Dismissal of NY Attorney General Schneiderman shows Obama Administration and Iowa AG Miller poised to let Big Banks off the hook for Mortgage Fraud

Press Release | Outraged Homeowners, Clergy, Community Members make specific settlement demands and deliver report directly to 50 state-AG’s on how fixing foreclosure crisis will create one million jobs

The news that Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has summarily dismissed New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman from the executive committee of the 50 state Attorney General robo-signing and servicing settlement talks is just the latest example of the Obama Administration and their allied Attorneys General’s full court press for a settlement – any settlement – at the expense of real accountability for banks and real relief from homeowners.

The big banks’ dirty fingerprints are all over these latest actions. The Obama Administration and the Attorneys General cannot cave-in to the desire of Wall Street bankers to paper over their massive wrongdoing and throw homeowners under the bus.  Homeowners and former homeowners from Iowa, Illinois, Florida, New York and all 50 states must be put first.  For years homeowners have been the victims of systemic fraud and they have been waiting years for the banks to be held responsible.  As much as there is a need for relief, speed at the expense of quality cannot and will not be accepted.

“Scheiderman was the first AG to say that he wasn’t going to back down on the big banks, and he was the first AG kicked out of the investigation,” says Judy Lonning a member of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. “There’s no question who this decision favors.  It’s all about making life better for the big banks” Iowa CCI is an affiliate of National People’s Action and The New Bottom Line.

In order to for voters to believe that the Administration and the AG’s didn’t once again give in to bank pressure, The New Bottom Line has detailed the key component of a strong settlement that will hold big banks accountable, provide justice to millions of homeowners and get our economy working again, including:

  • not releasing any claims beyond the narrow scope of this limited investigation, including but not limited to origination, securitization and chain of title issues
  • widespread principal reduction for families, in particular low and moderate income families and people of color who have been disproportionately harmed
  • principal reductions that reach beyond banks’ portfolios of first and second lien mortgages
  • not requiring homeowners who obtain relief or damages from this settlement to give up their rights under other legal measures or settlements,
  • restitution for those who have already lost their homes due to the banks’ abusive and fraudulent practices
  • vigorous enforcement and accountability measures that ensures bank compliance and ensures that homeowners and former owners aren’t required to give up access to relief from any other settlements that may come in the future.

Starting this week, organizational members of The New Bottom Line are delivering copies of its recently released report, “The Win/Win Solution: How Fixing the Housing Crisis Will Create One Million Jobs.” The report details how by writing down all underwater mortgages to market value, the nation’s banks could pump $71 billion per year into the economy, create more than one million jobs annually, save families $6,500 per year on mortgage payments, and fix the housing crisis once and for all.  In addition to the report, The New Bottom Line will be delivering the thousands of petition signatures calling on the 50-state Attorney Generals to make widespread principal reduction part of any settlement with the big banks.   See a copy of the report here: http://www.newbottomline.com/underwater_mortgages_and_1_million_jobs

The New Bottom Line is a new and growing movement fueled by a coalition of community organizations, congregations, labor unions, and individuals working together to challenge established big bank interests on behalf of struggling and middle-class communities. Together, we are working to restructure Wall Street to help American families build wealth, close the country’s growing income gap and advance a vision for how our economy can better serve the many rather than the few. Coalition members include PICO National Network, National People’s Action (NPA), Alliance for a Just Society, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), Industrial Areas Foundation of the Southeast (IAF-SE) and dozens of state and local organizations from around the country. Learn more at www.newbottomline.com


Please everyone, we must support this man. He is our last hope on a national level.

Craft your own words or here’s a sample script to say when you call or to copy & paste when you email:

Thank you all at the NY AG’s office for standing up to predatory banks who are dispossessing, foreclosing, and evicting millions of American families by committing mortgage servicing fraud, securities fraud, modification fraud, felony land record fraud, property conveyance fraud, and fraud upon our courts across the nation.  The impact to our economy of tens of millions of American properties with clouded titles and defiled land records has not even begun.

Please continue this important work.  Please do not let the attacks and push back by the financial industry and their corrupt puppets in positions of power impede your office’s work aimed at protecting citizens from the criminal and predatory acts that have greatly harmed us all.

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69 Responses to “Dismissal of NY Attorney General Schneiderman shows Obama Administration and Iowa AG Miller poised to let Big Banks off the hook for Mortgage Fraud”
  1. Ali says:

    Has anyone seen the repport on ont activist web site that Timmy boy was arrested yesterday? It was reported by Shepard Smith and JUdge Napolotono. Anyone?

  2. Ali says:

    I read the FBI’s report and was shocked to see they were using Corelogic, that is who Bof A is using right now to try and complete their scam with us. Corelogic hasn’t even done a tile search on our property, had they done so they would have seen that our VA morgage was paid in full in 2007 . The originator of our loan is The First Mortgage Corp. who is on the list of fraudulent mortgage brokers. I’m afraid , my friends that once again we are being bent over. Thanks Obama.

