Registrar of Deeds Curtis Hertel: “If you or I committed this kind of fraud, we’d go to jail.” (Video)

Registrar of Deeds Curtis Hertel: “If you or I committed this kind of fraud, we’d go to jail.” (Video)

In Lansing today, Ingham County (Lansing Area) Registrar of Deeds, Curtis Hertel and State Rep Jim Ananich presented a bill to introduce judicial foreclosure in MI.

As part of the press conference, homeowner Bill Donahue described how he almost lost the home he has lived in for 25 years because Fannie Mae, which had not claim to his loan, foreclosed on him as he was being processed for a HAMP modification (which he ultimately got).

In his presentation explaining the importance of replacing MI’s current foreclosure by advertisement with judicial review, Hertel explained,

You can literally walk into my office and tell me you’re committing a crime and there is nothing I can do to stop you except report it. I still have to submit the documents.

Hertel later elaborated on this, revealing among other details that he recently received an FBI subpoena relating to foreclosures.

You can check out the rest with more video here…

Copy of bill introducing judicial foreclosure in MI below…

Funny how MI is pushing for Judicial foreclosures while FL pushes for NON-Judicial foreclosures.

Just goes to show how corrupt FL is…



MI HO– USE BILL No. 4651 Judicial Foreclosures

7 Responses to “Registrar of Deeds Curtis Hertel: “If you or I committed this kind of fraud, we’d go to jail.” (Video)”
  1. COCO says:

    Has anyone seen the new proposed law that will go into effect 10/1/12? It will turn Florida into a nonjudicial state and it is so in favor of the banks. It is a must read.

  2. qny81 says:

    When are we going to our elected representatives office and arresting them? The time is past for the whining. We need to act now.
    Vote for the only presidential candidate that has not been bought by the special interests: Dr. Ron Paul, Liberty for All, President 2012 – check the donations for ALL members of Congress

  3. AliceN.Wunderland says:

    The people ‘that did this’ are the judges and sheriffs that accepted the fraudulent documents that resulted in 4.5 million people loosing thier homes. They are the ones to be held accountable. The fraudclosures will stop when the people ‘that did this’ stop doing it.

  4. lvent says:

    Throw all of the Wall Street crooks and all of the perniciously deceptive crooked polliticians and their evil minions and cohorts in prison for TREASON!!!!!!!!….THEY ARE ALL NEW WORLD HORDER TRAITORS TO AMERICA….!!!!!!

  5. xxxx says:

    correction my fingers got really angrily frustrated and started shaking By the People for the people
    we truly do not have time to be babysitting our government with our money and lives we can do better on our own

  6. xxxx says:

    Toooooooooooo little tooooooooooooo late, so many are now homeless.
    AGs are just part of the stalling but have to do something even if a crumb is tossed. Truly now. Send the bastards to jail now!!!!
    Rolling over our countries gov is pivotal now!!! IMPEACH!
    REMOVE ALL but the few that are By the PEOPLE and For the PROPEL. the very few who still have morals.

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