ACTION ALERT | Citizen Warriors Needed to Drown Out the TBTF Attacks on NY AG Eric Schneiderman

Corruption abounds!  We do not want predatory banks to be given a broad waiver for their criminal wrongdoing that has gravely damaged so many.  Despite what most of our elected officials are willing to do; obey their financial sector masters, they are elected to represent THE PEOPLE, not the banks!

We must make our voices and our appreciation to Eric Schneiderman heard loud and clear from across the nation!


Please People!

Take a moment to send thanks and encouragement to Eric Schneiderman & his staff who are aggressively investigating fraudclosure and felony land record fraud.  Remember he has a voice in the 50 State AG Panel which has many bank owned puppets (see Pam Bondi, FL AG and Luther Strange, AL AG) who need to be drowned out!

As is anyone who stands up and speaks out against TBTF predatory and criminal acts against Americans, Mr. Schneiderman is being attacked.

Remember that he is an elected official who is actually representing the people who elected him instead of the financial institutions!  A rarity indeed who must be thanked and encouraged.

Take a moment to call (800 771-7755 or 212 416-8000) or send a note of thanks, encouragement, and support to the NY AG:

NY AG’s WebMail Form:

Craft your own words or here’s a sample script to say when you call or to copy & paste when you email:

Thank you all at the NY AG’s office for standing up to predatory banks who are dispossessing, foreclosing, and evicting millions of American families by committing mortgage servicing fraud, securities fraud, modification fraud, felony land record fraud, property conveyance fraud, and fraud upon our courts across the nation.  The impact to our economy of tens of millions of American properties with clouded titles and defiled land records has not even begun.

Please continue this important work.  Please do not let the attacks and push back by the financial industry and their corrupt puppets in positions of power impede your office’s work aimed at protecting citizens from the criminal and predatory acts that have greatly harmed us all.

Here’s the background:

Corrupt Obama Administration Pressuring New York Attorney General to Support Mortgage Whitewash:

Schneiderman Is Said to Face Pressure by Obama Administration to Back Bank Deal:

Foreclosure Talks Snag on Bank Liability via @WSJ

Quelle Surprise! New York Fed Director Shills for Bank of New York, Argues Against Rule of Law:

Bank of America Uses Attack Dog to Smear NY AG Schneiderman from @firedoglake

The smear campaign against NY AG Eric Schneiderman begins  @AMERICAblog:

Propaganda Alert:  COLUMN-NY intervention goes beyond BofA’s mortgage deal: Frankel | Reuters via @reuters

So please take a moment to call (800 771-7755 or 212 416-8000) or send a note of thanks, encouragement, and support to the NY AG:

NY AG’s WebMail Form:


24 Responses to “ACTION ALERT | Citizen Warriors Needed to Drown Out the TBTF Attacks on NY AG Eric Schneiderman”
  1. DanJS says:

    This is my e-mail to Mr. Schneiderman… I had to try three time before I could get it through. I’ve also attempted to forward the note to my own AG, Sam Olens, Georgia, via my local county DA. (See Below). I did not address all of the issues, Maybe some of you can “mimic” my own efforts with your county DA and state AG…. Don’t forget the issues I omitted.

    Hon. Pat Head, District Attorney, Cobb County


    I have tried unsuccessfully to find an e-mail address for our state Attorney General Sam Olens. Please forward this email to him or to someone who can reach him.

    Thank You,

    The Hon. Mr. Sam Olens,

    I have tried unsuccessfully to reach your office concerning this matter. Since I have not been able to contact your office directly, I am doing so in two ways:

    1. Asking my Cobb County District Attorney to forward this email…. and
    2. Writing the Office of the NY AG, Eric Schneiderman and asking that his office contact you with my concerns.

    I look forward to a personal response, but would be more pleased to see you publicly address this matter in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Marietta Daily Journal.

    Dan Scarborough

    The Hon. NY AG Schneiderman,

    Thank you for being a mensch and pursuing the corruption corroding our courts and land records registries throughout America.