    • lvent says:

      @Ali, Someone else posted on here about Geithner being arrested..that must be all over the internet by now..Who was supposed to have arrested him? I have been busy answering the latest court order in my home fraudclosure so I will look into that later…You can Google search and find out jsut about anything…About FBI and Corelogic…..the truth can be found just below the surface.. they truth is apparent by lack of any real criminal investigations or arrests or criminal indictments or subpeonas or criminal prosecutions..that they are all employed by the NWO Globalists..and the truth is their evil agenda has been being covered up and hidden from us by law enforcement for decades. Now the truth is not hard to find if we look for it..and we do not have much time left to correct this evil mess that they have all created by many criminal and evil secrets, lies , deceptions and fraud…This is all a very evil NWO Globalist plan to destroy our freedom and our National Sovereignty….Time for We The People to make a stand…even individual actions can have an indivisible and a devastating impact on all of their evil NWO GLOBALIST plans for mankind and put a halt to all of their evil endgame plans for mankind that these evil demons are trying so hard to accomplish..How dare they try and weaken and destroy our U.S. CONSTITUTION and our U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS or all of the laws that were put in place to protect all of us that make all of us equal under the law with no acceptions…! This is fascism and nazism and communism..and it is all evil and tyrannical..and what these evil NWO GLOBALIST BASTARDS want is ..THEY WANT IT ALL FOR THEMSELVES…AND NOTHING FOR ANYONE ELSE….AND A GLOBAL TOTALITARIAN MICROCHIPPED DICTATORSHIP….BY DEPOPULATING AND THE DESTRUCTION OF ALL OF OUR LEGAL RIGHTS BY SNEAKY LEGISLATING ANDBIG LIES…THEY ARE VERY DECEPTIVELY TRYING TO WEAKEN ALL OF US UNDER THE RADAR…!! THIS IS ALL BEING DONE BY OUR FOREIGN EMEMIES BY INFILTRATION AND IMPOSTERS…AND TRAITORS FROM WITHIN WHO ARE POSING AS AMERICANS..THEY ARE EVIL AND ARE EITHER WORKING FOR THE NWO GLOBALISTS AND ARE BRAINWASHED AND WEAK AND MAY NOT KNOW THIS… OR ARE MEMBERS OF THEIR BIG CLUB…AND THESE EVIL IDIOTS ARE NOT AMERICAN PATRIOTS BY ANY MEANS…THEY PREY ON THE OUR OWN HUMAN WEAKNESSES AND MASSIVE CRIMINAL LIES, AND SECRETS AND BRAINWASHING AND DECEIT AND INDUCE FRAUD…. TO GET ALL OF THEIR EVIL PLANS ADOPTED AND ACCOMPLISHED… AND THEY AND ALL OF THIS MUST BE STOPPED…ASAP..IT IS URGENT…..!!!! RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA AND RIGHT NOW…. WE THE PEOPLE individually and standing up to this evil manufactured tyranny as citizen warriors by sharing and spreading the knowledge and the truth that we discover about all of this evil is indivisible…and unstopppable..!

  3. Mike Ford says:

    Excellent posts, and good body of knowledge among you folks. I am not a regular here, but I am in an industry that had a part in creating the original problems. I cannot solve the foreclosure issues, but what I can offer is to perforrm 100% FREE forensic real estate appraisal desk reviews of any Southern California property appraisals suspected of being over valued, for the next month or two.

    The ONLY thing I ask in return is to be allowed to send copies of my findings on your appraisal, to the State Office of Real Estate Appraisers (OREA) for non compliant appraisals. They WILL fine , suspend or revoke appraisers licenses. I am tired of poor quality, discount fee, appraisals damaging the reputation of my profession, and I am willing to do something about it. My web site is simply http://www.mfford.com Thank you, and good luck to all.

  4. Mike Ford says:

    ‘Too Big to Fail’ was at best a mistake. I’ve become far more cynical due to the chain of influence exerted by ex-Goldman Sachs employees on both Presidents Bush and Obama. Larry Summers; Henry Paulson (“the sky is falling! the sky is falling!”) and Tim Geithner and the fact that despite criminally stupid behavior, GS continues to be accepted as a finacial advice source at the White House. The original bailout was the biggest theft of taxpayer funds in the history of mankind. Impressed by the shear audacity (and success) of it, is there any wonder why Obama would choose not to surpass it? If we were so stupid as to fall for it once, chances are that he could do it to us again, and on an even larger scale! I want to see the FBI really investigate GS; AIG and all the others involved in this scam. Let the chips fall where they will.

  5. Beth A. says:

    Ah, Warren Buffett – the great insider trading oracle of Obama…uh, I mean, Omaha.
    I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall when he and Obama put their heads together on this one (via that conference they had prior to Buffett’s cash layout).

    As part of the deal, no doubt the insider-trading investigation on the ol’ guy and his staff were promptly destroyed by the SEC.


  6. lizinsarasota says:

    People, I think I see the banks’ end game.
    Let’s imagine that yes, the fraud and MERS and all the shenanigans result in “wild titles,” titles which are so screwed up that ti’ll be difficult (i.e. expensive) to get title insurance.
    Well, guess who owns some of the biggest title companies in the country? Lender Processing Services (or Fidelity – I can’t keep them straight and they are basically the same). Gerald Shapiro (of the Shapiro & XYZ mega foreclosure mill) owns at least one huge title company. I’m sure other foreclosure mills and fraudulent documents mills own other title companies.
    So, let’s just say that LPS, S&F, and others of their ilk have messed up our titles. Why, they’ll be the ones to fix the titles – for a price!
    I mean, you can’t beat this concept. They screw it up, and then they get paid big bucks to fix the mess they caused. It’s perfect, from their point of view. For us, we get screwed, twice.
    Think about it. Can you imagine begging some f*cker from LPS to write title insurance for your property so you can sell it?? The mind boggles.

    • housemanrob says:

      Yea Liz, But the title insurance risk is thru the roofand the many other problems like standing complicate! i’D RATHER BET PENNY STOCKS OR FOOTBALL and they are bad bets!

  7. Ron..what do you mean that Florida is nearing the trough ? An economic low cycle? This one puzzles me…

    • lizinsarasota says:

      I thought he meant “trough” as in pigs, feeding at a trough. You know, oink, oink. We surely do have some pigs here in FLA.

