the New World Horder and should be forced to resign immediately and go directly to the Gulag at Gunatanamo…

  8. Cloud says:

    “we’ll be fighting in the street…with our children at our feet.” “And the morals that we worshiped, will be gone.”

  9. debi p says:

    When is the investigation into PAm Bondi??? That’s all I need to know. Debr

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