    (I know your actions are centered in New York, for that is your only jurisdiction… but your leadership sets a moral and legal precedent for the AGs of every state in our nation…. therefore, I thank you for fellow homeowners in every state.)

    As a citizen of Georgia, I cannot cast a vote for you, but I now consider myself a member of your “extended constituency.”

    Like members of our Congress who “represent” voters outside of their districts every time they cast a vote affecting all Americans, your honest, and courageous actions likewise affect every homeowner in America.

    There are many Americans whose finances have not been adversely affected by the very poor economy of our nation. They may own homes, have good-paying jobs and are still able to submit their mortgage payments without difficulty.

    Unfortunately, their “good fortune” prevents them from knowing that the title to their homes may be legally “clouded” due to the illegal actions of the “phantom land registry” called MERS. If MERS has injected itself into any land purchase or mortgage refinancing, they, like their less fortunate neighbors, are subject to being adversely affected by the unseen and unknown (to them) legal menace called “clouded title.”

    Your legal actions in New York are “protective” of the private property rights of every land owner in America.

    For that, Sir, I commend you and encourage you to continue your efforts to bring those who are responsible to account for their actions in a court of law.

    Those scurrilous individuals should (at minimum) have every dollar of dishonest personal gain confiscated… even from “judgement proof” insurance products and “offshore” or domestic trusts.

    Their fraudulent activities are justification for an intense legal effort to “claw back” their ill-gotten “profits” and “bonuses.” As I understand it, fraud is “indefensible” and its financial misdeeds (pun intentional) can be rectified and awards can be assessed to benefit the victims of the fraud.

    And, Sir, while you are doing what is your duty to all of your constituents (including those like me in other states,) please take the time to encourage every AG in every state in America to do as you are doing.

    Specifically, Sir, please contact Georgia’s AG, Sam Olens, and encourage him and the AGs of any other state whose Constitution establishes as “the only authorized land registry,” the office of the Superior Court Clerk of the county wherein the land lies… to aggressively pursue those individuals and organizations “owning an interest” in the “phantom registry” that is MERS. This organization’s “by-passing” of specifically authorized land registries, if not illegal, should be!

    Please continue to press for a redress of local title issues (clouding) …and for the recovery of lost, local revenues due to the “evasion of fees and taxes”. These “savings” resulting from by-passing local land registries were promised to MERS members by the founders and core shareholders of MERS.

    Those “savings” were “successfully” misappropriated from the taxpayers of the many counties across our great nation, including my own county, Cobb County, Georgia.

    (I need not remind you that those “missing” or “lost” revenues must be offset by increased property taxes…and paid by local taxpayers.)

    As such, these manipulated “savings” accrued to the benefit of MERS members and should be returned forthwith by paying “evaded fees and taxes” along with substantial penalties sufficient to fund the clean-up of local land registries.

    Sir, if the trail of corruption leads to the halls of congress and/or the campuses of academia… or even to the “Oval office” and the offices of Governors or the courts and corridors of our own statehouses, so be it!

    Any government or quasi-government agency and officials (Including but not limited to the GSEs, the SEC, the OOC, etc.) that has been complicit in this whole fiasco must be held publicly and financially accountable. Significant fines sufficient to right wrongs and long prison terms must be obtained!

    This corruption at all levels of our nation’s Government(s) and business must be put down in a way so draconian that it will be a century or more before anyone will be tempted to revisit this kind of Ponzi scheme.

    Thanks again.

  2. lvent says:

    Before anyone sticks up for any of these politicians we can’t forget to do our homework. What are these politicians invested in and who funds their campaigns???? We have to stop falling from their lies..and drinking the media’s kool-aid…. Do not trust, verify…ALOT of these politicians gained tremendous wealth off of the Stock Market Crash of 08…Yahoo search what politicians got rich from the stock market collapse and check into what politicians got rich off of the debt down grade by the S&P.. POLITICIANS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO INVEST IN OUR DEBT OR OUR DEMISE…….There are many traitors in our midst….and alot of deception about who these people are really working for.
    George Carlin says it best in his video entitled: The Truth About Wall Street and Washington…….