  8. talktotennessee says:

    Sorry for the confusion in an earlier posting, which is a composite of two posts transmitted in error. A little hard to follow and missing the actual quote but the link to it is there.
    Have been posting on fb and blogs all day about housing and mixed a couple. While here, check out the FBI link that reports housing market specs, fraud, etc. http://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/publications/mortgage-fraud-2010/mortgage-fraud-report-2010. Wonder if hey have it right?

  9. DLC says:


    I support and stand beside the minority AG’s who are holding their ground in this fight and can’t wait to hear how the other sides spins an agreement that does not include all 50 States……

  10. Fury says:

    wylde’s (the FED) criticism of schneiderman is just more propaganda.

    new york city is more than wall street.

    wall street comprises something like 5% of NYC’s economy.

    of course they comprise something like 95% of dollars given to strip joints, hookers and drug dealers.

    the money being splashed around by wall street was taken from us. they got it from illegally selling our mortgages many times and taxpayer bail out money.

    give the money back to the people from whom it was stolen and you will see money being spent around town.

    besides compensating defrauded homeowners, the bailout money could have for created new jobs in
    different sectors.

    the film industry is being built back up here in NYC which has creatied 100,000 jobs.

    there are many industries that could have benefited from that bail out money.

    so wylde…. we aren’t buying the BS you are selling.

    • Fury says:

      tourism is what is driving NYC’s economy. i see more tourists on the street than residents.

      the residents have been forced out by the collapse of our economy due to the banksters.

  11. qny81 says:

    Remember, the banks cannot modify the loans because they are the servicers, they are not the lenders. Also, when the loan was put into the trust, only the trustee can modify the mortgage according to the pooling service agreement. To get rid of the banks we have to get rid of the Federal Reserve. The only way to do that is to elect Dr. Ron Paul, Vietnam veteran that has been trying to audit the Federal Reserve for the past 20+ years. Don’t look at this as a democrat or republican issue, they both say different things but with the same results – screwing Main Street. Change to Republican to vote in Dr. Paul, if he is not on the ballot, write him in. Remember, the main stream media is not giving him press because he cannot be bought. It is time to elect a principled person, not someone with sound bites and a flip flopping voting record.

    • qny81….That is what gets me….when anyone even mentions the word modify I want to scream…THEY CAN’T….Does any one even know who the ‘ REAL’ creditor/lender/investor is? The pricacy act was to hide the real identity who it is. This is part of the origination fraud…with the ‘ strawman ‘ sitting at the closing table puts the banks name on the mortgage as payee/lender and the Note… we know now that is fraud. The bank lent no money. so who did? This massive fraud was planned to hide, twist, and lie.. and yet appear professional to fool the people. . ( The investors buying the ‘ bundles ‘ have nothing to do with this ) I am talking about who was the creditor of the loan at closing…..I have given this plenty of thought and have my opinion that the fake creditor that did not lend any money was the FEDERAL RESERVE…..that is why there was no lawful money exchanged…it all was figures…and that is the pattern of the Federal Reserve……and their fraudulent dealings…with the banks. The mortgages were just to get your signature on the Note and Mortgage…so they could sell them over and over….world wide.
      And I read that the courts will never allow the creditor to be known…with no discovery…and the courts are under the same umbrella as the banks and the Federal Reserve.

      • qny81….That is why our mortgages are null and void….having no legal force. In a ‘ real ‘ Court of Justice the homeowners would get to keep the house….but under the conditions of the umbrella…the foreclosure courts shut their eyes and ears to what is right…the courts are in the same pattern as the banks and Federal Reserve….a controlled system…a system that wants America to be the slaves and the enemy. Our homes are paid for…we owe no one.

      • talktotennessee says:

        The package, meaning the purchaser application, appraisal, house, all had to conform to CDO asset bank specifications. Originators, loan officers, AEs entered data into structured databases. If it passed they knew the loan was acceptable to a major asset funding bank. It often closed with MERS as nominee trustee to facilitate easy transfer because they were doing so many of these loans, paper was not practical. Originating banks or mortgage companies fronted the paperwork that was backed by major asset banks if the package fit their criteria. Many of these loans are backed by Deutsche Bank and Bank of NY Mellon as global asset management banks. Deutsche Bank is actually suing B of A for misrepresenting their product. Funny, right? Asset banks are concerned with the packages or bundles as a whole, selling these products as investment bonds to the world, pension funds, municipalities, etc. etc. Mortages/notes and their servicing are left to the servicers retained by these asset banks. There are degrees of authority by the servicer banks but foreclosure is managed and authorized by the servicer. I imagine they retain the authority to short sell and modify loans within reason but to do so places them at risk for making decisions on products for which they retain servicing rights. In some cases they and their attorney mill partners make more on foreclosures and handling REOs than in modification. I strongly suspect they bill the trust bank for management expenses. Therein lies the main problem with modifying loans voluntarily. The following quote and link might help a little. Most of this shell game came about early in the bubble with sale of CDO bonds. (2004)

        The problem we are dealing with now is that law and legal systems are behind the curve of junk CDOs and no one thought they would be accused of forgery. It was business as usual to facilitate the process. The law does not yet know how to deal with it state by state, which has different structure even for foreclosure. This is why the AGs are having so much trouble deciding what to do with the various aspects of the forgery, fraud, chain of title failure, etc. It truly was a scheme the banks pulled off and are now seeking to be exonerated. We have both the White House and Congress looking the other way now because the banks are tainted but they aren’t going to let them go down because behind the B of A, Chase, Citi, etc are bigger banks like Bank of NY Mellon and Deutsche.


