KABOOM | George Babcock Foreclosure Fight Club – Rhode Island Federal Judge Halts Foreclosures (Video & Order)

A federal judge’s order puts the bulk of foreclosure cases in Rhode Island on hold as banks try to negotiate with homeowners.

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Rhode Island “Moratorium” Order

4 Responses to “KABOOM | George Babcock Foreclosure Fight Club – Rhode Island Federal Judge Halts Foreclosures (Video & Order)”
  1. WOW, this federal Judge gets it !

  2. chunga says:

    Right on! Judge McConnell and Judge Almond are starting to look like our next Judge Schack!

    • xxxx says:

      @chunga agreed good lip service but they, pretender lender still own NOTHING and are and will rape the people further with a mod, stall tactic but will give some people room to regroup and to fight back. Then we will go to another tier of illegal mods very possibly as MERS will be everywhere on this mod unless they have gotten smarter. Wait and watch, then people file BK and do quite title cause in federal court it is a different animal altogether, the crooks will then have to pay more attention to what they are NOT doing right and that they DO NOT have clear title to rape any longer and will NEVER have clear title as this has blown up in their greedy a$$e$, a rather funny mental picture to me right now. People are getting smarter and people are getting angrier and people are just plain fed up. We want back what we have worked so hard to have so little of and NOW!!!! So no more lip service from me, I have to go to a fight! Thanks 4closure for being the beacon to ALL!!!!!!

      • chunga says:

        The pretender lenders will have to square that up with Attorney Babcock.

        If they think they can pull the wool over his eyes…well, good luck with that. That will be a very risky affair. I’m sure they are aware of the consequences…lol.

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