  3. Debbie says:


    So Ron Paul has been asking to audit the federal reserve, that’s great. However, there are other issues of major importance to the users of this site, the middle class, seniors etc. If Ron Paul’s political agenda is built around the federal reserve too bad for him. He needs to come with more. Ron Paul and his agenda is of no interest to me.

    I am not sure based on your comment that you understood the point I was making with regards to Matt Weidner and Ron Paul. So I will clarify. I am fully aware that they are running for different offices, however, one is on the front line and the other isn’t. Matt Weidner is a man that has taken it upon himself to get into the trenches and fight. Ron Paul on the other hand has not.

    An example of someone who is in Congress fighting in the trenches is Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is not running for President but he is out there pushing for the middle class. He has come down hard on corporations and is not afarid to voice his opinion or support for issues that are important to us. Where is Ron Paul? Oh yeah…I forgot he wants to audit the federal reserve.

  4. Debbie says:


    Thank you for the video, however, I make decisions based on facts. Ron Paul has come out and basically questioned the Civil Rights Bill so to speak. He does not believe that businesses should have been required to allow blacks into their establishment as they are owners. I heard him speak this concept directly from his own mouth. Note also that his son, Rand Paul is of the same belief and then tried to walk it back during the time he ran for senator.

    You are right about one thing, the republican democrat concept is not working because Congress is making decisions in their own interests and pockets oppose to the interests of we the people. I believe the power is in our hands. Too often politicians do things to harm the people and then come back later saying that they didn’t do or say something despite the evidence to the contrary. You and I are fighters for what we believe are unjust behaviors of the these corporations. Our society has short term memory and that’s too bad.

  5. Fury says:

    i support bernie sanders for president.

  6. Debbie says:

    Ron Paul? Civil Rights Bill? Need I say more. I don’t see him saying that the rich should be taxed more. I don’t see him fighting for issues that are important to me. I have no interest in supporting Ron Paul.

    • vince faulkner says:

      I am not saying that you have to support Ron Paul I merely suggested that you read his position on the issues. This video from youtube may help you with your civil rights bill issue.
      He also supports a fair tax and reducing government waste which would reduce taxes. Their is no perfect candidate but what we have been doing[ repub dem ] isn’t working.

      • talktotennessee says:

        Does anyone know if NY AG Eric Schneiderman’s website crashed? I was in process of emailing in his comments section when it froze. Just checking? 🙂 Will try again later.

        Ron Paul, if elected would destroy Social Security and Medicare. His views are radical. I believe he is against military action outside the borders of the U.S. This writes nicely for those who want to reduce government but bear in mind that he is a Republican and the GOP is behind two wars and bordering on other military actions. Government contracts send billions of dollars to re-build schools, infrastructure we helped destroy in other countries while we lanquish in this country. Independent contractors like Haliburton and others are making big bucks in this endeavor while people in the US go with jobs and yet the GOP and Paul want to get rid of hard earned Social Security benefits that were bought and paid from our jobs? All at a time when people’s investmenets are tanking and they are unable to get supplement jobs! Paul sounds good but it will never work. For one reason, his own party won’t support his libertarian views. His presidency would be a moot, one term waste of time even if one espouses his radical theories.

      • lvent says:

        talktotennessee, I don’t know if my comment got sent either. It did not look like it. It said something about the server. There is so much evil I wouldn’t be surprised if “someone” is blocking his e-mails. The Obama Administration is supporting a whitewash for mortgage fraud? If they decide to whitewash this with any sort of a fix for these crooks the People are going to go beserk..I talked to an attorney today who said if this economy gets worse, we won’t have to worry about fraudclosure anymore because this entire country is going to be in total anarchy. I believe that.