        In my opinion, Regions is responsible for the future of this loan, the note, transfers, etc. Regions continues to service the loan but no longer holds anything but servicing rights. If the loan goes into default, Regions continues to service but MERS and Regions foreclose as originator and nominee trustee. There is a trust in which the securitized product resides. The trust fund in which the product is held maybe Deutsche or another holding bank. Ownership is bundled and packaged in a larger trust with Regions retaining servicing rights and foreclosure management. Regions is making the decisions to foreclose, modify or short. You can’t tell me they aren’t. If Regions does not have the authority to manage or service, no one does. Supposedly records are transferred to the servicer regardless of whether the registrar has a record of the transfer or not. So what are we saying here? As long as the courts and legal systems recognize MERS as having a right to hold registry and perform as a trustee nominee and servicers have the right to initiate foreclosure action, it matters little who owns a piece of the action. Authority rests in the servicer. If the servicer is forced to reimburse the investor (trust holding the securitizations) the loan example returns to the servicer who will market it as a REO. In this case the servicer retains the profit made between what he reimbursed the trustee investor and the liquidation return after disposing of the house or collateral. It is the act of a trust holder/investor suing the originating bank or the bank who bought those rights that gives him liability. In the case of B of A buying out Countrywide, probably for pennies on the dollar, they assumed responsibility for what Countrywide did. B of A and others who bought out some of the players like WaMu and Country wide bought a pig in a poke, or did they? Maybe they bought it cheap enough to free up old Mozillo and still make a profit on the deal. Now that fraud and forgery has reared its head, maybe they got what they deserved. Maybe it wasn’t such a good deal after all.

        I heard today Warren Buiffet is lending B of A a handout. The plot thickens. With Warren behind them B of A may pull off their scam and make a clean break if the AGs succumb to pressure from all sides.

  12. kravitz says:

    Buffett to Host Obama Fundraiser in New York

    and he of course made a boatload off saving bofa’s bootie today.

    • Fury says:

      Buffet’s wells fargo stock tanks, so he buys the vile BofA. did obama give him the money to buy BofA?

      just curious.

      it looks like the bogus “settlement” will be pushed through fast so it will leave the toxic title mess for people who buy homes to figure out instead of punishing the banks who broke the title in the first place.

      america will be even a sadder, destitute place if this is allowed to happened.

  13. abs says:

    Well i think our Leader leaving us no choice except to oust those who support the financial terrorist. Greece, Italy, Sryah, Egypt, Libya, and Other country trying to make changes for better freedom and democracy. Time to wake up america

  14. Fury says:

    Buffet buying the BofA stock is a sure signal that they are going to ramrod this
    phony “settlement” so the banksters can get off w/o punishment.

    utterly shameful.

  15. talktotennessee says:

    The following was posted on NY Attorney General Schneiderman’s facebook page.
    by: Julia Young, TN Certified Residential Appraiser and Principle Broker.

    As a real estate appraiser and broker, I see daily banks liquidating REOs in bidding mode by undercutting normal sales in neighborhoods with a ‘teaser’ offer on their REOs designed to liquidate in 30 days or less. The teaser price generates a bidding war and the home sells quickly, maybe 30-40% below what would be normal market value. Behind the scenes it destroys any chance of a normal market value for homeowners who must sell their home and compete with bank REOs. These listings are handled almost exclusively by agents at reduced compensation generating little or no compensation for buyer’s agents. The bidding process is blind with no accountability for fair selection in the ‘bid’ method of selling. As a result, market value for homeowners selling normally is destroyed. Income for agents is low, damaging the competitive market. REOs are selling below replacement value so builders can’t compete with new home construction. As a result no new construction is undertaken. Some believe dumping all foreclosures on the market will level the market. This is not true. There is already 2+ years inventory on the market now that needs to clear. Normal marketing is stagnant. Dumping more foreclosures on the market will increase inventory to the point that it will completely devastate any semblance of normal sales marketing. The result will be destruction of value for millions of homeowners who never defaulted. These homeowners will be underwater for years. It is time to remedy this situation by lowering principal for all homeowners. It is time for the banks to bite the bullet for the problems they caused by modifying loans across the board and stabilizing the market. More REOs on the market now will drop value for innocent homeowners who never defaulted. It will take years, maybe 8-10 for recovery, if ever because of economic conditions. Clouds on title will cause value problems-permanently. Please, the only answer is to force banks to work with people, to be accountable for their fraud. Forced compliance is the only answer to resolve this problem. It is almost too late now. Hold the line on reducing principal options to help those innocent people who are not responsible for losing their home equity.

    • Albi says:

      The banks should have reduced the underwater principals and modified the mortgages accordingly starting 3-4 years ago, but since greed and foreclosure are the ultimate goals of the banks they would never consider “biting the bullet” for the sake of the homeowners, even if it meant stabilizing the market. I.e., the failure of HAMP. If our banks were truly the lending institutions they are supposed to be they would never, in the first place, have conspired to dump toxic mortgages into the stream of commerce, pollute our economy, sack the U.S. treasury, kick families into the street, pillage America’s pension funds, sell worthless mortgage-backed securities to the world, corrupt our congress, judiciary and court system, etc., etc., etc. You are, in essence, asking a tribe of cannibals to become vegans. Banks and benevolence are mutually exclusive.

      • Javagold says:

        the faliure of HAMP is when i become awake to the fraud ……..and that Obama is just as dirty

      • Javagold….Obama is not just dirty….he is rotten filthly dirty….he is not our president….he is the NWO….he wants America gone…..this guy should be out of Washington now…he was and is against the people in this country….and he was even before he campaigned…he was ‘ put in ‘ office…and should be ‘ put out ‘ now.

    • Sick and Tired says:

      Love this man…..
      He should be our President…..

    • Mike Ford says:

      Julia, excellent comments. Concur with almost all of it until the end. I am not sure the government can ‘force’ anyone to hold the line, or inventory although THAT is one consideration FHFA recently requested RFIs on. Had the government stepped in early and vacated all trust agreements that restricted modifications, the entire collapse could have been avoided. (Premise being that people with 2% option arms were making their payments before the recasting of rates. All we had to do was buy up the face amount mortgages – or even discounted mortgages, regardless of LTV, and rewrite the notes for renewable five year periods with the same low interest payments homeowners were already making. No, or very little value loss would have been sustained. We would not have had TARP per se, and what we did have insead would have been secured, long term mortgages with alienation clauses so that not one penney net loss would have been felt by taxpayers. Alternatively a quick rewrite of BK laws would have allowed judges to set aside rates and terms.

      Now, I don’t think even that would help. The slide went too far and too many people are now making huge mega-fortunes on the continued decline. Our politicians lack incentive to solve the problem even if they understood it. Lobbyists have considerable incentive to oppose any governmental regulations that stabilize the market. Good luck to you. Mike Ford, California General Certified Appraiser.

  16. Bictim says:

    I am beyond disappointed in our president who I supported as a man of the people. Clearly he has been corrupted if he wasn’t already. Why are the politicians so afraid to take a stand for the consumers? Corporations may be people according to Mitt Romney, but they cannot physically go to the polls and cast a vote. Only the citizens can do that and they must, but they need someone who will have our backs.

    • housemanrob says:

      Might be a Chicago thing, Bictim. If you look at his track record, he has many powerful, shady associates. I pledge allegiance to the cash and power!

      • lizinsarasota says:

        Yeah, a long, long time ago I heard a whisper that Gerald Shapiro, him of the conglomerate of Shapiro & XYZ foreclosure mills, was a big time, Chicago-based backer of Obama…

        I know, as a middle-aged woman, that I should be beyond disappointment about people and their craven behavior, but – color me DISAPPOINTED.
        Doesn’t mean I won’t vote for him, but I’ll do it with no enthusiasm, not because he’s the best guy, but because he’s the better of two bad choices.

      • housemanrob says:

        I don’t know,,,,,but choosing between 2 crooks and losers………I won’t vote!

      • BICTIM……..SMART WORDS…..” CLEARLY HE HAS BEEN CORRUPTED IF HE WASN’T ALREADY “…..i WILL TAKE THE LATER REMARK….This guy came out of no where…a nobody….and people fell on their knees as if a miracle was born. Sad….I would say most people do not ‘ see ‘ between the lines. To read and hear what is not even there. In his campaign he repeated over and over…..” YES WE CAN “….” CHANGE “….” WE WILL HAVE CHANGE “….THEY TOOK THIS AS A GOOD SIGN…WHEN IN FACT…THESE WORDS WERE NOT MEANT FOR THE PEOPLE. Obama was talking of the NWO….When he spoke in Germany he used these same words…but in Germany he added the NWO to these words….If you take everything he said in his campaign and reverse it…you will see that all he has done since Jan. 2008 till now has been in the reverse mode of what he promised. . So Obama did not get corrupted since in office…it just got worse… abusing authority of title.

      • lvent says:

        Liz, I was in court today with Fisher $ Shapiro…..They filed a motion to strike my answer to the amended complaint..The attorney that I just found told me to ask the judge for time so that my attorney can answer the motion to strike…While waiting for court to be in session I was looking through F $ S latest filing because I was going to show the Judge that F $ S removed the Allonge from the new filing…as I was going through I found they also stamped over the forgeries from the original complaint….I called them out on the fraud in my answer to the complaint and so they went back and stamped over the fraud in the latest filing!!…Well I thought maybe the Judge would throw their complaint out of court if I showed UNDENIABLE PROOF, (no 3rd party needed for this one), of fraud in the fraudclosure (silly me!) since Fisher $ Shapiro and PHH have already been caught once removing signature pages and filing fraudulent affadavits in March and the Judge in those cases threw out 1700 F $ S/PHH cases….When they called my case my husband and I went up there and the F $ S attorney said your honor, I did not have a problem with the answer to the amended complaint but it did not follow protocol..I explained to the Judge that the last attorney I had threw me under the bus and I thought I answered correctly..but I have since found an attorney and I said and by the way your honor, I have found some fraud in my foreclosure they stamped over forgeries and I tried to show him but he said you can show that to your attorney….He said It is good that I found an attorney and he gave us 28 days for our attorney to answer the motion to strike. This is madness..Now they are getting away with altering fraudclosure complaints after filing them..they are committing fraud on their fraudclosure fraud right in our faces and getting away with it!…….F $ S are trying to join me the defendant and other non-record claimants and fraudclose on MERS..none of this is right or legal..I saw ONE attorney fighting for a homeowner and wanting to see discovery from the bankster attorney before they can be granted a summary judgement…I saw another woman leave almost in tears because the judge told her she has to find an attorney by October or her house is going up for auction…Too much corruption..this is Chicago where Obama came from and nothing and I mean nothing is being done for homeowners to stop these illegal fraudclosures…Nothing is being done for, MAINSTREET, THE ONLY VICITMS OF THE BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST IN HISTORY….40 TRILLION IN COLLATERAL FRAUD BACKED BY ZERO BY THESE PONZI SCHEME CROOKS WHO RANG AMERICA UP BEHIND OUR BACKS WITH MASSIVE UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT YET CONTINUE TO BE PROTECTED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND WARREN BUFFET, FOR THEIR CRIMES.. THESE WALL STREET CROOKS have defrauded MAINSTREET of everything..this is an illegal tyranny and a fascist dictatorship…!!!!