  7. lizinsarasota says:

    I submitted this comment to the NY Times before 9 this morning & they elected not to publish it. Big surprise.

    It is absolutely disgusting to hear that the Obama administration is putting the squeeze to NY AG Schneiderman, who is insisting on a thorough investigation into banks’ fraudulent foreclosure filings and other fraud.
    I have been in foreclosure since 2006. I’ve endured everything that has already been heard about before: WAMU’s initial mistake (as yet unexplained), the repeated phone calls, the misplaced paperwork, the fax numbers that don’t work, the promises, the lies,…
    However, all that bs wouldn’t matter so much if EVERY SINGLE BIT of paperwork filed by WAMU and Shapiro & Fishman wasn’t fraudulent. The assignments of mortgage are phony, and none of the dates make any sense. One is an outright fraud and obvious forgery; the only good news about that assignment is that it was filed in federal court, which ups the ante significantly. All the affidavits are bogus. One affidavit is signed by Dory Goebel, a Lender Processing Services employee, signing as a vice president of WAMU “as attorney in fact.” Dory has already been sanctioned in a famous NY case, In re Fagan, and she was fined and sanctioned (as was LPS) in In re Wilson out of Louisiana. Another affidavit was signed by a guy who, in the issue of LPS’s newsletter the month before he signed my affidavit, was listed as the “Staff Photographer” on the masthead, but purported to be an authorized vice president of WAMU as attorney in fact. Of course, the assignment from Fannie Mae to WAMU (as “attorney in fact,” whatever the heck that is) didn’t occur until two months AFTER the foreclosure complaint was filed. I raised standing, since I couldn’t find WAMU on one scintilla of paperwork, the Shapiro attorney responded – snidely – and the assignment still didn’t happen for another month.
    I acted in good faith. I made repeated cash offers to bring my loan current. My life for the past five years has been nothing but misery.
    Screw the banks. Make them pay.
    Go Eric!!

    Then, while comments were still be accepted but when I realized that other people’s comments were being posted and mine was languishing I sent them this. Sometimes this nudge will work; today it didn’t.

    Display Name
    Hello, NY Times.
    I would appreciate you all publishing my comment. It is absolutely appropriate and timely. There are thousands – perhaps hundreds of thousands – of people in the exact same boat as me, and we’re about to drown.

  8. talktotennessee says:

    Everyone here knows that I am a Democrat and can’t stand the GOP because of their support for Wall Street and big banking. B of A will support Rick Perry. You think they won’t expect something in return and he won’t deliver?
    Having said that, I believe Senator McCain has the right idea. He is calling NOW for help for housing and homeowners. He said from the beginning along with Obama, Clinton and others that the housing market needed help. Bankruptcy judges need authority to modify loans, even Obama said so. Ben Bernanke said as much in the hearings but no one paid attention to hi. Sheila Barr said the same. Obama stopped talking about housing after his failed HAMP program. Without forced compliance HAMP was doomed at the beginning.

    Has anything changed in helping housing and homeowners? NO! A thousand times NO! Values continue to fall, sales fall, credit is difficult if not impossible. Now underwater mortgages can’t be refinanced without principal reduction. Not given, not even supported by all the players even.

    Why, because big banking holds purse strings for all of them. Right now Senator McCain,a Republican is the only one saying that something still needs to be done for housing and homeowners! Is anyone listening. In being fair, we need to support those who have the courage to stand up and put their mouth were the bank’s money is.
    You know we have to get angry, mad and make others angry and mad or involved to get change! Many people just don’t understand or care. They are sitting at the beginning of a something they fail to comprehend, the loss of their home value, thinking because they continue to make the payment it will be okay and they aren’t really involved.
    Most don’t understand the housing bubble held up the economy for the last 4-5 years before the fall. People spent the equity in their homes by refinancing. Recovery is NOT coming back anytime soon and is still falling. It is a domino effect, the more value falls, the more it will continue to fall.