    • talktotennessee says:

      Write him and tell him! Tell him his HAMP program is a sham. With no forced compliance it was a shell in which banks hid. It gave them a chance to pretend to work with people when they never intended compliance. Tell him the fix he thinks helping banks will bring will destroy the market. It will allow banks to dump their REOs wholesale on a saturated market for a fraction of worth even to construct. It will allow foreign entities to purchase our real estate wholesale in this country.
      It is happening now!

      • housemanrob says:


      • I don’t feel people should waste any time to write to Obama….the red flag was raised quite awhile ago. He DOES NOT have any interest in the people or America….He is with the take over of the country….it is obvious the position of President was not a President for the people and this country. We have had no government…no protection for years. TREASON….is what Washington was doing…..and this just didn’t start 3 years ago…..it just got worse.

      • lvent says:

        There should have been an indefinite nationwide moratorium on foreclosures a long time ago. There are not enough people fighting their fraudclosures and the truth is being hidden from the people about everything including the fact that 9/11 was the begining of the cover-up for all of this…

    • Albi says:

      We did cast our votes and we were soundly ignored. Goldman-Sachs, Lehman Bros., Merrill Lynch, and all the other bad boys on Wall Street donated heavily to Obama’s campaign fund. Maybe if we the people formed our own lobby and made massive donations to Obama’s campaign coffers he might consider working for us. And remember the so-called “stimulous package”? The biggest con job in the history of our country. We the people flooded our representatives in DC with phone calls, emails, telegrams, personal visits, all expressing our opposition to giving taxpayer money to the banks: Did our “thumbs down” have any influence whatsoever on the second vote. Hell no! There is absolutely NO ONE presently in the White House, in Congress (with the exception of Marcie Kaptur), or running for the 2012 election who gives a rat’s hind-end for the people. All we can hope for is that there is a very good reason why the Mayan calendar ends on Dec. 21, 2012. These days, the only reason people campaign for office is to gain access to the millions of dollars pumped into DC and elsewhere by the special interest groups. And that’s about the size of it.

      • talktotennessee says:

        They ran off everyone. Warren, Bair, etc. Geithner is part of the problem. Bernanke’s hands are tied because of who he is. He testified that the houses needed help. McCain is the only one saying anything now because it makes him the rebel and he has little to lose by supporting the people at this point.
        Banks want to shut this down now because they have seen the handwriting on the wall. B of A is laying off thousands preparing for the ‘new world’ that will emerge. This is survival tactics. The White House is trying to get through the next election and if we send a bunch of tea partiers into office, we might as well fold our tents and head to the backwoods because things are definitely going to hit the fan in the housing market.
        P.S. check out Schneiderman facebook. He put out a statement at noon today.

      • ALBI……Marcy Kaptur is a cousin – in -law to my Aunt Rita Kaptur in Toledo, Ohio. My Uncle John Kaptur has passed on. Marcy Kaptur is a fighter….she may not look it…but she will stand up for the rights of the people…a go getter with a heart of gold. It is hard to believe that there is even one person in the CONgress that is 100% honest and for the people. but there is and that is Marcy Kaptur. Ohio is lucky to have her…
        Florida is another story…and not a good one at that. We need to bulldoze our politicians into a pit…they are so contaminated with fraud….only trouble is the earth than will be toxic….

      • Fury says:

        i can’t tell you how much it meant to my family to watch marcy kaptur’s speeches
        about fraudclosure. we need more like her.

      • Fury….It may be very difficult to find many like Marcy Kaptur….and she knows exactly what she say’s and stresses the right from wrongs….I am sure she has creamed a few in Congress with the facts….she don’t let up. But with this massice fraudulent mess and what hangs over their heads, it is hard to say what she thinks of all it.

  17. Jim Bethea says:

    This scam smells like 3 day old fish ~ At first I thought it was wonderful that a handful of state attorney generals were doing there “sworn” job in investigating the massive banking fraud in the mortgage and credit card industry ~

    Then ALL OF A SUDDEN ALL 50 STATE ATTY GENS WANTED TO JOIN IN ?? This is when I got very suspecious when most had been almost refusing to go after the big banks???

    Now the honest and tenacious ones that started their investigations are being pushed aside and trying be coerced into allowing these gangsters to just pay a small fine [which their customs will get charged via some new crooked add-on banking & credit card fees] and back to business as usual????

    Obama and the other puppets for the Illuminati [Rothschild Dynasty] are attempting to make it look as though ALL 50 STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS HAVE CONCLUDED THEIR INVESTIGATIONS AND ALMOST ALL ARE IN AGREEMENT TO DO A SETTLEMENT WITH THE BANKS ~~~ What a crock of pond slim and they are trying to all their bankster buddies to WALL AWAY FROM FRAUDULENT MISREPRESENTATION ~ CONSTRUTIVE FRAUD ~ FRAUD IN THE FACTUM ~ FRAUD BY DECEPTION ~ VOILATIONS OF THE UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES ACTS [both state & federal] ~ VIOLATIONS OF THE RICO ACT ~ “RECEIVING SECRET COMMISSIONS WHIILE ACTING AS AN AGENT TO THESE ACCOUNTS ~ TRAFFICING UNFUNDED SECURITIES ~ and a few more that are too numerous to list here on this site !!!!!!