    As an appraiser, we can’t make value all we can do is report it and when a house appraises for 40-50% of its market value, there is no way it is going to sell or refinance unless shorted. As long as banks refuse to short or reduce principal, the market will continue to deteriorate. There will be no recovery until the second recession or even depression unless compliance is forced now.
    It is almost too late now.

    • Fury says:

      don’t pin any hopes on mccain to help defrauded homeowners.
      mccain was part of the Savings & Loan scandal where charles keating went to prison.

    • DanJS says:

      To Tennesseetalking…. From: “Deacon Dan”

      Sir (or Madam), you state:

      >Bankruptcy judges need authority to modify loans, even Obama said so. Ben Bernanke said as much in the hearings but no one paid attention to hi. Sheila Barr said the same. Obama stopped talking about housing after his failed HAMP program. <

      Giving bankruptcy judges the right to modify "legal loans" may be helpful, but the individuals you mention are very unlikely to be helpful at all.

      The main issues with Fraudclosures in bankruptcy courts should be:

      1. To determine that all issues related to a foreclosure in bankruptcy (a very important legal proceeding) are brought to court by a parties with "clean hands" who have legal standing to initiate and complete the foreclosure process.

      2. Whether the "loan(s)" of the debtor filing bankruptcy are "valid" loans owed to "real and legal" creditors,"

      3. That any mortgage loan or deed or trust foreclosure proceeding the court has "stayed" is based upon a "legal debt" rather than being the result of a prior, fraudulent, financial transaction, and

      4. That any request for a lifting of a "Stay of Foreclosure" be based upon proper procedures.
      All evidential documentation presented in support of the "lift of stay" should be verified (with specific attention to all "proofs" of authority and provable authenticity of all legal documentation.) Also, that such proof to the court be submitted in accordance with "due process".

      Bankruptcy judges already have the authority to determine if any foreclosing party has "standing."
      to pursue a debt by foreclosure of a secured debt.

      These judges already have the authority to decide whether or not a debt is "secured" or "unsecured."
      And they have the right to discharge any debts they determine to be unsecured, including "certificates" issued by "trusts."

      Lacking standing, any "pretender creditor" or their attorneys in court before a bankruptcy judge should be first, dismissed as a qualified creditor with any rights before the court,; and secondly, charged with conducting an illegal foreclosure.

      Finally, every bankruptcy judge should see to it that these kinds of culprits in their court are properly apprehended and an investigation initiated to determine if they are a part of a "criminal conspiracy" using the Federal Court System to force citizens into bankruptcy so that their homes can be stolen by deceiving the courts of our nation.

      We really don't need the involvement of any "political types." All that is needed is competent, honest, courageous District Attorneys and Attorney Generals who will do their sworn duty to investigate, indict, and bring scoundrels to account before honest judges in the local, state, and federal courts of our nation.



  9. angry & NOT TAKING IT ! says:

    i also emailed him
    yea …but wtf is all this??

    U.S. government funds mosque renovation and rehabilitation around the world
    a year old?? omg

  10. Debbie says:


    I completely agree with you. When I hear people saying that we should support Ron Paul my question is why. Where is he? Has he been vocal about fraud with the TBTF banks? Has he been on the front line fighting for homeowners rights? Have we heard from him on the issue that is most important to people who are losing their homes right now? He has been awfully silent. I have no reason to support Ron Paul.

    If I lived in Florida I would support Matt Weidner because he has been very vocal and is in the fight on the front line with homeowners. As such I have been encouraging people in Florida to vote for him.

    • vince faulkner says:

      Before you attack Dr. Paul for his non position you can ask the same of all the current candidates including our current President. Not one reporter from MSM has asked any of the candidates their view on this crisis and maybe we should get them to do that. I personally believe that Dr. Paul has the best voting record when it comes to issues that involve the people of this country and the constitution in particular. At least go to his campaign site to find out where he stands on the issues.

      • DanJS says:

        Just who is “attacking” Mr. Paul, Sir? I personally, expressed my support regarding his views on the Federal Reserve Bank… and stipulated that I think the issues we discuss on this website are worthy of “connecting the dots” to his FED concerns.