    I would like to see their “investigative reports” for each of the 50 states that allege that they have concluded???? These guys are nothing but puppets for the European cartel that has screwed America by controlling our banking system & destroying our present economy ~

    All of this reduduant BS coming out of Washington about “we need to fix the economy” ~ “we are creating jobs” ~ and all of the other BS statements are nothing more than a dog n pony show ~ The economy & banking system could be dramatically changed within a 12 month time frame but no of this can be accomplished until these crooks are prosecuted and their venues such as the Fed Res & the IRS are abolished ~ Until this is done the people of the US will go one doing nothing, knowing nothing & losing everything they have worked for all of their lives as one more day takes one more thing away, like the waters of a stream washing away the sand and wearing away the rocks ~~~

    It is very sad that most people have no clue what is going on behind the curtains in the “Land of Oz” that the Rothschild’s, Bilderbergers and the CFR clowns have enslaved them within??? There are many people who have the knowledge and energy to change our failed economy, but they are being “railroaded” into the land of silence and ridicule ~~

    If you do not believe what I have stated; then just watch as the elections dates narrow. The ones who talk about fixes and changes to our present day illegal IRS and Fed Res cartels will be quickly ridiculed and made a laughing stock, or their words will never go out over the Fed Res controlled stock ownerships of CBS, ABC & NBC ~

    • housemanrob says:

      Did you hear that? WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • These 50 Attorney General’s need to understand that if they go against the people…millions will be waiting for them……it has to start somewhere. They are aiding and abetting with the criminals….and they claim to be Chief Law Enforcers ? What have they done in 9 to 10 months? Just where did they investigate and what? We have had enough bullshit slung at us…each state should ask to see the ‘ stack ‘ of work they have recorded and done involving the banks.
      This was a complete set up that this Tom Miller was so hot to trot and get all AG’s together to start the investigating. Two (2) clues right off the start were warnings…someone made a comment on Tom Miller at the very start…what his character was like…not good at all. The other was Pam Bondi…her sarcastic remarks to the homeowners was not in the best of taste. In fact…she alone gave away what she really stood for and it was not the people of Florida. This wench needs to be kicked out of Tallahassee now. She is a fraud and certainly not qualified to be even inside the doors of the Capitol as an AG. She is not a leader…she is a follower and she follows the money.

  18. AliceN.Wunderland says:

    The picture shown above is fitting for these times we are living in. Those were the days the settlers were caravaning across the land claiming it as their own, driving the caretakers away, pillaging and killing at whim. We are reliving those times but now it us who are the victims, is this our Karma coming back. The bible says the sins of the fathers will be visited on their sons, are we now being visited. Are we now reaping what was sown by our forefathers. Are we now experiencing what the people who inhabited this land before ‘it was discovered’ felt when they were driven from their homes. They lost everything and there was great sorrow. Millions of people lost their lives and homes. Our forefathers stole this land and now it is being stolen back. The irony is that the same people that conceived the theft a few hundred years ago are the same ones doing it now. Nothing can be done to fix this now. The concept of property ownership has been destroyed. This is the year of Reckoning, 2012 will be the year of Judgement.. Those in high places must understand there are greater forces at work here. There is nothing they can do or say to stop the judgement that is coming. There is a great Karmic debt that must be paid and to those that have harmed the debt is multiplied by the number harmed. Money does not pay Karmic debt. Money does not satisfy make Mother Nature giddy with joy.

    • lizinsarasota says:

      What a load of crap.
      This is a FORECLOSURE DEFENSE site, in case you hadn’t noticed. I’m sure your screed has a place, but it doesn’t add any value to the conversation at hand.
      Please go play somewhere else.

      • Bob Sublime says:

        To whom are you speaking, lizinsarasota?

      • Albi says:

        No kidding, Liz. Alice must be “feeding her head” on the magick mushrooms in Wunderland. Religion is an opiate for some people.

      • Liz…Got to love your comment…first laugh of the day at 2:50AM…..Karmic debt…huh…maybe thats the money the banks stole from us. Maybe Mother Nature is pissed too….that the rich are taking her earthly oils, gold and diamonds….got to think of this one.

      • Bob Sublime…Liz was replying to Alice in Wonderland’s comment…..Liz’s reply followed directly below Alice in Wonderland….

      • Excuse me BOB…that was Alice in Wunderland……

      • lizinsarasota says:

        It’s difficult to be rude to someone who is so plainly not all there. (I managed it, though!)
        However, it’s a beautiful day in Florida. I saw a hummingbird – my first! – in my vegetable garden yesterday, there are all sorts of butterflies flitting around, I got my exercise in this morning, I gave some research to my attorney, I’m working on multiple bar complaints – Florida AND Federal! – and once those are further along I’ll incorporate a good bit of that material into my Request for Judicial Notice.
        The best news is… I got a terrific idea for my third book yesterday and started to work on it immediately. I had been working on what I thought was going to be my third book – I do have it all outlined – and it was too much, too complicated, to be incorporated into my life right now, driven as it is by foreclosure litigation. However, yesterday, when the right idea came along, bam! I have the book halfway written!
        Listen, everyone, there is light at the end of this tunnel. Don’t you feel it? The appellate cases I’m reading are trending in our favor. F*ck the AG’s. (Except you, Eric, and you, Martha, and a couple other AG’s…) And screw you, Mr. President, you aren’t the person I thought you were. But, I’m telling you what, the appellate judges are taking a look at the fraud, taking a look at the crap, and saying no way. I have a good feeling.
        I’ve been in foreclosure since two thousand SIX. WAMU made some as-yet unexplained mistake on my payments, they offered me forbearance while they “figured it out,” and so I went into foreclosure like a sheep to slaughter. Well, okay, I was stupid, but I’m not going to apologize for trusting my bank. I’ve been treated like a wild-eyed, crazy woman here in the 12th Judicial Circuit, pro se until two months ago, judicial misconduct like you wouldn’t believe, fraud in every single affidavit and assignment, six scheduled sale dates… and yet, I’m still in my house. Sure, I’ve been driven to looking into the end of my gun once or twice, my marriage tanked, and one time I lost 40 pounds and most of my hair within a three-month span.
        I’m still here. The kind of conversation that we’re having now about robsigning and wild titles could not have been had as recently as this time last year. Think about how far we’ve come. We’ve got a ways to go – no doubt – but I’m encouraged.
        Talk to me tomorrow and I might think differently, but right now, I feel good.
        Everyone out there in foreclosure, take care. The tide is turning.