        I simply asked for those who support him (you or others) to put forth his written (or transcribed spoken positions) on the TBTF banks, MERS, REMIC Securitization, and the whole Fraudclosure Ponzi Scheme. (To make your posts interesting — “Connect the Dots!”)

        We on this website are still waiting….

        >Before you attack Dr. Paul for his non position you can ask the same of all the current candidates including our current President.<

        Agreed… none of his "opponents" are addressing these issues either… and yes, the MSM should be asking them too! Will we have to wait for a formal debate before all candidates are asked these questions? That's another issue, nicht wahr?

        Regardless, the questions being posed to you and other Ron Paul supporters (since you brought up Mr. Paul on this and other websites,) are sily: What are his positions in the issues we are discussing? . And when are you going to post them?

        We still await a specific response….. not a "troubled defense" that blames a "non-response" on others (or the MSM) who are also not responsive.

        Please post Mr. Paul's positions on these issues, or go away and post your political promotional statements on Politico, Fox News, or Worldnet Daily.

        Thank You,

    • Debbi…I don’t know that much of Ron Paul….but there has been articles about Ron Paul being ignored by the media…you know if you are not in the ‘club ‘…they won’t give you the time of day…as you know the controlled…This I do know of him…he has fought for the Fedeal Reserve to be audited….and I don’t believe anyone else has ever done that. So he has some fight in him..and I am sure someone who has followed Ron can tell the people more about him.
      Now I am from Florida…and I have met Matt….great guy…smart one at that…he is going for House of Rep….Ron Paul is for President….Matt has my family backing him for sure….So far I don’t see anyone in the running for President that will get my vote…if I even vote for President…

  11. leapfrog says:

    I sent mine. The thing that REALLY chapped my hide about all this TBTF attacks and corrupt Obama administration attacks is this one sentence by elitist and bankster fellator Katherine Wylde, “Wall Street is our Main Street…” Oh really, bitch? Since when?

  12. Alina Virani says:

    Done. Mr. Schneiderman truly deserves our admiration. The AGs who have signed off on the settlement have done irreparable harm to the citizens of their states. Our country was founded on the rule of law which has been upended by the TBTF criminal enterprises residing on Wall Street.

  13. qny81 says:

    I wrote to Mr. Schneiderman today. I wrote a letter of support to him back in June and received a response. He really needs our support and prayers.
    The only way out of this mess is by voting for the only candidate that has been after the Federal Reserve since his election to congress, 2012 presidential candidate, Dr. Ron Paul. He is the real deal and he needs our support. He had a money bomb on 8/20/11 to support his campaign and birthday. His website was hacked during the money bomb by the gangsters that do not want him to be nominated by his party (basically all the other neocon candidates). Please check his voting record for yourselves, it is impeccable in his unwavering support to defend the Constitution. Without the Constitution, our country will be doomed. Ask yourselves, why does the media not support him and deliberately ignore him? Because he is against the status quo.
    Dr. Ron Paul, Liberty for All.

    • DanJS says:


      Exactly what has Ron Paul had to say about the Fraudclosure, MERS, and REMIC Secruritization issues addressed on this and other similar websites?

      Though I agree with Mr.Paul concerning his long-standing positions on the Federal Reserve Bank, and believe his own concerns therewith are inter-related, I know of no publicly stated pronouncements linking the two nor of his making any specific statements about these issues that are very important to the readers of this website.

      Specifically, what has Mr. Paul had to say about the 50-state “AG Investigation”?

      Please enlighten us, sir, instead of just promoting his political candidacy.

      Thank You.

      • leapfrog says:

        He has talked about MERS and robosigning on his website, Daily Paul. But, I have not heard a peep out of him in any speeches about these issues and where he stands. Maybe I’m wrong, but I look at him as controlled opposition. Both parties are corrupt and belong to the corporatocracy, with few notable individual exceptions.

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