      • housemanrob says:

        Hey Liz, I think we are all guilty of trusting the banks……..shame on us all. I hope your garden is productive and I’ll bet your H-bird is a red-throat….I love them to. But since a terrible tragedy happened to me…..my gun is pointed the other way. God bless you, Liz!

    • housemanrob says:

      I hear God just went in with Warren Buffett on a huge piece of BOA!

      • Albi says:

        LOL. I though Buffet was a god.

      • rictic says:

        He is. Warren just hasn’t got around to sacking God yet. It just takes so much effort to remove these celestial deities from power….

      • housemanrob says:

        Buffett is such an enigma to me………..can’t figure him. I dpn’t trust him!

      • lvent says:

        LOL!!! Wasn’t it Lloyd Blankfein who said he is doing God’s work?? No matter which crook said it, they are all really doing satans work…they play all sides of the coin. that is what they do…..you tube search God’s Banker..God’s Banker, for the Vatican Bank was found hung from a bridge a while back and investigations show he did not hang himself…..

  19. Bob Sublime says:

    It’s Crunch Time, Friends.

    The AGs are about to make a deal absolving the banks of their frauds, which will destroy foreclosure court cases and put homeowners on the street. This is a slap-on-the-hand penalty of $20 billion for $trillions of fraud for Big Banks and “goodbye home” for us.

    Unless we protest! NOW!

    (Warren Buffet has just today bought 50,000 BofA preferred shares with warrants for hundreds of million common shares. The stock jumped over 25% so far today.)

    * Call your AGs office EVERY DAY and tell him/her to oppose the outrageous settlement with the fraudulent banks, and investigate their frauds in MERS and securitization.

    * Call, write, email, tweet your elected representatives at the national, state and local levels and ask them to investigate the bank mortgage frauds against homeowners.

    * The regular contributors to this blog must now turn their considerable talents to urging, helping, chiding, pleading and begging people to speak up to those in charge and be heard. We must switch from talk to action. From making points to advocacy and leadership. It would be helpful for someone to compile and post a list of phone numbers, emails and twitter accounts for the AGs and the elected representatives across the nation, including the Registrars of the Public Records, to make it easier to make contact.

    * Talking points also, relative to MERS and the bank destruction of the original documents, avoiding the public records which caused clouds upon titles, non-existent assignments, void securitizations and fraud on the courts by the banks, covering it all up.

    Then all of us must use these tools as weapons in the battle with the Big Banks.

    We must act now! Otherwise we will all be ground flat under the weight of this Big Bank steamroller and will have a bleak future.

    In the words of our Founders, “If we all don’t hang together, we will all hang separately.”
    It can be stopped, but only if we all act now!

    Decide, Commit, Act, Succeed (With thanks to Beachbody)

    Call it The Mortgage Justice Movement, or something.


    • Albi says:

      Our AG in Florida is Pam Bondi, who took campaign funds from LPS and other foreclosure fraudsters being investigated by her office. Bondi even fired the two most agressive investigators in her office. So we Floridians would only be wasting our time calling her; we need to physically storm her office and throw her ass out into the street.

      The only thing that is going to work for us is a MASSIVE PEOPLE’S PROTEST, either in DC or right on Wall Street. Maybe we should converge on AG Miller’s office and vociferously express our displeasure with his plans to let the banks off the hook.

      We also have the option of boycotting all of the implicated banks. The problem is that the American people are too lazy and too soft to get up out of their lounge chairs and hit the streets, even if it’s necessary to fight for their rights.


      • housemanrob says:

        …..and bring our peaceshooters with us……….then we get real serious attention….

    • Readdocs says:

      Buffet bailed out B0A last night at the tune of 5 BILLION dollars.

      • bUFFETT JUST FELT LIKE SPENDING SOME MONEY……at his age of what…81….he probably thought he was grocery shopping…….LOL…….you know prices have gone sky high…..

    • lizinsarasota says:

      Bob, good post. After I read it I called my state representative and state senator and made appointments with both. I am also signing up to speak at something called a “Delegation Meeting” in November.

      Everyone! We blog and comment and post… our representatives are in our area RIGHT NOW. Call them up. Make an appointment. Organize all your stuff and prepare to speak for THREE MINUTES. You should be able to tell your story in THREE MINUTES.
      We can’t let them go back to wherever they go to without letting them look into our eyes and hear our voices.

      Now is the time.

  20. Ron Moss says:

    Don’t forget about Californai AG and Massachusette AG Maryland AG Nevada AG There are many more with NY’s AG as well. Shine the light on the truth. Florida is nearing the trough.

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